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  1. Roverthechimp

    Post Pandemic Fixture Schedule

    Have already lost a lot of interest in football and golf through oversaturation but do wonder if it is a gernerational thing with me being amongst the last of the "traditionalists"... Also dislike the whole "getting closer to the players" - i want Sporting Gods not someone who is good to his granny and cares about the endangered lesser spotted chaffinch 😁
  2. Why/how? (Curious - not got ifollow)
  3. Good to see 3 strikers put on when we were already winning - finish em off proper 😀
  4. Think that was part of it. Knowing (and hearing in following years) that we didn't master our own destiny. Same time: Ludek Miklosko is in my alternative Rovers hall of Fame and i don't celebrate our title less now. But i do believe in winning "in style" when you can
  5. Liverpool away 94/95 It wouldn't change anything but i found it hard to celebrate the title because we lost the game that day
  6. Roverthechimp

    Coronavirus - Football Pay & Moral Vacuums

    So the latest idea is that footballers will give what they are comfortable with... I'm guessing pre-tax or with tax relief and about 1% p/a on average 😠
  7. Roverthechimp

    Coronavirus - Football Pay & Moral Vacuums

    I'm not blaming the players - i blame the owners. But the players/pfa could easily have said "take 10% from us instead of using public funds".
  8. Roverthechimp

    Coronavirus - Football Pay & Moral Vacuums

    To summarize: the players are taking the piss but the clubs have enabled them to do so in this country.
  9. Roverthechimp

    Premier League Stuff

    Viasat have automatically reduced my monthly payment to reflect the lack of sport. Email sent to me to inform me - all this earlier in the week. I have no idea if people were quitting or asking but it was an exceptionally quick and well thought out action to keep me as a customer (i hadn't even thought about it beforehand tbh)
  10. Roverthechimp

    Premier League Stuff

    Have they ever published who actually made the choice of plane/pilot? I know there were lots of denials and links to former agents but the focus seems to be on making the pilot the sole culprit...
  11. Roverthechimp

    Premier League Stuff

    Liverpool being so far ahead makes that decision easy. Relegation/promotion och champions League qualification less so. Either a boatload of money will be paid "quietly" or expect legal battles all over the place...
  12. Roverthechimp

    Stoke City home

    Half expecting a clash of heads between Leninhan and Tosin resulting in both going off 🤔🙈😂
  13. Roverthechimp

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    I suspect many "maybe" voters would prefer us to sign an experienced "top class" keeper but would now accept that Walton has proved himself acceptable if not "top class". I think most want to see at least some competition for the jersey - be it with Walton as first or 2nd choice.
  14. Your final sentence is my point. But i would use technology to punish cheats and reduce simulation.
  15. Honestly prefer it as it was today. The only thing i would like is for a panel (including the actual referee) to review and punish cheating. Difficult i know in the modern business that is football with lawsuits everywhere but if the ref looks at it, admits they were deceived/wrong without predjudice then a disciplinary panel could decide appropriate punishment. Difficult in reality - today i would think the ref would admit it was a wrong decision but their player should only receive the mildest of warnings that he was treading a fine Line. Such warnings could be accumulated like yellow cards whilst blatant cheating equals instant ban.

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