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  1. Butty

    Lewis Holtby

    Lewis Holtby woahhh Lewis Holtby woahhh he comes from Germany, we signed him on a free
  2. Butty

    Lewis Holtby

    Potential too be signing of the season in the Championship, if we can get this lad back near his best we will have a player on our hands. Really excited about this. Welcome Lewis 👍🏻
  3. Butty


    Seen some tweets slagging fans for hounding Bell from the stands today? I’ve never rated him as you all know but I didn’t hear any of that unless I was away with the fairies?
  4. Butty


    Yes you are indeed right it was 3-2! You correcting me correcting someone else sums up how my day has gone today 😂
  5. Butty


    I think the double at Wolves was actually the season we went down. We beat them 3-0 on that last day when we stayed up and Hoilett didn’t score two. I’m pretty sure he scored two in a 2-0 win there the season we went down. I agree though I don’t blame him for leaving and can appreciate what he did for us here. I won’t be jumping up cheering for the guy but I certainly won’t be booing him. Our fans do love a good boo at home though so I’d expect him too get a few 😂
  6. Butty

    Championship season 2019-20

    With a front three of Knockeart Mitrovic and Cavaleiro they are going too dish out a few more 4-0’s I think!
  7. Butty


    I’d give the lad Hart a run-out. He can’t be any worse.
  8. Butty

    Hull (A)

    First half was wide open with both sides having chances, we did look really vulnerable at the back at times as they did. Second half whilst Hull still had the odd sniff at goal I thought we took control of the game and knocked the ball around really well. Walton had a solid performance in goal, penalty save and a clean sheet, can’t ask for much more. Cunningham proving again he’s on a different level too Bell, what a goal that would have been if he’d have stuck it in after that burst forward. Darragh and Derrick keeping there strong partnership in tact. Delighted for Williams too not only get the winner but make that absolutely unreal tackle in the dying minutes, he took a lot of stick as a left back and arguably rightly so, but he’s kept at it and looks more than capable at centre half. Bennett for me struggled too handle Grosicki tonight and we were fortunate a few times that someone was there too clear a Grosicki cross/shot. You can’t fault his effort but if Tony doesn’t think Nyambe is up too it then come January I’ll be hoping we bring a right back in. Johnson and Travis compared too Evans and Smallwood is different gravy entirely. Travis was excellent tonight. Johnson taking that shot first time and hitting the bar is something we’d never see in a million years from Smallwood or Evans, the only downside of Johnson’s performance for me was he lost it a few times in the middle by dicking about with it, he needs too cut that out. Armstrong had a decent game but should have done better with that chance in the first half and again, his final ball is inconsistent, won a few corners and throw ins from his pace though, nobody really had a bad game tonight. Dack was on it, if Downing hadn’t have hit the post with that shot it would have been a real goal, loved the way Dack let the ball come across his body before sliding it through too Downing, we played some good stuff tonight at times. Downing himself was outstanding, assured mature performance with so much quality. Gallagher is certainly shutting those up who said he was useless in the air, won a lot of flick ons tonight and his work rate got us up the pitch. Great turn too win the free kick I THINK we scored from. A 1-0 away from home is always a great result, how it finished 1-0 I don’t know as on another day it could have easily been a 5-4 win On too Saturday now, 2 wins and 2 clean sheets after two defeats is a fantastic response. COYB
  9. Butty

    Hull (A)

    You say it would be unfair on Graham too start on the bench which I agree with, but then you say you’d start Rothwell over Gallagher? Gallagher had a fantastic game on Saturday, why would you then start him on the bench? Rothwell in for Downing I could get behind but too suggest starting Gally on the bench is madness.
  10. Butty

    Hull (A)

    Nope, but midweek games are usually easy enough too find a stream for. Fair play too those making the trip tomorrow night! I’d take a point and I think we’ll get one. 1-1 Gally too get off the mark. Edit: Good job Bowen plays on the right wing, he’d crucify Bennett. Not that much of an easier task with Grosicki for him though, that may be our undoing tomorrow but I hope not.
  11. Butty


    The sad truth is even if tickets at home were £10 we probably wouldn’t even see that much of a jump in terms of attendance. I worry there’s thousands of fans we’ve lost for good and have fell out of love with the club and found other things to do on a Saturday. I think Waggott knows also that those regular walk ons will pay whatever the price is unfortunately.. Sad state of affairs both ways.
  12. Butty

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I hope too god we can make Cunningham’s move permenant. Miles ahead of the utterly useless Bell... Really impressed me today.
  13. Butty

    Middlesbrough (H)

    I mean that’s an optimistic thought, but I’ll bet you my life savings you’re wrong pal.
  14. Butty

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Gallagher on the wing? Fuck off Mowbray.
  15. Butty

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Might have just been frustrated with his performance, he may well have thrown a paddy but we can’t say he’s thrown his toys out the pram without knowing for sure... There’s definitely something wrong in the squad at the minute though, maybe TM is feeling the pressure.

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