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  1. tugayislegend

    Preston Away

    Bang on post! "We're in the image of our manager - too nice, not ruthless or nasty enough "
  2. tugayislegend

    Preston Away

    Walton an absolute liability, cost us 3 points today! We were comfortable till his blunder. 2 individual errors cost us dearly. Bennett needs to take a look at himself always man handling players in the box, 2nd time now.
  3. tugayislegend

    Preston Away

  4. tugayislegend

    Preston Away

    Mowbray finally manages to motivate the players when his job was on the line. Quick summary, bell starts off really positive running down left wing, keeps going all way to byline, cross over hit to Armstrong who puts in a good ball which Gallagher plants in corner. Within first 5 mins Evan's and bennet are sliding in, going aggressive, PNE stunned as they expected the soft rovers to come out. Gallagher gets rub of the green (strong believer we earn the rub of the green when we fight hard) when ball bounces off defender to his feet, left foot curl in off post. After this we dont sit back and continue being aggressive, even dack tracks back into our own box to help out
  5. WITHOUT a SOLID back 4, how can you EVER be challenging for a top 6 let alone a top half finish? Owners backed him, money was there to spend in summer, failure to address the WORST defensive record in league last year is now costing us! You build from the back, just like Mark Hughes did. We have SO many talented players in Dack, Holtby and Rothwell but lack balance, lack natural wingers, no LB cover, no CB cover, no RB cover
  6. Gallaghers confidence is shot, I blame TM for that, just like he ruined brereton! Playing them out wide, playing them as lone strikers without support, u name it!!
  7. tugayislegend

    Preston Away

    Or a young Craig Conway! All the goals gestede scored were headed in from Conway crosses. TM has had 5 transfer windows, signed near 15 players, but not ONE can cross the ball in! Poor Sam Gallagher has hardly had ANY service WHEN played upfront as a number 9.
  8. tugayislegend

    QPR Away

    Roll back to July/Aug, EVERYONE on here was waiting for a central defender, didn't happen.. who's to blame??
  9. tugayislegend

    QPR Away

    Absolutely! Downing at 36 year old, 3rd game in 1 week expected to play in CM - major error!!
  10. tugayislegend

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Ok guys, last 2 games at home we have had plenty of possession at home. What is that is lacking? Is it the poor balls into the box? Not enough players running into box when crosses pumped in? Let's face it, we dont have any injuries at the moment so effectively we have been fielding a pretty strong side (bar rothwell). For me I think dack is being marked closely and we lack creativity from any other players. I think holtby could be the answer. He has a calmness about him, great vision and passing. Holtby next to travis or Holtby instead of dack. What about Gallagher and Graham both upfront in a 442?
  11. tugayislegend

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Wow! Showed some class touches, and super creative passing in final third, u can tell his a German international! He needs to start next game!
  12. tugayislegend

    Luton Town home

    We are desperately missing a player who can dribble and run at players to create opportunities against weaker opposition such as Luton and Charlton. We are also missing a greedy selfish type of midfielder who will just shoot from 20-25 yards. OR should TM be encouraging players to shoot near final third instead of passing sideways? We had SO much possession in the final third but kept going sideways, WITHOUT testing their keeper, only 2 shots were Johnson and travis's goal. TM is 100% failing with a game plan against weaker opponents! Imagine Damian duff playing in the game yesterday, now he would have created some chances and got the ball onto Gallaghers head!
  13. tugayislegend

    Reading (A)

    Top 6 here we come!
  14. tugayislegend


    Need travis in to shore up the midfield
  15. tugayislegend

    West Brom Away

    We have been much the better side second half, travis best player on pitch dictating play everything going through him. Plenty of good passing and possession but missing that focal point in attack, as dack ineffective upfront. They have countered a few times, but we have packed the midfield and been better than 1st half.

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