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  1. lraC

    Rovers vs Forest

    Compare today’s pen to this one, that wasn’t given. The incident is one minute from the end. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ONC_IWg2Vx8
  2. lraC


    The silence is till deafening, despite this unexpected spending spree. I never for one minute, expected us to spend £6m plus on a player this season. we still have no idea of what is happening with the debt and what ambitions Venkys now have. I do wonder if something has happened in the background that we have as fans haven't heard about.
  3. lraC

    Haggis. 1954-2018

    Sad news and a guy I met on a few occasions. He came in to the dressing rooms a few times, when I played in the Sunday league at Pleasington, as he knew quite a lot of the guys and had the odd game with us too. Everyone loved and respected him and he was certainly a character. I remember him signing for Rovers too, but don't recall much about his games to be honest.
  4. lraC

    Thursday deadline.

    Sorry for the intrusion on this guys, hopefully I can be forgiven!! My sister has made the post below on Facebook and I would be really grateful, if anyone could help me by signing this. One of her fellow cancer sufferers has set the petition up. Hi everyone. Please will you help me by signing and sharing this petition. I am 55 years old, married with 2 teenage daughters and have terminal lung cancer. I have been treated with pembrolizumab for 18 months. My cancer has been stable whilst on this treatment and I have absolutely no side effects whatsoever (unlike chemotherapy). Unfortunately my treatment will stop in December. There is no clinical reason for this. It is all down to NHS funding, however, if I had skin cancer I could get this treatment indefinitely. This just seems so unfair. Thanks for your help. Sent from my iPad https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/224537
  5. lraC


    I see the comments are blocked this story in the Telegraph. They have bottled it have they, as they know people will post comments that Jerome, might take exception to.
  6. lraC


    It makes you wonder, how long this can continue for? Will something eventually have to give?
  7. lraC

    Thursday deadline.

    All clubs have this done to them, as it is just a fact of life after the Bosman ruling. Charlton have a problem, as they now have a player, whose head has been turned and now wants to leave. There is one thing for sure, he will be gone, before the transfer window closes. Hopefully it will be to us and I see a small adjustment in what we have offered, with add ons and he will be our player.
  8. lraC

    Championship 2018-19

    I think Ken Anderson, is a chancer, who blames everyone, but himself, when things go wrong. I can see them having some serious problems this year. Last year was bad enough.
  9. lraC

    Thursday deadline.

    Is that the whole spend Josh, with wages and agents fees, or the kitty for transfers? Any chance of us losing anyone?
  10. lraC

    Thursday deadline.

    I have heard that Chapman was due to have a meeting with Mowbray a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason it didn't happen.
  11. lraC

    Thursday deadline.

    Villa could be in for a torrid time too, so maybe we can stay fairly safe?
  12. lraC

    Dunny leaving his role at Rovers

    A local boy, who played in the top flight for Rovers and represented his country, whilst a Rovers player. In the modern era, how many players can say that at any club? For me he lived the dream that most of us had and for that reason I will always consider him to be a Rovers legend.
  13. lraC

    Players who never quite made it

    Its a long time ago and he is ex Burnley, but a personal friend of mine, albeit a fair bit older than me and in bad health these days. Brian Pilkington has one England cap to his name and by all accounts was an absolute Wizard on the left wing. I didn't see Brian play, but he won the league title with Burnley in 1960 and I have been with him many times, when people have said he is the best player they ever saw. The best example I can give of that, is one night at a Sportsman's dinner with him Frank Worthington was the quest speaker. He was almost kissing Brian's feet, saying how he walked miles to watch him play. On the strength of being a mate of Brian's, Worthington gave me a lift from the function at Chorley to my home at the time, in Bolton and insisted on dropping me right at my front door.
  14. lraC

    Thursday deadline.

    It has to be the greedy unmotivated players, who are still picking up a large wedge that creates the problems for these teams. Once relegated, if the players on big money with little or no drop in salary, feel like they can't be bothered any more, their club has a big problem. It is surprising how many clubs have dropped out of the big league and failed to make it back and I think that missing out on an instant return, creates huge problems. I see trouble at Hull and Villa this coming season, but we shall see.

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