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  1. rog of the rovers

    The best and worst individual display by a Rovers player

    How are we this far into the thread without mentioning..... Brett Emerton's debut at home to Wolves!
  2. rog of the rovers

    Your best 5 and worst 5 Rovers games!

    Only picking games I actually attended Top 5 1. Rovers 4-3 Man Utd - Bentley hat-trick....RIO RIO RIO 2. Rovers 5-0 Burnley - Watched highlights recently, seriously could have been 8-0 3. Rovers 2-0 Red Bull Salzburg - European demons finally overcome with two magnificent strikes from McCarthy and Bentley 4. Rovers 2-1 Spurs - Cardiff, League Cup win 5. Bury 0-3 Rovers - 1st away game I went to last season, so many Rovers fans, marked the start of our promotion run Bottom 5 1. Rovers 0-1 Wigan - Relegation Night, the end of an era 2. Rovers 1-2 Bolton - Earlier in that season, massive game at home to Bolton, 0-2 down inside 5 minutes. 3. Rovers 1-2 Burnley - As soon as Rhodes hit the post, the tide turned. 4. Both Rotherham and Doncaster 2-0 Rovers - Two trips to Yorkshire that were awful and a complete waste of time. 5. Rovers 0-1 Crewe - At that point the lowest in my Rovers supporting life, real smash and grab, punch in the gut game.
  3. Those highlights accurately prove the gulf between the teams. Could have been 3/4 up at half time. Ipswich as poor a team as we’ve seen in two seasons (including League One). Can’t see us playing them next season! Lambert must be at the top of the Pantheon of Overrated Managers!
  4. rog of the rovers

    Where Are They Now?

    Saw Stuart Ripley in Clitheroe town centre this lunch time. Looking well, although he looked as cold as the rest of us!
  5. rog of the rovers

    Rovers at the Toon FA Cup 3rd Round: Saturday 5th January 2019 - 5.30pm

    Really looking forward to tonight. Hope we put out our best team and progress. I think the crowd will be decent too, I expect anywhere from 15-20k
  6. rog of the rovers


    I personally wouldn't want to get rid of him.
  7. rog of the rovers


    We're 4 or 5 wins from mathematical survival. My thoughts would be to get a winger on loan, and a centre half (if Downing leaves) and maybe a fullback, but really I'd be keeping the powder dry. Move any monies to the summer transfer window and spend the remainder of the season assessing who's good enough to stay next year. Obvious players on the for sale list..... Williams, Bell, Smallwood, Downing, maybe even Rothwell. Also try and blood a few more of the younger players, particularly towards the end of the campaign with minutes for Davenport, Tomlinson, Wharton, Grayson and Butterworth. The sooner we get to 50+ points, the sooner the plans for next season can take shape.
  8. rog of the rovers


    I remember being on holiday in Florida during the summer of 2001 after we'd signed Tugay, I remember walking around Universal Islands of Adventure theme park and spotted a teenage kid (similar to me at the time) wearing a Rangers shirt with 17 Tugay on the back. We'd just signed him at that point, after a lengthy battle with getting a work permit too IIRC, and distinctly remember thinking.. "He must be popular if someone has got his name on the back of the shirt''. Little did I know that he'd go on to become one of my favourite all time Rovers players and I'd have 5 Tugay on the back of my Rovers home shirt a few years later...
  9. rog of the rovers

    Ben Brereton

    Hat-trick tomorrow ala David Bentley? He's a young player with room to grow, admittedly he's looked a bit iffy thus far, but give him time. A full preseason and a year or two learning from Danny Graham can't do his development any harm.
  10. rog of the rovers

    Middlesborough away Sat 8th Dec

    I've been to the Riverside before, around this time of year too. A Carling Cup Quarter Final, December 21st 2005. A trip over the Blubberhouses and up to the Smog. Freezing cold night, Rovers fans singing songs whilst taking off their shoes, an empty main stand (for TV purposes) and a last minute winner from Paul Dickov, which not only sent us through, but more importantly............Meant we didn't need extra time!! As I recall, Middlesbrough barely had a kick, obviously once Rovers scored, they proceeded to nearly throw it all away seconds later....Massimo Maccarone hit the post with virtually the last kick. Nearly 13 years..........time does travel fast. Rovers: Friedel, Neill, Todd, Nelsen, Gray, Bentley (Reid), Savage, Tugay, Pedersen (Emerton), Kuqi, Dickov. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/league_cup/4537806.stm
  11. rog of the rovers

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    I agree, but they are all connected with that 2010-2017 period of the clubs history where a way back in for Venkys was inconceivable.
  12. rog of the rovers

