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  1. I remember my Grandad having a beer or two with him, in the seventies, when I was growing up. I never met him, but hears he was a nice guy and spoke about his time at Rovers, very fondly. He used to have a drink in the Ivy Pub in Blackburn I believe.
  2. lraC

    Championship season 2019-20

    It could be a very interesting season and maybe the adage anyone can beat anyone, may well apply to the coming season, even more than the last 2-3 seasons. A quick look at the relegation odds for example has Barnsley as the 2/1 favourites to go down, but none other teams, including Rovers are under 5/1. The favourites for promotion are Leeds at 7/4 but even that market is tight as a further 8 teams are then priced at 5/1 or under. As usual the first ten games are crucial and should give us an indication as to whether we will be fighting at the top or bottom end.
  3. lraC

    Mogga's India Trip 2019

    A bit like what they have done with the football club really. It seems to have been bought on a wing and a prayer, serves no purpose to them and just sits there rotting away. I suspect eventually they will realise that they are throwing money at it to maintain it and pay the fixed bills, such as insurances, standing charges for the utilities and the council tax, but the purchase, makes no sense whatsoever!!
  4. lraC

    FA CUP

    Am I seeing things, or was there no segregation? When they scored there were celebrations amongst the crowd in different areas, imagine that these days.
  5. lraC

    Aniket Jadhav

    A manager from yester year would have offered him a contract and paid him and his agent a huge signing on fee, describing him, as the next Pele or something. At least we have to be thankful for small mercies, this lad has been sent back to the equivalent of the 7th or 8th tier, where he seems to belong.
  6. lraC

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Not certain, but that might have been Grimsby. I think he was born there and something rings a bell abut him scoring two, in his home Town.
  7. lraC

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I think we ended up with Ossie Ardiles too, around the same time.
  8. lraC

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Duncan McKenzie, all those years ago. Pure quality, even at his age then.
  9. lraC

    Aniket Jadhav

    It was Salgado who I was referring to as well.
  10. lraC

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I have an Irish Dad, can I sign please? Useless in the nets though, but does that matter?
  11. lraC

    Aniket Jadhav

    As you know, one former player did his very best to help with some of the stuff. I will respect that guy for the rest of my life, as he, unlike some did not take the money and run.
  12. lraC

    Aniket Jadhav

    For anyone, who hasn't seen it before, he is an example of what was going on at the club. What you have to remember when you watch this, is that the fans were blamed for not giving the player mentioned a chance. Was it just a coincidence that he is the son of an agent heavily involved at the club and did this player go on to make a career from himself, once he left our club and was no longer frozen out by the fans? Back then, there were some very questionable people around the club, who were able to manipulate people in high places and cover their tracks by being very clever and one step ahead. I know what my opinion is on those events and that's why I and many others who bothered finding out the truth, will never trust the current owners.
  13. lraC

    Aniket Jadhav

    I don't know if there is a link to the death threats, but if you read through all of the information on that blog, you will see plenty of fans names mentioned. I took it upon myself, a long time ago to speak to some of the people mentioned and that's how I found out about them. So either they didn't happen or some of the things said to me, were pure fiction.
  14. lraC

    Aniket Jadhav

    He did and there it is still all out there for all to see. I am sure some will bury their heads in the sand and suggest that Venkys were just badly advised, but things went a lot deeper than that. http://roversrevisited2.blogspot.com/2016/09/good-money-if-you-can-get-it.html
  15. lraC

    Aniket Jadhav

    For those who bothered to find out, what was going on in the first few years of Venkys ownership, most will know about the death threats and also other very untoward things. I have spoken at length to one individual, who was put through all sorts of personal trauma and who received a death threat. Someone has asked if it was reported to the police, well yes it was, but unfortunately it was never investigated properly. As many people will know, anyone who stood up to what was going on at the club back then were sorted in their own way. Whether you were the first team manager, a club executive, or simply a pesky fan getting too involved, it didn't really matter. I would suggest that's why the people who knew what was really going, on, will never rest, until the current owners are gone. http://www.sportingintelligence.com/2012/05/08/revealed-new-leaked-blackburn-letter-lays-bare-crisis-and-torment-inside-ewood-080501/

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