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  1. Roverthechimp

    Ben Brereton

    Have we actually spent 7m or have we agreed to pay 7m if certain criteria are met? (Games, goals, time at club, England caps at different levels etc)
  2. Roverthechimp

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Would play leutwiler tbh - needs game time "just in case".
  3. Roverthechimp

    Stoke vs Rovers MOTM Poll

    Can i choose more than 1? 🤔😃
  4. Roverthechimp


    Great result. Scary finish. 3 points away from home and 3 goals from open play - awesome.
  5. Question is when does he replace Graham and in the meantime can he learn from him. Samuel crocked and Nuttall being what he is then i think it became very urgent...
  6. Think he is being political tbh. A reasonable return to the championship all in all and going off in the media prior to the break would risk morale. Think he will be bollocking them when they return to training
  7. Depressing 2nd half but people having a go at Raya need to back off a little. Could easily have been 2-0 down before our goal. Other than that - 3rd goal should probably have been saved but not sure if it was deflected.
  8. Missed our chances after a lucky first. Bristol better team today but could have 3-0 to either team at HT
  9. Roverthechimp

    Loan Window

    Usually "up to" means about half up front with the rest contingent on games, time and (in our case) promotion. Would Imagine there is a 20% sell on though.
  10. Roverthechimp

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Still there for me too. Also - Gladwin and Wharton look shooped too 😂
  11. Roverthechimp

    Loan Window

    Young enough to accept being replaced by Graham after 60 minutes. Good enough to improve our first 11 if we accept that DG can't do 90 minutes given that Samuel and Nuttall are the options. Young enough to improve and adapt to different formations. Sure - needs to make a quick impact to avoid any comparisons to Davies but that is unavoidable given the fee
  12. Thought Dowie would have been a better choice than Hughes. Was relieved that Sam left as the football bored me stiff. Thought Murphy would be the new Cowans Thought Jason Lowe wasn't that bad (pre injury if that mitigates it at all)
  13. Roverthechimp

    Bradley Dack

    First i would prefer to keep him but what do if: Player wants to go and we are outside playoff spots plus Fee 10m cash + 6m addons (1.5/yr) + 10% sell on
  14. Roverthechimp

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Special mention for Raya. Still young and kicking is mixed but 2 great saves again
  15. Roverthechimp

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Well done Mr Mowbray and the players

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