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  1. percy

    Rovers Trust

    Don't bother. Instead, take a banning on behalf of the silent majority who are probably just as sick of reading your posts as those who frequently belittle you are Do us a favour, make it a real humdinger of a ban too whilst you're at it. We're all in favour of freedom of speech and all that, but you're taking the @#/?.....
  2. percy

    Tony Pulis

    He'd need a core of hard-working, physically strong and determined players to at least get his style of football started. We've got very few of those and that'd be before he'd want to bring his own players in. Imagine our squad trying to replicate Stoke's style? It'd be horrific watching us trying to outmuscle other teams, we barely match up to teams as it is.
  3. Nobody wants to point fingers and apportioning blame?? That's right - except for every single Rovers fan desperate to see this sorry mess brought to an end. The last 2 years is hardly a stunning sequence of mistakes / bad luck is it? The whole situation stinks.....
  4. percy

    Steve Bruce

    Good to hear it, surprised he hasn't done his usual and walked out! Shows how the board should act if the manager loses the players and fans. Shame we don't have one worthy of the name.
  5. We're not booing the players. Fair enough, they're struggling big time, but the formation, selection, tactics and motivation aren't right and that's all down to Kean. It's the manager who is the target - it's him we want to leave. I suspect it'll turn to the owners soon if the opinion is that they're doing little to solve the problems they've created.
  6. We'll lose games, but then again, we're doing alot of that already. We know players are fickle enough when it comes to changes in management, etc - I'd guess won't be many tears from them if Kean did go - it'd all be about getting behind the new gaffer, etc. Maybe a change would be good for them, they don't seem to have taken much from the last 9 months or so.. I can't believe that a change in manager wouldn't bring some fresh hope and maybe even an idea or 2 about tactics and motivation. They're evidently missing at the moment and no matter how much support Kean gets from the owners and powertrippers at the club he isn't going to wake up one day a better manager. We'd need an assistant manager of biblical proportions to make a difference to the current status if Kean's kept on.
  7. Great couple of posts, Paul. If players are affected, then so be it - to sit on our hands are accept the situation isn't an option for fans who are passionate about the club. Very few positives about the club and it's efforts to stay in the Premiership at the moment, I personally don't give a toss about what we're doing in Pune, etc if we're ignoring the alarm bells at Ewood. By the time the penny drops with this lot it may well be too late, at least the fans are trying to raise the awareness. A competent manager would go a long, long way towards turning things around. Like you said, the players performed under this clown when they needed to last season, so perhaps they might want to focus on why it's not happening at the moment.....
  8. We'll know we're properly screwed if Gazza turns up with a couple of cans, a fishing rod and some chicken. Mind you, he couldn't do much worse than the current lot.....
  9. percy

    Pune trip

    Embarrassing - no wonder Venky's aren't taking the fans seriously. I'm all for optimism and all that, but can't quite see us pipping billionaire super clubs to the title anytime soon, Myles Anderson or not. We can barely win an effing game at the moment and we'll be in the championship before long.
  10. percy

    Pune trip

    To be fair, he's been interviewed on camera - must have expected a chance it might be aired in some capacity, especially given his point of view. Wonder how many would give a damning interview? Wonder how many of those would be on the cutting room floor? Guess the crew did well to find one of 99%ers
  11. percy

    Pune trip

    Pint for you if you get to chance to mention the bit where we're on course for relegation. Hope everyone's having a good time, look forward to hearing everyone's take on it on return.
  12. percy

    Pune trip

    True. My anger has well and truly subsided now I know our new Indian fans in Pune are being told how brilliant we are.... Who cares about upsetting the existing fans and ruining a fine football club when we're second and third in the great plan. More lying and PR spin for the media please.... Crashing towards the championship, in complete disarray, but nevermind, we're one big happy family now and we've got an academy in India.... Thank God football's not about results. Oh. Hang on........
  13. percy

    The underlying problems

    What a mess. Worst. Promise. Ever.
  14. percy

    The underlying problems

    Probably easier to make a list of promises they've managed to keep..................err.....
  15. percy

    The underlying problems

    I'm finding it harder to believe they genuinely have good intentions with every press release and interview that, unsurprisingly, turn out to be lies. I'm coming to the conclusion that they're either completely stupid and have absolutely no clue what's going on OR they're on this to run the club into the ground. Either way, we're screwed - smiles and alleged good intentions or not....... Each media release adds to the ongoing problems, be it by them or their useless manager. Not sure an academy abroad or good publicity in India will help when the team's speeding towards relegation / self implosion. Kean out is an absolute necessity if this club is to try and survive this season. That said, the people in charge have given no indication whatsoever that they're capable of making good, effective decisions. Very sad time to be a rover at the moment. So much hard work by the previous board being tossed away by media hungry timewasters......

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