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  1. rog of the rovers

    Brentford (A) - 12:30pm KO (Sat 22nd Feb 2020)

    I think the players know how important the game is, glad we have a full week to prepare, rather than the usual mid-week then Saturday turnaround. Win would be huge, but I'd take a point now. I've given up any playoff talk a couple of times this season already, but, as they say ''Its the hope that kills you.''
  2. rog of the rovers

    Darragh Lenihan Impending Suspension - Poll

    When does the 10 card rule reset? Research only shows the Premier League (after 2nd Sunday in April) With more games in the Championship and only 4 after the second Sunday, I'd guess it may be mid March?
  3. rog of the rovers


    When Buckley scores, Tosin does too! Both scored vs Sheffield Wednesday at home
  4. rog of the rovers


    Confirmed as Villa Park Nothing to see here 😂
  5. rog of the rovers


    £5 a ticket is a great initiative, hope to see more of it in the future. Whilst not quite win or bust, 3 points and other results could put us right back in the mix. I'm always comparing us to PNE at the moment, they went to the Valley and won back in November and are (as it stands) the only side, currently above us, who have won at the venue all season. Charlton 2-2 West Brom (1st) Charlton 1-0 Leeds (2nd) Charlton 0-0 Fulham (3rd) Charlton 1-0 Brentford (4th) Charlton 1-1 Nottingham Forest (5th) Charlton 0-1 Preston (6th) Charlton 3-2 Bristol City (7th) Charlton 2-2 Cardiff City (8th)
  6. rog of the rovers


    A leak? or pure wikipedia nonesense? Scroll down the link to England's forthcoming fixtures, 7th June, England vs. Romania at Brammall Lane or Ewood Park https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/England_national_football_team Has someone made something up? Would be brilliant to have England in town, obviously they won't use Wembley as its a Euro 2020 warm up game, but what a coup it would be!! Last England international at Ewood - vs. Wales on 3rd March 1924 Alexandra Meadows (home of East Lancs Cricket Club) and Leamington Road also have hosted England matches within the town, back in the 1880s.
  7. rog of the rovers

    January transfer window 2020

    I thought Maddison looked awful on Tuesday night. Gave the ball away so many times, maybe he was trying too hard, but didn't look good enough for us (admittedly based on one appearance).
  8. rog of the rovers

    Martin Cook

    My uncles brother. I remember him telling me some of the old stories from his London Branch days, away trips around the capital, the annual meals and a particularly funny story of him hiding in a shop on the Kings Road after being caught up at the infamous 1988 Chelsea v Middlesbrough playoff final 2nd leg (which included Stuart Ripley and captained by a young Tony Mowbray) Proper Blackburnian, loved his real ale and the Rovers. Will be sorely missed.
  9. rog of the rovers

    Rovers v Hull

    I would doubt it at this stage..... Its on the Red Button isn't it? Even I could be tempted into giving this one a miss....its pretty grim out there!
  10. rog of the rovers

    Tony Parkes

    I think 'The Tony Parkes Suite/Lounge' replacing the name of the 'Legends Lounge' or more likely the 'Premier Suite'. And recognition in the Hall of Fame (which is this year?)
  11. rog of the rovers

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    First of the interesting home games to come before the end of the season, which should not only decide any playoff ambitions, but also go a way to showing how competitive we'd even be if we managed to sneak into the top 6. Saturday - Fulham (3rd) *Then after Hull (14th) and Stoke (21st)* 29th February - Swansea (8th) 14th March - Bristol City (6th) 4th April - Leeds United (2nd) 13th April - West Bromwich Albion (1st)
  12. rog of the rovers

    January transfer window 2020

    £25m for Josh King?!! 😲
  13. rog of the rovers

    January transfer window 2020

    Wasn’t it him who falsely accused Jay Rodriguez of racism?
  14. rog of the rovers

    January transfer window 2020

    Feels like the January window is becoming less impactful each year. not just for us, but for most teams. Best January window? 2007 - Samba, Warnock, Dunn, Berner Last 10 January Windows 2010 - Lingazi, Basturk 2011 - Rochina, Formica, Jones (loan), Santa Cruz (loan) *2012 - Marcus Olsson, Orr, Modeste *2013 - King, Kane (loan) *2014 - Cairney, Gestede, Conway *2015 - Steele, Spearing (loan) *2016 - Bennett, Jackson, Ward, Graham (loan), Watt 2017 - Joao (loan), Emnes (loan) 2018 - P Downing, Bell, Armstrong (loan), Payne (loan) 2019 - Chapman * - Years where loans could be made until end of March
  15. rog of the rovers

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    43 points with 17 games to go... Same as we were this time last year after beating Hull. Will Middlebrough away be Brentford all over again? As said, 74 points is the likely minimum requirement for the playoffs, so another 10 wins still needed

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