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  1. Trying out @theTunnelBear so I can browse privately from my ISP. https://t.co/TjKL0MRaUc https://t.co/1tT6zB7jwN

  2. Pauline https://t.co/142z45hfK9

  3. While I agree in principle with @micallefphilip the argument he puts forward is wrong in so so many ways https://t.co/ijVzbaHgaI

  4. @ianbiddybaxter @GlennPegden @JoshBoswell Done now 👍

  5. @trainrover Got to say I DO like Bautheac If we still had Thomas we wouldn’t have Eric

  6. Well done Mike and the boys! https://t.co/vKTOiNwDvR

  7. JA showing he’s very perceptive & a deep thinker with his opinions on AP & TC futures Yet he talks to us Roar fans like we’re idiots...

  8. RT @marissalordanic: What a day for sheilas, wogs and poofters

  9. RT @danielstorey85: Saturday June 16, 2018 (aka The Day Of Glory): 11am-1pm: World Cup game 1 11am-6pm: Eng vs Aus ODI 1-3pm: World Cup…

  10. Eggs chickens hatched etc https://t.co/5iScpTaZbI

  11. @FNR_Radio @MickLynch_Age Bit of credit for Roar putting in a great display against MVFC?

  12. And Twitter statements won’t cure cancer, but acknowledging an ex-players plight is the humane thing to do

  13. How did that work out for ya? 😁 https://t.co/mFdyE3qGFh

  14. @RealBobMortimer KKKKKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKK You’re welcome.

  15. RT @England_RL: TEKKERS 😎 Yeah @snozzer_gale - we caught it! Check this fancy footwork from the @CTRLFC man 👌 https://t.co/ftKiW3ANbw