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  1. Looked for all the world like there was at least a Lancashire derby in the offing for a good while . I want sure whether I wanted those tw4ts or not as we got down to last four . As it is I feel like it’s the worst of all worlds playing them twice in little more than a week . Still it was a cracker at their place earlier in the season !!!!!! Not .
  2. Once again we approach play off territory which normally prompts a nosebleed. Hopefully not this time and whilst not taking anything for granted against Derby I think the 2 away games to follow at Swansea and Bristol City will tell us whether it was the bad run that was the blip and we're actually decent or the last 7 days was the blip and actually we are bang average. It is hard to believe that with defensive and goalkeeper problems not sorted out last Summer and main striker situation still being a puzzle for Mowbray that we can emerge as genuine play off contenders and our pattern of results is symptomatic of the Championship ie many others will have the same comments about their own teams. Fingers crossed but I am preparing myself for more snakes and ladders in the coming weeks.
  3. TBTF

    Rovers v Burnley Under 23's

    Agree - 2nd half poor and Butterworth and Vale struggled . Vale looked very weak and easily brushed aside but we had lost our momentum completely by the time Vale came on . good point about Smallwood , Chaddy. Forgotten man or what???
  4. TBTF

    Support for Gladwin

    Watched him today against Burnley . I felt a deal of sympathy tbh. He’s a big old unit and a lot of our stuff went through him . He had a big presence compared to those around him but looked like his body couldn’t work at the same speed as his brain. . I genuinely hope it’s ring rust that he can overcome if so he will have a career somewhere . But it’s not pleasant watching somebody struggle in that way . The lad will have been through hell last couple of years and whatever we think of his ability you have to hope he can salvage something for his own and his family’s sake .
  5. TBTF

    Rovers v Burnley Under 23's

    He was a focal point because he played down the middle but I’m struggling to define his contribution . Poor in the air and didn’t win a challenge in the air, isn’t quick and doesn’t go past anybody. He had a couple of opportunities and didn’t manage to get his shot away. Our 2nd goal came from him losing control in a good position and it fortunately ending up at the feet of Davenport .Apart from that.... tbh his impact and performance were very similar to what we have seen at first team level ; exactly the same traits.The only thing I would say in his defence is that the service wasn’t wonderful .
  6. TBTF

    Rovers v Burnley Under 23's

    No he was awful - Rovers poor overall. Burnley creates a bit more 2nd half and missed a couple of good chances . notjing on either side that looks ready for first team level on today’s evidence
  7. Do you not feel that we are heading in that direction? It’s broken and unmendable and sat on a Venkys debt pile . How long does it continue ... serious question . it’s a problem that caa a not be solved any more
  8. TBTF

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Just as an aside Rochina scores the winner for Levante in La Liga tonight !! just saying ...
  9. TBTF

    Lancashire Telegraph

    With you there BB. Selling both centre halves (Duffy/Hanley) at the start of that season and not replace was the primary reason we got relegated . Despite spending a relative fortune (correction...actual fortune) since , Mowbray has not addressed that area of the team despite '' defenders are coming'' yada , yada. We might have several players now who are considerably better than what we had then but we are hardly if any better and that is a reflection on the goon in charge.
  10. TBTF

    Which ex manager would succeed

    Pretty much yes mate - if we don’t we will have an empty stadium , little more than a shell of a club owned by Indian chicken farmers who have run up debts of Half a billion in ten years time ....... and probably Mowbray still here telling the LT that this weekends game against Solihull Moors is tough because they’ve got good players !!!! Feck me I’m depressing myself
  11. TBTF

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Lol - you mean like that giant Woodrow , their centre forward ???!
  12. TBTF

    Which ex manager would succeed

    There seems no logical pattern or strategy to what we are doing . The point I was trying to make ( probably poorly) was that we lose £20mill every year , waste £15m on strikers and then can’t sign any defenders / proper quality keeper . We will get to the £39mill maximum loss for ffp anyway . Why don’t they put 2 fingers up , bring a top proven manager in and give him £50m in one go and damn the consequences ? Whatever the fine it would probably we worth it overall if they got to the PL , got proper money and actually then have a PL club to sell . That way at least they’d get something decent back for the boat loads they have spent so far . The way we are going we will be stuck losing money every year and stuck with the threat of embargo so in effect we just can’t manoeuvre from the nightmare we are currently in .
  13. TBTF

    Which ex manager would succeed

    But we are going to get there anyway . Has anybody really been hammered yet under FFP? Seems worth a shot for Venkys to have a crack rather than simply crawl to half a billion of wasted money
  14. TBTF

    Which ex manager would succeed

    I’m don’t disagree but the current rate of annual losses to fund the club will mean In Ten years time , Venkys will be close to having £0.5billion invested in Rovers.... half a feckin billion .!! now we have debated many times why they don’t have a proper go to try to get to the PL which would at least see them recover something if they sold it but this slow death is just impossible to comprehend. But however wealthy they are you have to think that the plug is gonna get pulled before they get to those sort of numbers .Then what ??? so for all those who thank Venkys for keeping paying the bills I suggest there needs to be a stop and think moment. This can’t continue indefinitely.
  15. TBTF

    Lancashire Telegraph

    What the hell is that Mowbray 1000 days article in today’s LT ? Is it just me or is Mowbray some genius manager who has saved our Club? It’s like he’s some kind of messiah reading that . Christ we are in a relegation scrap for the short term at least and yet there is more babble about us being in far better shape than when he arrived . Really? Considering what he’s spent ? another classic LT article no doubt prescribed by the clubs own spin doctors . Its like we’ve been dropped into the Trueman Show

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