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  1. 1 in 83 surely he has scored since 1983.
  2. I honestly don't believe that Mowbray would be putting bids in that he knows won't happen. He does not strike me as the sort who will spout nonsense, for the sake of it, unlike his predecessor.
  3. I wouldn't suggest putting your wages on it, but as we know it is a game of opinions. Who would have given our friend down the Road a hope in hell under Coyle that season?. As JG used to say every week on Saint and Greavsie, its a funny old game.
  4. No I have no inside information whatsoever. In a lot of ways, I see Sunderland being in a similar position to Bolton, last year, albeit in a division higher. With the mess Bolton were in last year and still are for that matter, then should have been nowhere near the top two. Sunderland will have parachute money and may retain some of their players. Bookies have them at 4/1 for promotion, with Villa and Boro at 2/1 joint favourites, so not a great deal in it. Just my opinion, but they remind me a lot of the position that Newcastle were in, when Chris Hughton got them promoted.
  5. Chelsea Sunderland Rovers Coventry
  6. Hope the swim wasn't too dangerous, with all those great whites over there. I bet you have found that to be V ery P leasing N ews.
  7. They seemed to spend a lot last season, but still only just avoided the drop. Something not quite right there in my opinion.
  8. In theory sign him for £400k - £500k give him a 3 year contract and you have a £2m plus player on your books.
  9. Hi Josh and yes I will help you if you need me to.
  10. Despite all the comments above (I agree with all of them) we all care enough about the game and BRFC to read and comment on here. It still has one hell of a pull if you fell in love with you team at one point. I am sure we all feel differently than we once did, bit not caring what happens to out beloved Rovers, is unlikely to happen to any of us. Boycotting, NAPM protesting, getting behind the lads etc is all about helping the greater good, which is getting Rovers back to the top.
  11. I reckon that would do the trick.
  12. Essentially when you use a VPN your computer will act as though you are in the country of your choice. For example, I spend most of my time in Spain and I can use a VPN to act as though I am in the UK when necessary. I can watch ITV player that way or BBC player, both of which would not work, using a Spanish ISP. As someone has already pointed out, using a VPN whilst in the UK but connecting to another Country would work, but paying by card, means you have to give the address that the card is registered to. So if you are really living in the UK and intend to pay with a UK registered card, even though you could fool the computer into think you are abroad, the fact that you have paid with a UK card, could mean you have no access. If however you have a friend you lives abroad and they pay for you, that solves the problem. You would get them to create a user name and password that you choose and away you go. The VPN I use is
  13. Unless you know someone who lives abroad who will pay it on your behalf.
  14. City Home and UTD are away, Spurs Home, Arsenal are away, Liverpool Home. Everton away ETC.