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  1. Colt Seavers

    About Travis

    Yes but I have a theory about that... I think he only gives it away so that he can win it back. Tony thinks so too ☺️
  2. Colt Seavers

    Academy & U21s

    Looking forward to this tonight. Should be a lovely sunny evening; Harry Chapman rampaging down the wing and no problem getting my half time Bovril from the little kiosk there.
  3. So you literally won't spend a penny at Ewood Park πŸ˜„
  4. Colt Seavers

    Premier League Stuff

    Hahaha, tremendous! 😁
  5. Colt Seavers

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    Hope so because I quite like Tony again this morning for some reason πŸ˜†
  6. Colt Seavers

    Premier League Stuff

    Carragher's use of the apostrophe grates somewhat. He almost spat that sentence out!
  7. Colt Seavers

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    It occurred to me this morning that Woodgate could be on his way to an early exit at Middlesbrough. Would the Middlesbrough board look at Tony Mowbray's legendary status up there and the job he has done down here and consider him a worthy successor? Would TM prefer to manage a team dear to his heart and without the Venky's shackles ? TM still lives up there I believe....
  8. Colt Seavers

    Academy & U21s

    Buckley must be very impressive in training. He has forced his way on to the periphery of the team in spite of his physicality not because of it. I think that this makes him a little bit special. I can see him developing into a Peter Beardsley type in due course. Reminds me of him sometimes. He lacks the outright swiftness of Beardsley but possesses his cunning. Shades of Nigel Clough about him too.
  9. Colt Seavers

    Middlesbrough (H)

    At long last we have some steel throughout the team. Three of the back four and both midfielders can really mix it. If you added an in - form Nyambe at the back we could look pretty formidable. Finally! One other point; neither full back did a great deal of overlapping all afternoon which marked a change in style. We kept a much more solid shape back there. Interesting to see Williams bossing Lenihan all afternoon too. I've never seen him so vocal. That natural left and right suits them and I bet Williams is buzing to get this chance. Takes some pressure off Tuesday now, with a draw being more than respectable.
  10. Colt Seavers


    Just read it, cover to cover. Absolutely excellent! I wouldn't have recognised Jim Branagan in a million years!
  11. Colt Seavers


    A few musings from last night... Nyambe seemed subdued and short of confidence all night. His body language told me he is a player shorn of self belief. He was ponderous on the ball and seemed reluctant when at right back to get down the wing. He looks a shadow of his former self and we need to be careful (or rather TM needs to be careful ) that he doesn't regress down the Adam Henley route. Cunningham grew into the game. He is more of a Tommy Spurr than a Martin Olsson but has a bit more than Spurr going forward. I imagine he will be a fixture at left back for us. Grayson is a lovely footballer but I don't see him as a natural centre half and Platt needs to develop, probably on loan somewhere. Downing has energy. He also has the class to beat his man without outright pace. I don't particularly like him on the right where he started. TM seemed to move him to the left wing before becoming centre midfield in the second half. I think he could be most useful in what I call the Tugay/ older Hoddle role playing a little deeper. This would need an energetic Johnson or an improved Travis to make that work. ( big year for Travis coming up - hope he doesn't stagnate). Buckley looked a bit lost and I thought he played the right back role better late on when he was more confident of what he was being asked to do. In fact he played better than Nyambe there. I saw a few comments last night on here about him being out of position at full back but it is a role he knows well and is good at. Brereton needs game time. He is a player that looks rusty if he misses matches. But can we afford to regularly start him to get him up to speed? I would say probably not. Rothwell doesn't seem his old self this season (see the Nyambe comments above for why that is. Thanks TM). Graham has to start as he is still the best option there. Chapman is a really useful match winning sub and can be big for us, which just leaves Dack. Interestingly he was more fired up off the bench than I have seen him for some time. He was extremely vocal and animated and really drove the team forward. He plays so much better like that but his zeal and desire has been absent too long. Finally, this is speculation but the whole feel to my eyes is of some discord in the camp. I don't believe that Lenihan has a 'fluid on the back of the knee problem' one iota. I think he was part of the Mulgrew row and was dropped ( and not made captain) as a result. Ironically I think this show of strength might the best thing Mowbray has had to do in terms of focusing some minds. Finally, cutting away all the understandable concern amongst all of us on here; it was a cracking end to a match and I'm glad I went.
  12. Colt Seavers


    I only noticed him late in the second half. Mowbray switched Chapman from right to left a few minutes after he came on. This seemed odd as Chapman clearly had the beating of the left back. The right back instantly seemed to have Chapman's number. He matched him for pace and wasn't sold by two 'nutmeg' attempts. I was very impressed with him. Physical, fast and scrappy. Chapman quickly lost the confidence to take him on which he can be prone to when his pace is matched.
  13. Colt Seavers

    John Lowey RIP

    You brought back great memories there! I was at Witton Park that day and got Bobby Charlton's autograph. I remember the players lining up to sign for the kids and felt sorry for Jim Branagan whose queue was empty whilst the one for Garner seemed to stretch for miles. I was also at the Swindon away game. An old uncle of mine lived in Wiltshire and warned us before the game about Jimmy Quinn as he was somthing of a celebrity in the West Country with his goal scoring exploits.
  14. Colt Seavers

    Premier League Stuff

    There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to anticipate that Lampard will be a good manager. As wonderful a player as he was, that doesn't necessarily translate to success in management and there is a huge list of unemployed former superstar players to testify to this. I thought his appointment by Derby was risky although I could see why a championship club might take a chance like that; but for Chelsea in their circumstances to take a chance like that is sheer folly in my opinion. I believe he is destined to fail quite spectacularly and quite quickly.
  15. Colt Seavers

    Premier League Stuff

    Oh Grant!

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