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  1. Just now, chaddyrovers said:

    My coverage is about 40 seconds behind real time  

    Mine seems to start off about that and it keeps on freezing and the more that happens, the further behind it seems to get.

  2. Not many clubs will be in a great position when the current awful situation comes to an end. I dread to think how our finances are going to look and although we can't blame Venky's for that bit, they have put us right on the very edge, with the complete mess they have created over the 9 years at the club.


  3. The next home game is V Bristol City. They have a tough fixture next week, so we could go into that fixture, even closer. Preston will then be the next target, who on paper, have some winnable matches coming up. The outcome of those could decide our fate. 

  4. Hope we can make it and the best chance really would be if we don’t suffer any more injuries. A win against Derby next Sunday, would give us the boost and momentum again and we will have the advantage of know how PNE have got on. If they lose and we win, we could be sixth.

  5. 1 hour ago, JHRover said:

    Realistically we are going to have to pull at least a couple of unexpected wins out of the bag against the sides above us or in games we would usually embrace a point in.

    I'm talking Leeds, West Brom, Bristol City at home, Brentford, Cardiff and Derby away - tough fixtures. Mid table sides would happily take draws from those - promotion winners need a few wins.

    I take nothing for granted, after our losses to the likes of Charlton and Luton at home. I do think we are capable of beating Derby and Cardiff away and would hope we can win one of the home games, against either West Brom or Leeds. We beat BCFC away, so why not at home too? If we can collect 12 points from those games, I am sure we will make the play offs. 

  6. 1 hour ago, sympatheticclaret said:

    So sorry to hear that Brian had passed away this afternoon, RIP !

    He did, at 2.00PM with his wife son and daughter in law at his side.

    I got the message from Helen, his daughter in law, shortly after he passed away. She had told me earlier in the week, he was near the end.

    he was a great guy Brian and I have a lot to thank him for, as I wouldn’t have been where I am in business today, without him. I spent many an hour with him at his office in Leyland, chatting about football and all sorts of other things.

    There is a tribute to him on the Telegraph site and it is quite a nice piece

    RIP Brian you are one of life’s special people. 






  7. 10 minutes ago, Ewood Ace said:

    You have more faith in the owners than I do and during their 9 years here they have shown that they are not exactly predictable. Also without promotion that debt is only going in one direction.

    I have a feeling that they wouldn't  have a huge void in their lives, like a fan would, if the club suddenly went up in smoke.

  8. Just now, Paul Mani said:

    It was interesting when this came about in the meeting with Cheston who brushed it aside basically saying that all of the debt is Venkys and they’re happy to keep paying. Apparently have given verbal and written assurances that they are happy to keep funding the club. But also empathised with the fans re the £150m and gave the impression that Venkys obv don’t see it as a huge sum of money or anything to worry about...

    I suppose when you split a large debt between a few different parties, it doesn't seem as bad.

  9. 15 minutes ago, Leonard Venkhater said:

    We still recall his defence of Kean, one of his fellows from the same stable. Pulis was another(from the same stable) who came out in support.

    Many of us had read the Guardian piece about SEM's role at Bolton and Rovers.

    So, when Coyle said he had never heard of SEM, that said plenty. Later, he went one stage further before one of the supporters' meetings, as he sought to distance himself from the cockney wide boy." What's his name again?"

    I guess there were some, who believed him......

    And so..to HSH....

    Spot on.

    We now have HSH providing personnel. I wonder why?

  10. Just now, Leonard Venkhater said:

    BUT....results (his own performance) weren't even part of the recruitment criteria, when he arrived. Any fool could see that from a glance at his CV!


    I think one of his first statements was to distance himself from anyone connected with the previous regime, which appears at best to be a bit of a diversion. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Miller11 said:

    Waggott told me he couldn’t comment on what happened before he arrived. He acknowledged that he understood why it would be a concern. He told me he doesn’t like agents (I’ll go into detail later).

    The issue here is with Venkys, not Mowbray or Waggott - I like both of them, though don’t agree with absolutely every decision they make.  If it’s of no concern to you, then fine. Coyle was a horrendous and damaging appointment, Mowbray worked out. I’m very concerned about who his eventual successor may be and how he will be appointed.

    The bigger issue with this really, is why on earth are the owners still apparently using the services of these people when they have distanced themselves from the likes of JA in the past? Plenty of fans have suggested that Venky's have learned their lessons and were just badly advised, which if true, begs the question, why would you keep going back to the same stable then?

    When you look back at the very suspicious activity surrounding the take over and occasions when certain respectable members of the media (Nick Harris being one) were asking, who is running Blackburn Rovers? you have to wonder what is still going on. 

    The most dubious signing we ever made was one Myles Anderson, who the fans were accused of hounding out, yet has he ever made it anywhere? If these forces are still lurking somewhere and the only answer we are given by the current regime, is we can't comment on the past, then where does that leave us?

  12. Its almost impossible to work this one out, but yet again, we have a player being signed and it seems to be for the benefits of other people and not for the club.

    Each time this happens, I think I hope this is the last one, but it never is. There are still dark forces at work and until we are rid of the owners, strange happenings like this, will carry on.

  13. 5 hours ago, sympatheticclaret said:

       My Dad is going through a similar thing, albeit in his early eighties, and it's so sad to see ... Tony should be so proud of his daughter !

      Watching things like this puts all the " silliness " around local rivalries in it's true perspective. All Clubs have their legends and favorite sons, and Tony Parkes truly is one of Blackburn Rover's finest. The " Up the Clarets " board has a post about Tony this morning, and there's much best wishes and sympathy being expressed, to which I should like to add my own.

     Good luck, fella ! 


    A claret Legend and very good friend of mine Brian Pilkington, was diagnosed with this, quite some ago. He now requires care and lives in a care home as a result. I had a message from one of his family members earlier today, to say he is very ill right now. 

    As you rightly say, it puts the silliness around local rivalries into perspective and shows how precious life is and how an illness like this, can strike anyone. 

  14. I sincerely hope the questions asked are hard hitting and proper answers are given. Each and every one of these, so far have been a damp squib, as the crucial questions have been side stepped and important time taken up talking irrelevant nonsense. 

  15. 1 hour ago, Kamy100 said:

    I am not sure about that, but the way it is explained to me by someone who know understands annual accounting processes is that auditors asked for these funding guarantees as a condition of them approving the accounts.

    The auditors will have looked at the expected income and the continuing liabilities and pointed out in no uncertain terms, that unless the owners funded the shortfall, the business was unsustainable, or in other words, we are bust.

    They have obviously agreed to carry on funding it, otherwise, we would now know the we were in administration. If you apply logic to this, knowing that they are never going to get their money back, should mean that they didn't agree to continue to fund is and allow the administration to happen. There is a reason somewhere though that they continue to do so, why though, is anyone's guess. 


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