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  1. I would have thought that in his 4 year contract wages would rise with promotions etc still has 3 years left, lets see how he performs in this league then offer him a longer deal in January .
  2. had.e.nuff

    Championship 2018-19

    what about Sir Alf,Stan Cullis, Joe Mercer and Don Revie all capped for england
  3. had.e.nuff

    Championship 2018-19

    Bit of a gamble from derby on Lampard https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44283426
  4. had.e.nuff

    Champions league final

    seems fans not to happy https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44275380
  5. When is the deadline day for loan moves
  6. dont know where rovers web site got dates from . from efl site Transfer Window Key Dates - 2018/19 Monday 7 May - EFL summer transfer window open Saturday 9 June - Transfer window for international transfers is determined by FIFA Thursday 9 August - EFL summer transfer window closes for permanent transfers
  7. Somebody better tell whoever runs rovers website JULY 1st – Transfer window opens 8th - Rovers to take on Hibernian at Easter Road in our first pre-season friendly 14th - Tony Mowbray will take his side to Vale Park to take on Neil Aspin's Port Vale 15th - World Cup final 28th - A local clash as Rovers head to near neighbours Accrington Stanley AUGUST 4th – 2018-19 season begins 9th – Deadline Day
  8. got to get business done quick this year as window only opened for 5 weeks ,cant under stand when premier league window is opened now and lower leagues only opens on 1 July to 9 august.
  9. When did we get rid of Dack?
  10. They had to win last game to get up don't think that is running away with it
  11. had.e.nuff

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    I don`t think it will be announced tomorrow but they now have a more up-to-date data base for a mail shot with them selling so many tickets .
  12. had.e.nuff

    Tony's Transfer Record

    I think if you analyse any managers signings you will see a similar record, I Think Wittingham would have played more but Smallwood was better than anyone thought only 100% player if he plays Saturday how he missed that suspension I don`t know,
  13. had.e.nuff


    I have been reading a few posts on here and had to look at the league table to check if we had been deducted points and been relegated ,reality check we have lost 6 games this season only Liverpool and man city have lost fewer games, why cant people just enjoy the fact that we have been promoted.
  14. Have I missed something about Conner Mahoney ,TM mentioned something about a meeting about him in one of his press conferences I am assuming it is regarding the compensation figure , I still think he would have been better off staying would probably have played most of the games this season instead of the 6 games he played.
  15. had.e.nuff


    Seeing nobody has said it yet we don't need any more games to save our club JOB DONE. Now lets see if we can win this league.

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