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  1. Roverthechimp

    Mowbray’s Future

    Having been present at a number of team meetings during the last 25 years. They are not all about table tennis and donuts 😂
  2. Roverthechimp

    Mowbray’s Future

    Understand and agree to a point BUT if the players aren't 100% in agreement then nowadays you are finished. Think Man Utd as the most public example. Tony is far from alone in letting senior players dictate with the proviso that "if it ain't working we go to my plan" but he is unique (and possibly a little foolish) in openly discussing it.
  3. Roverthechimp

    The tea thread!

    PG Tips
  4. Roverthechimp

    Mowbray’s Future

    I read it that TM expects Che Adams to be in the premier League - that is reasonably high praise. Think his comments are spot if you Imagine the following words (unsaid) in TMs head: "... because then Che will need a little more to beat decent defenders and not crap like this!"
  5. Roverthechimp

    Carabao Cup 2018/19

    Bizarre but created by the owner playing fantasy football. Players know who the real "gaffa" is and so does the "coach". Throw in that sacking a player is nigh on impossible without paying up their entire contract and this is where you end up.
  6. Roverthechimp

    Mowbray’s Future

    Remember how many seasons all we wanted was players to actually give a shit, a manager that wasn't a liar and some sort of pride/responsibility in representing Rovers. To quote Fatboy Slim: "we've come a long way baby!"
  7. Roverthechimp

    Birmingham Away

    Attacking bench anyways 🤔😂
  8. Roverthechimp

    Kit Manufacturer

    Still can't get used to all our players having number 10... 🙈😂 But a suçcessful campaign for 10Bet i guess in that we talk about it and other fans take the piss (meaning they talk it too...)
  9. Roverthechimp

    Premier League Stuff

    Resource allocation? To start with the search was for survivors. Phase 2 (after 3 days) would be a passive search waiting for clues as to where to look whilst resources were redirected to other (non newsworthy!) Events. (Above is a guess)
  10. Roverthechimp

    Premier League Stuff

    With the "right" body having been recovered this story will disappear very quickly - healing together and closure being good choices for drinking games in the next week. Throw in "suspected pilot error" in a sunday rag and back to business as usual on monday. RIP Sala and RIP Dave Ibbotson who will undoubtedly be given the blame. Don't see anyone crowdfunding the search for that poor b*****
  11. Roverthechimp

    Unpopular Rovers Opinions

    This is exactly why it annoyed me so much that it seemed to be "off limits" for some reason.
  12. Roverthechimp

    The Second Class - Rovers Hall of Fame 2020

    Tony Parkes Henning Berg
  13. Roverthechimp

    Premier League Stuff

    Cough "agent" cough (alledgedly)
  14. Roverthechimp

    Unpopular Rovers Opinions

    "Can you use the picture of me in a Newcastle shirt?" 😈😉

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