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  1. BlackburnEnd75

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I've been very critical of Mowbray at times but personally have seen an improvement in our performances to suggest we can make the playoffs. I can actually see what mowbray is trying to do now which I havent been able to at times. Forrest was very poor but we were missing too many players and the new lads. Last night we created a lot of chances vs one of the stronger sides in the league, even brereton scored (a good goal too). It's also easy to see how the players that frustrate me (johnson, evans, bell) come out of that team. You get Trybull sitting in the 3, travis back from injury, douglas at left back and on set pieces, rothwell on the left of the 3 driving forward, elliott to get a few more games under his belt. Sprinkle a bit of dack dust and we are looking alright to me. I'll be having another reassessment after 12 games.
  2. BlackburnEnd75

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Keeper more at fault for me
  3. BlackburnEnd75

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Naaaa not having that. Not his man. Keeper got into a bad position, was backpedaling and not set when the initial shot comes in, thus he pushes the shot into a bad area.
  4. BlackburnEnd75

    Danny Graham

    Graham deserved to be dropped at the start of the league 1 campaign, he was ridiculously out of shape and not interested when on the pitch. Credit probably goes to mowbray for his attitude shift.
  5. BlackburnEnd75

    Summer Transfer Window

    For those saying Armstrong wasnt comfortable out wide. I'd say that was only true when he played in the 4-4-1-1. When he plays in a front 3 then he definitely can play left. Take Bristol city last season at home when he came on playing off the left. I and probably he would prefer to play through the middle but if it isnt working for him I dont see why we cant shift him to the left or right to get him in the game more. Depends where the space is. I always thought that if he was pushed up on the fullback getting in behind then he works as a inside forward. His greatest attribute is his pace and when he cant get in behind I'd rather shift him wide to get him inbetween their rb and cb to the byline then have him dropping deep into midfield.
  6. BlackburnEnd75

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Just thinking to freshen things up a bit. I'm not a big Chapman fan anymore since he lost his pace. But playing gally on the right and Chapman through the middle like tony did Saturday isnt the right way to play them
  7. BlackburnEnd75

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Without Rothwell and Holtby again I think we need a rethink formation wise until they return. We need to keep the intensity and creativity of earlier games. With what's available I'd go: Kaminski Nyambe Ayala Lenihan Douglas Chapman Trybull Evans Elliott Gallagher Armstrong Either play Gally through the middle or dont play him. Replace evans with Johnson if you prefer, but he looked very leggy late on Saturday proof of which was his assist for their goal.
  8. BlackburnEnd75

    Nottingham Forest Home

    I know people moan that absent players become world beaters in their absence but thought we missed Rothwell today massively.
  9. BlackburnEnd75

    Summer Transfer Window

    Get this left back sorted on loan by Friday and this has been a really solid window. The next problem arises very quickly though, contract renewals. We have a lot of 1st teamers out of contract out of contract and that needs sorting before the January window. In the current climate these contracts might be tougher to renew so if we a re not proactive we could end up with another rebuild next summer. As it stands we have a top half championship core squad now if we don't get promotion we will just need to add a few flourishes and prop up one or two positions in the summer.
  10. BlackburnEnd75

    Summer Transfer Window

    I remember him coming with a reputation of getting into the box and scoring a few. Never seen a centre mid sit so deep. He would occasionally take a pop from about 35 40 yards and it never once came anywhere near the target. Dross absolute dross
  11. BlackburnEnd75

    Summer Transfer Window

    Personally I think Rothwell's dribbling is very good. Just because he goes nowhere doesn't mean he can't dribble. It's his decision making that is often lets him down, trying it in the wrong areas.
  12. BlackburnEnd75

    Summer Transfer Window

    Hadn't thought about it really but now you mention it. Combine it with the current dispute around the premier league loan to championship and EFL clubs and it looks even more dodgy.
  13. BlackburnEnd75

    Derby V Rovers

    Holtby looks like the player I thought we were signing. Johnson looks like Johnson from 3 or 4 years ago. Rothwell is a revelation in centre mid. Finally fulfilling his potential
  14. BlackburnEnd75

    Derby V Rovers

    Nyambe decision must be contact related now as no manager in their right mind would drop him for JRC. Nyambe was our best player vs Bournemouth and at newcastle. Last week looked like a good opportunity to manage his workload. Now it looks like something else entirely.
  15. BlackburnEnd75

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    Thought Rothwell had a terrific game today in midfield.

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