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  1. Doug


    It's about time that we post ideas (however radical) on how the country gets back to some sort of normality, or the long term legacy of this crisis will be mass unemployment, eye watering national debt, mental health issues etc. The one key stat that doesn't appear to be regularly discussed is the way the virus affects different age groups (symptoms, deaths etc,). The under 50's appear to be affected very little whereas the older age groups seem to be more susceptible. Personally, I think we need to look at ways of getting the younger age groups (under 50) returning to normal life (including schools, shops, pubs, restaurants etc,) very soon which accounts for approx. 42 million people. That would leave the remaining 24 million people, of which 12 million are of retirement age, in the current lockdown situation. Unfortunately, I feel the over 65's (retired, care homes etc.) would have to remain in lockdown until a vaccine is developed. Therefore we have 12 million over 50's and not due for retirement, and these people are the ones to consider 'what to do with' (for want of a better phrase). I'd possibly either leave this age group in furlough and lockdown until a vaccine is created, or look to move them into safer working environments where possible. Please take this post as it is intended, just a very brief one to discuss the possible return to normality at some point - I've avoided, politics, negatives or hindsight's. There will obviously be many reasons, unique to individuals, that will make things difficult / impossible, but we have to 'get things moving' again.
  2. Doug


    There's a huge outcry regarding PPE availability and the amount required seems to be beyond the worlds manufacturing capability at the moment. Surely there must be 'reusable' PPE that can be washed / sterilised as required, or if there isn't, it should be high on the list of 'to be developed' after we get through this. I'm certainly not insinuating that it isn't required or that it's being used incorrectly, but to supply a 'single use' item with the current, unprecedented demand would appear to be unachievable.
  3. Doug


    Watching the news commenting on tests for NHS staff and they are showing car parks with test stations set up but only the odd person being tested. Surely these test centres should be swamped?
  4. Doug


    The dreaded QS, hope I've never had to argue our case for deducting money off our invoices 😄😄. We're quite sure that this will be the case and I'll be further isolating from Wednesday evening.
  5. Doug


    The company I work for is still working as building sites haven't been closed. Amazing really as there are over 100 people working on most sites. I'm expecting sites to close over the next day or two which will effectively close our business.
  6. Doug

    BRFCS TV - 1992/3

    Thanks Herbie
  7. Doug


    Definitely involved in some capacity.
  8. Doug

    Premier League Stuff

    The PL reduced the amount of teams, so presumably they would need to relegate more teams in future seasons and I can't see any of the 'usual contenders' voting for that. Also, fixture congestion, prize money would be diluted etc.
  9. Doug

    Premier League Stuff

    Can you imagine the amount of legal action that would follow given the amount of prize money involved. The PL would need to have a consensus of opinion of their clubs and I couldn't envisage any team voting for less money than another team.
  10. Doug

    Premier League Stuff

    The season will have to be null and void IMO, as nothing has been mathematically decided and therefore any other decision would have been made on 'opinion'.
  11. Probably more dangerous in the pub than at an open air event. Darts match for me tonight so Saturday will seem a much less dangerous pass time. Could be the last chance to see us play the way things are going.
  12. We must never play that formation, with those players, ever again, absolutely shocking! Playing away, to one of the best home teams in the division you set your stall out not to lose and assess the game as it plays out. That was embarrassing, Brereton, Armstrong, Rothwell, Bennett, Gallagher, Bell, Downing were passengers. There wasn't a position on the pitch which we bossed and Derby were poor IMO. Thankfully Lenihan is back and hopefully normal service will follow. Back to the trusted back 5, Travis and Johnson, Armstrong, Downing that's our best available starting 9, then the last 2 places are up for grabs, maybe start Graham? Season isn't over yet by a long chalk, but we have to learn that we cannot play Gally, Arma and Brereton in the same team for the rest of this season. Thoroughly disappointed because we are better than that horror show today.

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