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  1. lraC

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I think it might be something to do with the mods, worries about legal action.
  2. Steve Kean being interviewed, about his time at Ewood on Sky Sports by Ben Shepherd and also his agent, crying because his son was being treated badly by the fans.
  3. lraC

    Lancashire Telegraph

    No there won't.
  4. lraC

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    At least we can see a player in there, as some of the dross we have had, over the last few years, are more like deep lying divots than pivots, whatever that is!!
  5. lraC

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    The people that Kean were connected to, could have caused more damage to BRFC to anyone in the clubs 144 year history. There are lots of little snippets of information all over the place and if anyone who ever backed the cretin, knew what was really going on, then they are almost as bad. Kean made a packet, as did others and if some of what went on wasn't illegal, I will eat my hat.
  6. lraC

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    That season it would have been a shock for us to have been relegated, as we had just come down from the prem and were favourites for promotion. The place was chaotic and how we managed to stay up, was a minor miracle. It just goes to show, how proper stable ownership is required, otherwise the inevitable happens and of course eventually did. I would love to think things have improved, but sadly they haven't. Despite the good feeling that the last few minutes on Saturday gave us, the bigger picture is till very messy.
  7. lraC

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Hola amigo. Estamos muy feliz hoy?
  8. lraC

    The reputation of the club

    Which is why the conspiracy theories keep on doing the rounds. Why would they not sell the club, when all will ever be is a burden round their necks?
  9. lraC

    Preston Away

    If the owners clearly trust Mowbray, then that could also prove to be fatal. One thing for sure, I don’t trust the owners!!
  10. lraC

    Preston Away

    Have a read of the link below, it might give you a flavour of the Bancroft era. http://www.cottontown.org/Culture and Leisure/Sport/Pages/Blackburn-Rovers.aspx
  11. lraC

    Preston Away

    When you see a decision not very long ago to appoint a chancer like Coyle, when the so called decision maker at the club, had already all but appointed someone else, then you have to believe that they can tell whoever they want, whatever they want. I would also like to think it wasn’t the case, but why else would you ship as many as we did last season and still fail to address it?
  12. lraC

    Preston Away

    If some complete numpty in India is still listening to his resident experts, who explains, it’s the goal scorers who command big transfer fees, then no amount of scouting for defenders, or keepers will result in us Shelling decent money out for one. There is a reason why despite everyone with a hole in their botty, can see what we have needed for over two seasons, yet we still fail to land the said players. Some people posting on other medium, suggest the owners were badly advised and have learned from their mistakes. I personally can’t see that at all.
  13. lraC

    Preston Away

    All successful managers build from the back. When Clough turned Forest into European champions, he went out and broke the British record for a keeper. We go out and find one that has had more loans than a banker on the fiddle
  14. lraC

    Preston Away

    It doesn’t matter if it’s corruption, incompetence or down right neglect. The stench around the place is caused by the owners. No one is accountable, as there is no one there who either cares enough or has the authority to do anything about it. When the cats away the mouse will play and our mouse has been left a huge supply of cheese and a lovely cosy bed to sleep in.
  15. lraC

    Preston Away

    If I decided to recruit someone for my business, I check his CV, speak to a few people in the industry, check the standard of his previous work and if I’m satisfied offer him the job. If he then goes and makes a total mess of a job I give him to do and my customer complains, do I absolve myself from all blame and pin it on him, or apologise and accept it was my fault for recruiting him? Once he has cocked up a few times, do I get shut or just keep on backing him, hoping he will eventually get it right?

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