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  1. had.e.nuff

    Summer Transfer Window

    It will be intresting playing without a keeper
  2. had.e.nuff

    Cardiff away

    i predict the after match press conference "we did not take our chances and deserve more from the game"
  3. had.e.nuff

    Championship season 2019-20

    could be looking at league tables with half the teams on -12 to start with
  4. had.e.nuff

    Championship season 2019-20

    being selfish if they dont complete the season are all point won against they deducted
  5. had.e.nuff

    Championship season 2019-20

    think its next season rule changed after i think it was leeds went into admin after they were relegated a few seasons ago (a) during the Normal Playing Season but prior to 5.00pm on the fourth Thursday in March, the points deduction shall apply immediately;
  6. had.e.nuff

    Championship season 2019-20

    got to win at wigan as the 2 above us play each other so win and we climb the table.
  7. great result the only home win today coyb
  8. 5 subs must be tinkermans delight
  9. just say the app can not currently display this try later
  10. thats ok but i paid alot more for it should have known it would not cope with the traffic it will have
  11. has anyone got in yet mine just say sory there has been a problem
  12. had.e.nuff

    Season Restart

    can i not take a rebate deferral and have the money back at a later date or off next season ticket ,if its good enough for players not to loose out it should be good enough for supporters we have 4 season tickets and not going to watch games on 4 screens.Will have to see what happens when renewals come round if no discount might just pick my games from now on.
  13. had.e.nuff

    Football League Suspended

    hope its something like that i would go for option 2 as well , we have 4 tickets so one would take opton 3 so we could watch all remaining games .
  14. had.e.nuff

    Football League Suspended

    not sure if football are doing it different from the rest of us but anyone who has been in direct contact are supposed to isolate for 14 days and only get a test if they develop symptons ,so dont know how they are going to go on if a player test positive after a game as by the rules all players will have to isolate for 14 days because as Bennett has shown 2 days between tests one negative and next positive ,but they could just make up thier own interpretation of the rules like others seem to do.
  15. had.e.nuff

    Football League Suspended

    doubt there is a clause for incompleted seasons or void seasons so would be hard to enforce and the premier league can do what they want has as been proved before they would just threaten a breakaway .
  16. had.e.nuff

    Football League Suspended

    i think villa might have something to say about points per game as they have a game in hand
  17. had.e.nuff

    Football League Suspended

    how do you get round the no group bigger than 2 people, be intresting a 1 aside match and if one player tests positive will the whole squad not have to self isolate like normal people .
  18. had.e.nuff

    Football League Suspended

    if there are facilities for testing that are spare why is the government sending test to the usa for testing its all about the money whatever anyone says
  19. had.e.nuff

    Football League Suspended

    so 90odd friendlies whats the point, void the season and split the parachute payments that the relegated teams would have got between the championship.
  20. had.e.nuff

    Football League Suspended

    I assume the clubs have a duty of care for their employees so they will have to work to health and safty measures to get them back playing, would not like to do a risk assessment for playing a match under these conditions.
  21. had.e.nuff

    1995 away shirt, embroidered badge

    I was in adelaide in the early 2000`s and the market there had fake rovers shirts still have it somewhere had to buy one as it was that bad with the printed badges on.
  22. had.e.nuff

    Tugay - Worthington cup final

    if i remember rightly he sat in with the fans
  23. had.e.nuff

    Worst Rovers 11

    no one picking grabbi
  24. had.e.nuff

    Football League Suspended

    nice to see the big boys want to keep their noses in the troughand the rest of society can go to hell.`The football family ` is not going to come out of this looking very good,.i would not mind but a 25% reduction is not that much when they took the savings on 45% tax they wouldt have to pay on it, and all they want is a deferal i am sure there are plenty of us mere mortals who would just like a deferal of wages not loss of job. there rant over.

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