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  1. Don't take the car if you are going there. The place has a reputation for people having their drinks spiked.
  2. Well said Shauny
  3. Does that mean we will get another nine points? We are looking safer by the post!
  4. I went on that link that the local paper is worse than ours. It says we are at home to Huddersfield on Saturday!
  5. We have to win come what may on Saturday. The QPR V Forest game will have a baring on our prospects, but if we win, it will go down to the last game no matter what. If Birmingham win, we will be two adrift of them with a win ourselves. If Forest draw or lose, then we have a chance of overhauling them with another win on the last day. If Forest win, we have a chance of overhauling QPR on the last day. For those thinking Huddersfield with play a weakened team and therefore Birmingham are going to win, they are 7/4 at the minute. If punters get hold of this and lump on, the odds will drop.
  6. What was his involvement in 2009 Philip?
  7. A good post Kamy. I know you stopped going on the back of a controversial signing, which I fully understand. I am sure you are right, with regards to Venky's just leaving when they want. Some people have taken the difficult decision, to stop going, whilst Venky's are still here and some people have decided, not to let Venkys, stop them form supporting their team. I respect whatever choice each individual has made and hope that the club returns to some of it's former glory, in the not too distant future.
  8. Gen did suggest a while ago that Crescendo, were still involved. If I am not mistaken, that was at the beginning of this season. I have a suspicion that they still are, but Glen, if you could either post what you know, or let one of us know some other way, that would be useful.
  9. I wonder if Mr Coar new Mr Anderson, before he helped Blackburn Rovers out?
  10. I am just trying to remain optimistic, but wouldn't it feel good, if we get out of the bottom 3 on Saturday, just at the right time and escape relegation, despite being in the bottom 3 almost all season. The odds say it won't happen, but as the old saying goes "It's a funny old game".
  11. We live in hope and that hope is a touch more optimistic, knowing we will have both sets of supporters hoping we get a Rovers win. The team will have it all to do, as the Villa players are professional and will be there to win the game.
  12. I think that why there are some people still trying valiantly to find out, if the club were run by agents at some point. If it is proven that we were then, hopefully we can find out, when they left and why. Finally the BIG questions is, are their any agents still involved? A though task for those people trying to get these questions asked and one of the reasons for the meeting tomorrow no doubt.
  13. Yes I would, thanks for confirming. Have you ever got involved in anything?