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  1. lraC

    Middlesbrough (H)

    We had a couple of decent chances. Buckley could have made a name for himself, but blazed over, from a good ball in from Gallagher
  2. Them were the days. I had a few games in the same side as Mark too. He was at Darwen Vale, so played against him for our school team every year as well. Good days those were.
  3. Last time the Clarets tried that one, it was a warm up for the Orient game in 1987. The cones won 1-0.
  4. lraC

    Mowbray Out.

    I think Saturday is huge now and expect the crowd to turn on him if we lose and the recent traits continue.
  5. lraC


    Perhaps he thinks we are doing well. Only conceded one, so far.
  6. lraC


    I'm on to Grand children now, having one aged five. He lives and goes to school in the Preston area, but already owns two Rovers kits and won't let anyone say a wrong word about us. His mum is a staunch supporter of course, as is his Uncle Simon.
  7. lraC

    Mowbray Out.

    I genuinely think that a lot of the problems here are down to the owners not being hands on and us having no one in authority to make the final decisions on spending. Yes the two fees for Gallagher and Brereton look way too high, but if we had a hands on chairman, who has the best intentions of the club, to sanction, or question the signings, perhaps these two wouldn't have happened and a different defence would now be available.
  8. lraC

    Mowbray Out.

    From what I have read on another article Deloitte and the other firm of accountants that came in, did so, as there was money going missing that couldn't be explained. It seems that their forensic accountancy work, found out what the problem was and sorted it.
  9. lraC

    John Lowey RIP

    I remember both Stonehouse and Lowey well. Both steady enough players and sad to hear of their passing.
  10. lraC

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Perhaps he could get himself sacked for going on the lash and we can then sign him as a free agent.
  11. lraC

    Fulham Away

    Six points minimum from those, starting with 3 V Boro next week. 👍
  12. lraC

    Fulham Away

    Last week was bad. Today was always going to be tough. Sitting bottom never feels nice, but I see us getting better over the next few weeks. Tosin looks good and once we have Lenihan playing alongside him and Cunningham in the side, we will be stronger and will stop shipping poor goals. Their first today was a good strike and not a lot you can do, We won’t threaten the top six I’m afraid, but I’m sure we will finish higher than last season.
  13. lraC

    Fulham Away

    Playing out from the back, but looks dodgy
  14. lraC

    Fulham Away

    Fulham playing a very dangerous game playing out from the back. We have pressed them and come close to making something off it a couple of times. Great strike by Cairney. Thought the defence were far better than last week. Tosin looks class. Gallagher having a good game too.
  15. lraC

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    It reminds me a bit of a former manager that who said we could go on a 10 game winning streak now, but we haven't got 10 games left? WTF is all that about?

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