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  1. BlackburnEnd75


    See I thought his work rate was good against West Brom but then against QPR thought he went back to looking like a show pony
  2. BlackburnEnd75


    I was going to say that it depends how bad his injury is but i've just had a quick look at Boro under 23's fixtures and it looms like he's had a problem with his hamstring on the 9th October come back and played well and then got injured again a couple of days again. If It was anyone else i'd be saying we should completely avoid. It's a great shame as he lit up the early part of last season before Dack became central to our side, would've loved to have seen both of those two in full flight together. Shame it'll likely never happen. Hope the lad can carve out a career for himself.
  3. BlackburnEnd75

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Has been called up for Scotland so it mustn't be too bad.
  4. BlackburnEnd75

    Preston tickets

    Called about an hour ago and they hadn't moved onto the 3rd block. Frustrating policy really, should be first come first serve. I really don't enjoy being so low down you don't get as good of a perspective of the game.
  5. BlackburnEnd75

    Preston tickets

    Ticket office won't sell tickets from anything other than the centre block. So it's either wait till that block sells out or get tickets at the bottom of the stand. Frustrating but will have to wait until it sells out in that block
  6. BlackburnEnd75

    An Assessment of Player Performance v QPR

    I'd disagree with West Brom game. He played well for most of the game but the error he made in the first half to allow Rodriguez in on goal was horrendous, genuinely horrendous, under no real pressure and he puts their main man clean through on goal. It was a poor miss from Rodriguez. He played well Saturday though, we've got to factor in that they didn't really attack us much until the 87th min.
  7. BlackburnEnd75

    Ben Brereton

    Antonsson isn't left footed.
  8. BlackburnEnd75

    ROVERS v qpr

    It's just the goalkeeper i'm worried about. The rest i'm confident can do a job for us on the day.
  9. BlackburnEnd75

    ROVERS v qpr

    If all the doubts don't make it then i'd go: Leutwiler Nyambe Rodwell Williams Bell Bennett Smallwood Reed Rothwell Palmer Armstrong Bench: Fisher, Downing, Travis, Evans, Conway, Brereton, Nuttall Also with those injuries wouldn't be surprised to see Mowbray go to 3 at the back something like: Leutwiler Nyambe Rodwell Williams Bennett Smallwood Reed Bell Palmer Brereton Armstorng
  10. BlackburnEnd75

    ROVERS v qpr

    Reed and Bennett on the wing, bit defensive for QPR at home
  11. BlackburnEnd75

    ROVERS v qpr

    I'd be giving the better keeper a game. We've got 2 winnable game at home coming up, not the time to be giving our 3rd choice goalkeeper some experience which we will likely never see the benefit of!
  12. BlackburnEnd75

    ROVERS v qpr

    Depends who is fit. Likely that we will have Nyambe and Lenihan back, so that means both go straight back in and push Bennett back to the work horse wide midfielder slot and Reed can play Centre Mid which he deserves. Rodwell drops to the bench assuming he's fit. I'd start Bell at left back over Williams. So to partner Lenihan if Mulgrew isn't fit you've got the option of Rodwell as the classy centre back or Williams. i'd probably go for Williams. Reed is our best centre mid and now Bennett can balance one of the flanks then he has to play there. Id partner him with Smallwood again who I thought played well at WBA before he had to put the gloves on. Harsh on Evans who has been much improved this season. Left wing we've got a choice between Palmer, Rothwell or Armstrong. Armstrong has the pace and tore Leeds apart from there in the last home game, was poor at Swansea though. Rothwell I really like and want to see him start more I like his creativity and driving runs from deep but I'd start Palmer who played well at WBA. Dack and Graham pick themselves really. Not expecting Raya to be fit so it's likely to be Leutwiler, not seen much of him at all so lets hope that our failure to get another keeper doesn't backfire massively. Would like to see Davenport on the bench but we've got a lot of options not to go into 6 outfield spots.
  13. BlackburnEnd75

    Ben Brereton

    Yep, I recall first few times i saw Dack I wasn't particularly impressed. Played him out wide left and he look unfit out of position, tried things that weren't coming off. He was in and out for a few games after he came back from his Hamstring injury at the start of the season.
  14. BlackburnEnd75

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    So what's your line up? Is Dack playing on the wing? I don't think that would work So Raya Bennett Williams Mulgrew Bell Reed Rodwell Evans Armstrong Dack Graham or you thinking this Raya Bennett Williams Mulgrew Bell Reed Rodwell Evans Dack Armstrong Graham Tbh if your picking that 11 then if you want to be compact then your probably best sticking 4-4-1-1 with Rodwell in cm for Smallwood and Williams at CB for the presumably injured Lenihan.
  15. BlackburnEnd75

    Danny Graham

    Pretty sure Mowbray said the opposite a few days ago regarding Graham. From where I sit he clearly can't play 90 mins 3 times in a week. Has frequent hip and back problems and is usually blowing out of his arse after 60 mins.

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