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  1. Doug

    Luton Town away

    Thought we started well and looked like we might win easily. There was some nice football played during that period. Our back line was weak but we have to give youngsters a chance and the result was of little importance to us, but a cup final to them. Hope Wigan go down but you have to admire their effort over the last few weeks. Overall, not a bad season in an incredibly competitive league, so many twists at both ends of the table.
  2. Doug

    Luton Town away

    Arma 👍
  3. Doug

    Reading at Home

    Bloody ell
  4. Doug

    Reading at Home

    Brereton 😄👍
  5. Doug

    Reading at Home

    Start 11 players we know will be here next season and also fill the bench with the same.
  6. Doug

    Player of the Season 2019/20

    Travis gets it for me. Downing has been very good to watch, Arma has improved as has Nyambe and Lenihan.
  7. Doug

    West Brom at home

    Decent performance against a good team. This league is incredible, so close, unpredictable results, the most competitive league in the world!! Walton pulled off a few decent save but I do not believe he is the long term answer. JRC is benefitting from playing at this level and I hope he can fill the LB void at the club. Travis was excellent again and is first on my team sheet every week. Armo had one of his invisible games. I have enjoyed the last two performances as much as i disliked the previous two. Who knows what will happen over the next few games, surely that's how football should be.
  8. Doug

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Shockingly poor performance, not one player looked even half decent.
  9. Very good result, wasn't confident before ko and it's first game back after a long break, but I never felt we were under pressure. Walton was poor for their goal, Bennet barely put a foot wrong, Brereton looks like the break has done him the world of good. Well done Tony and the boys, unexpected relatively easy win. 1 point off a play off place.......Mowbray in!!
  10. We have perfect service. Could it be a person's Internet rather than iplayer?
  11. What an awful system, couldn't suss it out last night, had a right strop and emailed the ticket office with a rather stinging email. I've never had to use the official site before and do not think that this is as user friendly as it could be...….or I'm a complete numpty! Response today advised they had the wrong details for me and I should be able to link my account, which I have done this evening. I presume that I'm now awaiting a code. My poor sister cannot suss it out and is ringing the ticket office tomorrow.

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