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  1. rog of the rovers

    Academy & U'21's

    More youth signings! Has to put out a positive message to any youngster wanting to join the football club. Would love to see a team of entirely ''home grown'' players like Middlesbrough did against Fulham in 2006 http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_prem/4957456.stm
  2. rog of the rovers

    Mowbray’s Future

    Statto Alert This recent run has made for some interesting reading *At Championship Level Lambert P 30 W 10 D 8 L 12 Pts 38 League Win Percentage 33.3% Points per game 1.27 xPts (Expected Points over a Season) 58 Mowbray P 53 W 17 D 17 L 18 Pts 68 League Win Percentage 32.1% Points per game 1.28 xPts (Expected Points over a Season) 59 58/59 Points usually good for 14th - 16th Place (Based on last 5 seasons)
  3. rog of the rovers

    Academy & U'21's

    Was that actually the Under 18s or the Community Trust team? Why wear last years kit? Either way, that's some shocking goalkeeping.
  4. rog of the rovers

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Only 49 days to go til the season ends.... Massive refurbishment needed in the summer.
  5. rog of the rovers

    ROVERS V Wigan

    To use an Americanism, the 'depth chart' on Centre Backs must read as follows. Mulgrew Lenihan Rodwell Downing [Loan] Williams Nyambe Wharton [Loan] Grayson [Loan] Magloire Doyle Proving with nobody out on loan, and everyone fit, Magloire is probably 9th choice. Even with the loanees, he's still 6th choice. Desperate times!! I'm convinced the pairing tomorrow will be Nyambe and Williams, with Bennett at right back. Bell at left back......[shudder] My guess therefore would be the following team. Raya Bennett - Nyambe - Williams - Bell Smallwood - Evans Reed - Dack - Armstrong Graham Subs - Leutweiler, Magloire, Travis, Rothwell, Conway, Brereton, Nuttall
  6. rog of the rovers

    Preston at Home

    Paul Downing made a costly error yesterday for Doncaster, which allowed AFC Wimbledon to score. An error that any of our defenders would have been widely criticised for making. New signings of a requisite quality in the summer are needed.
  7. rog of the rovers

    Preston at Home

    Just seen the disallowed ‘goal’ again.... FUMING https://www.skysports.com/football/blackburn-vs-preston/392964 Watch the video. Time 1:26
  8. rog of the rovers

    Preston at Home

    Has anyone seen the Graham ‘foul’ again, in the lead up to the disallowed goal? Looked very harsh in real time. Hoping the footage shows something conclusive to alleviate some of my frustrations. Similarly with the Nuttall chance....
  9. rog of the rovers

    Aniket Jadhav

    Best Case Scenario - Turns into one of the world's best players, puts Rovers on the map in India, leading to a swell in supporter numbers, increased interest and funding from that area of the world, back into the Premier League as a major force. Worst Case Scenario - Not good enough, but forced into the team due to Balaji's dream of having a 'local' play for 'his' football team. Opens the floodgates for more mediocre talent from the sub continent and we slide down the league due to poor quality of footballers. Most Likely Scenario - Comes over, not good enough, but better for the experience. Unlikely to get a work permit regardless.
  10. rog of the rovers

    Player of the season 2019

    Slim pickings at the moment Danny Graham probably the most deserving, but still 11 games to go (nearly a quarter of the season) so chance for some to stake a claim. Dack, Armstrong and Reed have shown flashes. None of the defensive quintet deserve recognition based on our record. Corry Evans has performed well in patches, but hardly a Player of the Year candidate.
  11. rog of the rovers

    Mowbray’s Future

    96% of BRFCS members have voted BACK And let’s be honest, those of us who have been here a while, know this board can be pretty fickle and vociferous at times....which fans messageboard isn’t? Mowbray had a dream, to build a football team..... let him get on with it!
  12. rog of the rovers

    Mowbray’s Future

    96% Back based on 56 votes How anyone could think sacking Mowbray is the right thing to do is beyond me, but football is about opinions and I respectfully disagree. My thoughts, yes, the recent run has been poor and performances have ebbed and flowed all season, but this year was always about stability, re-establishing the club as a Championship team (on and off the field) whilst rewarding the commitment from those who helped us get out of League One, whilst trying to add wisely to keep the club moving forward. Personally I wouldn't fancy us to beat any of the current top 6 over two legs/final at Wembley so this ''playoff push'' is a moot point. There's no point getting into the playoffs if you're just making up the numbers. If by some miracle even then we managed to get into the Premier League we'd be the least prepared team to make the leap since Reading in 2012/13 (who won 6 games all season and finished with 28 points - they've not been in the Premier League since, and are threatened with relegation to League One). Expectations need to be kept in check, done correctly, the process will take time. Current promotion hopefuls Norwich* (last in PL in 2015/2016 - 3 seasons ago) Sheffield United* (last in PL in 2006/07 - 11 seasons ago) Leeds United* (last in PL in 2003/04 - 14 seasons ago) West Bromwich Albion (last in PL in 2017/18 - 1 season ago) Middlesbrough (last in PL in 2016/17 - 2 seasons ago - Only 1 season in last 9 seasons in PL) Bristol City* (never in PL) Derby County (last in PL in 2007/08 - 10 seasons ago - Only 1 season in last 16 seasons in PL) Nottingham Forest* (last in PL in 1998/99 - 20 seasons ago) * = Club has been in League One in the last 10 years If on the 18th February 2020 we're in a similar position, then its maybe a question to have, but for now, the rebuild continues.
  13. rog of the rovers

    Reading v Rovers

    Having slept on it, still disappointed with the result and complete lack of quality in both of the final thirds. As said by others it seems to be a real mish-mash team at the moment, players out of position, no set XI and predictable substitutes. Upgrades needed in the summer, particularly across the back. A LB, CB and RB on the transfer target list, for both depth and competitiveness. Other reflections: Brereton showed some positives, though that miss in the second half was a shocker. I've enjoyed watching Craig Conway and championed him on here several times, but he's a winger who needs bodies in the box to be effective, Graham isn't that striker and with Chapman now signed his days are surely numbered Dack's form has dipped Travis has been average the last 3 games (Brentford, Bristol City and Reading) he should be held to the same standards as Evans and Smallwood Amari'i Bell's goal shouldn't mask another poor performance Elliott Bennett should play in the midfield or not at all We're 4 or 5 short of being competitive in this league
  14. rog of the rovers

    The Second Class - Rovers Hall of Fame 2020

    I thought I’d put him on the list! A shoe in if ever there was one.
  15. After the success of last nights event, it got me thinking who deserves to go into the Hall of Fame next? I know that it is run by the former players association BRFPA, and no ''non football related'' (e.g. Player or Manager) were enshrined in the Hall last night, so I've purposely limited it to PLAYERS ONLY. John Lewis and Arthur Constantine and of course Jack Walker all deserve to be in a Rovers Hall of Fame, but for the purposes of this discussion I've left them out. I've chosen 8 to get us started, I feel these are the next obvious names..... But please feel free to add names and vote Other. You can vote for multiple players

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