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  1. Leftwing bigotted scum.
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    The Shirelles - Soldier Boy
  3. For the hundredth time, it looks bad for Trump per your view,.
  4. Assad has cooperated with Al Qaeda and many say helped build up ISIS, he has killed coalition troops, meaning Americans and Brits in IRAQ, Syria has been a designated terrorist state since 1979. I could care less what happens to him, the US led coalition defeated ISIS, Russia and Syria have not done much at all and ISIS would still be very powerful. The family has also aided in the killing of Christian leaders in Lebanon, it is nothing but Russian/Iranian/Syrian prop. that the only choice is ISIS, Jihadists or Assad, the genocidal killer. References for all of this: https://historyxisis.com/2017/01/18/did-assad-really-help-build-isis-an-examination-of-the-evidence/ https://clarionproject.org/us-judge-rules-assad-helped-al-qaeda-kill-americans/ https://twitter.com/KyleWOrton Kyle Orton, twitter, UK: Another UK Labour Party advocate for Bashar. Actual extermination by the criminal state in #Syria is no concern of his, but potential future crimes by the rebellion - boy that's where he shines. Robert Ford Retweeted Kyle Orton Kyle was polite - he didn't mention the informal, tactical military cooperation that the Syr govt undertook with ISIS for ex, near Marea in 2015. Sometimes Syr govt/ISIS fight, sometimes they don't. There are no black & whites in the Syr civil war. Kyle Orton‏Verified account @KyleWOrton Kyle Orton Retweeted Billy Bragg Asad spent a decade assisting ISIS in Iraq, deliberately bolstered jihadists in the Syrian insurgency while murdering peaceful protesters, and let ISIS build its caliphate to force a binary choice -- the dictator or terrorists. -------------- And as if Lockerbie Gaddafy was not involved in killing and murder. Total Russian/Syrian/Iranian prop that it is a binary choice between terrorists and the Assad regime.
  5. Husky: I understand exactly what you meant, because there was a story out holding out different possibilities of what happened in Douma, one account said (false and not too convincing), that perhaps a rebel's poison-making factory got hit and this caused these gases to go around and be released. I've got my opinions on what happened but I don't need to express them, keeping up with the news is exciting enough. http://www.middleeasteye.net/ The above is a good source, not necessarily Middle Eastern in origin and not necessarily in-tune to my thinking but informative all the same. I read a few different sources sometimes, to get what sense I can. A number of those countries have their English language websites, a lot of the stories come from AFP so I guess, they are decent. Agence Francaise Pressed. Naharnet.com is another good source, I don't comment there, but it's interesting to read the comments. Naharnet comes out of Lebanon which is of course, right next to Syria... it's informative. And yes, the press seems free enough, a lot of AFP articles, pretty decent. Jordan has Al Bawaba, Saudi Arabia Al Arabiya and Arabnews and of course, Al Jazeera out of Qatar which people have probably heard of and other news sources too.
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    Tommy Cash - Six White Horses
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    The Box Tops - Soul Deep
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    Alice Cooper - Roses On White Lace
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    Don Williams - Tulsa Time
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    Gene and Debbie - Playboy
  11. Hockey bus (16-21 year olds) collides with semi-truck in Canada, 14 dead, 14 injured, the hockey team wiped out. RIP. https://www.voanews.com/a/canada-saskatchewan-hockey-team/4336656.html https://twitter.com/HumboldtBroncos/status/977751462099927041/photo/1 What a tragedy.
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    Marvin Rainwater - Gonna Find Me A Bluebird
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    Greg Little - Late Night Tea
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