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  1. Colt Seavers

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    Wonder if this is a back three including Williams centrally, with Nyambe and Conway as wingbacks? Just a thought.
  2. Colt Seavers

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    I'd like to think that Tawny will send out a team with the wit to woo.
  3. Colt Seavers

    Noel Brotherston

    I remember him destroying England full back Viv Anderson during the big midweek evening cup game against the great Forest team back in the late 70s (?) Anderson resorted to stamping on him as I recall. He couldn't handle Noel at all. I seem to remember a testimonial for him circa 1990 against Kendall's Man City team. A genius on his day and a grafter too.
  4. Colt Seavers

    Ben Brereton

    Sorry Matty, hadn't seen your last sentence. Yes, you are quite right.
  5. Colt Seavers

    Ben Brereton

    I like Graham and would normally agree with you but he hasn't really acted as a focal point for a few games now. The ball isn't sticking to him, in fact he is hardly touching it at all. He is also missing some decent one on one chances. I'm afraid he is looking a bit weak, and dare I say old. For all he is currently contributing you might as well have a Jordan Rhodes type. At least he is scoring.
  6. Colt Seavers

    Time wasting

    They started noticeably wasting time today with a mere seven minutes on the clock. We aren't exactly tearing this division up, and personally I would be embarrassed as a player if my manager had instructed me to do this (which he clearly had). I would also be ashamed as a supporter if my team deployed this cowardly tactic so early in a game.
  7. Colt Seavers

    Preston tickets

    Got Q block two thirds of the way up at 3 o clock today
  8. Colt Seavers


    Interesting that hardly anyone is picking Smallwood. In truth he will be the first name on Tony's teamsheet.
  9. Colt Seavers

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    No complaints about the red button from me for this one!
  10. Colt Seavers

    Ben Brereton

    Definitely right about the second bit mate 😕
  11. Colt Seavers

    Ben Brereton

    I think Mowbray’s logic was that we needed an outlet for the ball to stick to after Graham went off and he didn't trust Brereton to be able to do it. I can't think of any other reason. Personally I would have brought Rothwell on at that point on the wing and moved Armstrong central for the ball over the top. His pace terrified Leeds all day and I think he would have scored as a striker.
  12. Colt Seavers

    Rovers vs Forest

    The team we finished with.... Raya Bennett. Lenihan. Rodwell. Bell Armstrong Smallwood. Reed. Rothwell Dack Graham ........looks a lot better on paper than the starting line-up. In fact it looks the strongest team we have put out all season. If Mowbray can find the confidence to unleash us a little bit, this team can make the playoffs . I don't advocate dropping Mulgrew or Evans necessarily but it is always good to look at other options. Certainly food for thought.
  13. Colt Seavers

    Free Football Autobiographies

    Baz Rathbone's "The smell of football " is very funny and entertaining. He is a real character Baz and his book has loads of good Rovers memories as you would imagine. His Russell Coughlin anecdotes are worth the admission price alone.
  14. Colt Seavers

    Derby vs Rovers post match thread

    Danny Graham? 😂 My bet is Bennett but any of those you mention are a possibility. Maybe Bell too

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