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  1. tugayislegend

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I think Gallagher would be a great signing for us. For whatever reason it didn't work out for him at Birmingham. What if dack gets sold come deadline day and Graham gets an injury? Entirely possible then who would lead the line? Not Armstrong as he is more effective out wide and we dont have any wide players with pace bar Chapman. If dack does end up moving on Graham and Gallagher would be an ideal partnership.
  2. tugayislegend

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Shocking by Williams, simple cross in, he missed it completely! We were well on top untill then
  3. tugayislegend

    Preston at Home

    Mowbray messed up in January! Gambled on the fact that rodwell will come good as CB, but even worse was to let go of downing. Don't know why we didn't go in for Patrick Bauer. The only good thing about this abysmal run and number of goals conceded is that he will hopefully bring in a couple of defenders! We cannot start next season with Williams, bell and Mulgrew!
  4. tugayislegend

    Preston at Home

    Absolute rubbish! Sorry, bowyer had Rhodes, gestede, king, Cairney, dann, Hanley + more. We can't compete with Boro/stoke/forest/ their wage budgets will be MORE than DOUBLE ours! It is so hard to bring in any talented established players because they will already be on more than 20k a week!! This is key when it comes to recruitment. Villa lost 1 million pound a week last season, look it up, as did wolves last year!! Our goal for this season is to stay up. Looks like we will do that. If TM doesn't bring in any defenders in summer then call for his head! What wigan and Rotherham would give to be in our position! We have to be content with mid table, and build SLOWLY over the next 3 years, yes 2-3 years at least.
  5. tugayislegend

    Rotherham away

    To be fair he has protected raya many times, at least 3 times if not more for calamitous errors which cost us points! Lack of goalkeeping competition also an issue
  6. tugayislegend

    Rotherham away

    Tony big mistake was not bringing in a loan CB in January....we had been shipping goals all season
  7. tugayislegend

    Rotherham away

    Think everyone agrees with that! Hopefully we won't see that pairing Next season!
  8. tugayislegend

    Rotherham away

    Rodwell and mulgrew would be decent in league, but not good enough for championship!!
  9. tugayislegend

    Rotherham away

    It's ok, we don't need any proper defenders, we got fancy feet players in rodwell and mulgrew, who can't even jump! Why let downing go? At least he was a CB
  10. tugayislegend

    Birmingham Away

    Birmingham game plan, pump long balls into final third, mulgrew can't head, neither can any of the other defenders! Hope they been working hard in training and they prove us wrong with a clean sheet...
  11. tugayislegend

    ROVERS v Boro

    Would gladly spend ALL our summer budget on a PROPER defender, to pair with lenihan. Mulgrew is finished, rodwell not good enough...
  12. tugayislegend

    ROVERS v Boro

    Tight on Williams, mulgrew fault that!
  13. tugayislegend

    Reading v Rovers

  14. So apart from Armstrong do we have ANYBODY At all in the squad, with electric pace who can play wide either flank and run at defenders? ANYBODY? I think it's disgusting Mowbray hasn't addressed this! Any fullback in the vanarama league would feel comfortable defending against brereton/bennett/conway/reed! Regarding Reed he is absolutely fantastic but not a wide player, use him in an emergency out wide but not on a regular basis to accommodate players like Evans and Smallwood!
  15. How good is Lewis Travis! Definitely first choice CM for the time being anyway....

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