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    My two penneth. I think a line in the sand has to be drawn, at some point. Whether or not this is that time remains to be seen, but I think that the club can't move onto the next stage of the rebuild, without this being addressed. Reasons to Move on and try to reintroduce Venkys to Ewood. Irrespective of what you or I think, the injection of cash from the family on a monthly/annual basis is keeping the club afloat, and whilst we're lead to believe that, perspective buyers have been interested in the past, I can't see a string of multi millionaires forming an orderly queue to buy the club. This financial position leaves us in a precarious spot of being very heavily reliant on their backing and financial support. We need the support! Furthermore to this point, it seems that, Tony Mowbray will need an extra special cash injection at some point if we're going to get back to the Premier League, either to buy a player or to keep a player with a new contract. And TM himself is advocating a ''detente'' of sorts between the two parties as a way to move on. Certain fans who remain absentees when we're at home could hopefully be tempted to come back, which would boost attendances on match days and also retail, sponsorship etc. It would be interesting to see how many would come back, also how many use Venky's as an excuse and how many would become even more withdrawn from the club. Do we as the fans take this as a chance to morally take the high ground? Offering of the olive branch from supporters may influence the family to take on an even bigger financial commitment to the club. Forgiving generally does feel good. If it was US rather than THEM who instigated the return. Would definitely put some moral weight behind our troubles over the past 8 years. Vincent Tan and the Cardiff City fans have seemingly put aside their differences, don't forget he actually flipped the identity of the club..... Dragons, Red shirts etc, and they have been more successful and profitable since then and are now, once again, a Premier League side. Reasons to NOT want Venkys to return to Ewood The upturn in fortunes in the last 18/24 months has primarily come about since the family took a back seat, and whether by luck or skill, have appointed a group of individuals who feel as though they are running the club, with ITS best interest a heart. Namely Mowbray and Waggott. The negative impact it would have on fans who are, slowly but surely, falling back in love with the football club. It is easy in recent times to forget about the likes of Jerome Anderson, Steve Kean, Henning Berg, Michael Appleton, Paul Senior, Shebby Singh, Kentaro, I have been stopped from posting this by moderators. Coyle, Bradley Orr etc.. (I've just got a shiver up my spine........and feel sick) Keep pushing the family to sell, more resistance may force through the sale of the club, which I think would be the only universal answer to my initial question, provided he or she had deep pockets, and kept the current senior management team in place, or added to it with quality appointments, e.g. a John Williams type figure. It is such an emotive issue and one with no right or wrong answer. My thoughts are that they don't need my permission or indeed my blessing to come or go at Ewood, respect has to be earned and bridges that were once towering suspension bridges between the board/owners and fans need to be rebuilt one brick at a time. A contrite post on the website, not necessarily an apology, but an acknowledgment of their naivety (which I think is what it all boils down to - they were lead a merry dance by the WRONG people on almost every level of football management) and mistakes and a willingness to listen and work together could repair some of the ties. Venkys, in my opinion, SHOULD come to a game in the next few weeks, but come without a motorcade fanfare, sit in their box, and reacquaint themselves with the club, no press conference, no waving on the pitch at half time, turn up, support the team and then go home. That'll be step one, with success and continued good management on and off the field, the rest will follow. It must happen at some point......But then again I return to my original question, is now THAT time?
  13. rog of the rovers

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    Those who know me, know I love a good statistic, so here goes. Saturday marked Tony Mowbrays 31st game in charge of Rovers at the Championship level, the same number as Owen Coyle and one game more than Paul Lambert, who managed us for 30 Championship fixtures. Paul Lambert's Rovers P-30 W-10 D-8 L-12 Pts-38. League Win Percentage - 33.3% League Points per game - 1.27 Lambert's first game - Preston (a) won 2-1. Pickford own goal, Rhodes (pen). Steele-Henley-Duffy-Hanley-Marcus Olsson-Marshall-Evans-Akpan-Conway [Guthrie]-Lawrence [Taylor]-Rhodes [Koita] Lambert's last game - Reading (h) won 3-1. Bennett, Graham, Jackson. Steele-Marshall [Evans]-Duffy-Hanley-Kilgallon-Lenihan-Lowe-Gomez-Bennett [Jackson]-Graham-Grimes [Conway] Owen Coyle's Rovers P-31 W-7 D-8 L-16 Pts-29. League Win Percentage - 22.6% League Points per game - 0.94 Coyle's first game - Norwich (h) lost 1-4. Stokes Steele-Lowe-Duffy-Ward [Greer]-Henley-Feeney-Lenihan-Akpan [Byrne]-Bennett [Stokes]-Graham-Marshall Coyle's last game* (*League) - Sheffield Wednesday (a) lost 1-2. Hutchinson own goal. Steele-Lowe-Lenihan-Mulgrew-Williams-Mahoney [Feeney]-Guthrie [Emnes]-Akpan-Bennett-Graham-Gallagher [Conway] Tony Mowbray's Rovers P-31 W-11 D-14 L-6 Pts-47. League Win Percentage - 35.5% League Points per game - 1.52 Mowbray's first game - Burton (a) drew 1-1. Palmer own goal Steele-Nymabe-Lenihan-Mulgrew-Williams-Feeney [Mahoney]-Lowe-Guthrie-Conway-Graham [Lucas Joao]-Emnes [Gallagher] Mowbray game 31 - QPR (h) won 1-0. Dack (pen) Leutweiler-Bennett-Lenihan-Williams-Bell-Smallwood [Palmer]-Evans-Reed-Dack-Armstrong [Brereton]-Graham [Rothwell] Graeme Souness's Rovers For historical arguement - Graeme Souness' First 31 games in charge of Rovers (at Championship level) P-31 W-13 D-11 L-7 Pts-50 League Win Percentage - 41.9% League Points per game - 1.61 *N.B. in 2000/01 Rovers went on to win 10 of the next 13 games
  14. Red button is a nice addition for midweek away games (and the odd Friday/Sunday game) but nothing beats being at Ewood. Also, for the cost, I think our season tickets still represent good value.
  15. rog of the rovers

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Sorry if this has already been addressed, but did we get to the bottom of what the little scuffle (Riverside towards the end) was all about?

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