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  1. @11gawa Where's it being played at? Willawong?

  2. Rovers packed full of potential to storm League One. But until its realised its only potential. Will need plenty of LABORE along with some ARTE to get up. We need fans, players, managers and owners to stay strong.
  3. What's all the fuss about? This 'golf' thing looks pretty easy

  4. @BNEShrimper sorry wires crossed I thought you meant Stokes had been linked. Chris Brown was inoffensive, but ineffective.

  5. @BNEShrimper Here you - this is a sample

  6. Somewhere there'll be a pub owner rubbing his hands while Stokes blows his Rovers pay off...

  7. RT @squires_david: 'Dunkirk' was ruined for me by the voice in my head that chirped up halfway though: "The Bad Boys of Brexit will think t…

  8. ICYMI Nuttall Impressive Again for #Rovers

  9. Good times, for a change

  10. @BNEShrimper I want to get excited but don't want to look stupid. Guess it's an age thing?

  11. @davethescuba Full on killer mode = wipe out the entire family ✔️ Nymeria to return next week?

  12. Everything before the word but is horse @#/?

  13. RT @allonsygui: The Smiths

  14. @RealBobMortimer @profanityswan Ey up lads - new episode of @AthleticoMince is out now

  15. Voice in my head says "share this" I CAN AND SHALL OBEY