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  1. TBTF

    Mowbray Out.

    The story from the Wigan end of things is that they are paying £10k of his £14k a week. That’s from a source at Wigan that would usually be spot on. just passing it on for what it’s worth
  2. TBTF

    Mowbray Out.

    Completely agree. Kicking the can down the road. Another two windows …..'assess me /us after those''. How many windows did he want when he arrived for the rebuild?? What revolutionary new style can we expect after next Summer then? and god alone knows what kind of claptrap we will be forced to endure between now and then. Still , the booths and smart screens should still be in good working order to give us our marginal gains. FFS !! There is zero indication he has any idea how to build a side other than ramming it with utility players. This bloke becomes more of a myth by the day.
  3. TBTF

    Mowbray Out.

    You'd think so BDS ..…...like I said a whole separate topic and probably not really right under the Mowbray Out heading!!! Apologies Mods!!! But don't let me stop you starting another one dedicated to that subject......not that any of us will have anything other than loads of conspiracy theories.
  4. TBTF

    Mowbray Out.

    Yes like I said I don't think it will come early. I think it will if we have a shocking run. All of which leads us back to the point made by CNHC above.....what the hell do Venkys get out of shoving £20million a year into this money pit ??? A whole separate topic , I know but may be that's just it- as long as it doesn't cost us more than £20m a year and it doesn't give us bad PR like it used to do we will take that. In 10 years time when they are in to the tune of £400 million will we be writing the same stuff???? Absolute mess all round.
  5. TBTF


    I know...….Game 3 of the season and a dilemma at home to a league 2 team who have lost both games. WTF have we become????
  6. TBTF

    Mowbray Out.

    I agree with Stuart tbh Nathan. Mowbray been here over 2 1/2 years now and at no stage has he looked like he is close to being tactically aware or knowing how to set a team up. We have shipped soft goals almost from the start of his tenure and lost or drawn games through silly goals conceded/poor game management or daft substitutions that wreck the shape of the team. I find it incredible that the shape of the team and ''style'' of play goes out the window repeatedly when he makes his subs. This happened in League One though generally teams weren't good enough to exploit it. In the Championship they do. He has been ultra conservative since he walked through the door and had he been bolder he might well have prevented relegation to League One. He remains ultra conservative. He has publicly commented on 'defenders coming' and knows full well that we can't ship goals like we do. Yet in god knows how many windows , the defensive structure of the team is no different and in some cases neither are the personnel. His obsession with utility players knows no bounds and continually we have players in wrong positions . I genuinely think he is a decent bloke at heart but has been pressured into some very strange outbursts of late and in my opinion , I think he is simply struggling at this level to compete tactically or organisationally. He is too old school and as some have said including myself , I think he is a decent chap but a managerial dinosaur . I don't think he has it in him to radically change and deal with the demands and footballing intelligence of a fast moving football world . He is naturally conservative and a steady hand which initially was needed but if you cant progress from that then you start to go backwards and that is what is happening here. He has nothing more in his locker than we have seen. So it is possible , god forbid, that he frustrates and infuriates us even more in the coming weeks. But The whole Club looks to be behind the curve operationally at many levels , notably our scouting, and the owners aren't savvy enough to see it and therefore we bumble on as a club because he's a decent bloke and appears to be trying his best. The fact that his best isn't good enough is likely to mean that we will need a sequence of horrendous results before anything changes because nobody within the Club will rock any boats for fear of their own positions. The Club is a cleft stick of mediocrity which most on here can see and which is why there is so much outrage at the claptrap comments they come out with which basically insults our intelligence. Most on here know what they are talking about in general (though there will always be differences of opinion on specific players etc) .We have lived through decades of this Club and know its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses all too well. The people in power at Ewood are largely people who don't have that depth or history with the Club and which is why we find it pretty offensive when they come out with the tripe that they do. I don't see change coming early; it might happen if we have a total nightmare run of results .The owners wont want the hassle or the cost and the present incumbents won't want to put their heads above the parapet. Conclusion: Stalemate, tread water at best. Flirt with relegation again at worst. Why? because we are badly owned and poorly managed.
  7. TBTF

    John Lowey RIP

    Local paper reporting the death of former midfielder John Lowey aged 61. Passed away at his home in Australia . His untimely death follows the recent passing of Kevin Stonehouse . sad news , no age at all and puts things in perspective. condolences to his family . RIP, John
  8. TBTF

