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  1. Roverthechimp

    World Cup 2018

    Agree with you. Part of the game for me is bitching about the ref when the decision favours the opposition whilst have a wry chuckle when it goes our way. Tragic that perfection is demanded from refs but players make 10s of mistakes in a game.
  2. Roverthechimp

    World Cup 2018

    Regarding VAR: who decides if the referee has missed something? In the England game he was staring at the Kane incidents - do the VAR mob have the right to say "oj - look at this!"?
  3. Gumboots - spot on. Another angle: could this be a friendly reminder to Venkys not to faff around all summer? As for wage rises: of course it affects transfer funds. Knowing about it doesn't make the money magically appear. Imagine also that certain players (Dack, Smallwood, Raya) may be offered new contracts on better terms to prevent last minute bids from rivals.
  4. Roverthechimp


    St James Park or Stadium of Light spring to mind... 🤔😉
  5. Roverthechimp


    Bottom 2 down - next 4 playoff just like promotion. Would make the League very "interesting"... 😈🤭 (Football stopped being a sport in my eyes a while ago - now it's all about entertainment, drama och "the show" so what the hell...)
  6. Think it shows that the players weren't following their instruktions/plan and knew it themseleves. Suggests tactical clarity and mutual respect between players and manager. José Mourinho aside, how many managers make subs at half time unless 4-0 down?? As for tubthumping - isn't that the point if behind at halftime (passion i seem to remember being high up on the/your list of requirements for a Rovers manager...)
  7. Selling Steele was evil genious level - pretty much swapping Steele for Dack (financially) must be the best bit of transfer business EVER 🤔😜
  8. Roverthechimp


    Which tosser changed the thread title? Very disrespectful imo.
  9. Roverthechimp

    Rovers v Southend

    Erm Samuel did hold the ball up just in the right wing - looked like the only player who wasn't scared of it for a while. Disagree on the subs - thought it was right to keep an attacking threat on.
  10. Roverthechimp


    Problem is also that the fans that have made the choice to stat away under current ownership are probably those that would be bringing in the extra walkons when we are doing well. Can think of a few that would entice mates, family and even colleagues to "come with"... Not blaming or suggesting that it is their fault but it could explain why the numbers don't increase even more. Personally think Mogga has done wonders to get 3000+ back!
  11. Roverthechimp


    Beer included in the price?
  12. Roverthechimp

    Rovers v Southend

    Still clenched... 😉 Summary: nervous players but no lack of effort. Pitch not helping our way of playing and a large number of wayward passes both made us look worse. Credit to all players and manager for the win. Still think Samuel did a good job - was the only player who got hold of the ball without panicking. Think he is getting unfair stick from some - was asked to come on and do a job for the team and did it. Scored earlier in the season when DG and BD wern't on form and so very much a part of why we are top. Raya - De Gea and Lloris hybrid. Fantastic but throws in the odd scuffed clearance to keep things interesting 😂 Feels like he has improved on crosses in the last 2 months.
  13. Roverthechimp

    Rovers v Southend

    Raya 😍
  14. Roverthechimp

    Rovers v Southend

    Samuel doing a good job so far tbh
  15. Roverthechimp

    Rovers v Southend

    Armstrong demonstrated his inability to trackback first half.

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