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  1. Walsall v Rovers

    Just bought my tickets, was going to go down this weekend but it'll obviously sell out! 2,600 Rovers fans, very impressive!! Saw on twitter earlier total away attendance this year stands at 29,700 29,700/number of away games 16 = 1,856 average away following this season! Yes, lots of local away games, but also a few sell outs. Fleetwood away for instance, I'm sure we could have taken double what we did.
  2. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    League One 2016/17 (as of Feburary 5th 2017) 1. Sheffield United P 30 Pts 60 - Title Winners 2. Scunthorpe P 29 Pts 58 3. Bolton P 28 Pts 51 - Runners Up 4. Fleetwood P30 Pts 51 5. Bradford P30 Pts 50 6. Southend P29 Pts 46 9. Millwall P29 Pts 44 - Playoff Winners League One 2017/18 1. Wigan P28 Pts 63 2. Shrewsbury P29 Pts 61 3. Blackburn P30 Pts 59 4. Scunthorpe P31 Pts 54 5. Rotherham P30 Pts 50 6. Bradford P31 Pts 48 Shrewsbury and Wigan are having historic seasons, and setting a break neck pace. Rovers have 59 points from 30 games played, one less than Sheffield United had at this stage last season, they went on to get 100 points! Current pace Wigan 103 points Shrewsbury 97 points Rovers 90 points During the past decade 90 points would be enough to be promoted in 6/10 seasons Good enough to be Champions in 12/13 and 15/16 (last time Wigan won the division) Enough to be Runners Up in 07/08, 08/09, 09/10 and 16/17 (last season Bolton promoted with 86 points) 3rd Place finishes in 10/11, 11/12, 13/14 and 14/15 Long way to go yet, but you'd think if both Wigan and Shrewsbury do keep up this pace, then they deserve their promotion!
  3. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Good January all told in my opinion, kept Mulgrew, Dack and have a deep enough squad to challenge for promotion. Ins Adam Armstrong (loan) Amari'i Bell (£300k) Paul Downing (loan to permanent deal) Jack Payne (loan) Outs Liam Feeney (loan extension) *End of contract in Summer 2018* Rekeem Harper (loan return) Sam Hart (loan) Connor Thomson (released) Elliott Ward (loan) *End of contract in Summer 2018* Scott Wharton (loan) Callum Wright (tribunal - youth player)
  4. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Powell would be a huge loss to Wigan. They missed him badly with injury last season, though they improved once he returned at the end of the season, and obviously have had a fine season this campaign. Like Mulgrew, too good for this level.
  5. Northampton

    Expect Mowbray to go with the same again. Raya Nyambe - Downing - Mulgrew - Williams Smallwood - Bennett Samuel - Dack - Conway Graham Armstrong, Payne, Bell, Leutweiler, Nuttall, Ward, Travis If it aint broke don't fix it approach, particularly after playing so well 1st half at Fleetwood.
  6. Academy & U'21's

    Based on what you've seen would you sell Wright for £1m?
  7. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    Taking an American 'depth chart' approach......Assuming Payne signs (as expected) GK - Raya, Leutweiler, Fisher RB - Nyambe, Caddis, Bennett CB - Mulgrew, Lenihan, Downing, Ward, Wharton, Williams, Doyle LB - Williams, Hart, Travis, Platt, Doyle DM - Smallwood, Whittingham, Evans, Bennett, Mulgrew, Tomlinson, Hart, Travis, Hardcastle, Caddis AM - Bennett, Dack, Antonsson, Conway, Samuel, Chapman, Armstrong, Payne, Gladwin, Nuttall, Rankin-Costello, Mols ST - Graham, Samuel, Nuttall, Armstrong, Antonsson, Butterworth, Mansell Strength in depth, cover in most positions, add Bell to LB/AM too if he signs. Mowbray has put together a group of players more than capable of getting out of this division!
  8. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Feels like I'm his agent, but I assure you I'm not... Joe Aribo at Charlton. Did you see his skill and assist for the Addicks at the weekend? Would love him at Ewood in the centre of the park.
  9. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    Bennett is a bit of a jack of all trades, pretty sure he has played centre midfield before. I'd of thought TM will want experience in the team this weekend. Raya Nyambe - Downing - Mulgrew - Williams Smallwood - Bennett Armstrong - Dack - Conway Graham
  10. Agree with Diouf, some of the things he did during his career were deplorable, but in a Rovers shirt, he put in some solid performances, nowhere near this list. Happy that some of those who I put in the poll have no votes, surprised Ashley Ward doesnt have more votes (than just me! :D) Dailly, Amoruso, Ferguson and Davies all wastes of money, but not nasty, hateful types. Wee Barry downed tools as soon as he got injured at Newcastle, went back to the safety of the SPL Perhaps a little surprised "Lucash" hasn't been mentioned as he had an unceremonious departure (whilst he was captain IIRC) but his general performances for the club were stellar. For me lots of the issues with Murphy can be applied to Euthu, again such a wide gap between the voting! Maybe because Murphy is on our screens we're reminded of him? Although Murphy did of course slag off the team for being ''too rough'' as well, maybe that was the start of the rot, before he'd even signed!
  11. I will do another if popular, I know the Dougan story too. I'm sure there are others from the 1875-1960 time period. Just sticking to what I know.
  12. I only included Mokoena, as he was the 'designated scape goat' in that Hughes team with Tugay, Savage etc.
  13. Apologies.....added! I've erased him from my memory!!
  14. Simple... Vote or Name your least favourite/most hated Rovers player since 1992. I don't have the same knowledge of Rovers before 1992 (when I was 4/5) so decided to leave off for this list. I've nominated those I feel are deserving to be on this list... Hope you agree.
  15. The January 2018 transfer thread

    I honestly don't think there will ever be a Rovers player I hate with more of a passion than Ashley Ward! His name makes me shudder, He's still number 1 villain in my book, with Leon Best, David Goodwillie, Danny Murphy and Dickson Etuhu not far behind! I remember Ward 'diving' in front of the Blackburn End during a game and the home crowd chanted ''OFF OFF OFF''