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    Yes the ref came over to speak to Mowbray. I think he considered sending him off to be honest. (Or maybe he was saying "don't bring the young lad on Mogga, he could do his hammy at this late stage")

    I said the other week that Mowbray is placing too much pressure on young Chapman by expecting him to come cold into the latter stages of a game. He can't play himself in and has to be explosive from the off. No surprise he has gone and done his hamstring. Genius!
  3. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    I drove home from Oldham a week ago, vowing not to go away again this season. I can't believe it was largely the same group of players today! An unbelievable difference. It shows how tough it is to break down teams hell bent on drawing nil nil, as opposed to teams being more open and playing higher up the pitch as Portsmouth did today. The Chapman inclusion worked today. I think Mowbray has been wrong in bringing him on as a late sub, surely that places too much pressure on the lad to produce the magic, as we are generally losing the match at his introduction. He had time to produce the goods today and I thought he tried hard helping Nyambe by tracking back, particularly in the first half. Mulgrew was immense today, an absolute warrior, winning every header and leading the back line. I thought his performances had dipped by his standards recently and I am certain that he enjoys Downing being there. Dack was very tightly marked today, clearly known in the lower leagues. His recent goals will give him the confidence to be a big big player for us. I thought Nyambe was fine and I was willing Whittingham to grab a goal. I think he needs to feel the love of the supporters. He is a class act and I think he will win the doubters over. I can't remember a season like this. It seems so obvious to so many of us as to how we achieve success but we can't get any real momentum going. I believe we should adopt the mentality that we are going to all out attack and score goals, rather than the cautious approach. I haven't seen many teams with the quality to score more than an odd goal against us so our goals scored column is all important. Now then, do I go to Wigan?
  4. Checkatrade Trophy

    Mr. Hitler apparently!
  5. Checkatrade Trophy

    Baldwin is an exact clone of Chris Brown. No more needs to be said. Genuinely very poor. I have seen a fair few strikers play on after their legs have gone and have just added Danny Graham to the list. Chapman looks like an impact sub to me; I think Mowbray has that decision spot on. Conway has lost his pace and Nyambe is extremely limited. Matty Platt looks a good prospect and Harper did some good things and looks like he will be decent. All in all, a lacklustre performance but I can't get too excited about this tournament.
  6. Gillingham - Home

    I think Mowbray played the percentages against Wimbledon and didn't change a winning team. It doesn't always follow, and on that occasion it plainly didn't work. You should pick a team appropriate to the opposition. Gillingham are desperately poor and can, realistically, only play for a nil nil. We have nothing to fear, but need to find a way past a packed defence. The team below would destroy Gillingham (maybe!) Raya Bennett Downing Mulgrew Williams Chapman Smallwood Whittingham Antonnson Dack Samuel It's Gillingham. We are Blackburn Rovers, and we need to develop some attitude and generate some fear!
  7. team for rotherham

    Totally different tempo tonight, right from the off. I thought we pressed high up the pitch all night. Mowbray looks to have got them fit. Bennett had a great first half and repeatedly skinned the full back. Samuel put a couple of great balls in that Dack really should have done better with. We genuinely had ten very good chances and the scoreline flattered a very poor away side. I thought all three subs did well. Chapman is very classy and dangerous. Quite like Rochina but pacey and direct. Hart tried to get involved and I enjoyed Whittingham' s cameo. He picks a lovely pass and was unlucky not to score. I think he is a better bet at home than Evans. There was a different feel to the team tonight and I am feeling extremely positive for the next few games. I still think Caddis and Williams are weak links though.
  8. team for rotherham

    Williams and Caddis are easily the worst Rovers full backs I have ever had the misfortune to suffer. If I go all the way back to my earliest memory of going to Ewood (Hird and Bailey) to the present day, they wouldn't be anywhere near a first team place in any team in any era. Even our most limited full backs in all those years such as Millar, Sulley and Jim Bran were far more effective. They need rooting out and replacing with youthful energy. I reckon our under 23s would be competitive as an entire unit in League 1, so I am certain we can easily absorb two from their ranks. How could they be any worse? When you add Ward into the mix we really are asking for trouble.

    If you watch Garner' s second goal, the pitch side photographer captures his celebration after the knee slide (around the 3min 48 sec mark).That very photograph is the one shown on one of the various navy blue t shirts sold in the club shop a few years back with the number '10 Garner' on the back. I have the t shirt but had to stop wearing it on match days a couple of years back as we always lost!
  10. Scunthorpe United v ROVERS

    I have it on impeccable authority that Mowbray wanted Morris over the summer and made an enquiry with Scunthorpe. The sale of Mahoney was essential to raise the cash but we still didn't match Scunthorpe' s valuation: A cool £1m.
  11. Rochdale Away

    I've noticed that Mowbray tends to refer to his players by their surname. I like that!
  12. Rochdale Away

    He was interviewed on the pitch at half time during a game towards the end of last season to publicise his autobiography and to discuss a question and answer session that evening with Garner, at Darwen FC if memory serves. He is a great story teller. Don Mackay undoubtedly got more out of Gayle than his other managers. I think he scored more in '88/'89 than he had in his entire career to that point. He was a fast, exciting player; loved by the Blackburn End with whom he interacted brilliantly. A bit injury prone, I remember him doing his hamstring in a Littlewoods cup tie circa '87. I think that game may have been Keith Hill' s debut funnily enough. I heard that Howard became a little too close to Ron Saunders' daughter whilst playing for him at Birmingham, leading to him having to leave the club. He was something of a journeyman if truth be told with a questionable attitude which prevented his career development.
  13. Preston and Blackburn swap deal

    Howard Gayle said recently that Liverpool were considering bringing Garner in to replace the outgoing Ian Rush in the mid 80's. Garner scored twenty odd for a couple of consecutive seasons in the early 80's, including a sensational strike against Liverpool in a cup game in '83. Anyone at Ewood that day will remember it as he turned on a sixpence and smashed it in. Perhaps that goal stayed in Liverpool's mind when considering bringing Garner in. I always thought Garner raised his game in cup games against first division opponents and would have easily stepped up to the required level with a strong manager and a more focused work ethic that a top flight club would have demanded.
  14. Bradford City V Rovers

    Perhaps that's what I am thinking of. I was in my late teens, early 20s in those days and my memory of those times is blurred by a huge lager intake on match days. As an example of this, I drank so much on the Wembley promotion trip under Kenny that, until recently I swore blind that the match went to extra time and penalties!!!
  15. Bradford City V Rovers

    Someone mentioned earlier a match at Bradford following the 88/89 near promotion involving one George Courtney: I went and it was hilarious. It was a few months after the Palace debacle and the first time he referred us since he cost us promotion. His entrance onto the pitch was met with an unbelievable level of hostility from probably a couple of thousand or so of us. He was clearly utterly bemused and I saw him approach the nearest Rovers player to enquire what was going on. That player happened to be Simon Garner and I watched as Garns obviously put him in the picture. The abuse continued throughout. It was enjoyable to be honest as we had felt so badly cheated the previous year. I always thought he awarded us a dubious penalty that day; in fact I am sure he did but a check in my history book shows we won to an own goal. Perhaps we missed the penalty.