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  1. Butty

    World Cup 2018

    Absolutely, played some tough opposition there though too be fair. Interesting to see how far they can go. Made a great start but too be fair the Saudi's were absolutely useless and Egypt bar Salah are a poor side. Can only beat what's in front of you though and they've done it really well. Got a cracking national anthem to them Russians.
  2. Butty

    World Cup 2018

    I like my mate Dan who would score 50 a season for us in Sunday league when we were kids I wouldn't choose him in my team over Ronaldo or Messi because I like him more. We were debating how good these two players are and you throw in that you'd take Aguero in your side because you like him more? How's that relevant? Whatever you think of them as people is irrelevant you'd take either of them in your team over Aguero. Aguero is a great player, but again it underlines how good Messi and Ronaldo are when the world wouldn't even put Aguero in the same league as them. And Cantona over Shearer? Why would I think that? Give me a break. Nobody could match Shearers goalscoring record when he was here. I never said winning more trophies meant you were a better player. But Ronaldo and Messi win everything and are the best players for their galactic teams in the process. Stop waffling now Vinjay because I'm latching on to it myself now and it's too much effort on a Friday night.
  3. Butty

    World Cup 2018

    Waffle waffle waffle. The sentence I've just highlighted means this debate is over. How you can say that is just beyond comprehension
  4. Butty

    World Cup 2018

    The fat Ronaldo in his prime before injury was for me as good as both. However, there's no comparison. These two have been breaking records and winning trophies year after year for 10 years or more. Scoring 50 goals a season! We won't ever see the like again in our lifetime, too have TWO players at the top of their game doing it year after year competing against each other on the biggest stages, like I said, it should be savoured. We all know why you really hate Ronaldo, he's ex United if he'd have played for the blue side of Manchester who we all know you've got a soft spot for then you'd be his biggest fan
  5. Butty

    World Cup 2018

    Lighten up for once F**k me. That was the best game of football I've watched as a neutral in a long time. Ronaldo is what he is, but what he is, is a big game player and he will without doubt go down as one of the greats. We won't ever have 2 players like him and Messi playing at the same time again in our lifetime so savour it. Unbelievable Jeff
  6. We may be a league away from the premiership but as a team we are miles away. Staying up this season will hopefully give us a platform to kick on but to expect a lot more than that is pushing it. Like I said football is a funny old game and who knows it may just click for us again next season and we could find ourselves in the play off/top half mix like Millwall and Sheff Utd did this season just gone. However the real expectation for us should be survival. How can you be so negative constantly yet be crazy enough to expect us to be going up? If you offered me a 17th placed finish right now I'd snap your hand off.
  7. As long as as we stay up then happy days. That has to be the main aim. Anything more is a bonus, you never know in football but as a start survival has too be our main aim.
  8. Was it last summer the transfer thread was closed and restarted numerous times for going so off topic? Can't help feeling a similar pattern will play out this summer
  9. That "the 72" website is pure bollocks always has been.
  10. Butty

    Players who never quite made it

    That free kick against Blyth Spartans. He did it on the biggest stage of all. Chilean messi.
  11. Nixon hasn't had a clue or got anything right about Rovers since his mate wee Coyley left. So calling him a reputable source in terms of Rovers is pushing it. Calling Nixon a reputable source full stop is pushing it too be fair. Big Scottish Fud. Don't even get me started on that tosser Cross either.
  12. Butty

    Players who never quite made it

    You really are a strange individual aren't you JAL
  13. John cross? Is he the Arsenal guy who is hated by all the Arsenal fans and also for someone who's an Arsenal corrospondent wasnt he absolutely clueless in regards to their recent managerial appointment? If he can't get things about his own team right I doubt he's going too know much about Rovers.
  14. One year deal. Sorted. On to the next one.

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