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  1. had.e.nuff

    Stoke City home

    but thats in stoke its colder in blackburn
  2. had.e.nuff

    Academy & U21s

    burnley game off again!
  3. Do you think his upturn in form could also have something to do with a settled back 4
  4. had.e.nuff

    Rovers v Hull

    Its seems normal on here if we win the opposition were rubbish if we loose we were rubbish never any credit to any side , thought last night we played ok it allways hard to play a side that does not want to attack no matter how experienced a side they put out, a wins a win and move on to the next game.
  5. had.e.nuff

    Academy & U21s

    Anyone know any details for the lancashire cup game against Preston supposed to be next week.
  6. I thought this was a Swansea away thread not a debate about crowds at ewood.
  7. had.e.nuff

    Academy & U21s

    away on international duty i think
  8. had.e.nuff

    Preston Away

    we would never have signed Bauer no matter who his agent was because he is not a midfielder or a forward
  9. probably rest Bennett tomorrow so he does not get suspended for saturday.
  10. had.e.nuff

    Reading (A)

    great win and when was the last time we had a plus goal difference
  11. had.e.nuff

    Lewis Holtby

    if we sign Holtby and stick Smallwood in goal we can get 11 midfielders on the pitch .
  12. had.e.nuff

    Academy & U21s

    live on youtube now
  13. had.e.nuff

    January transfer window 2020

    So which midfielders are we signing?

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