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  1. rog of the rovers


    Cracking article for the statto's (like me) on England's 1000 games. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50340459 According to the article, 48 Blackburn Rovers players have represented England.... without looking......can we name them?
  2. rog of the rovers

    Championship season 2019-20

    Every time I seem to check the Brentford score, they’ve won..... How are the only 12th?!!!
  3. rog of the rovers

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Stats alert in 2019 Rovers' league record under Tony Mowbray P35 W13 D5 L17 F50 A50 Pts44 Last season we got to 44 points after game 34, so the data correlates. The data suggests were a bottom half Championship team, which is (alas, probably) what we are.
  4. rog of the rovers

    Your expectations for the coming Season...

    I have a spreadsheet!! 🙈
  5. rog of the rovers

    Your expectations for the coming Season...

    Bored waiting for a meeting at work, 10 mins to spare.... Through 8 games.... With having just read the Matt Jansen autobiography, and on the back of a couple of wins in the league I've come over all nostalgic and decided to have a look at the current table, compared to this stage in the 2000/2001 promotion winning season. Through 8 games 19/20 - P8 W4 D1 L3 F9 A8 Pts13 00/01 - P8 W3 D3 L2 F13 A10 Pts12 *Of course, that 2000/2001 team would lose the next two, before going on a brilliant unbeaten run. Other Seasons The 2012/13 that nearly went down in the Kean/Black/Berg/Bowyer/Appleton/Bowyer season 12/13 - P8 W4 D3 L1 F16 A12 Pts15 Our highest Championship finish in recent times, under Bowyer. 13/14 - P8 W2 D3 L3 F12 A10 Pts9 The full season of Rudy and Rhodes... 14/15 - P8 W4 D1 L3 F14 A14 Pts13 The False hope of Lambert season (though Bowyer was still in charge for the first 16 Championship games).... 15/16 - P8 W1 D4 L3 F9 A9 Pts7 The C0yle relegation season 16/17 - P8 W1 D2 L5 F10 A17 Pts5 Last Season 18/19 - P8 W2 D5 L1 F8 A9 Pts11 And the League One Promotion Season? 17/18 - P8 W4 D1 L3 F12 A8 Pts13 Proof that the start we've had is above average when compared to previous campaigns. Looking at the recent seasons in the Championship (from 12/13 - present) 19/20 is above average in terms of points return, 13 pts vs average (10.4 pts) and also our best start to a season defensively in 7 seasons. A good start doesn't count for anything if you don't keep progressing, but interesting (and dare I say slightly encouraging?) nevertheless.
  6. rog of the rovers

    Luton Town home

    You'd think it would attract a few Luton fans, been a long time since they've played at Ewood Park. In fact, I've never seen Luton at Ewood in my lifetime, and I'm 32! Rovers 0-1 Luton - Saturday 14th November 1981, when The Hatters would go on to win the title and secure promotion to Division 1. Luton were relegated from the top flight in 1991/92, as Rovers won promotion to the new Premier League. By the time Rovers were relegated in 1998/99, Luton had dropped down to the third tier (then Division 2, now League One) and were in the fourth tier (League Two) when Rovers were promoted from League One, finally we play them in a league match after nearly 40 years of time spent in other divisions. I do remember this game, FA Cup 4th Round away at Kenilworth Road, live on BBC, lunch time kick off, debut of Chris Samba, if I remember correctly. All against a team managed by former Rovers striker (and Premier League winner) Mike Newell. Rovers team that day: Friedel, Khizanishvili (Gallagher), Nelsen (Samba), Henchoz, Warnock, Bentley, Emerton, Mokoena, Pedersen, Derbyshire, McCarthy (Jeffers) Goals: Derbyshire (10, 56), McCarthy (37), Pedersen (74) Anyone remember this match in the snow at Ewood?
  7. Halfway through the book now, and its a good read. My friend and I went to Rome back in 2010 and after being there for about 2-3 minutes and seeing the road situation, I turned to him and said ''What the hell was Matt Jansen thinking?'' Italian roads, particularly in cities are something else!
  8. Just bought this on Kindle. Looking forward to reading it later. Early reviews seem positive....
  9. rog of the rovers


    Wow, bad memories of that FA Cup 6th Round Replay!!!! I remember towards the end, the crowd almost chanting ''boom....boom.....boom'' every time we lumped a long ball forward and he headed it clear! Scored the winner too!! Team that day : Kean, Lowe, Dann, Hanley, Martin Olsson, King (Forrester), Pedersen, Dunn, Marcus Olsson (Nuno Gomes), Best, Rhodes. [shudder]
  10. rog of the rovers

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Surprised we haven't jettisoned any of the fringe players for League One or League Two loans. Smallwood, Grayson, Platt and maybe even Chapman. Unless we're saving them for PL2 survival!
  11. Woah replies!!! I do see plenty of NFL apparel at Ewood on a match day, so there must be a decent Rovers following out there. For the record, I support the Buffalo Bills. Reasons why? Because they’re a hard working northern town, who play in Blue and White, with a small but passionate fan base and lets be honest....the hate the Patriots!!! I can also probably confidently say, if you’ve seen someone at Ewood in Bills apparel that was probably me!
  12. Just me then!! 😂 As you were [End Thread]
  13. Just wondering, with the new NFL season upcoming in the next week, how many of us on here have an interest in American Football? Either a passionate or passing interest? Feels like the game is having a real renaissance, in the UK, at the moment, after its initial popularity in the 1980s... Who’s your team and why? (I’ll hang fire on my team for the time being...you’ll see why!)
  14. rog of the rovers

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Grandstand finish?
  15. rog of the rovers


    Not a classic, but a fair result. 7 points from a difficult start, if we can get through West Brom away with another point (or three!) then I’ll be happy with the opening run.

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