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  1. lraC

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I have said on previous occasions, that bad as it may be with Mowbray, the problem is much deeper and until the owners are history, we are in a very precarious position.
  2. Its probably a bit harsh on Aridabayo from what I have seen of him. No point in having a loan player though, if he does turn out to be a talent, when everything else around him is falling apart. I know we were told that Holtby was injured, for last night. I have no inside information to back this up, but have a feeling he may have reacted badly to being taken off on Saturday and has paid the price for it. I hope I am wrong with that, but something is going badly wrong at the minute and it needs to be rectified quickly.
  3. To me, we are now already in a relegation battle. I am expecting defeats in the next two and all fans will then be looking at the bottom 3 hoping we can pull clear, rather that at the ever increasing gap between us and the top 6. I watched the match on I Follow last night and one of the commentary team said, if we win tonight and Preston lose, and we then beat them on Saturday, we go level on points with them and everyone says they have had a good start. As we now know, we lost Preston drew and they will go further clear of us on Saturday. I would say that's the last time this season, we will be mentioned as a top 6 pretender. As a side note, Preston are evens to beat us on Saturday. For those who like a flutter and a drink, lump on, as it is nailed on. Go out on the winnings and forget football until the following morning.
  4. Not a Facebook user, but how wonderful to see a Rovers fan based in Mexico. Spanish coming along nicely for me, practicing every day. Buena suerte.
  5. Can you post the next one in Spanish please Alejandro? I am learning the language and would love to see a Spanish post. How did you become a fan based in Mexico by the way?
  6. lraC

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    It was almost as if it was deliberate. Rather strange too that the manager at the time, had a bonus written into his contract that was still paid, had we been relegated to the third tier. I mean who would have thought of that, when we were tenth in the prem?
  7. lraC

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    A few people forgetting our results. Yes we won 2-0 at Millwall and drew yesterday. Not sure how some posters on here, think we lost them both.
  8. lraC

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Stanley are in far better overall shape than Rovers are.
  9. lraC

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Like I said you are clearly on the wind up. I guess Stevie Kean is one of your heroes is he?
  10. lraC

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Imagine calling Rangers or Celtic Glasgow, or even saying Rangers have a plumb draw in the Scottish cup and meaning Berwick. Someone is on the wind up and referring to a former manager as Stevie Kean, seems like a term of endearment to me and therefore says it all!!!
  11. lraC

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Spot on and if you prescribe to them being pretty big, if I said my friend is a United fan, who would everyone think of? Yes we all know the answer, but yet there are loads of United's. We are the original and the best and are known as Rovers, by almost everyone.
  12. lraC

    QPR Away

    That’s like me allowing my Grandson into the tigers cage as a birthday treat, to tickle its belly. The intentions were right, but extremely dangerous
  13. lraC

    QPR Away

    We will never go anywhere, whether Mowbray is the manager or not. I have said many times already that the club is rotten to the core and will never start to recover again, until Venky's are no longer here. I can't stomach watching the goals tonight, reading about them and knowing how players and staff don't fee like I do, when I see the club in the mess it is just makes me very sad. £120 million in debt, no sign of us improving any time soon and it looking a lot more likely that that the way out of the division, is relegation again, makes me so upset and angry. Mowbray said when he walked through the door, "This is Blackburn Rovers". Sadly it's a shell now and has become unrecognisable since the chicken farmers turned up.
  14. lraC

    Ben Brereton

    Atko was a typical example of someone who was dragged up by his shoe laces to a much better standard, due to the players around him. Very limited, but a tryer and looked good with quality everywhere else.
  15. lraC


    Not too sure if your post above in response to Pete, means that you shouldn't really be saying what you have here, unless you want to look hypocritical? If all of those things stop you coming to the games then it's laughable. Why would beer and pies stop you from watching your team? Odd.
  16. lraC


    Being amongst home crowds of around 7,000 or so in the seventies and eighties, probably means I am entitled to call myself a Rovers fan. I could make the excuse that I live abroad, but I do still make the effort to go the some games. I prefer away fixtures now and that is purely and simply because of the owners. I have been a Rovers fan for 47 years and I always will be. My decision to go to games or not, hinges on many factors. The one that puts me off more than any other reason though is Venkys.
  17. lraC


    At the risk of upsetting other fans who have used the term, Blackburn fan, it isn't we are ROVERS fans. Imagine the clap chant going clap, clap, clap, clap,clap, clap,clap,clap,clap BLACKBURN. Its ROVERS please. Even Burnley fans call us bas**rd ROVERS not Bas**rd BLACKBURN.
  18. lraC


    What did the Romans do for us?
  19. lraC

    Lewis Holtby

    Sergio Peter, was a player who came through the ranks I think and made a couple of appearances. Never heard about him after, so not sure what happened to him. I am fairly sure, he was German.
  20. Is your picture the host, pundit or analyst? Keep whoever it is on, as I might tune in next week.
  21. lraC

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Barry and his high fives in the directors box with the super agent, is a sight that I will never get out of my mind. Yes I am sure the other family members were a little bit further away from the source of the trouble, although Madame read a script from someone about wanting entertaining football, as she wouldn't know the shape and the size of the ball, I wouldn't have thought.

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