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    Still in our hands, that's massive.
  2. Rovers v Peterborough

    Evans tackle (the one tonight, not where he keeps his brain) could have broken the lad's ankle. It wasn't pretty. The tackle tonight, not where he keeps his brain, I have no knowledge of that.
  3. Rovers v Peterborough

    What a lovely day all round. indeed nearly there, and an excellent second half. Dack and Graham were superb.
  4. The Big Picture.....

    I'm not sure the chicken pluckers give a stuff about next season, or indeed anything that has happened in the past. We are a busted flush to them. We are kept breathing by a life support system, rather than by any proactive involvement of the medical staff. They could turn off the machine at any time. Who knows? Perhaps they will make an announcement.............not.
  5. MK Dons (away) Easter Monday

    Results are everything at this stage. Cracking. Well done Rovers.
  6. Wimbledon v Rovers

    This and Sunday could define our season. Two wins and the rest will be on our coat tails. COYB's!
  7. NAPM

    We were short of offers and got the "wealthy idiots".....be careful what descends from the East.
  8. Premier League Stuff

    Makes me weep.
  9. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    BBC thought it was Nyambe to begin with. Crewe player just grabbed his nuts after the tackle (no pun intended), and smiled as Bennett walked off. Poor ref again.
  10. World Cup 2018

    We will win all three group games, sail through the quarters and semis, then Trump will intervene and let Russia win. He likes Putin, and hasn't realised the good ol US haven't qualified.
  11. The Yak has gone to pasture

    Sorry to duplicate, need to remove one, which is beyond my ability!
  12. The Yak has gone to pasture

    I see Yakubu has retired. Signed by the manager i will never accept he did score 17 in 30 appearances, and all four against Swansea I remember. He didn't stick around after relegation.
  13. Oxford away Tuesday

    We must be away fans total by a mile. 750 on a Tuesday night is impressive,
  14. Oxford away Tuesday

    Despite not going, I love it when we are winning. I hope TM is actually learning that bravery is the way to go. Our GD is good. But winning is infectious.
  15. Venkys 7 years on...

    The moment Sam went, and the dark lord was "promoted" it sent shivers down my spine. They remain to this day. I love the club, it runs through my veins, has done for 40 years. I will come back when they have gone.