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  1. rog of the rovers

    Luton Town v Rovers Sat 21st Nov. 3pm

    Luton 0-4 Rovers in the FA Cup in 2007? Unless you’re 13 of course....
  2. rog of the rovers

    Rovers v Middlesbrough Tuesday 3rd November

    Ugly game, but could be a big point come the end of the season. As said previously, in full agreement of the players returning making us a completely different proposition going forward with the season. Kaminski, Ayala, Douglas, Travis, Rothwell (only half fit), Dack, and Armstrong all get into the strongest XI available......that's not even mentioning Johnson, Bell and Bennett. 7 of your best 11 out? And to still get a point? Shows good character
  3. rog of the rovers

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    A few things I picked up on: The team in general has undergone a huge transformation. Once Douglas comes in for Bell and assuming JRC reclaims his right back slot from Nyambe, very few of our League One team reamain. Of course we have Dack to come back in, and Armstrong who was on loan, but the squad has certainly developed in a short period of time. No Gallagher in the squad? Dropped or left at home? Dolan looks 18, he's got bags and bags of talent, but I'm glad some of the expectations on him are being checked. Elliott on the other hand at 17, looks like a future star. Faded yes, but looking forward to seeing him in the blue n white halves for the next 40 or so games. Wharton looked poor when he came on, gave the ball away so many times! Douglas on penalties in the future? Or at least having a crack at goal from free kicks near the box would be nice. Travis and Dack missing, if we can get them both back in the next month or so, will be huge additions. Kaminski redeemed himself in the second half with the stop from Sarr, much happier with him back there compared to Walton. Defeats like these are likely to come playing this system, but glad we stuck to our formula. Ben Foster (former England international) proved what a good keeper he is, even before the penalty save. Top bloke too. Watford and Bournemouth, two of the three teams we've lost against, will be in the top 6 at the end of the season. The kit still looks fantastic, glad to see us wearing blue n white away from home. Give the new players time to gel, but I'd expect to see Trybull and Douglas start either Saturday, or next Tuesday. Pears obviously second choice ahead of the Greek fella.
  4. rog of the rovers

    Summer Transfer Window

    Had a brief chat with a good mate of mine who is a die hard Leeds fan. His assessment.... Douglas - Wand of a left foot, good passer, great on set pieces....not athletic enough to play in a Bielsa team, slow and is sometimes beaten for pace, but good at Championship level. Sounds like a minor upgrade on Cunningham and almost a Mulgrew type of player at left back? Two promotions on the CV with Wolves and Leeds can't be too bad though!
  5. rog of the rovers

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    As much as I understand the reasons for renewing, I also think it will be a huge own goal by the club if people who dont renew this season, then lose their seats next season without a clear deadline. I think you risk alienating an already weak supporter base by being so strict on seats. If people do ever get in this season, then you're very unlikely to be sat in your normal seat, but to hold that as a blackmailing tactic seems equally unfair. I'd imagine Jo Public who has sat in the Blackburn End for 25+ years, then loses his/her seat because they don't renew this season, would more than likely decide not to renew completely, rather than move somewhere else! People, myself included, are very loyal to our specific seats!!!
  6. rog of the rovers

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    Lets face it, Bennett's best performances for Rovers have come when he's played in the middle of the park as an enforcer, I remember him playing well against Preston (h) during the relegation season and also towards the end of the League One promotion campaign. Wycombe at home will be as close to League One level as we'll play all season, so wouldn't have a problem with him slotting into the middle for this match. If, after all these injuries, Davenport doesn't get a start, you do wonder what future he has at the club. Big chance for someone to lay down a claim to a starting spot for the next few months. Also agree with what's been suggested, that Rothwell on Tuesday looked far better when playing from deep (the new Holtby role) could maybe see him slotting back to play in a three alongside Holtby and Johnson.
  7. rog of the rovers

