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  1. If you watch Garner' s second goal, the pitch side photographer captures his celebration after the knee slide (around the 3min 48 sec mark).That very photograph is the one shown on one of the various navy blue t shirts sold in the club shop a few years back with the number '10 Garner' on the back. I have the t shirt but had to stop wearing it on match days a couple of years back as we always lost!
  2. I have it on impeccable authority that Mowbray wanted Morris over the summer and made an enquiry with Scunthorpe. The sale of Mahoney was essential to raise the cash but we still didn't match Scunthorpe' s valuation: A cool £1m.
  3. I've noticed that Mowbray tends to refer to his players by their surname. I like that!
  4. He was interviewed on the pitch at half time during a game towards the end of last season to publicise his autobiography and to discuss a question and answer session that evening with Garner, at Darwen FC if memory serves. He is a great story teller. Don Mackay undoubtedly got more out of Gayle than his other managers. I think he scored more in '88/'89 than he had in his entire career to that point. He was a fast, exciting player; loved by the Blackburn End with whom he interacted brilliantly. A bit injury prone, I remember him doing his hamstring in a Littlewoods cup tie circa '87. I think that game may have been Keith Hill' s debut funnily enough. I heard that Howard became a little too close to Ron Saunders' daughter whilst playing for him at Birmingham, leading to him having to leave the club. He was something of a journeyman if truth be told with a questionable attitude which prevented his career development.
  5. Howard Gayle said recently that Liverpool were considering bringing Garner in to replace the outgoing Ian Rush in the mid 80's. Garner scored twenty odd for a couple of consecutive seasons in the early 80's, including a sensational strike against Liverpool in a cup game in '83. Anyone at Ewood that day will remember it as he turned on a sixpence and smashed it in. Perhaps that goal stayed in Liverpool's mind when considering bringing Garner in. I always thought Garner raised his game in cup games against first division opponents and would have easily stepped up to the required level with a strong manager and a more focused work ethic that a top flight club would have demanded.
  6. Perhaps that's what I am thinking of. I was in my late teens, early 20s in those days and my memory of those times is blurred by a huge lager intake on match days. As an example of this, I drank so much on the Wembley promotion trip under Kenny that, until recently I swore blind that the match went to extra time and penalties!!!
  7. Someone mentioned earlier a match at Bradford following the 88/89 near promotion involving one George Courtney: I went and it was hilarious. It was a few months after the Palace debacle and the first time he referred us since he cost us promotion. His entrance onto the pitch was met with an unbelievable level of hostility from probably a couple of thousand or so of us. He was clearly utterly bemused and I saw him approach the nearest Rovers player to enquire what was going on. That player happened to be Simon Garner and I watched as Garns obviously put him in the picture. The abuse continued throughout. It was enjoyable to be honest as we had felt so badly cheated the previous year. I always thought he awarded us a dubious penalty that day; in fact I am sure he did but a check in my history book shows we won to an own goal. Perhaps we missed the penalty.
  8. I think the reason Mowbray sent out this bizarre line-up was purely down to the Southend result. Basically, his starting point was "must not lose this one". Had we won or even drawn the first game I would have expected a much less timid approach. When taken in that context, I can understand why he did what he did (even though I profoundly disagree with the cowardly nature of it), and after all, he will have discussed his thought process at length with those around him and persuaded them of his logic (or maybe it was the brainchild of his staff). What he didn't factor in was that all our opponents at Ewood this season will sit deep, scrap like mad and counter attack with the prospect of a hard fought draw being a tremendous result for them. Whilst we may have looked in command in the first half with all our possession, in actual fact, Doncaster were perfectly happy to play without the ball and to nullify our threat. I commented at half time that I was surprised by our subs "warming up" as I would have withdrawn Caddis (with his Ronnie Hildersley comedy backside) and Whittingham (who will be completely obsolete this season) and brought on some width and pace. You must give the opposition something to think about, be it boxing, tennis or any other head to head sport and we singularly failed to do so for most of the game. Even Feeney would have unsettled Doncaster but Mowbray stubbornly wouldn't budge. The biggest crime is the way we gave up at 3-1 with several minutes to play. I watched Mowbray at this time and the contrast between him and Sam Allardyce for example was marked. Big Sam would have screamed, instructed, been bold and demanded goals. We continued to play in the 91st minute the same as the previous 90. Not good enough. Due to his timidity and fear of losing, he will now have to be extremely defensive at Bradford, inviting more trouble and an almost inevitable defeat. We will then roll over to Burnley and have zero confidence from there on in. We should have gone 4-4-2 and steamrolled Doncaster. I could have accepted losing if we had shown aggression and flair. At some point he will have to move to a 4-4-2 and accept losing one or two until we settle down. He is too clever by half.
  9. Goal action on Radio Lancashire!
  10. Dack, Whittingham? Could it be that we are no longer a pantomime?
  11. Similar age to Howard Kendall when he came in. Hopefully he will adapt to the third division with the same success.
  12. No, it's a strange one that. It looks like I was given some duff information on that one, sorry.
  13. Yes I think we essentially agree on the above. You worded my own thoughts better than I did myself!! Another excellent post from you JHRover.
  14. On the day Senior was 'resigned', I speculated on these pages that Mowbray was possibly behind the 'resignation', as he would be insistent on having his own man in to sign players. Venus was quoted in the telegraph as follows: "At the moment, I'm really looking forward to trying to attract the right players to come to the football club to help us get the job done that we know we have to do," - The use of the word 'I'm' in the above quote, says to me that Venus is the new Paul Senior by another name (Assistant Manager). This clarifies their respective roles to my mind and makes sense. Mowbray now has someone working for him and chosen by him who will bring the players in that he wants. This has to be better than having Senior in that role surely. Nothing would be worse than a manager having to coach players he didn't't necessarily want in the first place. It seems to me that Mowbray is now in a powerful position, which I see as a positive. If the owners have some respect for him which I think they do then that makes for a healthier situation all round when you consider the way that Lambert, for example was treated. The difference being that Mowbray won the respect of the owners, and Lambert singularly failed to do so.
  15. Thank goodness that principle wasn't applied during the Blitz.