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  1. Roverthechimp

    Ben Brereton

    I think the OP is talking about BB 's fear (anxiety) more than what actually occurred. Genuine anxiety doesn't have to be based on events - just the fear of what might be. No doubting the work put in by BB and the staff but BCD might have been just the drug/placebo he needed to get past it.
  2. Roverthechimp

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Old argument is old but i wouldn't trust our owners to appoint someone better than or equal to TM. Just wish he could improve the defending as that would make us perennial playoff/promotion candidates.
  3. Roverthechimp

    Project "Big Picture"

    The plan is likely an opening gambit to start the bidding. The 9 clubs* with extra powers/status are likely in favour so all that is required is 5 more. Clubs who are not relegation material would likely jump at a bigger cut of revenue (18 instead of 20 to share the pot) and suddenly all that is needed is 2-3 votes that could be secured by throwing a few extra "crumbs" in the right directions... *Clubs should possibly be replaced with the word "companies"
  4. Roverthechimp

    Project "Big Picture"

    So the FA receive a 100m gift but the clubs get a loan leveraged on future income that results from broadcast deals and terms decided by the Premier League (more accurately by 6 clubs in the PL). Would the terms "bung" or "hush money" be inappropriate as it the plan probably needs FA approval to get past Fifa and UEFA?
  5. Roverthechimp

    Project "Big Picture"

    I think special rights should only be granted to teams that have won the Premier League 🤔😁
  6. Roverthechimp

    Project "Big Picture"

    Don't FIFA and UEFA rules forbid governmental intervention?
  7. Roverthechimp

    Project "Big Picture"

    Headline figure 250 million Smallprint - taken from future tv revenue and financed through a loan so no doubt the EFL will be paying the interest too...
  8. Roverthechimp

    Premier League Stuff

    In no way, shape or form do i agree with the decision and the following is a genuine question: As listed share companies would CEO/chairman at certain clubs be obliged (to their shareholders) to say yes to income that doesn't violate any moral/legal policies of said club/company?
  9. Roverthechimp

    Premier League Stuff

    Wonder if Liverpools result effectiveky saves OGS from the sack?
  10. Roverthechimp

    Premier League Stuff

    My problem regarding authority is that somebody else has picked the footage and told the ref he was wrong and presents evidence to back that view. Most people watching the entire seqeunce multiple times would likely say no penalty. Slow motion, stills and build up edited out then most would say penalty. Watch what the ref views on the screen - it is not him selecting it and it would be pretty much impossible for him to judge that it was not a pen. Above is of course - IMHO
  11. Roverthechimp

    Premier League Stuff

    Actually thought "thank feck we don't have Var" numerous times on saturday. Problem with slow motion, stills and different angles is it can give a very misleading slant on events dependant on how it is edited/presented - context be lost along with contributing factors (was Dier nudged - do they even look at that??) I dislike VAR with a passion. It is quite literally becoming a farce and removing any shred of remaining authority and respect for the actual referee. I can live with the ref getting it wrong - it is part of the game imo.
  12. Roverthechimp

    Premier League Stuff

    How can city spend so much money and be unable to field a striker?? (It could be argued that they play without defenders but technically they at least on the pitch/bench)
  13. Roverthechimp

    Summer Transfer Window

    So - any actual transfer gossip or should we rename the thread? 🤔😜🤣
  14. Roverthechimp

    Thomas Kaminski

    For me it is fine if a keeper is a "puncher" and uses it effectively and consistantly. Better a solid hand on it than half assed attempt at catching intermixed with punching which leaves defenders unsure and causes avoidable errors
  15. Roverthechimp

    Derby V Rovers

    Sorry for the huge edit but this actually made me spit out my tea laughing 🤣👍🏻👏

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