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  1. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Rovers v Peterborough

    To be balanced - Antonsson did have a period during the season where he looked half decent, scored goals and was looking a permanent fixture in the team. Similarly Armstrong had a more recent period where he has looked half decent and had a run of goals. However - last night both were poor - and I would argue that Armstrong gave away the ball more than Antonsson. Looking at the team as a whole - Antonsson adds height which we do lack at times - but personally prefer Armstrong's pace.
  2. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Rovers v Peterborough

    It is always interesting that some players seem to get stick - while others get off. Evans last night was poor - but IMO Smallwood was worse and at points looked like he was running in treacle. If you take away Dack's goals - he had a poor night - often making the wrong choice and giving the ball away in dangerous areas. Similarly - Williams had a poor night - but contributed to two goals. Granted both Dack and Smallwood have contributed far more over the season than Williams or Evans - but last night they were all part of a poor team performance in the 1st Half. For anyone in the Jack Walker - the tackle on Antonsson looked to me dangerous under today's rules - what is your opinion ?
  3. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Next season budget already in place

    I always find it interesting how fans view club finances. If we get promoted - how much extra money do we get from the league ? Beyond that - and possible additional match day and other revenue - how much should Venky's put in ? Some will say they should pay as much as it takes to put right the wrongs they have done - but in truth things are very different to when Jack helped pay to get us promoted. We now have a number of ex-Premiership clubs with huge parachute payments - it is a very different environment.
  4. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Rovers v Southend

    Which - ours or theirs - if he gives theirs, he has to give the shirt pull on Armstrong.
  5. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Rovers v Southend

    Far more nerve racking end to the match than it needed to be. Even though we didn't play well - Graham should have had a hat trick today. Very disappointed with Payne - thought he would do far better. He looked lightweight in comparison to Dack.
  6. DavidMailsTightPerm


    Totally agree with this - until we are 4 points ahead of third position with one game to go (or 7 with 2 games to go etc) - we can't start counting our chickens. Things are looking brighter by the day - but just in the way Wigan and Shrewsbury have to keep winning matches - so do we.
  7. DavidMailsTightPerm


    Is it not about right for league 1 referees ? The clown we had last night could easily have lost us the match - such was his ineptitude. Not saying he was biased - just that more of his poor decisions went against Rovers as the team doing the majority of the attacking. Not getting too excited yet - all could change on Monday. Hopefully it will give the players the boost to keep on pushing.
  8. DavidMailsTightPerm


    Personally I feel it would be a disaster - as we would lose some/most of the players that have made this season enjoyable (at times). Yes next season I would look forward to seeing our U23 team progress into the first team - but the loss of players like Dack, Mulgrew, Armstrong etc would be a shame - and see our crowds dwindle more towards the numbers when I first started going to Ewood. You can see in every match that we have the best footballers in this division - that doesn''t guarantee promotion in a league where hard work, organisation and a robust approach can hide a multitude of sins. IMO we have a team that is probably more suited to the Championship than it is League 1 - we definitely miss a dominant centre half - though Mulgrew and Lenihan are possibly the best footballing centre halves seen in this division for a long time.
  9. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Rovers v Wigan

    He didn't get the ball for the one he shoved Dack in the back - which should have been a penalty..
  10. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Rovers v Wigan

    Our biggest issue is mainly lack of height. Wigan have height throughout the team which makes a big difference in this league. Though a draw feels like a defeat after being 2-0 up - I felt we looked the better team overall - but the physicality of Wigan told in the end. A draw isn't the end of the world - just need to ensure we beat Blackpool.
  11. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Rovers v Wigan

    Rev - sorry, though I get the importance of the match - we will still have 10 games to play after this one. At this moment in time a draw wouldn't be a bad result - Shewsbury would still have to win both games in hand to go above us - and then better our results for another 10 matches. Its nice to be nervous about a match for all the right reasons - i.e. chance of promotion rather than relegation.
  12. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Rovers v Bury

    In all things you have to consider the score line - more room for Payne when Bury were chasing - would he have been as effective without the additional space ? Evans was a big disappointment tonight - as was Bennett as a wing back. I actually thought we started promisingly with three at the back - just let down by Evans and to a lesser extent Smallwood.
  13. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Rovers v Bury

    Would have preferred a replay - but it is another game for them to play.
  14. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Portsmouth v Rovers

    Did we look any better defensively when Lenihan came on and we went three at the back ?
  15. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Portsmouth v Rovers

    Why ? With Payne and Armstrong starting we lack height throughout the team - so starting Williams makes sense from that perspective.

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