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  1. I hate losing this game too and tried to play it down in my own mind, but to no avail. At half time, two nil down, I feared a mauling. Much as I hate that, I would certainly have hated it more had they git another couple. Scant consolation right now, but as you say, entirely predictable.
  2. The guy running on the pitch and doing that, is nothing but a clown. Hope he gets a lifetime ban.
  3. 4 Cough
  4. Not good and very painful to watch. This is why I have and always will maintain, that we need to somehow cleanse the club and get rid of the chicken chokers.
  5. It is being shown on six different channels all abroad.
  6. For anyone abroad, who has been subscribing to I Follow, it isn't on that tonight, but it is available on other channels. I have got Bein Sport 9 and it is definitely on there.
  7. With the size of some of the clubs, now in the Championship, it is not beyond all realms of possibility that if they do get relegated, it would be a struggle to get back up. Yes they will have the parachute money, but so will too other sides and those who don't make it back up this year.
  8. I bet you still love the club though and go through the emotions, when we lose or win.
  9. Perhaps, he is trying to put that Southend game, out of his mind. I am too, but still have to accept it I'm afraid. We are on a run, if we count the Coventry win, of three wins from the last 4 away though.
  10. I hate Venky's with a passion and what they have done to our club. Despite that, I was hiding behind the sofa, the dog and anything else I could find yesterday, praying for us to hold on. If you really love your club, you just always will, simple as that.
  11. They seem to be putting the first 11 to shame.
  12. More like tribulations if you ask me!
  13. At £350k for the release clause, can't we have a whip round. Piggy banks and pensions funds, with a 10% sell on fee for the fans who buy him. Job done?
  14. If he was taking a pay cut of 50% I reckon it would still be looked upon as expensive to some of the Championship teams.
  15. Perhaps they have done this on purposes, as they don't want to be picking up this award again and sending staff down to London, all expenses paid, to pick up the award! It is with great delight that Blackburn Rovers has been named the Nickelodeon Family Club of the Year at the 2017 EFL Awards. Rovers went head-to-head with Brighton & Hove Albion for the coveted Championship award, which was presented to staff at a glittering awards ceremony in London this evening.