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  1. rog of the rovers

    Kits 19/20

    According to the leak, 'that lot' are having Umbro as their kit suppliers too, from next season onwards
  2. rog of the rovers

    Lancashire Clubs - Round Up

  3. rog of the rovers

    Kits 19/20

    Would be surprised if we use a Teamwear kit, even as an away shirt, because it would be so easy to fake. Usually the designs stay the same, but the colours are unique to the specific teams, that said, the PSV shirt does seem to suggest I'm wrong. 10Bet.co.uk leaked the kit before Rovers did last year, albeit only by a few hours. That was 18th July last year. With the club keeping Umbro and 10 Bet this season, the unveiling/release should be well before 18th July. New fixtures are out on 20th June, which is almost the unofficial start of the next season, so would make sense to show off the new home kit around that time.
  4. rog of the rovers

    Lancashire Clubs - Round Up

    Talk about the heartland of football (in this country, if not the world) Going into 2019/20 National Champions - Manchester City *Possible* European Champions - Liverpool Most Valuable Football Club in the World - Manchester United Premier League - Burnley, Everton Championship - Rovers, Preston, Wigan League One - Accrington, Bolton, Blackpool, Bury, Fleetwood, Rochdale League Two - Morecambe, Oldham, Salford National League - Barrow, Chorley, AFC Fylde That's 17/92, or 18%, of Football League clubs reside in the Old Lancashire boundary. This list also excludes Cheshire clubs like Crewe (L2), Macclesfield (L2) and Stockport (NL) and also Tranmere (L2) Including these teams, which I'm sure would be most likely referred to as 'North West' teams 20/92 Clubs which is 22% of Football League clubs in the North West, or 24/116 which is 20% of all professional clubs, are in the North West. For comparison there are 10 London Football League teams. AFC Wimbledon, Arsenal, Brentford, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Leyton Orient, Millwall, QPR, Tottenham and West Ham
  5. rog of the rovers

    Kits 19/20

    Fellow kit geek, always like it when Rovers play teams in Blue and white halves with (the same shade) blue shorts against teams with white shorts. This seemed to stop the last few years of Umbro (Ince kit) and never really came back, bar is bizarrely wearing navy shorts on a handful of occasions in the last few seasons.
  6. rog of the rovers

    2018/19 Season Reviews/Conclusions

    My two penneth Firstly well done to the BRFCS Podcast group, good listen, well balanced and very entertaining. Would love to be a part of an episode in the future! To put the seasons conclusions into a succinct word it would be ''progress''. Particularly from our ill fated last Championship campaign and literally as we've held our own after being promoted in the 17/18 season. If Blackburn Rovers continue to progress, I will be very happy going forward. Without wanting to go over things already said, in my opinion, there is more to be encouraged by than there has been in a long time. Stability on and off the field, a youthful side, who have gained invaluable experience and the team spirit seems to have remained as strong as last season. Obvious failings at the back need addressing, the team has been crying out for a dominant centre half since Hanley left, a new left back would also be welcomed. With Cardiff, Huddersfield, Fulham, Luton and Barnsley added to the league, I really do see next season as being as wide open as this season. A dozen or so clubs will fancy their chances, I don't see why we can't be one of those teams mounting a playoff challenge. As the players did their lap of honour at the weekend (ironically I stayed this year - as the pitch was not invaded) the song blasting over the PA system was 'Sit Down by James' a great track from the early 90s. The song has one particular lyric that really resonates with being a Rovers fan, at the end of the second verse. ''If I hadn't seen such riches, I could live with being poor...'' As a fan of nearly 30 years, days out at Wembley and Cardiff, the European nights at Ewood, the ruffling of the feathers of the big boys, the team full of internationals, Tugay, Roque, MGP, Nelsen, Big Brad, Flowers, Hendry, Sutton and Shearer..... I think as a fan base have such high expectations and we can be a bit too eager to point the finger and have knee jerk reactions to poor runs of form. (see Mowbray out thread) We're all so desperate to see these days again.... its easy to overlook the baby steps we've taken this season. The fact we finished higher than Wigan and Rotherham and were never in any serious trouble in regards to relegation. The development of Travis, Buckley, Magloire, Butterworth, Raya, the return of Armstrong and Chapman, keeping Dack and Lenihan and the late season emergence of Joe Rothwell. Perhaps the right lyric that befits my overall theme is from the Take That song 'The Flood' which simply says ''There's progress now, where there once was none..."
  7. rog of the rovers

