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  1. I am begining to think that the broadcasters must be aiming to get every game like the england game on friday totaly devoid of atmosphere with no crowd .
  2. had.e.nuff

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    hope its not to bad, is Darragh Lenihan injured as well not on bench tonight for the republic
  3. had.e.nuff

    Bradley Dack

    I believe that he can go as far as he wants if he gets his mind set right , just have to enjoy watching him while we have him.
  4. had.e.nuff

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    is this a football forum are the local lawyers forum
  5. had.e.nuff

    Championship 2018-19

    only in the transfare window out of the window its not a transfare its terminating their contract to make them a free agent
  6. had.e.nuff

    Championship 2018-19

    I see Forest have signed a player who was released by his former club so was a free agent funny thing is both clubs have the same owner, so what next you pay a club to release a player from his contract then sign them.
  7. had.e.nuff

    Loan Window

    Just to throw a spanner in the works its a tiger maybe he is off to Hull
  8. had.e.nuff

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    i see Hart is in the u23 tonight so he wont be in squad tommorow Grayson not playing to night
  9. had.e.nuff

    Academy & U'21's

    its on live on lcfc.com just have to sign in for free
  10. had.e.nuff

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    will know monday who might play as u23 have a game so if a few missing from their squad would mean they would be in squad for tuesday
  11. had.e.nuff

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Great win i cant beleive the work rate of every player cant remember the last time we had a team that worked that hard, only bad point today was when coming off after the final whistle my grandaughter wanted to know why they wernt playing her favorite song like they usually do when we win. (black eyed peas and tonight going to be a good night.)
  12. had.e.nuff

    Loan Window

    QPR paid £3.5 million for gladwin so he cant be that good or QPR over pay for players
  13. had.e.nuff

    Loan Window

    Where is the evidence that Rodwell can cut it in this league?
  14. had.e.nuff

    Loan Window

    I think Caddis took that role the day he signed
  15. had.e.nuff

    Thursday deadline.

    I think they bid money nobody will accept tokens outside an amusment arcade. just thought i would lighten the mood on here

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