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  1. TBTF

    Summer Transfer Window

    The sobering thing is 1000 STs at £350 would give us £350k which is about enough to cover this weeks wage bill . Even this years 8000 sales is about 2 months of our wage bill....... fooked and then fooked again .
  2. TBTF

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    That and claiming not to know who McLaughlin was! Sunderland’s keeper 5 miles down the road from where he lives. It’s like any of us not knowing who plays for Burnley . so it’s either Bare faced lies or complete Incompetence . Take your pick . The mowbray conversation is exactly the same stuff as everyone expressed last August . A last minute mess of a window by a dinosaur who doesn’t know what he’s building Or the new style of football we are still all waiting for a year on . Nice man probably, total clown of a manager . Having no personality , which he hasn’t, doesn’t make him any better than Many of his predecessors. if our budget was based on the bullshit that comes out of that club we’d be loaded .
  3. TBTF

    January transfer window 2020

    Given we are told to save the club and our owners by buying cardboard cut outs have a guess what our budget might look like with FFP and possible salary cap based on our income ???
  4. TBTF

    Football League Suspended

    Yes it was a great post by JHR . The absurdity that football is has been spotlighted through this pandemic and a good many will have come to despise it with what they have been force fed Via the media. Pure and simple it’s about money . But that doesn’t set them apart from the rest of the economy - problem is they think they are a special case all the time. I’m sick of reading and hearing that we NEED football back . Personally I couldn’t give a rats arse anymore - perspectives have changed massively for many people . And if behind closed doors is the answer then I reckon football is going to be in for a massive shock . Without a shadow of doubt ST sales will be decimated - certainly in impoverished areas like ours. The bubble is about to burst and not before time contract values are set to plummet this summer . I’m not even sure I will renew my sky football let alone my ST such is my apathy towards it all. If there is any more bleating about how hard done by they are it will finish me off . All we read is about testing ... what about the rest of the universe being able to get tests ?? But the last straw will be any approach by ‘football‘ for a government bail out because of its ‘importance’ to society . That would sicken me tbh but I would walk away forever if if taxpayers money ( we already pay to go anyway) is used to bail out the game. This pandemic has been a generational leveller affecting the lives of millions . But millions of normal people have stepped up and in doing so have shown football to be By comparison the grotesque business that we all really knew it was. They are not special cases in a million years and if Waggott and his cronies even start down that hard done to road then it really will be all over for me .
  5. For gods sake why don’t they just say we’re gonna try and play in September and new season starts 1st Dec ?? Theyll have to get over the contract issues like every other business and employer is having to . frankly sick of hearing about this special case called football . They aren’t and by the end of all this covid stuff they’ll realise they aren’t . far bigger issues to deal with than a load of highly paid marred arses. I wish none of them any Ill whatsoever but there’s millions of folk devastated by all this . Football just doesn’t get in the top 50 real issues .
  6. TBTF

    Friend in Need

    Come on pk lad - we’re all behind you mate . Look forward to seeing you back on the board soon .
  7. TBTF

    Football League Suspended

    Oh good - bit more planning time for our European scouting network .If they’re not furloughed by now Waggott wants shooting . We simply have to furlough in our financial position irrespective of the arguments going on in football . on another note can we expect Holtby to be fit again when it finally resumes??At this rate Dack won’t be too far away .
  8. TBTF

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Exactly Stuart . and in what world do we think we can run up losses of £35million in 2 years and then contain to £4million in the third year ? So yes , the plan was shot to pieces on 23rd December live on Sky. waggot yet another in a long line of chancers rolling into ewood.Do our bit to help the owners who have been good owners for 9 years ? Fook off you total no mark .
  9. Thought Dalglish signed Gudmundsson - might be wrong .
  10. TBTF

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Thing is Tomphil , what is any asset worth now? Hard to envisage big transfer fees and huge salaries going forward across the football world . Not necessarily a bad thing but the game is currently being shown up for furloughing non playing staff ( which as taxpayers will end up with us ) whilst players are waltzing off with their huge salaries . Must be a bit galling for nhs staff to be setting off every day to do what they do when that’s going on . Its like everything across the entire world will come out of this and absolutely everything will be halved. Apart from our bloody debt . How that then ever gets paid back god only knows but then again was it ever going to be ??? Scary times
  11. TBTF

    Football League Suspended

    And the relevance of that right now is what, Chaddy??
  12. TBTF

    Football League Suspended

    Best of luck mate - however crap we might all feel this is ive got huge sympathy with your situation . i hope you get through the stress of it ok between you and that you all emerge healthy . Keep well fella
  13. TBTF

    Football League Suspended

    Agree - dire , dire situation. i can see a scenario where games will start up and be completed in the month of June - 9 games in 4 weeks . That will deal with contracts up etc . Scrap the cups and euro comps and euros themselves and restart the season in Sept also without cups and head to euros in 2021. Quite how many EFL clubs will be left by then is anybody’s guess . terrible for the game itself as people will probably not attend in same numbers for summer football and many will be out of the habit by the start of the new season . ST sales could be calamitous for many clubs after all this . Maybe we should be thankful we’ve got loons in charge for whom the value of money seems not to matter . Now that’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!!
  14. who do you think makes the decisions now?? she does and always has. The ones at Ewood are puppets-pointless and useless
  15. Spot on. Even if he doesn't start Mulgrew yesterday then he has to be on the bench. The decision to start with all his front players (at least in name only) may have got us in front in the match but even if it had done then surely at some stage you would bring Mulgrew on and sit him in front of the back 4 to stop Derby walking 60 yards up the pitch unchallenged. Without Mulgrew, he didn't even give himself the option of getting Nyambe back to full back and slotting Mulgrew into the back four. Its bizarre and god alone knows what has gone on there. It's all very well Mowbray saying we want to play a different way at a faster pace. Yes- if everybody is fit and available but we were down to the bones and he doesn't include a guy in the squad who captained us this season and has played international football this season. I'm not suggesting he is an answer long term at all . If he isn't , as Mowbray keeps telling us, then the wisdom of giving him a contract till June 2021 as one of highest earners is even more ridiculous. Just go Mowbray , you're an idiot . One look at our remaining fixture list and I seriously expect us to finish in the bottom 10 this season and after plenty of Mowbray transfer windows absolutely nowhere near having a squad . A collection of bodies maybe, but that is about all you could say. Fortunes spent and fortunes wasted. As somebody mentioned earlier in this thread, the Summer clear out needs to include Mowbray, Waggott, Cheston, Suhail .as a starter.

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