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  1. Just got up and checked results what's going on 4 on the spin supposed it was only Scunthorpe will be the shout of the day on wards and upwards right back to the pool now check again after saturdays game
  2. West brom might have sent him out to get experience in a better u23 team
  3. you only need to score 46 goals if you keep clean sheets thats what Kendal did, don't remember how many 1-0 that season all i recall is Crawford 1-0
  4. We seem to have more strength in depth right down to the u23 than any other side in this ,even the bookies favorites Wigan had 8 of the side that our u23 beat on monday on duty yesterday, all the teams in this league would swap squads with us . With good management and a modicum of luck we should get out of this league
  5. back to back away wins that don't happen a lot with us
  6. Wish we could draw one so people would stop panicking
  7. that's it i can go away on holiday happy now
  8. hope so did not look interested in first few games
  9. time to reach for the record books when did we last win 3 on the spin
  10. we might find out if Graham is interested in playing this season or is he just going to go through the motions
  11. I said he would come good
  12. yes they were his lucky boots they where Very old he wore them the last time he scored
  13. will that mean that Scotland wont have to pay his wages
  14. yes as long as they are unattached
  15. can he make it three relegation's in three years