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  1. Boycott the Barnet FA Cup tie

    I guess if this Sun article is anywhere near accurate, then perhaps the illegal bookies are stupid after all. These sums are eye watering. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5133944/ashes-2017-18-third-test-england-cricket-perth-bookies-rig-plot/
  2. Blackpool/Oystons

    Here is an interesting article on one of todays red tops. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5133944/ashes-2017-18-third-test-england-cricket-perth-bookies-rig-plot/
  3. A proper game of football that one, although I was involved in rougher games in the school playground!
  4. He won't even watch the next 3 games on I Player, let alone go to them.
  5. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Not to mention the kick around at break and lunchtime at school every day, when we used to kick lumps out of each other. They don't know their born today.
  6. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Saturday afternoon, Blackburn Combination, out on the lash Saturday night and then Sunday league game on Sunday morning. Granted I was crap, but playing the same standard of player as me, so, if I can do it, so can they!
  7. Lenihan has broken foot

    How long is left on his contract?
  8. Yeah I agree with that. I used to go on the Riverside in those days and remember all hell letting loose after that tackle. The fact that it finished his career says it all and to say he didn't even get booked, makes you wonder what the ref was up to. I know it ended Mullen's career, but what happened to him after that?
  9. I have checked this out now and the season we lost to them twice was the centenary promotion season. 09/11/1974 was 1-0 at their place and the return at Ewood was 01/02/1975 which was the game when Jimmy Mullen broke his leg and we lost that 1-0 too. They were the only team to do the double over us, as we went on to life the third division. I turned ten that season, but still remember it reasonably well.
  10. I nearly mentioned that brown kit in my post, it was horrendous. No need to apologise, you are quite right about the Villa replay. My memory is fading with age.
  11. Yes we beat Coventry at Ewood in the third round, 1-0 and then drew Villa at Ewood. That game finished 1-1 and we lost the replay at Villa Park 3-1.
  12. Yes that’s quite correct, I was there and it was a sickening injury. Our only home defeat of the season too.
  13. Putting the season ticket debate to one side, that sounds like a great trip, to see the winter Olympics. Have a nice and safe trip.
  14. I know it has been posted on a separate thread, but for those going, the minutes applause at the beginning of the second half, for a recently deceased fan, needs supporting. Hopefully it will be a victory on the park, so lets make it one on the terraces too.
  15. New CEO at Ewood

    It’s probably a good job Jimmy Hill is no longer with us. He is ex Coventry and a TV pundit and that fits criteria, for sure.