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  1. i see Stokes is playing fullback for England i wondered where he had gone
  2. if we are looking at going down the young keeper as a back up route we have a good young keeper here already
  3. so he has only missed a season and a half in 4 seasons
  4. As another club legend departs how do i go about getting a contract at rovers i am not in the right frame of mind to play but I am willing to pick up my wages every month until such time they pay me not to come anymore
  5. hopefully it just means less money but longer contract
  6. ok so i only got 2/5 it was only a small lie
  7. just got 1-3 from ladbrokes that this thread wont go 3 pages without a argument.
  8. no its not Torquay are only 1 league above York and newcastle are 2 leagues above us
  9. did this not happen with a player at bolton a few years back and it dragged on through court for a few years think it might have been gavin mccann
  10. You forgot to add that he inherited coyles very poor squad with no chance of bringing in anyone else
  11. There must be some law of probability that states a squabble will break out every so many posts on a forum
  12. reality check we are a league 1 side they will be in europa cup action next week
  13. no we have agreed to televise it so it wont be rearranged
  14. wont he miss the Fleetwood game
  15. and boy do our defenders need to practice