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  1. Can't see us getting much today but 13/2 are decent odds so a few quid on us! We need quick players with a decent first touch on the pitch so an experimental (I'm not TM by the way) starting eleven. Walton Nyambe Tosin Williams Downing Johnson Travis Holtby Dack Rothwell Gallagher
  2. Doug

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Poor half, can only get better. ☹️
  3. Doug

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Now we are getting somewhere. Nobody would suggest that Dack and Rhodes goal scoring record isn't anything but excellent. The point I'm trying to make is that when they aren't having their 'moment' its often like playing with 10 men and no outlet. So, for arguments sake, Rhodes / Dack scores one, opposition dominate and score 2, Rhodes / Dack have great stats, but Rovers don't get promoted and other good players don't get a game. Hope this makes sense (I know what I mean!!).
  4. Doug

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Yes, they scored goals, but we could not fit Josh King in due to their 'success'. We scored goals but didn't get promoted! King would have been the better contributor to that team IMO and would likely have scored as many as Rhodes, given the service provided.
  5. Doug

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Both goalscorers and good ones, but can you guarantee their place when they play one good game in 3 or less in Rhodes case?
  6. Doug

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Was only thinking the other day about the similarities between Dack and Rhodes. Both are the types of player that if they don't score / have a moment of magic, then neither are often not worth their place on the team sheet. The other side of this is that the players (Josh King / Rothwell etc.) that don't get selected as 'we cannot drop Rhodes or Dack' will leave due to lack of game time. Very difficult to balance the players feelings and the team requirements all at the same time. My view, when we had Rhodes, Gestede and King was that my selection up front would have been Gestede and King more often than not.
  7. Doug

    Luton Town home

    Certainly not our best performance. We were too slow, no cutting edge, toothless! Very frustrating game. Holtby looks a decent player. Travis mom for me. Johnson, Gallagher, Armstrong and, dare I say downing not at the races. One of dacks poorer games. Still, Tuesday night and a win would make things better.
  8. Doug

    Luton Town home

    No Idea why that was ruled out. The natives are getting restless!
  9. Doug

    Luton Town home

    Downing Centre mid now
  10. Doug

    Luton Town home

    We're playing far too slowly, need to pick the pace up. Armstrong needs to be subbed. Johnson may well be subbed. Come on rovers, this a very average Luton team.
  11. Doug

    Luton Town home

    Great shot Travis
  12. Doug

    Luton Town home

    Not showing so much quality at all. High ball etc. Defence looks a bit out of sorts.

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