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  1. Bells attacking nature 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣
  2. Best: Too many to pick from.. Off the top of my head, Phil Jones pocketing Drogba on his first league start for us in the 09/10 season. Bellamy at home to Boro 05/06, down to 10 men and scored an absolute worldie too win the game. Bentley’s hat trick at home too United 05/06 and also any Brad Friedel performance against United, too many to name!! Worst: Shane Duffy at Cardiff enough said. Danny Murphy at home to Peterborough, he got ran all over and was awful. 3-0 down at HT he was hooked off and never played a professional game again. Bradley Orr was also awful that game... Shabani Nonda, I loved the Nonda but I will never forgive him for missing those chances in the second leg against Leverkusen at Ewood when a goal would have seen us through.
  3. Butty

    Rodwell signs

    He said he enjoys watching how two footed he is in training and he said something along the lines of having no choice too keep him in the team now, be interested too see if he starts next week. His last few performances should guarantee him a start but at the same time you can’t not start a fit Mulgrew... 🤔🤔🤔
  4. Butty

    The BRFCS 2018/19 Predictions Thread

    Don’t think I’ve done too badly there, if I do say so myself
  5. Butty


    Well he tweeted Nixon earlier today so nothing has changed there. Surprisingly though his tweet wasn’t about Rovers but about Huddersfield’s new gaffer... You can take the Chaddy out the forum, but you can’t take the Chaddy out of the Nixon.
  6. Just stumbled across this video from an Ipswich fan. Longggg way to come too watch that .. No chance they’re staying up. I think them and Bolton will definitely go, but it will be close for the last spot. Hopefully Rotherham stay up as it would be an absolutely massive achievement for them. Don’t know anyone that DIDN’T predict them too be at the bottom of the pile!
  7. Butty

    Ben Brereton

    He needs to spend the rest of the season playing for the U23s whilst lifting weights in the gym everyday and putting some weight on. He’s too weak and gets pushed off the ball so easily, he’s also absolutely shot for confidence and a run in the U23s might be ideal for him to get some confidence back, it’s not done the Nutt any harm. And yes we definitely need a winger like Chapman, but not Chapman himself. Too many injuries, I fear the lad will be retired by the time he’s 26/27 which is such a shame. Talented kid.
  8. Butty


    I can’t remember a time Fulham have brought more than literally 50 fans too Ewood How lucky were those 50 that day too see them two crackers from MGP and Tugay though.
  9. Butty


    One of his better matches still isn’t good enough I’m afraid. We need to improve on him massively, we’re a left back a winger and a striker away from being able to challenge for the play offs for me. I know we’re 6 points off as it is, but I still feel that this squad as it is isn’t quite there yet. Very good start to the season regardless.
  10. Butty

    Championship 2018-19

    Too be 6 points off the play offs is bloody good going but I still don’t quite think this squad is there yet. We’re 3 or 4 players away for me.
  11. Butty


    The thought of signing a left back and also a wide player to slot in where Reedy has been playing allowing Reed to play in the middle with Travis... That would improve us massively, no doubt.
  12. Butty

    Championship 2018-19

    +5 at home -9 Away... Fortress Ewood!
  13. Easyyyyy. Three on the bounce and we’re back in a good position in the league. Rodwell needs too be kept permenantly. He’s a player... Delighted for Nuttall too come on and bag but what does that do for Brereton who’s confidence must be absolutely shot too bits. I’d be tempted too put the lad in the gym too beef up and put a stone or two on and stick him in the under 23s for the Rest of the season. Comfortable day at Ewood, expect a much bigger test from a resurgent Hull next week but it’s another game where we should back ourselves to get a result. TMBWA COYB
  14. Collins Keane Quaner and Judge are all new additions. Don’t take these lightly today. Get the job done Rovers.
  15. It has too be Brereton simply because his confidence can’t take any more knocks. The lads at rock bottom and needs a goal. Think Ewood would erupt if he came on and bagged.

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