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  1. Traviscon

    Summer Transfer Window

    Very good player. He's a cracking left back both in defense and attack, it's actually part of the reason he's played in midfield on a couple of ocassions. Technically very good and not shy getting stuck in. I chucked his name out last night based purely off the fact that it looks like the kind of deal Rovers are looking at these days (which I saw someone else allude to earlier). A player who's probably available for less than their actual market price for one reason or another, who would add some real quality. If it turns out to be him, i'd be ecstatic because he's probably PL quality IMO.
  2. Traviscon

    Summer Transfer Window

    Well Ayala has to be an upgrade on any other CH at the club (and I include Lenihan in that bracket). Kaminski is an unknown, but the bar wasn't set very high by last seasons number one. And I won't waste my time talking about Bell.
  3. Traviscon

    Summer Transfer Window

    Well if indeed a LB has finally signed on the dotted line. Then at least the 3 weakest areas have been addressed.
  4. Traviscon

    Summer Transfer Window

    I don't know what they're paying at QPR, but I wonder if there's any chance we could nab Ryan Manning off them. I know he's been linked with some PL and Championship clubs, but there's been no movement yet. He's been frozen out at QPR, due to the contract stand off. Best as a left back and also decent playing left midfield.
  5. Traviscon

    The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

    Jesus christ. Just imagine, he'd be one of our top earners nowadays. 😳
  6. Traviscon

    The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

    I'm pretty critical of him, but fair play to Tony Mobrawy to be honest. If we'd have been relegated to L1 under any other manager during Venky's reign - you imagine he'd have been given a new deal. But within a few months - he's seen as not good enough and is moved on. You do wonder if that may have been part of the catalyst for an improved academy. If he's the best we could produce at the time - it doesn't say much does it.
  7. Traviscon


    Personally I would've expected someone of Ayala's experience and ability out of our price range before today, and I think most of the board would agree with that. That alone shows you how good a signing it is on the face of it. An experienced centre half we can call our own (a huge bonus) , with vast experience in this league. I imagine it's a free transfer most fans at every club in this league would be happy with. I wonder if he's the trigger for this so called domino effect with new signings.
  8. Traviscon

    Summer Transfer Window

    Looks like the dingles aren't too pleased about it. 😂
  9. Traviscon

    Newcastle United away in the League Cup

    One on one, got something to it but don't think he could've done much more.
  10. Traviscon

    Newcastle United away in the League Cup

    I think Nyambe points at Lenihan, half tracks his run and ends up playing him onside.
  11. Traviscon

    Summer Transfer Window

    Another angle too is that Kaminski and Ayala are our players. No need to worry about being back to square one in 12 months time (all being well). And still opportunities to use the loan market, although I'd rather concentrate on using that for other areas such as CM, RB where we could do with cover.
  12. Traviscon

    Summer Transfer Window

    Also will not need to quarantine according to Rich Sharpe.
  13. Traviscon

    Newcastle United away in the League Cup

    If Evans is injured, this is why I'd get rid of him. He's probably one of our higher earners and we can't get 5 games on the trot out of him.
  14. Traviscon

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yup, sounds as though we've probably given him an extra year. For what it's worth, I thought I'd ask Rich Sharpe on twitter if there was any indication we'd improved terms. He suspects there's no wiggle room on the wages, so likely an extra year to entice him in. Not too adverse to that as he'll be 32 in 3 years. So still has some left in the tank you'd hope. To be fair, we've needed an experienced head back there for a while now. And some experience for the likes of Wharton and Magloire to learn from can't be bad.

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