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    Rovers Trust-The Next Stage

    It fills me with pride to see a post like that above from Michael Doherty, the same sort of pride I used to get that sort of pride, from following the team. With people like that, now in place at the trust, we do have a chance. I know for a fact that a copy of a letter has been sent to Tracy Crouch recently. That letter was sent to David Newton, the head of integrity, at the FA. In it are some very serious allegations about the take over and running of our club. I am sure this will be brought up at the meeting and if this alone can be acted upon and brought to the attention of the general public, then the meeting is worthwhile. Good luck with it guys, you are a credit to your fellow supporters.
  2. lraC

    The Relegation Thread

    Have a quick read of the one man destroyed our club thread and you will see in a nutshell, why the fans see the relegation as inevitable. Without wanting to sound rude, fans at other clubs, don't have a clue what has really gone on at our club. Spread this amongst your fellow Villa fans, as this should not be allowed to happen and could still happen to another club at any time.
  3. lraC

    The Relegation Thread

    PS They are only a tenner each too.
  4. lraC

    The Relegation Thread

    Excellent, fair play to you and I am sure plenty on here and in the ground on Saturday will applaud you for it. Thanks for the Venky's out banner, anything highlighting that will be really appreciated.
  5. lraC

    The Relegation Thread

    Fill that end, get your Venky's out banners together and roar us to Victory. If you can give us the 3 points and Brum lose, we will love Villa forever.
  6. lraC

    Mowbray’s Future

    Agbonlahor for Villa after 68 Minutes
  7. lraC

    The Relegation Thread

    Should it not come under P or could that be S or maybe some other alias? I might need to call my office later today, to check the surname of my boss, as I don't know it. Come to think of it, I don't know his job title either. I must be losing the plot or covering something up!
  8. lraC

    The Relegation Thread

    Sorry I got my plusses and minuses mixed up. I meant Wolves plus one.
  9. lraC

    The Relegation Thread

    On the basis that my coupon always loses, I have been taking a look at this weekends fixed odds. On sky bet at the minute if you back Wolves -1 goal, forest + one goal and Birmingham to win, then the odds on that for the treble are approximately 6.5 times your stake. In other words put £100 on and it would give you a profit of £650. If the bet wins I be down in the dumps and will need the £650 to go on holiday and forget.
  10. lraC

    The Relegation Thread

    I think what he is saying is it is impossible for all the teams above us to win all of their games, simply because some play each other. Burton play Birmingham on Monday for example, so they can't both win. Add to that Bristol City playing us and Birmingham, so basically, if we will all of our games, we can't go down. Monday will be big and if we can get a win, then we are in with a shout. The Birmingham V Burton game will be interesting, as will Cardiff V Forest. If we do happen to win, in theory we would go fifth bottom, dependant on those other two games. We just have to hope we win.
  11. lraC

    Mowbray’s Future

    The biggest fear now is, that we will not be a mid league one team, as those on them positions this year are not carrying over £100 million in debt. As we all know the season ticket sales, have already been mortgaged, so the teams with average attendances of 3,000- 4,000 will be far better off than us. Why Venky's would want to carry on with this horror show, is beyond me, but if they do, we will be relegated again next year, make no mistake about that.
  12. lraC

    Bolton debt

    It isn't as simple as the size of the fan base or what comes through the gates, as it happens. When you just isolate one very small element of Rovers dealings over the last few years with Phil Jones being an example. When you unearth a Gem like him, it can keep a small club very competitive for a long time, if the club strike the right deal. The transfer fee was huge and given that he was' home grown' the profit on this was substantial. It's a real sham that we seemed to waste it. Granted these sorts of transfers are the exception rather than the norm, but one big deal ever now and then, can eliminate the difference between a club with say 15,000 week in week out and a club with 25,000. This may mean clubs with smaller supporter bases, may invest in youth development a bit more and also be a bit more imaginative with sell on clauses and the like.

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