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  1. tugayislegend

    Summer Transfer Window

    Bournemouth going down means king is off = 20% sell on clause
  2. tugayislegend

    Summer Transfer Window

    If we could only sign 3 players what positions would other fans like? Personally I think GK and central defender is a must. Last one would be an out and out winger or LB like greg Cunningham who would come straight into first team. Dont think we will see many signings due to financial restrictions. Whoever we sign must be good enough to go straight into first team, none of this needs to get used to our teams style of play etc as mowbray has previously indicated.
  3. Why is Armstrong not starting?
  4. tugayislegend

    Rovers v Hull

    Agree Armstrong and nyambe are class. Strange how many fans still whine about Armstrong yet his stepped up with goals since dacks injury. That's 9 goals and 6 assists for Arma.
  5. tugayislegend

    Rovers v Hull

    Wheres all the Armstrong haters? Ha ha!!
  6. tugayislegend

    January transfer window 2020

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11667/11922296/joshua-king-man-utd-could-make-second-bid-for-bournemouth-striker 20% sell on stated on the link
  7. tugayislegend

    January transfer window 2020

    Bournemouth reject bid by Man United for josh king. Rovers due 20% sell on fee if deal goes through today. At least 5 million if it happens.
  8. tugayislegend

    Forest V Rovers

    Single handedly 2 Walton blunders in 2 mins!
  9. tugayislegend

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    Downing started off LB, 2nd half moved to LM, then RM then CM. What a joke! When we needed a goal last 15 mins, Gallagher is RM instead of playing with Armstrong upfront! Madness!!
  10. tugayislegend

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I know the CB issues have been highlighted, but in the modern game your full backs are so crucial in the game especially if you want to play attacking open football, which is supposedly TM style. Just wanted to highlight 5 transfer windows in who do we have as first choice full backs? Bennett/nyambe and bell/Williams? Not going to count Cunningham as he isn't a permanent signing. How can that be progress? These players are just about good enough to keep us up, which is exactly where we were when TM first arrived!!
  11. tugayislegend

    Preston Away

    Bang on post! "We're in the image of our manager - too nice, not ruthless or nasty enough "
  12. tugayislegend

    Preston Away

    Walton an absolute liability, cost us 3 points today! We were comfortable till his blunder. 2 individual errors cost us dearly. Bennett needs to take a look at himself always man handling players in the box, 2nd time now.
  13. tugayislegend

    Preston Away

  14. tugayislegend

    Preston Away

    Mowbray finally manages to motivate the players when his job was on the line. Quick summary, bell starts off really positive running down left wing, keeps going all way to byline, cross over hit to Armstrong who puts in a good ball which Gallagher plants in corner. Within first 5 mins Evan's and bennet are sliding in, going aggressive, PNE stunned as they expected the soft rovers to come out. Gallagher gets rub of the green (strong believer we earn the rub of the green when we fight hard) when ball bounces off defender to his feet, left foot curl in off post. After this we dont sit back and continue being aggressive, even dack tracks back into our own box to help out
  15. WITHOUT a SOLID back 4, how can you EVER be challenging for a top 6 let alone a top half finish? Owners backed him, money was there to spend in summer, failure to address the WORST defensive record in league last year is now costing us! You build from the back, just like Mark Hughes did. We have SO many talented players in Dack, Holtby and Rothwell but lack balance, lack natural wingers, no LB cover, no CB cover, no RB cover

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