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Completely agree. the window has laid bare in bright lights how inadequate our set up is. We can debate the likes/dislikes of individual players but our whole approach to the window itself has been nothing short of shambolic. We have known since January where our glaring weaknesses are and this was shown up very clearly in the performances and goals conceded in Feb/March. TM makes very bold statements (I wont repeat them all again! ) about what is going to happen , how our scouting structure is being heavily invested and then we get statements about financial backing and similar budgets being made available by the owners .Basically as last season ended very public statements were made about what would happen in the window and how our target lists had been prepared .Out of the blue we sell our keeper the reasons for which were blagged by the club but don't worry the cash will be made available to supplement and make us better. In fact , is the Raya money still untouched?? We then stumble around like a bunch of drunks in the latter stages of the window , this could happen, that could happen , we still expect to do this that and the other in the final days. Like Mulgrew or not, we end up on the final day loaning our captain to what most would consider an inferior rival in the same division and bring a left back in on loan. We bid for Reed , which must be some kind of joke given that he didn't play him in his right position and also we knew he didn't want to come north again. The reality is that we now must rely on Nyambe/Williams at some point being central defenders if only because of injury and suspension during the season. Not one fan thought we didn't need reinforcements at the back particularly Centre half and TM was also vocal in his agreement. So what the hell happened? FFP has been dismissed by the Club as not an imminent threat yet we look like we are in some kind of fire sale to reduce our wage bill right at the death and this will (and actually sensibly should happen) continue with other members of the squad going to league one and two . Its pretty much a shoe in that we will sign an out of contract centre back that nobody else wanted and it will be passed off as the plan all along. But as an 'operation' the window and how we've approached it has been nothing short of disgraceful , punctuated by a mass of lies that culminated in the manager losing the plot and spouting more tripe than he usually does. Something has gone badly wrong that I don't think we've heard the last of .Bollox about new booths , smart screens etc to give us ''marginal gains on the pitch'' (don't get me going about that chancer , Waggott) , investment in our scouting network , bargains in Europe is looking outstandingly hollow and nonsensical as we sit here this morning and frankly I really fear for us this season. Not because I don't think we have some decent players and I expect we will play some decent stuff at times but our soft centre and sloppy goals conceded has not been addressed whilst we have unfathomably squandered big money on players that seem not to know if and where they will play. If we embark on a poor run of results nobody will be surprised and in my opinion we have just reached a tipping point again where fury will quickly build and I don't think our management team is equipped to deal with that or put things right. Prediction: bottom 6 for much of the first half of the season , with manager under mounting pressure before being relieved of his duties or walking end of November. You would have to be the eternal optimist to be encouraged by where we have ended up at the end of this window in light of the narrative that has been coming out of the Club for the last 6 months.
  9. TBTF

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Because they will only go down the leagues as nobody thinks they’re up to it at Championship level . League one and two window stays open so that’s where they’ll be going!!
  10. TBTF

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Tbh Morten , yes . I ve simply had enough . It’s not one bad window , it’s an accumulation of bullshit in avalanche proportions from chancers within the Club. We are being mugged off by some slimy fool who turned up minutes ago . Our Club means jack shit to that toe rag yet he pontificates like it’s in his blood. You want stretch target - well unlike that bullshitting clown , I’ve reached mine!!
  11. TBTF

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    The last part is exactly where I’m at . They have about 18 hours to sort themselves out or I’m not going this season . I made a pact with my self at the end of last season to see what we did transfer wise ( I was still stumped by what they did with the Brereton deal). I heard all that went on , heard all the statements they made and like you Miller , I thought let’s see if actions speak louder than words . Technically there’s still time tomorrow but whatever happens I simply refuse to pay for the privilege again of being perpetually lied to . This Club stinks to high heaven and even the one guy with a shred of decency is now proving to be like the rest of them . so Mr Waggott , if you want to know how to achieve your stretch target on tickets , you wish to know what you can do to get fans back in the ground , well I”ll tell you . You can stop lying through your teeth , taking us all for mugs time and again and do your bloody job and that’s on the crass assumption that you’re capable of doing it to any extent . one Summer of bullshit too many for me I’m afraid . I simply can’t stand to keep getting myself worked up over these complete cretins. Very sad because I’ve been going for over 50 years but they’ve finally drummed it out of me . Well played Waggott and Mowbray , feed that back to your benefactor model goons in Pune .
  12. TBTF

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    And just how much do you think those wages are mate? we haven’t got a pot to p1ss in as I thought you might have picked up in the last 652 pages - we spent it on booths and smart screens !!! as Mercer said earlier , the content of that article from Waggott is beyond belief.He is another in a long kind of self serving idiots in that role at Ewood . Smug bar steward would be better keeping his trap shut and going his bloody job properly . Stretch target , flex .... what a tit.
  13. TBTF

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    For me Mowbray has 5 days to save his own arse . That was as horrific as we all knew it would be when we saw the team , particularly the defence. TM has made these comments about defenders coming yada yada but if he doesn’t deal before Thursday he should be sacked for negligence . We all know leagues aren’t won and lost in August but they are often won and lost in transfer windows of which this clown has had 6 and done nothing to a defence that got us relegated 2 years ago and which shipped 69 goals last season .OK , Tosin but if we really expect a 21 year old rookie to turn our defence round then it’s frankly delusional. We have to sign 2 or 3 proper defenders who will kick and scratch their way to clean sheets as if their lives depend on it . Now is not the time to sign children. Experienced tough guys only. It concerns me that our youngsters will never get the chance to flourish whilst we leak goals as we do because TM will always feel like we’re putting them under too much pressure in a struggling team . Conversely if we are watertight at the back then it gives a bit more licence going forward and our younger players can be given more opportunities . But if this isn’t resolved by Thursday with a couple of hard nut defenders then our season is knackered before game 2. i mentioned the Croatian lad earlier in the week captain of his club and in Croatia squad . Aged 28 proper thug - whether he’s one I don’t know but that’s what kind we need immediately not a few kids on loan . Whether or not this happens by Thursday tea time will define our season and very probably Mowbrays future . If we get the defence right I actually think we have enough further up the pitch but continually leaking shit goals completely deflates the rest .
  14. TBTF

    Rovers v Charlton

    Hey Stuart with this defence we’ll do well to keep it down to 69 conceded this season . This was our chance to get a few points on the board before some tough games . Be lucky if we’re off nil points by September . If he thinks a 19 year old will transform that defence into Fort Knox then he’s thicker than I thought ..... and that’s seriously thick
  15. TBTF

    Rovers v Charlton

    Don’t worry Gav we’re dark horses !! terrible luck to have the misfortune to play at home first game of the season . We’re up against a really tough side who have the momentum of promotion . It’s a really hard division with some really big clubs . total balloon our manager

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