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  1. DavidMailsTightPerm


    So am I - he isn't on the bench😁
  2. DavidMailsTightPerm


    This ref from Dingle country ?
  3. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Thursday deadline.

    Can you imagine this 're Maddison 1. Now that window has shut Premiership clubs know which players they will loan out. Peterborough bring in loan player in Maddison position. 2. Rovers agree loan to buy (with contractually pre-agreed fee) - and pick up all his salary. 3. January - Rovers complete purchase. Don't think there is a good or bad time to buy - but the worst thing to do would be to buy the wrong player. Now the window has shut clubs will be in a better position to decide which players they will keep or loan out. TBH I would imagine the horse trading will continue unabated until end of August - with loan to buy being the way around the new window.
  4. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Thursday deadline.

    One of the potential issues with Rovers keeping their targets largely under wraps - is that teams wanting to make other teams aware of a players availability can leak Rovers supposed interest. Very quickly the rumour spreads to the extent no one knows where it came from. Hopefully wrong - but £4m on Freedman seems a little rich - especially when we have more pressing needs elsewhere. Transfer deadline day - let the madness begin. But everyone remember - no melt down if we don't sign anyone today - there is still the loan window 😁
  5. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Ipswich away match thread

    Later in the season it would be - but sounded like a very hot day - and still working up to full fitness.
  6. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Ipswich away match thread

    TBH we didn't really take our chances last season - and it wasn't like we let in a well worked goal for them to draw level. At the end, sounded like we were dead on our feet - which affected decision making. Disappointing to be so near to 3 points - but would have taken a draw at the start - so still a good result.
  7. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Thursday deadline.

    Would it not be daft to publically say they were top of our list if we are trying to get both for reasonable fees. I am sure both players and their agents know whether Mowbray is interested irrespective of what he says in the paper. Both players are risks - one is injury prone while the other has never quite made it in the Championship. I like both - but totally agree if he is refusing to pay daft money for either.
  8. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    When are Season Tickets being issued ?
  9. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Thursday deadline.

    TBH it is only pre-season - losing today doesn't mean we will necessarily get relegated, just in the same way winning against Everton meant we will get promoted. Did anyone play well today ?
  10. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Thursday deadline.

    Semi final of World Cup !
  11. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Thursday deadline.

    However if we play three at the back we don't necessarily need wingers - but similar to England three number 10 type players to play behind a lone forward.
  12. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Pre Season Matches

    What I found most pleasing (granted from only the highlights) was the apparent togetherness of the team. Dack looks genuinely happy at Rovers - and that will needed if his performances get too much unwanted attention from teams with more money than Rovers.
  13. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Thursday deadline.

    Is this the same Nixon's that said we had £50m of players lined up when Venkys first took over ?
  14. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Thursday deadline.

    How much did you think his budget was ?
  15. DavidMailsTightPerm

    Thursday deadline.

    I am sorry - but what about Armstrong's record in the Championship makes you think he is worth £3m ? Don't get me wrong I would like us to sign him - but IMO it would be too great a risk at that price.

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