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  1. Rovers v Bury

    Totally agree. 3-5-2 is a success if you've got wide men flying at the opposition .We haven't got those players especially without Chapman. Ours spend most of the game 5 yards in front of the back 3 coming from way too deep. Bell is a left back (if hes anything) and yet Mowbray is trying to make him into a winger . It suits Mowbrays conservative style to think of it as making us more solid than in taking the shackles off and letting us rip into teams. If we don't go up this season with that squad then nobody to blame but Mowbray. Far Too conservative and used his transfer kitty to sign the same types of players.
  2. Rovers v Bury

    Apart from Dack, 4 of our midfield starters were awful. Bell cant play that position and has no idea what runs to make. Not one for now and we should at least enjoy sitting top but I watched us last night and thought how badly that lot would struggle in the championship.
  3. Rovers v Bury

    Calm down Nathan- somebody will turn up .They always do. I don't think you need to be nervous about it.
  4. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    Whereas ours did it totally differently....sold both centre halves instead
  5. Rovers v Oldham

    Completely agree Darren. He is bloody obssessd by this number 10 bollocks and I don't actually think we can play orthodox system with both Dack & Payne still in it together. Good players but one of them is always going to be out of position. I don't think ihave ever seen as much chaos on a pitch in my life until Mowbray came. Players out of position, carnage caused by his subs in terms of shape. Like you say , 442 and go for the throats . draws kill you in this division.
  6. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Craig Skinner played for us ...possibly his debut???
  7. Totally agree JHR. Whilst we are clearly still shopping at B&M Bargains and Venkys have not exactly bankrolled us to put '' promotion beyond doubt'', this squad I would say is the strongest in the League assuming all available and I include Wigan in that. If we don't get automatic from here its a total disaster and the effects could be pretty demoralising if we don't . And as many have said on here, it will be more than interesting to see how the chicken pluckers approach life in the Championship. Good though we are in this league I remain to be convinced we will be much more than lower end battlers without major investment
  8. well I doubt it happens in the next 7 days in time for him to play for us against them
  9. Chaddy whos money is it ? venkys or Mowbrays ? Then have another go at the answer.
  10. Not speaking from great knowledge on dack from Gillingham days but did he play CM in a '5' or a '4'? To me he doesn't look like he could play in a central 2 and I doubt he has the legs to defend without taking a lot away from his attacking/goal threat. The front of a 5 (assuming 3-5-2 formation) and behind the front 2 looks about our best bet for him. I still haven't a clue what formation Mowbray favours -leaving it to him probably 8-2 !! The one thing out of all of this is the recognition of what we have now become. This is hardly promotion or bust type spending which leaves the really big question of what these owners will do if we don't go up this season. Looks like they will take their chance running it on modest funds and if that results in a further downward spiral then so be it. Concerning.
  11. Is feeney due back from Cardiff?? I know he was awful last season but surely his pace and width would cause defences in this league a few problems,
  12. Coyle's new job

    No mate , calm down. How the hell can we ever forget what has become of us and where we are now. ? I will hate Venkys till my last breath and all those two hats who have engineered our demise. What I was inferring was that I simply cant be arsed to discuss him and bloody Ross County. Total no marks in my world and not worth the air time . Perhaps I should have just not responded to the thread rather than been completely misunderstood . I wont do it again ,so sorry to everybody!!!!
  13. Coyle's new job

    embarrassing that this gets any air time on here. FFS we are trying to mount a promotion campaign with a moderate man at the helm and the worst owners ever know in football. Can we not justmove on from this total rubbish? Who would actually give one if Ross County collapse into the sea???
  14. Winter Wonderland 7th December

    Thanks Arbitro and glad your granddaughter enjoyed it too. Good times have been in short supply especially for younger ones (and anybody under 7 years old wouldn't know the meaning !!) Well done Rovers ........all adds to the feeling that if we had proper owners running the show properly we would soon be buzzing and belonging again.
  15. Winter Wonderland 7th December

    Were there many there Arbitro?