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  1. Jason Lowe set to return

    How often will those 3 be available at the time? For me - Whittingham & Smallwood is first choice but i have zero faith in Evans being fit when required let alone in form... Also frees up Nyambe as backup CH as i think TM has realized that Ward is just too slow for this team/league.
  2. Jason Lowe set to return

    Perhaps TM just wants a pro who play when RS is suspended, Evans/Whittingham injured and so forth? Think most on here wouldn't want Tomlinson/Travis as a starting pair. May also suggest Lenihan is further away from fitness than we hoped...
  3. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Interesting that the manager we all(ish) wanted takes a player we rate as beyond shite - maybe we should give him j lo's number 🤔
  4. Premier League Stuff

    Who signed the players because tbh they have bought a mix of mediocrity and #*@$ in the last 2 years...
  5. Hull City Fa Cup game 6.1.17

    Think Mulgrew gets to decide himself (One of reasons he is still here i suspect) but without him on the pitch we would lack any sort of leadership. Chance for Tomlinson to show what he can do and hope we play Samuel & Nuttall as 2 up front.
  6. Hull City Fa Cup game 6.1.17

    More interesting would be do we push for an equalizer if a goal behind with 10 minutes left?
  7. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Personally have no "grudge" against Lowe and think he would an ok squad player in league 1 IF we are only paying a portion of his wage. IF Smallwood is banned, Evans injured and Whittingham injured/jaded then sure but Mowbray will piss off a large number of fans. Positives - he knows the setup, no relocation issues, knows the coaches and a number of the players and can be sent on his way at the end of the season. All Said: TM should probably look elsewhere but i personally wouldn't have a problem with it
  8. Rotherham V Rovers

    Didn't see the game but frustrated by the late equalizer. That said - IF the players had done the most basic of jobs in the last 4 games (ie score an open goal, score a penalty, cover near post, not fall over in own box and give away the ball...) then we would have taken 10 from 12 with yesterday the only blip... Sure - if my aunty had b... etc but my point is that i am finding it hard to pin the blame on Mowbray for the last games as we have been on the front foot, positive team selections and even when we mess up then it has still resulted in a point. At 0-0 against Rotherham i see that he brought on Nyambe for Caddis and Samuel for Conway - both attacking changes showing an intent to go for the win and not settle for 0-0. Easy to say bringing on Ward with 5 minutes left was wrong but i would suggest that 95% of football managers would make the same move in that situation... That said - questions need to be asked of the defensive coaching staff regarding corners!
  9. Premier League Stuff

    Special taking on a slightly different meaning compared to 10 years ago 😂
  10. Premier League Stuff

    Video replays will kill any remaining interest for me. Wrong (?!) decisions are part of the game for me. I would however like to see 3 match bans for shirt pulling....
  11. Rotherham V Rovers

    Good bench - maybe we should start the chant: "we're having a gang...." 🤔
  12. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Agreed - he looked terrified. Tbh Nuttall and Tomlinson look less scared but still a little out of their depth against experienced pros
  13. For me the best thing right now is that we are discussing football. Sure some of haven't got a clue but thats ok Happy new year to all!
  14. Time to park the bus and hope we can sneak a goal or 2...
  15. Noticable that Williams overlaps more when Conway is "in front of him"