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  1. Butty

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Can only see one result tomorrow. 2-1 too Wednesday. Don’t think I need to justify that prediction either, I’ll just leave it there.
  2. Butty

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Who gives a shit about honesty and being open. Charging your own fans £40 for a home game is an absolute disgrace.
  3. Butty

    Preston Away

    This cheered me up for a second. Only a second though.
  4. Butty

    Preston Away

    Walton does play a lot like Steele to be fair.
  5. Butty

    Preston Away

    That’s it now. Enough is enough. Time to go Tony. Leave now before you taint what you’ve done here even more. I’m fucking fuming. Another weekend ruined.
  6. Butty

    Preston Away

    I hope they don’t have a good drainage system and the game gets called off early doors before the majority of fans have set off and are then free to enjoy their Saturday 👍🏻 I’ll be more than happy if I get to save my ticket for a rescheduled game later in the year with hopefully a new manager at the helm.
  7. Butty

    Mowbray Poll

    Of course a manager should choose his assistant absolutely, I was just discussing Reid’s credentials rather than saying I’d be on board with him being assistant to Johnson, even more so if it was thrust upon Johnson without him wanting it, that would be very strange. A manager should bring in their own backroom staff, if Mowbray goes and Lowe remains as first team coach after a new manager comes in I’ll be annoyed, he’s been here long enough. If Mowbray is to go, we need a fresh start top to bottom.
  8. Butty

    Mowbray Poll

    To be fair to Chaddy on this one, Reidy has had experience of being an assistant manager at West Brom, albeit only for a short period, Think he’s also been first team coach at Palace under Woy and is now part of the Scotland coaching set-up under Steve Clarke. Not something I’d go for personally, but I still wouldn’t hound Chaddy to much over it. I think if Mowbray was to go Johnson would be favourite to get the job but you never know with the Chicken farmers, every Managerial appointment since they’ve took over has been an unexpected one. I’d love Jokanovic but I don’t think there’s a cat in hells chance he’d come here.
  9. Butty

    Preston Away

    This game is giving me the last game of Ince’s era vibes when we got thumped at Wigan. If Preston go 2-0 up early things will get really ugly and I think the crowd will turn, not sure it’s going to be an atmosphere to savour on Saturday! If we lose he can go and take Venus Waggott and Lowe with him!
  10. He’s been tweeting all season at his dismay of his brother losing his place in the squad, he even said he’d start him over Travis. Idiot.
  11. 15 million spent on forwards who can’t hit a barn door. Mediocre right winger shoehorned into the side at full back. Defence that’s needed strengthening since we got promoted from league one and still leaks goals for fun. Thanks for everything Tony but your time is up now. EDIT: And all our players can stop doing f**king interviews about going for the top 6 and “looking up” the league now. There’s not a chance in hell we are making the playoffs this season.
  12. I thought Nyambe had a decent game on Saturday overall, Bennett wasn’t to bad to be fair but Diakhaby absolutely ran him ragged at times. If Nyambe is dropped tomorrow and we start with Bennett and Bell at full backs I’ll be going full Mercer and smashing £100 on Birmingham to win. Don’t do it Tony please god.
  13. I was there as a 10 year old in 2006 with my dad and I don’t think there was more than 500 there to be fair. Fair play to you for making the trip mate I don’t envy you 😂
  14. Is anyone on this forum bothering going tomorrow? If you are then you deserve a knighthood. Think this could be a tough game, I’d say we have better players technically going forward but I can see Birmingham running at us getting bodies in the box and being physical, in-turn our defence will eventually fold as it usually does. 2-1 Brum.
  15. Butty

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    I cant believe we’ve spent so much on strikers and none of them can score goals consistently (or at all) that as well as having the defence we have will mean results will continue to be poor. Good luck to any manager coming in after Mowbray goes, this squad is overloaded with midfielders and a lack of defenders, Samuel Brereton Gallagher Graham and Armstrong who can all play upfront and who all can’t score goals, I’m not criticising Graham as he’s been good for us but I think his time is up now. I pray to god when Mowbray eventually goes that the Chicken Farmers back his successor like they’ve backed him, Mowbray has done as much as he can now. We have the makings of a good squad but he’s had his chance to address the areas we were lacking in and he’s simply not done it, it’s inexcusable, if we got rid of him now and brought someone else in who could make a start in the January window and then finish off the job in the summer we might just have a chance next season as we do have a few quality players in our squad to build a team around, this season is done, it genuinely is. I think we’ll be looking down rather than up until next May and that is such a shame. There’s only one man to blame though, I have a lot of time for Mowbray but for me, he’s done all he can and spent a lot of money on a lot of shit. Times up TM, go out now with your head held high and let someone new take the reigns 👍🏻

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