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  1. Yeah loads of them kicked off when we won away at Brentford. I can't for the life of me think why?
  2. Perhaps we should use the under 23's and management team for the next chuck it away trade game. I know that would lead to a fine, but if that proves that they are a better side than the first team, it will be worth the fine.
  3. I remember one of my mates, Tweeting an early table and Bolton were top. They got off to a very good start, but had a wobble after about 15 games I think.
  4. Oldham were 3/1 on Saturday and I am not ashamed to say, I had them at that price. Plymouth are 11/2 tomorrow night and I would suggest the following: £10 on Plymouth at that price and £2 on the 0-0 currently 12/1 with Sky. For the braver amongst us add a zero to those stakes. I would hope I lose my £12 which I would have spent on my ticket anyway.
  5. Hopefully we can unleash out super sub and nick it.
  6. It is highly likely that some of these documents, haven't come out, as they will point to corruption. I am highly suspicious that some of the agreements still exist and we are still controlled, by a third party and not by Venkys. It is more than a coincidence and certainly very convenient that Pasha, the current go between, has Kentaro links too. No wonder he won't attend any fans meetings.
  7. The meeting is in the past now and given, that I wasn't there, I have no idea how much Cheston was pressed on the Coyle issue. Perhaps for the next meeting, or possibly, by asking him before then, we should demand answers. Ask him to view the Nick Harris clip and state that on the face it, Kentaro, have now gone, but how come Coyle seems to have links to them and he was the surprise choice as manager, just over a year ago. It is being alleged by Nick Harris, that Kentaro, were running the club and the fans are concerned this is still going on. It is not acceptable to offer no comment on the Coyle appointment and state it is in the past. The very fact the Venkys hide like they do, means suspicion is still there, that someone, other than them, are STILL making key decisions.
  8. He is still there.
  9. Great words from Nick Harris. "Kentaro is now defunct and are being investigated, as part of the FIFA corruption enquiry". He also says in this clip that Kentaro had a written agreement to hire and fire players and managers, at Blackburn Rovers, which goes against FA rules. Lets hope that when this FIFA enquiry has taken place, something is uncovered about what exactly has gone on at Rovers and people are taken to task. In the meantime, lets hope and pray, that decisions taken, in the future, are for the real benefit of the club and not some third party, who may well, still be involved!
  10. This latest Twitter post by Nick Harris, sums it all up and is the very reason, why fans being fobbed off, with it's in the past, lets move, isn't good enough. We (and by that I mean the fans) have been taken for a ride, ripped off and seen our club totally destroyed. Nick Harris would not post this kind of thing, if it wasn't true, yet Venkys, supposedly are the victims of some scam, have been naïve, or aren't the real owners, dependant on what you want to believe. How are we supposed to move on, whilst they are still her and just sitting back saying nothing. Appointing Coyle as just another strange decision, but still no answer, on that one either. It's about time, someone made them talk and got them to tell the fans the truth.
  11. I have pasted below, a statement from the EFL website, relating to it's member clubs consulting with it's supporters and what is expected of the club. Perhaps, if enough of us E Mail the EFL to point out our dissatisfaction, something, will be done about it. The E Mail address is The EFL is committed to regular consultation with supporters and stakeholders within the game. We are at the heart of progressive debate and engaging with all our stakeholders is key to positively develop our competitions as a whole. We are also committed to enhancing the consultative reach of our members among their fanbases and local communities, though effective supporter dialogue and EFL Trust projects. In June 2016, following the Government’s Expert Working Group on Supporter Ownership & Engagement (EWG), in which the EFL played an active role, clubs introduced new regulations requiring clubs to engage with their supporters in a structured and regular manner. Clubs are required to meet with a representative group of supporters at least twice a season to discuss significant issues relating to the club. The framework for each club’s specific consultation strategy is to be documented within its customer charter. For its part, the EFL will meet with the supporter organisations at a national level and club groups on an ad hoc basis whenever needed. The EFL continues to foster a good working relationship with other footballing bodies which include the Football Association, the Premier League, the National League, the Professional Footballers Association, the League Managers Association and the European Professional Football Leagues. The EFL also consults at national level with the Football Supporters' Federation, Supporters Direct and Level Playing Field (formerly the National Association of Disabled Supporters), contributing to discussion and responding to issues in order to improve supporters’ experience and enjoyment of the game. The EFL also has representation on the Kick it Out Professional Game Guidance Group and continues to develop ways to consult with other football bodies and Government in line with key issues that affect the game. Supporter Liaison The EFL and its clubs set out commitments to supporters within the Supporter Liaison Officer and Supporter Engagement regulations. EFL regulations require clubs to appoint a Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO). Their role is principally to ensure proper and constructive discourse between a club and its supporters. Working with both Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters’ Federation, the EFL provides guidance and support for all member clubs and their SLOs, to encourage greater consultation and engagement with all stakeholders across the game.
  12. It could be argued that this decision was the worst decision made in almost 40 years, as it brought us to the third tier for the first time, since that period. Given that Cheston refused to answer the question, in a meeting that was called a supporters consultation meeting, perhaps the title of the future meetings needs to be changed. How about, a meeting, were the club, will refuse to answer the most important qurstions. Hoe they can get away with this is beyond me and perhaps we should all badger the club to answer this most relevant of questions. Has anyone brought this to the attention of the wider media?
  13. We have page after page here, of debate about the value of these meetings. It goes without saying, that almost everyone isn't happy with the contents of this latest meeting and the failure to answer the important questions. I guess it wouldn't be too bad if we knew that the big mistakes made, that now see us in the third tier, would not be repeated. The chances are though, that they will, as we can only deduce that the person(s) who made these mistakes (or reckless decisions) are still here and more importantly are not going to be held to account. The big question is, who made the mistakes, is it the owners, their adviser, or someone lurking in the shadows, who has influence, without the supporters, or the authorities knowing, who they actually are? Assuming there is still an outside influence, who can make the big decisions, like managerial appointments, then this club is doomed. These decisions have rarely been sensible and in my view are rarely for the good of the club.
  14. Someone got very rich out of that deal, but it doesn't matter, as it happened in the past.
  15. Imagine if everything in life was deemed as unimportant as it happened in the past. For anyone accepting that, on Monday pop in to the bosses office and give him a volley of abuse. When you get sacked, take him to the tribunal and claim unfair dismissal, as you will have done that in the past and claim it is only the future that matters. Once again, the supporters have been stitched up and no one is answerable.