    Rovers vs. Swansea - Sunday 5th May, 12:30pm

    Marvin Emnes Les Chappell Russell Coughlin Lennie Johnrose Shefki Kuqi Colin Randell Eddie Thomas
  8. rog of the rovers

    Kits 19/20

    Finally, an Umbro kit launch! This should give us some clues. Umbro diamond pattern on the cuff has gone. Small trim on the shorts and socks will likely be the same on our kit. Crew fit on the sleeves, the same as 18/19. And this is their goalkeeper kit. Yellow may be used for us too. Umbro keep the same design, just change the colours on their keeper range. https://superstore.afcb.co.uk/afc-bournemouth/adults-home-goalkeeper-24 IMHO another nice kit from Umbro, they have a good track record, much nicer than the big three (Nike, adidas and Puma) in recent seasons.
  9. rog of the rovers

    Rovers vs. Swansea - Sunday 5th May, 12:30pm

    Craig Conway's record at Rovers (if this is going to be his last game) Signed from Cardiff City on January 31st 2014 - Reported fee of £100,000 League Starts - [136] League Sub Appearances - [41] Cup Starts - [15] Cup Sub Appearances - [5] League Assists - [37] Cup Assists - [4] League Goals - [18] Cup Goals - [3] Overall Totals Appearances - 151 (46) Assists - 41 Goals - 21
  10. rog of the rovers

    Kits 19/20

    Waiting for an appointment so a quick time killing Top 5 Rovers kits of the decade 10-19 5. Home Kit (2011/12) - Such a nice kit, aesthetically, although thoughts of SK and the shambolic final season in the Premier League bumps the kit down to 5th place. 4. Away Kit (2016/17) - Another nice kit, like the nod to the home blue and white, again bad memories bump this one down, but as a strip, delightful. 3. Change Kit (2012/13) - A unique offering, maybe its my love for baseball coming through, but the pinstripe look was so under-rated. 2. Home Kit (2015/16) - Perfect shade of blue, perfect sleeves, perfect amount of red as an accent colour, perfect collar. Only the sponsor lets this down (and a mediocre season under Lambert). 1. Away Kit (2017/18) Beauty, the nod to the past, the promotion season, Bury away, Doncaster away (minus the red shorts). Easily the pick of the decade.
  11. rog of the rovers

    Kits 19/20

    Grey kit probably means a 3rd kit! KERCHING!! No other Umbro leaks just yet, first look should give us an idea of the overall style.
  12. rog of the rovers

    Norwich - tempting fate

    Norwich have been very impressive. Good lesson for the team tonight, shows the standards needed to get promotion, also gives Mowbray a chance to see who’s good enough to play at this level of intensity.
  13. rog of the rovers

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Mowbray very bullish in his interview with Radio Lancs today https://twitter.com/BBCLancsSport/status/1121436813569216512 Music to the ears of many! Sounds like he's ready for a busy summer
  14. rog of the rovers

    Kits 19/20

    The 10 Bet logo on the West Bromwich kits looks good! Blends in well. I think given a full year to design the kits (with the 10 Bet sponsor) I wouldn't be surprised to see the front logo be Red or Navy Blue. Usually all Umbro designs follow the same template, haven't seen anything from the 19/20 Umbro range yet to make an educated guess. I also would like to see us revert to the Royal Blue style. Bring the Cambridge blue out every now and again (possibly in the 24/25 season for our 150th?). Similarly I'd be shocked if next seasons away kit wasn't predominantly red, as its been a couple of seasons now without red being the main change colour. Also, we were the only team sponsored by Umbro who didn't have a third kit in 2018/19. I'd expect this to change next season, for obvious £/$ reasons!!!
  15. rog of the rovers

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Two goals for Vlap tonight, if Tony is there!

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