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  1. Walsall at home 30.1.18

    You didn't leave early did you?
  2. VAR

    VAR! What is it good for?
  3. Northampton

    Mowbray won't start Bell this weekend. Williams was player of last season and an ever present this year. Mowbray isn't that ruthless. However, if Bell does have pace then he needs bringing in sooner rather than later. We have been too slow and static all season and Mowbray' s recent signings show that he identifies this as a problem that needs rectifying. Williams is just a bog standard full back and Bell could make a huge difference if he can live up to his promise.
  4. Simon Garner

    A lot of Danny Graham' s finishes are strongly reminiscent of Garner. From up in the stands, Graham sometimes resembles the great man at a glance with the number 10 on his back. If Graham was lighter footed and quicker he would be a spot on comparison.
  5. Simon Garner

    His third goal that day was up there with the great goals on Ewood in my lifetime; a deft flick into space completely took two defenders out, an incredibly quick ten yard dash beat a third defender to the ball and a deadly accurate right footer saw the ball hit the inside of the post and into the net. He was lethal that season.
  6. Simon Garner

    I wish you well with this quest. To the best of my recollection games were not routinely filmed until circa '88/'89 season. Until then we had to rely on the BBC / ITV, therefore there may only be footage of perhaps three or four games per season during Garner' s first decade playing for us - '78-'88. Of course he didn't necessarily score in those filmed games although I always thought he turned it on a little for the cameras This lack of footage is a great pity. His five against Derby and his four against Sunderland (?) weren't recorded to the best of my knowledge. I certainly haven't seen them since. So many of his wonderful finishes sadly only exist in the memory bank. I don't remember a Garner hat trick against Burnley although he generally scored when we played them, including two penalties in one game if I recall correctly. YouTube has a number of his goals, perhaps thirty or so. His great goal against Liverpool in the FA cup '83 was recorded but I haven't seen it on YouTube. The Elton Welsby fronted 'Kick Off' magazine show in the late 80's showed all his goals, which would amount to forty or so in his final four seasons between '88-'92. I would wager about another thirty or forty across the rest of his career at Rovers were filmed so probably close to eighty goals in total have existed on video at one time or another. It can be fruitful searching YouTube for other clubs. For example, a Garner goal away at Swindon in '84 in the FA cup is on there. I went to that game so it was nice to see it again recently. If anyone has footage on video of Rovers matches that aren't on YouTube I am happy to convert them and publish it for all of us to enjoy. I live locally but have limited time so only really want to commit to videos from the '70's/'80's.
  7. RIP Cyrille Regis

    I seem to remember he paired with Garner at the end of their careers- probably at Wycombe. In their prime, that combination of differing styles would have worked beautifully. R.I.P
  8. Jason Lowe set to return

    I have said for years, including more than once on this board, that something never felt right about the whole Jason Lowe situation. The comments on this thread tell their own tale. Almost unanimously, his proposed return is causing outrage and despair. His tenure at Rovers went hand in hand with our downfall. His departure coincided with an upswing in our fortunes and I can't believe those two events aren't linked. The fact that Mowbray apparently rates him and didn't want him to leave, says all I need to know about Mowbray' s vision as to how he wants his football to be played.
  9. Celebrity Mastermind

    Yeah, those Christians! I mean, how dare they?
  10. The January 2018 transfer thread

    I posted a few months go that Mowbray enquired after Morris last summer but was scared off by the £1m price tag. Morris would definitely want to come back, trust me.
  11. Northampton Town v Rovers

    He needs to wean himself back off it. He's so chilled he's practically horizontal!
  12. Great three points but I am mystified as to why Mowbray played Bennett left and Antonsson right. Antonsson and Nyambe had a dreadful last ten minutes together. Absolutely hopeless, with no positional sense or defensive ability between them whatsoever. It very nearly cost us the points.

    Yes the ref came over to speak to Mowbray. I think he considered sending him off to be honest. (Or maybe he was saying "don't bring the young lad on Mogga, he could do his hammy at this late stage")

    I said the other week that Mowbray is placing too much pressure on young Chapman by expecting him to come cold into the latter stages of a game. He can't play himself in and has to be explosive from the off. No surprise he has gone and done his hamstring. Genius!
  15. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    I drove home from Oldham a week ago, vowing not to go away again this season. I can't believe it was largely the same group of players today! An unbelievable difference. It shows how tough it is to break down teams hell bent on drawing nil nil, as opposed to teams being more open and playing higher up the pitch as Portsmouth did today. The Chapman inclusion worked today. I think Mowbray has been wrong in bringing him on as a late sub, surely that places too much pressure on the lad to produce the magic, as we are generally losing the match at his introduction. He had time to produce the goods today and I thought he tried hard helping Nyambe by tracking back, particularly in the first half. Mulgrew was immense today, an absolute warrior, winning every header and leading the back line. I thought his performances had dipped by his standards recently and I am certain that he enjoys Downing being there. Dack was very tightly marked today, clearly known in the lower leagues. His recent goals will give him the confidence to be a big big player for us. I thought Nyambe was fine and I was willing Whittingham to grab a goal. I think he needs to feel the love of the supporters. He is a class act and I think he will win the doubters over. I can't remember a season like this. It seems so obvious to so many of us as to how we achieve success but we can't get any real momentum going. I believe we should adopt the mentality that we are going to all out attack and score goals, rather than the cautious approach. I haven't seen many teams with the quality to score more than an odd goal against us so our goals scored column is all important. Now then, do I go to Wigan?