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  1. Traviscon


    He reminds me a lot of when we had Josh King. Frightens people when running at them, but invariably missed big chunks of the season through injury.
  2. Traviscon

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Great challenge I thought. Thankfully backup.
  3. Traviscon

    Premier League Stuff

    Pretty much my thoughts whilst watching the West Ham game this afternoon.
  4. Traviscon

    Ben Brereton

    I'd be more worried about the fact it would only take our management team 4 months to come to that opinion after purchasing him for 7m (our almost recording signing). That would surely mean this scouting system we have is tripe.
  5. Traviscon

    Loan Window

    Wouldn't be totally surprised if we got another striker on a 6/12 month loan. We were looking at Brereton before Samuel got injured, depending on how serious it is, TM may think we need another to cover that injury.
  6. Traviscon

    Loan Window

    Probably because you responded with "who? Who? Who?" To the original post.
  7. Traviscon

    Thursday deadline.

    I see your point, but he also played in the Dutch league and tried to transition the Premier League, 53 games in the league we're in is probably a different story.
  8. Traviscon

    Thursday deadline.

    It's a lot of money for potential, but (From Wikipedia): Brereton was subsequently called up to represent England at the 2017 UEFA European Under-19 Championship.[14] In the group stage, he scored the winner against the Netherlands[15] and twice against Germany.[16] Brereton was a second-half substitute during the victory against Portugal in the final.[17] His total of three goals meant Brereton was joint top goalscorer at the tournament.[18] Brereton also played at the 2018 UEFA European Under-19 Championship, scoring his only goal of the tournament in the opening group stage match against Turkey.[19] You can't really argue that he hasn't delivered at the levels he's played at.
  9. Traviscon

    Transfers Part 2

    Chaddy, I think you're a decent bloke and always appreciate your input. However, let me give you some quick advice. Imo that post comes across as pompous, if you changed your perceived tone, people may give you a break.
  10. Traviscon

    Who will stay, who will leave?

    Chaddy, that's ironic considering the quote of yours that Stuart used. For what it's worth I can see Graham, Mulgrew and Steele leaving. The first two probably due to wages and I suspect they'll get Championship offers, Steele will leave as he's clearly out of favour, not sure who'll take him though.
  11. Traviscon

    Mowbray stays as manager

    Understand your point Jim, but if that was the case, why would he continue if he thought it was mission impossible to improve us and get us promoted? Surely that would damage his reputation further and make him virtually unemployable at any club, never mind one of Rovers stature. Either way, I'm personally not hopeful it's going to end well.
  12. Traviscon

    Transfers Part 2

    I'd take some of the wicketkeepers over Steele!
  13. Traviscon

    Transfers Part 2

    I'd argue he's a better keeper all round. I don't have much experience watching him on a regular basis, but he looks more confident, commanding of his area and some of his distribution at the Brentford game was very good. I think Raya would do very well in League 1, provided he has a half decent defence to shield him (we can all dream).
  14. Traviscon

    Transfers Part 2

    Chaddy, I can't dampen your enthusiasm, it's admirable you see positives when there's very few around. However you can't surely expect that Mowbray will receive good news from India can you? They've spent bugger all the last 5 transfer windows and seen the club slide down the league table to our lowest point for 37 years. There's no board of directors to provide any guidance for the club's future and the club's income with be vastly reduced from relegation. The days of spending on any talent have gone and we have been reliant on the academy to plug the gaps for at least the past 2 seasons (that's not a bad thing if they're ready to step up). So chaddy, a question, do you expect that if Mowbray comes back from India next week, remains in charge and is given positive news, that the owners will back him up? Cos I can't see it.
  15. Traviscon

    Burton away - Friday 24 Feb - 6 pointer

    Jesus wept you talk some tripe. In the job a matter of days and he's got a draw, we'd have probably lost 3-2 with coyle in charge. I despise Venkys and everything they stand for and what they've done to the club, but give Mowbray some time, it's not his fault he's only just been given the gig 48 hours before this game and with such a busy schedule in charge. If mowbray has failed this test, give me a name of someone who'd realistically take the job and turn the results around within that time frame?

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