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  1. BlackburnEnd75

    The Riverside Stand Renovation Thread

    I'd like to see a rebuilt Riverside stand in an ideal world. In my mind it would be slightly but no significantly smaller than it is at present. I think what Prestons newest stand would maybe be a comparison as it jut makes their ground look so much nicer. Another option would be something that looks quite unique to give the stadium a more modern appeal. The rest of the ground just needs someone to bother to maintain it.
  2. BlackburnEnd75

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    part of the problem with Armstrong is he was often deployed way too deep.
  3. BlackburnEnd75

    Cardiff away

    On Nyambe's crossing. He has actually vastly improved in this area in the last 6-12 months. The issue is he rarely actually crosses the ball. Could be many reasons for that though, I think if he was a left back with Gallagher or Samuel on the other side he would probably put the ball in more often. I remember last year thinking he was literally the worst crosser of the ball i'd even seen at ewood, he could barely get the ball off the ground and when he did his technique was shocking. When he does cross it now it's to a much higher standard.
  4. BlackburnEnd75

    Cardiff away

    JRC looks a good player but he isnt a left back. Where do people think he will end up? I dont know what happened at half time but Johnson who I have given plenty of stick to came out like a different player and played with real determination. Samuel too came out fired up. I still dont particularly rate him but he worked very hard last night and kept getting into good positions. You have to say he is more effective than Gallagher or brereton.
  5. BlackburnEnd75

    Cardiff away

    Think it was just cramp tbh.
  6. BlackburnEnd75

    Cardiff away

    We need to see the youngsters and those who might be able to help us next week. But there is a balance I'd argue that we should start Rothwell every game until the end of the season and take the leash of him. He is incredibly frustrating and his end product is severely lacking but we haven't got many options atm. He put a great pass on for Gallagher on saturday and there still might be a player in there. The other option for me is Chapman but from the little I've seen since he has been back is he is finished. Davenport has to start all remaining games, is he good enough? We wont know until we get a look. Same with JRC if fit. Buckley has not convinced me as of yet but he has talent, give him some game time. Unfortunately popadom wrists Walton has to start as I dont see any viable alternative. Walton Nyambe Lenihan Tosin Downing JRC Travis Davenport Rothwell Holtby Armstrong Give Buckley, Vale, Carter, whoever else is actually in training (thompson?) Time off the bench.
  7. BlackburnEnd75

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    They aren't going to get rid of him. The club made him his own flag and everything.
  8. BlackburnEnd75

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    I did intend to say aversion but maybe it was a freudian slip
  9. BlackburnEnd75

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    Davenport is a defensive midfielder and Bennett has legs. As a 2 I think it's reasonably balanced albeit with questions marks on its ability. The main omission is Johnson who I dont think deserves to start after Barnsley. I also have a weird perversion to having 2 left footed centre mids which isnt entirely logical. No Travis or Evans available so The other options in centre mid are Holtby, Buckley or Rothwell all have no defensive nous. Could bring back Smallwood for his 1st game of the season but what's the point? On a separate point a lot of people are suggesting names of youth team players but do we know if they are even in training? Vale on the bench tuesday suggests that maybe they are.
  10. BlackburnEnd75

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    It's hard to pick a team In theory for this one as you have to pick someone you dont think is good enough for me this is Johnson and using bennetts work rate in midfield I'm sure some will disagree. After this game I'd be looking to get as many of the younger players in as we can. Essentially weve got to make ourselves hard to break down to keep it from being a cricket score. Look to use armstrong on the break in the space behind their fullbacks. Walton Nyambe lenihan tosin Downing Holtby Bennett Davenport Rothwell Graham Armstrong Use Gallagher as a striker when graham tires around the hour mark. I dont know how many of the younger lads have been training or exactly who is fit. If JRC is fit I'd have him in ahead of Rothwell.
  11. BlackburnEnd75

    Ben Brereton

    With the red card I actually applaud the referee on this one. If you are making no attempt to play the ball then for me it should be a red card. It was as good as kicking someone off the ball.
  12. BlackburnEnd75

    Barnsley v Rovers

    I thought he was good in the first half and poor in the second. He has never been able to put 75-90 minutes consistent performance together let alone a run of games.
  13. BlackburnEnd75

    Barnsley v Rovers

    That's pure hyperbole. Way way off imo.
  14. BlackburnEnd75

    Barnsley v Rovers

    I think he has had a good half here. He really splits opinion doesn't he
  15. BlackburnEnd75

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Hope that's not bad on rothwell, I thinks he has had a good first half.

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