    Newcastle United away in the League Cup

    That Newcastle XI would be pushing for automatic in the Championship over a full season. I think whilst there were frustrating moments, at least you can see a change in style and philosophy, its going to take some time, and also some bumps along the way, but I hope they stick to this formula for a few months and then see where we are. We can always resort back to our more direct style once Dack comes back in. But for now, I think we should give them the benefit of the doubt and look for the positives.
  8. rog of the rovers

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    I suppose in some ways, it is what it is. The fundamental issue here for me is the reason its 'fun' going to the Rovers these days for me, isn't particularly the product on the pitch, which lets face it, has been poor for almost a decade now, even the foray into League One and the promotion that followed was more ironically fun than a real sense of pride in the club and the town! Its the things that come with a matchday experience........the expectancy, time with my dad and uncle, and cousins when they can make it. The chats with the guys in and around me, who I don't really know, but say hello to as if they're lifelong friends, because in some way they are! Its the drive down, the walk to the ground ''if we win this....." or "I wonder how the new lads will get on''. For others its a pint in the various Working Mens Clubs or Blues Bar, a pie from the bakery on Bolton Road, a pre match McDonalds with mates or relatives, or burger from the van behind the club shop.... Not all, but most of these simple pleasures, that make going to Ewood the experience and homage we love to put ourselves through....have, or will be, denied on a matchday in 2020/21. No singing? No hugging or excessive celebrations at an injury time winner? Arriving well in advance to enter the ground? These are the times we live in, and I admit the rules are what we've come to expect.... But £400 for supporters? Who are having to sacrifice all these experiences on a matchday? Not to mention an inferior product on the pitch, with little to no investment in the playing squad. Its a viscous circle, but in business, the customers hold the power. This isn't a statement of me not wanting to renew for next season, I may do, I may not do. It is a statement of how I can fully understand why plenty of supporters won't be doing so.
  9. rog of the rovers

    Summer Transfer Window

    but that's not important right now....... 😉
  10. rog of the rovers

    Summer Transfer Window

    Would like it to be Cameron Carter-Vickers, a permanent signing at CB has been long overdue!
  11. rog of the rovers

    20/21 kit

    Pity the hoped Hummel deal isn't in effect this year... Coventry City away is a beaut....
  12. rog of the rovers

    20/21 kit

    The detective work Gumbi! Love it From Instagram of Sam Burns, no sponsor, but the third kit option could be correct (though personally I hope not, as I dislike the kit) If correct, would most likely mean a dark away kit. Black/Red/Navy as it would be the lighter contrasting option. If so.....Another season of this kit away at Barnsley, Middlesbrough, Bristol City
  13. rog of the rovers

    20/21 kit

    Umbro tweeted out the Huddersfield shirts late on last night. Maybe worth checking Umbro's twitter at 10pm (ish) just in case?
  14. rog of the rovers

    20/21 kit

    Trying to think of what's causing the new kit delay, as we already know its made by Umbro and sponsored by 10 Bet and Watson Ramsbottom...... Maybe waiting for Wednesday when we will know all 24 teams in the league and the calendar finally flips to the 2020/2021 season? Still predicting a return to 'proper' blue, white shorts and we've had blue socks for seven years in a row, so maybe a return to white socks?? As for the change strip, red hasn't been used (as a main colour) for a primary away kit since the 2015/2016 season, the last with Nike, so I'm guessing at red, though its hard to use an away kit that's red away at Nottingham Forest, Middlesbrough and Bristol......so maybe not? Even though we should always wear blue and white when appropriate. Another one for kit geeks like me, we've not worn matching blue away shorts since the 2015/16 season. Those navy shorts used in the League One promotion campaign looked very out of place! I think all five of the strips used since our Championship return in 2018 have been weak, so lets see if Umbro can finish strong before the new suppliers next season.
  15. rog of the rovers


    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_prem/8902482.stm 14th August 2010 - Rovers 1-0 Everton, and that was thanks to a huge gaff from Howard too!

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