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  1. BlackburnEnd75


    Pretty sure we shouldn't overthink this. Williams was fantastic on Tuesday at centre back and awful at left back last season - leave him where he is. We would like to get Tosin's height in there but I wouldn't break up the Lenihan-Williams partnership nor would I change formation to 3 at the back. Downing was man of the match midweek playing left mid. Leave him there, I'm sure he'd have a good go at left back but he's 35 and has never really played there before. Round peg round hole, Bell or Hart straight choice.
  2. BlackburnEnd75

    Hull (A)

    Disagree that Gally was very good vs Boro, didn't think he was great last night either, won the freekick that led to the goal by using his physicality to recover a poor touch.
  3. BlackburnEnd75

    Hull (A)

    On the goal. Didn't think it was a foul by Armstrong but it was most definitely offside. He clearly stopped the keeper diving whilst in an offside position so it should have been ruled out for offside.
  4. BlackburnEnd75

    Summer Transfer Summary - Poll

    First business for January should be to sign Cunningham on a permanent deal. Wasn't a flawless performance last night but he's going to be a goodun.
  5. BlackburnEnd75

    Hull (A)

    All in all a good performance last night and a deserved win. Surprised we didn't concede, especially first half with the chances they had and I'm a surprised we didn't score more than one with the chances we created. The game itself didn't feel like a 0-1 game as it was very open in parts but we dominated the second half. Some thoughts: Walton - Good penalty save, took some crosses well and his distribution is marked improvement on Raya. Bennett - Struggled vs Grosiki 1st half but stuck at it and improved in the second half. Williams - His best game in a Rovers shirt. Scored the goal and a couple of great last ditch tackles. Looks so much better at centre half, my only hope is that he isn't shifted to left back at the weekend. Cunningham - Sign him up Travis and Johnson - Starting to look good but there is still some creases to Iron out there defensively as a pair and both were guilty of giving possession away at times. Big improvement on Evans and Smallwood Downing - Fantastic, has technical ability, a football brain and the legs of a man 5 years younger. Dack - Looked like Bradley Dack again. Gallagher - A nuisance and worked hard again but he's really really not a winger in my eyes. I hope he ends up rotating with Graham. Armstrong - Dangerous and slightly frustrating, touch let him down a few times. Rothwell - Thought he looked very tidy when he came on. I wish he played more.
  6. BlackburnEnd75

    Hull (A)

    Thought Rothwell played well off the bench, very tidy
  7. BlackburnEnd75

    Academy & U21s

    How did Chapman play ?
  8. BlackburnEnd75

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    I saw Mowbray say that if we stick to the same style we can't really improve our league position and push for the play offs, and tbh I would agree with that. Too often last season our sole attacking movement consisted of lumping it up to Graham, considering he's also on the wane physically then he's right to try move away from that. There's no reason why we can't build out from the back more though, Walton's distribution seems like a marked improvement on Raya, Graham can hold it up on the ground too. Just be a bit more cute about when we try that diagonal ball into Graham needs to be more accurate and from further up the pitch when he has players around him (like vs Oldham). Last season I wanted us to drop Mulgrew and try pushing up more, and now he's gone that is what he appears to be doing. We've just got to continue to work hard and keep pressing.
  9. BlackburnEnd75

    Hull (A)

    Tom Eaves is about 6'5 so that could cause problems. Bowen is a good player but he's up against Cunningham not Bell. We shouldn't be too scared going into this one. Expect a few changes with 3 games in the week (I imagine that is why Dack was taken off at the weekend) My Expected team: Walton Bennett Lenihan Williams Cunningham Travis Evans Downing/Armstrong Dack Rothwell Armstrong/Graham Subs: Leutwiler, Nyambe, Adaraibayo, Johnson, Buckley, Downing/Graham ,Gallagher I'm expecting Johnson to be rotated, Gallagher put a lot into Saturday 3 games in a week may be too much for Graham and they will want him to start against Cardiff at the weekend.
  10. BlackburnEnd75

    Summer Transfer Summary - Poll

    The other worry is that both Cunningham and Tosin could go back at the end of the season and we have to go out and fix those problems again.
  11. BlackburnEnd75

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Really disagree on Gallagher thought he was very ineffective and don’t think he’s a wide player at all (but you can never have enough of the kind of heart he showed) Graham’s lack of mobility means he can drop out of games for large periods.
  12. BlackburnEnd75

    Middlesbrough (H)

    I really must’ve missed something with Gallagher, thought he looked like a fish out of water on the wing, got into some good positions but couldn’t take advantage especially 1v1. I wouldn’t say he played well at all. What he did do was worked his socks off, it was fantastic to see, he looked goosed after 65 mins but kept going and going.
  13. BlackburnEnd75

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Also he doesn't trust Rothwell then he certainly won't trust Chapman, he only started him once when we were in League 1
  14. BlackburnEnd75

    Middlesbrough (H)

    One can but dream. I have a large suspicion that to allow Graham to return up front Gallagher will be shunted to the wing.
  15. BlackburnEnd75

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Graham played as the target man in a possession based team at Rogers Swansea. No reason that he can't do the same here, we just need to find a way around his lack of mobility

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