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  1. Doug

    Coventry v ROVERS

    Red faces on here, Gallagher!! 😄
  2. Doug

    Coventry v ROVERS

    Elliott, Brereton involved again.
  3. Doug

    Coventry v ROVERS

    Brereton brilliant
  4. Doug

    Coventry v ROVERS

    Brereton playing well, should be a couple of goals up. Come on blues
  5. Doug

    Coventry v ROVERS

    Looks a good team on paper, presume Ayala is injured. Come on Rovers
  6. Doug

    Coventry v ROVERS

    I've been very impressed with our play this season (apart from the Covid affected Forest game). I'd give Chapman a start as Rothy isn't available, Dolan to play as 'super sub'. Lenihan hasn't impressed me of late so Williams to get the left CH spot. 3-0 to us!! Kaminski Nyambe Ayala Williams Douglas Elliot Johnson Holtby Chapman Brererton Armstrong
  7. Doug

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Be interesting to see how Johnson and Evans link up. 2-1 to us, Brereton and Johnson
  8. Doug

    Summer Transfer Window

    One of the best transfer windows I can remember (post Uncle Jack), I cannot think of any negatives. Gonna take a week or two to get them bedded in but the potential, on paper anyway, is excellent and exciting. Well done to the management team in achieving this.
  9. Doug

    Derby V Rovers

    Not sure whether it's too soon to say, but we're 4th 😁
  10. Doug

    Derby V Rovers

    Fantastic Rovers. Joy to watch. Long may it continue. Well done TM and the players.
  11. Doug

    Derby V Rovers

    Arma 👍💪
  12. Doug

    Derby V Rovers

    How much fitter do we look, remarkable effort being shown.
  13. Doug

    Derby V Rovers

    What a great first half, very exciting stuff. Rothwell finally putting in performances that he always threatened to do. Dolan and Brereton are superb. Keep it going Rovers. Not missing Nyambe too much at the moment or Raya for that matter 👍
  14. Doug

    Derby V Rovers

    I'm dreaming 😂😂😂

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