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  1. TBTF

    Adam Catterall

    Apparently there was more on Jim White show today-anybody hear what went on there?
  2. TBTF


    Agree with that assessment Tyrone. Out of that list there's only really Dack that you would go mad to keep in a higher league. You could possibly make a case for Armstrong but he didn't cut it at Bolton and we seem to want to play him in broadly the same position that they did. You could also make a case for Chapman but in reality we have seen too little of him and the type and extent of injury he's had worries me greatly. If Bell really was all that , then surely he would have been able to command a place in our team this season. He hasn't looked anything special tbh. Promotion from a league we should never have been in is hardly open top bus material but to be fair to all concerned that was the task for this year and they look like they have delivered on it. It's not raining on anybody's bonfire however to cast a fretful eye on what happens next season based on the Loon's track record. Unless they commit very decent funds (in both transfer fees and contracts) then we will be struggling royally to compete in the Championship. The minute I start hearing FFP as a reason we cant spend freely the alarm bells will be ringing for me because frankly with our gates and resources we will be at Poundstretcher for the rest of our days if that's the case and ultimately that will consign us to the nether regions of League One/Two not long into our future. So relative success this year puts us back in a telling situation again this Summer . On the field, the feel good factor has rightly been enjoyed this year but there are still plenty of fault lines in our structure and general health of the Club . Another big Summer for Venkys and anybody with a brain cell would therefore be rightly cautious.
  3. TBTF

    Club Accounts Jul 2016-June 2017

    Well it s funny you should say that Len and that's what I imagined too. However, if you remember Cairney was sold pretty much behind everyone's back by Mrs D including Bowyers and I was put in my place by somebody ITK who says there is no sell on clause because V's messed up and just took the money. Only telling you what I was told when I got excited about West Ham offering fortunes for Cairney in January.
  4. TBTF

    Club Accounts Jul 2016-June 2017

    This year wont be pretty and will likely be a whole lot worse than this. Even with a reduction in players wages , this year sees media income drop to less than £2 million and we don't have the benefit of player transfers to subsidises the losses. There will probably also be a reduction in income from match days this year too so you would think losses are going to go back up to around £15million for the current season. And yes CNC , they have got the team to where they are now and that's why everyone is effing fuming . Cheston is just a moron...keeping the lights on is not the kind of investment that's really needed nor what we all want to see and nowhere in his statement to the LT does he go beyond the usual platitudes. Bluntly, he doesn't have a clue what they are going to do next because its highly likely they don't even know themselves. Cheston is merely a puppet, fulfilling a function..........badly. Still, his comments will no doubt please Meadows who thinks this conveyor belt of funding is for the rest of eternity.
  5. TBTF


    Meadows you are entitled to your view but JHR has outlined a very real fear for a lot of us . The assumption that this lot will continue to throw money at it for eternity simply wont happen. The likelihood is that they will cut costs/sell whatever they can to cover the spend and avoid keep having to chip in from their own pockets. None of that is imaginary and the consequences of cutbacks are beyond dispute and wont in any way be good. Last years accountants visit suggests that the position is already under very close review and the days of chucking more cash at it and gambling is unlikely in the eyes of most of us. One thing having a punt from a zero start but when your starting at minus £150million as Venkys now are , that's will be an entirely different ball game.
  6. TBTF

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Yes ...the close but no cigar brigade sadly.
  7. TBTF

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Problem is you spend £12million on lets say 4 decent recruits. Up a level they want 3 or 4 year deals and we are back to £20 grand a week if the players are any good. So you then end up with 4 players costing you £4million a year for 4 years = £16mill of wages plus £12mill transfer costs. that's where it gets silly again with our gates and income. I get the feeling the accountants who came in last Summer wouldn't let them do that so it is a concern I have had personally for a while .I think its more likely to be a go up and see what you can do with a couple of quid rather than an assault on the PL.
  8. TBTF


    Thanks Rev we owe you. You could get player of the year at this rate!!
  9. TBTF


    Listened to Andy Bayes and Ian battersby on BBc lancs on Monday night. Battersby said we had now conceded more at home than away and if we had even matched Wigan & Shrews in the goals against column in Home games we would be away and gone by now. Battersby also thought 7 wins from last 10 would see us get automatic because it would leave Shrews needing to win 8 and draw 3 of their 12 remaining games to get past us based on goal difference. I have to say listening to them I tended to agree with what they were saying.
  10. TBTF

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    well it wont be Samuel!!
  11. TBTF

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    win on sunday and I reckon 6 wins from last ten games gets the job done.
  12. TBTF

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    well lets hope they don't get too many set pieces then !
  13. TBTF

    Rovers v Bury

    Totally agree. 3-5-2 is a success if you've got wide men flying at the opposition .We haven't got those players especially without Chapman. Ours spend most of the game 5 yards in front of the back 3 coming from way too deep. Bell is a left back (if hes anything) and yet Mowbray is trying to make him into a winger . It suits Mowbrays conservative style to think of it as making us more solid than in taking the shackles off and letting us rip into teams. If we don't go up this season with that squad then nobody to blame but Mowbray. Far Too conservative and used his transfer kitty to sign the same types of players.
  14. TBTF

    Rovers v Bury

    Apart from Dack, 4 of our midfield starters were awful. Bell cant play that position and has no idea what runs to make. Not one for now and we should at least enjoy sitting top but I watched us last night and thought how badly that lot would struggle in the championship.
  15. TBTF

    Rovers v Bury

    Calm down Nathan- somebody will turn up .They always do. I don't think you need to be nervous about it.

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