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  1. I like Dolan a lot but he is deceptive. He is actually slower than he looks. His foot speed lulls you into thinking he is a quick runner but he isn't. He has a good initial burst over the first couple of yards which will stand him in good stead, but he isn't outright fast over twenty or thirty yards like a Rothwell or an Armstrong. I believe that this is why he has developed the step overs as he can't simply push the ball and run.
  2. But winter always came around, and made the growin' way too hard...
  3. Doing some more digging I found the below picture which is definitely on the boulevard and seems to be the same place if you look at the building behind and the wall to the right. Mystery solved?
  4. I was pondering that too. I wondered if it is on the boulevard, sort of around the Star and Garter (or was it the Adelphi) just before the train station.
  5. Shamelessly 'borrowed' from Blackburn Now and Then. I vaguely remember seeing this around.
  6. Wow! Just browsing through that now. Absolutely fantastic. Much appreciated Gav, many thanks!
  7. Haha. I'll have to pay you too in that case Gav as it's printed off and on my wall. There is something magical about that photo. So it was taken from Mill Hill flats then. I thought the trajectory was a bit different to mine. I wondered exactly where it had been snapped. What is 'Blackburn Now and Then'? Sounds like something I would be interested in looking at.
  8. I was walking along the canal the other day and remembered the avatar of our own member Riversider28. His picture is of the Ewood fair with the Rovers ground in the background. I imagine it was taken in the 1970s. I love that photo and below is how it looks all these years later
  9. Think I would prefer: Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan ? Bell Travis Davenport Rothwell Dack Brereton Armstrong
  10. That third goal of Garner's is one of my favourites of all the goals I've seen at Ewood. Touch, pace and precision. He was far too hot for City to handle that day.
  11. A fitting tribute by the lads to mark the passing of Diego...
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