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  1. Audax

    Music Association Game

    Firefall - You Are The Woman
  2. Audax

    Music Association Game

    The Beatles - Maxwell's Silver Hammer
  3. Audax

    Music Association Game

    Fleetwood Mac - Over My Head
  4. Yeah, or give the monies stashed away feeding millions every day. 365 days a year. I mean, why should we care if people die of starvation? The UN isn't feeding them.
  5. Audax

    Music Association Game

    Gray - The Greatest Love Of All I heard basically the reggae version of this before I heard the hit by Whitney Houston.
  6. Audax

    Music Association Game

    One night I listened to all of these songs you post and really enjoyed them. I often, can't hear them right away... but will later.
  7. More on Assange, he is only charged so far, with helping someone (Chelsea Manning) crack a password. So far, this is not about classified information in wikileaks. So, per this article, it is NOT freedom of the press that is an issue. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/chapman/ct-perspec-chapman-assange-wikileaks-indicted-20190411-story.html So, this might change the conversation some. Bust someone if they cracked the password of your credit card account and ran up a bunch of expenditures? It sounds reasonable. I would not have known what the real issues here were.
  8. Looked up the name of Dr. Kelly, I knew the story. Did not remember all of the names. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-12618836 Ragnar scene, that's pretty sad alright.
  9. Audax

    Music Association Game

    George Benson - Give Me The Night
  10. Now, 70 MPs want to extradite him to Sweden. Those charges, rape, seemed to get swept away with the news on other things and I figured, they stopped being in the news because they lacked credibility. Now, I'm just puzzled. Where will this go now? That would tend to get the government off-the-hook from this being about wikileaks. Some competent journalists do seem to come out and talk about freedom of the press. Some others are not showing him sympathy. I plead ignorance, I don't know enough about the whole thing. Within reasonableness, I'm all for the freedom of the press. Obviously, there are some national interests that should not be made public say.
  11. Audax

    Music Association Game

    Harry Nilsson - Without You
  12. Audax

    Music Association Game

    Led Zeppelin - Over The Hills And Far Away
  13. India has entered into a seven phase election, they expect 800 million voters.... I'm keeping up with it. Voting kicking off on April 11th and then, about every week. I'm not fully savvy on the process. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-india-election/indias-giant-election-gets-underway-with-voting-in-first-of-7-phases-idUSKCN1RM2HC I read this woman's twitter account, no matter where someone is from India which has many languages, 60 or so at least per various regions, I told my friend, they have this kind of accent. 23,000 followers out of a country over a billion people. That's some perspective. Anyway, I have a deep respect for that nation. Undoubtedly, some if raised in the UK of course, will have an English accent. I guess, I mean those from over there. Any feedback is welcomed. I also think, a member of the Gandhi family is contesting for the country's leadership. It's rather complex, seeing how they have the election in 7 different phases. She is a news lady or something over there. I read a news article on "fake news" on social media over there. I don't see how people can be fooled by what is on social media. If I see some news story on social media, I will verify that it is true or false by checking authentic-types of sources. Sky, BBC, Reuters and so on.
  14. Audax

    Music Association Game

    Bryan Adams - Run To You
  15. Audax

    Music Association Game

    Rolling Stones - Coming Down Again

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