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  1. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Second half I don't remember feeling overly concerned - it wasn't like they were creating chance after chance. First half after we scored - they had some reasonable chances - but at least it gave Raya a chance to shine on Telly 🙂 I know we are getting some stick for sitting back after we scored - but this happens time and time again for most teams. How many times have Rovers been under the cosh - the opposition scores and then suddenly we look a different team as they sit back. There were some interesting tactical changes during the match - interesting to see Palmer playing further forward with Dack seeming to drop more into centre midfield at times during the second half.
  2. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Derby County vs Rovers, Tues 18th Sept

    Just our luck that when he scored 5 - the guy from Bolton scored 5 on the same Saturday.
  3. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Burnley in bother.

    At the start of the season I had intended to put a bet on Rovers getting promoted and Burnley relegated. A long shot on Rovers - but I always felt Burnley would be at risk due to the extra commitments of Europe. However - now they have been knocked out I expect them to pick up enough points to avoid relegation.
  4. Wouldn't be surprised to see Rothwell start in the next match instead of Armstrong - especially as we are away from home. IMO you can see what TM is trying to do - while showing some loyalty to the players that got promoted, and also retaining the same work ethic - he is acquiring midfield players that are more suited to possession football and slowly introducing them to the first team.
  5. Was impressed with Reed - the ease with which he covered ground was in stark contrast to the more ponderous Smallwood.
  6. Was funny how Graham was continually pushed in the back but got little from the referee - however Grealish goes down easily a gets a free kick - who would have thought it
  7. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    In truth it doesn't - if our goal had been given they wouldn't have had the play to be denied a penalty.
  8. Goals change matches - the unbelievable giving of a free kick that led to their equaliser - plus Armstrong missing a one on one with the keeper set the tone. But all in all - we just didn't put it together today - can't put my finger on it. May be on my own - but didn't think they were 4-1 better. Special mention for Smallwood - not certain how he keeps being picked - hopefully a reshuffle after the break.
  9. In truth that shows how good a window we have had - TM is now in a position where he can mix things up and rest players and still put out a strong team (especially midfield and forward areas)
  10. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Loan Window

    Totally agree = plus some of the new signings are a bit of an unknown quantity at the moment whereas Dack is guaranteed quality.
  11. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Loan Window

    What is wrong with Brereton ? There must be a reason why a Premiership club hasn't taken a punt on him - £6m isn't that much for a Premiership club. Looking at the highlights (which can be deceiving) he looks like he has pace, strength and dribbling ability - combined with the pace of Armstrong our somewhat slow team will start to look a lot quicker.
  12. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Loan Window

    Rodwell fits the profile of most of TMs signings - players that have had dips in form but have previously shown they are good players. Only issue with Rodwell is that his poor form has been over a number of seasons. It's a gamble - but as we can't buy the finished article any more - one that may be worth taking.
  13. DavidMailsTightPerm


    Any team in this division would be better with Dack - but it is poor defending that has let us down tonight which Dack couldn't have really helped with.
  14. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Bradley Dack

    The sad thing is - there are some clubs in this division who will be able to offer silly money at Xmas to help guarantee promotion. Let's hope we are in the top 6 mix come Christmas to help ward off any potential suitors.
  15. DavidMailsTightPerm


    So am I - he isn't on the bench😁

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