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  1. Proudtobeblue&white

    Premier League Stuff

    Good to see the B*stards are maintaining their excellent run of form.
  2. Proudtobeblue&white

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    I would have to read it.....if it came from the heart......I'm 55, so probably not in my lifetime!
  3. Proudtobeblue&white

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Bit late IMO, but a pinch of humility, a soupcon of acknowledgment, a dash of information........no I'll always despise them. Read the Guardian article. They lied, and we have had years of misery and financial impropriety to mull over.
  4. Proudtobeblue&white

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    I have voted hostile - that would never be overtly physical, but they deserve a full barrage of verbals informing them of what they have put us through as fans. They seem completely oblivious to that. Well, completely oblivious to most things, save for the cash draining out of their bank account. Do they even know their own end game?
  5. Proudtobeblue&white

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    He didn't pay for a ticket?
  6. Proudtobeblue&white

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    He should well have his hands in his pockets, they must be deep. Smug yuck. I'm still not a fan of the family. nor will ever be.
  7. Proudtobeblue&white

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Snowball season is almost upon us.
  8. Proudtobeblue&white

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    Long may it continue........at work today there are already plans from the few for a relegation "party" come May!
  9. Proudtobeblue&white

    Leeds Away Travel

    They (he) is brain dead, they bring 7,000, we take 1,000, if we are generous, madness, save for Steve informing Madam Clueless it was a bumper crowd at our gaff.
  10. Proudtobeblue&white

    FA CUP

    I was just looking back as I have only ever been to Newcastle once for a match, it was a bloody awful April night in 1981, just over 13,000 there, we were in an open end, and I remember getting drenched. We were attempting promotion under HK, but it was a drab 0-0 draw. I had to look it up, as it wasn't in my book of past Rovers dreams.
  11. Proudtobeblue&white

    Leeds Away Travel

    Is Waggott watching their reciprocal pricing structure to ours for them. He should be offering a £15 bung to every Rover buying a ticket......I think the man is incapable, and dancing to a Loon tune.
  12. Proudtobeblue&white

    FA CUP

    You got my hopes up! Is it the Loons??
  13. Proudtobeblue&white

    FA CUP

    Have you got inside info........are the Loons shipping out??
  14. Proudtobeblue&white

    Match Thread Topics

    Leeds please.
  15. Proudtobeblue&white


    Why are they selling our half ST's cheaper, is it the Tim factor?

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