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  1. Proudtobeblue&white

    Coronavirus - Football Pay & Moral Vacuums

    £2,200, what a complete knob. You wouldn't wish the virus on anyone, but the vast majority have to stay in, he's busing in sex workers, whilst people are losing their livelihoods. What a arrogant prick!
  2. Proudtobeblue&white

    Players that underachieved or what could have been

    Agree, he wasn't handled right. And yes, Blackburn wasn't trendy enough, but he crashed and burned very quickly, thereafter.
  3. Proudtobeblue&white

    Players that underachieved or what could have been

    David Bentley had it all, should have stayed and had a glittering career, instead of moving back to the bright lights and the booze.
  4. Proudtobeblue&white

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Ah, but the accounts show who pays the piper. He won't suggest a pay cut?
  5. Proudtobeblue&white

    Opinions on Mike Newell

    Fastest ever, in a dead rubber at Ewood? 06/12/95 v Rosenborg, 4-1, Shearer bagged the other, we were already out, CL.
  6. Proudtobeblue&white

    Opinions on Mike Newell

    Many, many years ago, when I was able, my then firm sponsored a round at Wilpshire golf club for the club golf day, and he was our pro........thoroughly good day out, excellent company, and seemed very principled. Always enjoyed watching him play.
  7. Proudtobeblue&white

    Coronavirus - Football Pay & Moral Vacuums

    As I've said in other threads, certain clubs have really shown their true colours, Spurs/Newcastle etc, Spurs player's averaging £75/wk, asking staff to "furlough". It really is time that highly paid prima donnas stood up to be counted, whilst another 500 + confirmed dead today. Still get paid, donate 25%/50% back to the club to pay staff. Do a "Howe"! There is no moral dilemma at all.
  8. Proudtobeblue&white

    Football League Suspended

    Mike Ashley is a reptile, lower than a snake’s belly, asking for Government help for his lower employees. What a twat whilst he retires to his semi-detached, in lower council house town.
  9. Proudtobeblue&white

    Football League Suspended

    I am appalled that the riches of the PL are not being disseminated down to employees, who are now being expected to be furloughed out. Big team player's abroad are taking pay cuts.....I understand contracts, but player's on £100,000 a week, surely can live on £50,000 a week for a short time? I know so many folk struggling on next to nothing, and are scared shitless about their short term future. I think the PL should be trailblazer's, not asking for handouts!
  10. Proudtobeblue&white

    Rovers in Netflix football series

  11. Proudtobeblue&white

    Football League Suspended

    It's a long haul. May's finals postponed, looking like the Olympic Games are going. we are in lockdown for a minimum three weeks. Folk aren't taking it seriously enough. I'm a key worker, though not in the NHS, I'm extremely concerned working in the court system where you will not believe how lax the Government's advice is not being followed, and you can imagine the criminals in society don't have hand sanitation at the top of their daily list. I don't expect nor have any expectation of sympathy, but the police are still locking up vulnerable members of society, who are entitled to representation. I'm not sure we will get any football soon.I'm shit scared, my partner is in a vulnerable group, and I cannot see her for a minimum of three weeks, and I suspect a lot longer, as we don't live together. Sport has to take a back seat. Very difficult times. I wish everybody well, and be sensible.
  12. Proudtobeblue&white

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    On the basis of the unprecedented and strange time we appear to be in, is it not time for a statement from our lovely owners to inform us that they will see us through it?
  13. Proudtobeblue&white

    Peter Whittingham

    Really sad, thoughts with his young family.
  14. Proudtobeblue&white

    Bristol City (H) - Saturday 14th March (3pm KO)

    A virusmeister on R4 today said better to be out in the open air than in a pub......make up your own minds?

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