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  1. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Travis you legend! At least he is trying and not backing off!!
  2. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Williams is more defensive so makes sense against a team that will attack
  3. Portsmouth v Rovers

    I know what you mean, but he is the only natural winger we have...
  4. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Bennett dack Armstrong Graham Would like to see the above front four, but not sure who could replace bennett in CM. Bennett would provide good width and crosses into box, armstrong would provide same pace and stretch them on the left
  5. Rovers v Oldham

    We have to count ourselves lucky, wigan and Shrewsbury wont lose every other week. If we have aspirations for automatic promotion we need to win on Tue and need to stop conceding 2 goals a game!
  6. Rovers v Oldham

    This was tried at the start of the season and did not work!!!
  7. Rovers v Oldham

    2 weeks ago TM said in an interview, the players know exactly what is required of them now and he hardly needs to tell them, motivate them before the start of a game! Make of that what u want. Im a strong believer u still HAVE to motivate the players before each game!
  8. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    5 winnable games between now and the wigan game. Hoping we can go on another run, a winning run like when we won 6 on the bounce rather than an unbeaten run! We are more than capable of doing it, fully expect the players to put in a top draw performance in the next game!
  9. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Absolutely spot on!
  10. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Wigan dont change the way they approach games, they hit teams from the go, is what we should be doing
  11. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    For all those who agreed to conway starting, when do we go to away grounds and grind out a 1-0 win? The best form of defence for us is to go out an attack, hence payne should have started and we should have approached the game in the same way as walsall even tho Walsall game was at home. Sorry but conway is awful and should not be starting ahead of payne!!
  12. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Agree 100%
  13. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Cant understand why conway starts, especially given how well payne played in the last game
  14. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Would love to see payne start this one
  15. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Your forgetting lenihan is ready to come back any time now!