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  1. Audax

    World Cup 2018

    I largely try to leave politics and such out of the World Cup, I admire a number of athletes from all over, Alex Ovechkin helped lead the Washington Capitals to the NHL's Stanley Cup. I'm happy for them, I grew up playing chess, the top chess players were mostly the Russians with a few others. I'm not talking about their government. That goalkeeper for Russia is Akinfeev, he's the same one who had a laser shined his eyes I believe last time in Brazil. That was very unfair and I think the other team scored in this sequence of events. They were hard done in 2014, before that, last in the WC in 2002, little success in 2016 Euro, I'm glad for their success, looks like they could hit the quarters at this pace.
  2. Audax

    World Cup 2018

    Bah, Salah was hurt in the Champions League final; very unfairly by the Spanish team. Of course, a lot of people were curious about Salah just as in the past, they were curious about Rooney in which was it? 2010? or 2006 and then, this time, the way we are hearing a lot about Neymar limping at practise. It may be overblown to be reporting this news on the "superstars" but Salah is no exception.
  3. Audax

    World Cup 2018

    Now, it's Russia 20-0.... just kidding all....
  4. Audax

    World Cup 2018

    I've got to think Russia will roll on versus Egypt though, I'd welcome an Egypt win. Some Salah magic would be great to see.
  5. Audax

    World Cup 2018

    Poland scores! 2-1..... seems like Poland could make this something finally with a goal..... to be reviewed.....
  6. Audax

    World Cup 2018

    2 upsets Japan and assuming Senegal win this, really throws this group into a whirl with Colombia and Poland starting with a loss. Poland with Boruc, played Germany better in 2006, when Poland lost at Germany but only 1-0 with a goal at the death for Germany. That was a fine match.
  7. Audax

    World Cup 2018

    2-0 Senegal, what a ditzy move, will be reviewed....screwy play, the sub came on....
  8. Audax

    World Cup 2018

    5 (?), African teams, the 4 prior teams have lost their opener, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia and Egypt. Senegal is number 5, leading now.
  9. Audax

    World Cup 2018

    In the past, Poland has come out looking slow and a step-off. They look like that here indeed, they will have to pick up the pace, if they want to challenge.
  10. Audax

    World Cup 2018

    Those not in favour of VAR, might remember, over the course of a season, the breaks should even out. In a tournament, there's more riding on faulty decisions. That said, yes, there were poor decisions yesterday and probably other matches. I hope FIFA, who seems to be trying to keep a tight rein on things, are advised and likewise, advise on this to keep things fair.
  11. Audax

    World Cup 2018

    Goal Senegal. Everyone remembers, Senegal defeated France in the opener of one of the World Cups, it's a wonder, they aren't in the WC more. Fluid style.
  12. Audax

    World Cup 2018

    I think with the VAR, it seems in that match last night, there comes a point where it looks like they will just be trading penalty kicks. France was given a PK at the 58 minute vs. Australia, 62 minute, Australia received a PK. The refs may be hesitant to do that, not wanting to decide the match. Also, often, when new rules are implemented, cheaters find a way around them. I don't know if that could happen in this kind of matter though.
  13. Audax

    World Cup 2018

    No matter how much one may diss Tunisia, it was #13 England vs. #21 Tunisia, who lost 1--0 to Spain in their last friendly, won most of their matches previously. Ian Wright is correct, a good result.
  14. Audax

    Music Association Game

    BJ Thomas - Eyes Of A New York Woman
  15. Audax

    World Cup 2018

    It looked like England was going to run them off the pitch, Tunisia got that penalty break, to their credit, England battled for the go-ahead goal right until nearly the end. And they sure were starting to look desperate in places in the last 20 minutes or so.

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