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  1. TBTF

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    Word after was it’s a hamstring and could be 3 weeks
  2. TBTF

    January transfer window 2020

    We still have the Raya money though haven’t we???!!!🙈🙈
  3. TBTF

    January transfer window 2020

    If anybody actually knows what our style of play is . Mowbray doesn’t know either .
  4. TBTF

    January transfer window 2020

    And not even a European scout . But then it took us a long time to sign any body outside Teeside or south of Watford .
  5. TBTF

    January transfer window 2020

    The thing is JHR we are under threat of FFP if not perilously close to it so stands to reason that we will have little or no funds to spend . Ergo , it’s either a waste of time window dressing or we will be trawling the Albanian 3rd division looking for a hidden jewel !!! There is just no structure or method to what we are doing , zero clarity on what positions we want to fill , what system we are trying to play etc etc . We are a joke . “we don’t want to throw money around hoping we get one out of 4 or 5 right”” ???!! Hello you Baffoon, that’s exactly what you have done .... and worse than that, you extended their contracts when everyone could see they weren’t up to it . TM is just a babbling idiot and his claptrap just winds me up . I’ve lost all sense of what we are trying to do or quite where all this will end up .We are run by idiots .
  6. TBTF

    January transfer window 2020

    Lucky to see 3 of them on the park at the same time ! Despite your argument we are without a left back , our selections for the wide positions are stuck in the tombola and we don’t have a genuine goal scorer . Please don’t tell me Armstrong will lead the line and get the 20 goals an aspiring top six side needs from its striker . He’s had 3 or 4 decent games and grabbed a couple of goals recently ( out with penalties). One mad result at Sheffield Weds is clouding a few judgements all of a sudden . Mathematically , of course we have a chance - as do about 12 other teams . But this manager will self implode if he has to deal with the pressure of that come the business end . Just like our transfer window dealings and overall transfer policy since he arrived , it’s far easier to make out we tried but just fell short . We will be a fair way off the top 6 when the final league table is concluded- in my opinion .
  7. TBTF

    January transfer window 2020

    We can now add another £1million to that for Mulgrew
  8. TBTF

    FFP Trouble

    Still a nice reward for getting knocked out if the cup
  9. TBTF

    FFP Trouble

    On the threshold of FFP yet we spend what £100k to go to Portugal ! There must be getting on for 30 or so in the travelling party so I bet it’s not far short .Thsts slot of ticket sales mr Maggott . oh and yes taking a ladies to charlton with an overnight stay no doubt looks another waste of money . So next time you talk about stretch targets and similar bollox , Waggott don’t take us all for fools .
  10. TBTF

    January transfer window 2020

    Rathbone is nowhere near the level we already have - ridiculous if we buy him . He would get killed in the championship
  11. TBTF

    January transfer window 2020

    Always seems to be out injured .... so would fit in well!
  12. TBTF

    January transfer window 2020

    If they come with £8milloon I’d bite their bloody hands off
  13. TBTF

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Yes JHR and it reminds me of the pantomime when Pashas job was “ advertised “. we are living in an ewood world with lots of smoke and many mirrors with regular infusions of lies and deceit. By the way that Mowbray flag makes me want to vom . Any normal guy would be embarrassed by it .
  14. TBTF

    FFP Trouble

    If they were seriously looking at a sale and lease back of the ground as Miller 11 says, and they are thwarted by ACV status which was engineered by Rovers Trust then surely there would have been some dialogue with the Trust. After all , we have just been reading the manifesto of the Trust about protecting the long term future of the Club So either this is Just so convenient And it’s a case of hey ho ,as JH Rover rightly suggests or it won’t be long before they are blaming the Trust for putting the Club in this tricky position . If we are so dangerously close to an FFP breach having spent 1/3rd of our 3 year ‘loss allowance ‘ on Gallagher and. Brereton then I agree they should all be on the bus out of Ewood right now . I thought Venkys paid a kings ransom for Deloitte and KPMG to come in and sort this out and to avoid all this FFP crap ? Maybe it was not them but bank of India forcing it after all . whatever, it’s another major roadblock and when-you are already balls deep at £180million you would expect they are getting a little fed up by now with their baby . The numbers which have been reported tell us that We can’t be far off breaching FFP ( which we can all debate for ever ) but the point is we have once again pressed the self destruct button . You have to rather think that the plan WAS to sell Dack this January which as JH R says would have been an outrage to fans when on the brink of the top 6. Now they could watch him walk for free because by the time he’s fit again he will only have 6 months left on his contract .No wonder he was in floods of tears after Wigan- I’m surprised Waggott wasn’t too .
  15. TBTF

    FFP Trouble

    Where’s the surprise ? Everybody on here has watched this get closer on a monthly basis for 3 years . What have our hierarchy done to mitigate it ??? Blown £12million 1/3rd of the 3 year FFP loss allowance ) on 2 non scoring strikers .It defies belief . Management and ownership of our club is an absolute clusterf..k . It’s broken and can’t be mended I’m sad to say .

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