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  1. Butty

    Loan Window

    I think they'll sell him for double/triple that in the future. Class little player.
  2. Reading this makes it even worse that Carragher got his job back at Sky sports. You should be alongside Neville on MNF. Top work pal.
  3. Butty

    Loan Window

    If I have to see one more person talking about trusting Mowbray I may just top myself. I have not seen one Rovers fan say they don't trust Mowbray, he's our most liked manager in years. I was going to say since Big Sam but I'd say he's more liked than Sam was when he was here at the time, so he's our most liked manager since Sparky!! Anyway, my point is every decision every transfer, everything a player or manager does is open to debate, question and scrutiny it's why we have a forum, potentially spending 6 million pounds on an unproven player is a risky buy. It's not a case of not trusting TM's judgment it's just a fact! I hope we sign him and I hope he turns out too be the next Shearer but until then instead of saying "trust Mowbray" let fans say their bit and give their opinion, it's why I come on here. I like seeing and reading what other people have too say... Unless all they have too say is "Trust Mowbray FFS!!"
  4. Butty

    Loan Window

    The "on our way back" song will need modifying if we sign this kid. "We had no money so we signed some players on loan!" just wouldn't be true anymore. Maybe it would have to be "We're F'ing minted, so we spent 6 mill on an unknown!"
  5. Butty

    Loan Window

    Be a big statement if we were to buy an unproven talent like Brereton for 7 million. The kid has a lot of potential and when 7 million buys you Patrick Bamford it would undoubtedly be a risk. The market these days means every buy is their too be scrutinised though and I'd be buzzing if we pulled it off. I'd also be in disbelief, I hope the chicken farmers aren't expecting another promotion this season and when it doesn't happen the money tap gets turned off again for another 4 years. If you're going to start chucking money at it again at least give TM 2/3 seasons to build a team good enough to go up..
  6. Butty

    Carlisle Away

    Ipswich lost on penalties to Exeter and it took penalties for Forest Boro and Millwall to get past their lower league opposition.
  7. Butty

    Carlisle Away

    When I saw the line up tonight I thought we'd win comfortably but maybe not 5-1 haha. Glad to hear Rothwell and travis performed, think starting one of them alongside Smallwood/evans should be the way forward. Both together would leave a lack of defensive cover, whereas starting both Smallwood and evans is TOO defensive. Need to get the balance right. On to Saturday we go..
  8. Butty

    Loan Window

    Even in a holding role Adam doesn't have the legs for the championship anymore. He'd get run all over the shop. Presume he'll end up back in Scotland. Hope we bring a forward in before the weekend definitely, take some pressure off DG.
  9. Butty

    Loan Window

    With how sharp Danny Ings looked when he came on yesterday after barely playing for 2 years it's made my doubts on Chapman decrease a hell of a lot. Bring him home Tony.
  10. Butty


    That's the change, was just going to say that.
  11. Butty


    Granted a lot of those games were in league one. But if we are going to overachieve this season we need to make Ewood a fortress, 2-1 Rovers today. Dack and Armstrong. You blues
  12. Butty

    Thursday deadline.

    Now we've not been able to get our preferred targets the likelihood of Chapman coming back is probably 90%. Loan that's made perm in Jan you'd think. Always seemed as though we could have brought Chapman back as soon as we wanted but instead pursued other avenues, that hasn't worked so welcome back Harry.. If he can fulfill the potential we know he's got we could be fielding 4 or 5 million bids for him in a couple of years. Desperately need a striker though, if Chris Martin isn't in the picture at Derby a loan with a view to a perm would be great, I don't think he'd cost much more than 4 million so IF we have the finance, it's a no brainer.
  13. Butty

    Thursday deadline.

    Also seen tweets saying 5 million isn't enough! Young lad with lots of potential. Not proven quality yet by any means so 5 million is a lot!
  14. Butty

    Thursday deadline.

    First thing I see on twitter is forest fans saying they'll take that and give us 4.5 million change. Good sign
  15. Butty

    Thursday deadline.

    We've apparently bid 5million for Ben Brereton from Notts forest...

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