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  1. Irish...Rover

    ROVERS v Boro

    I don't understand how Raya is so bad at finding one of our players from kicks..
  2. Irish...Rover

    ROVERS v Boro

    When the back line get the ball the midfield really don't look like they want the ball.. Evans pointing up towards the strikers..
  3. Is this one on the telly lads?
  4. Irish...Rover

    Bristol Away Question

    Thanks Den! That's helpful to know for the future! Enjoy the game!
  5. Irish...Rover

    Bristol Away Question

    Thanks a million! I'll give them a call!
  6. Irish...Rover

    Bristol Away Question

    Got a question that I hope yee can help with! Hoping to head to my first away rovers match ever next week in Bristol. Tried to buy tickets online but none are available. I'm based in Ireland and am flying straight over to Bristol so is it even possible for me to get tickets at all without going to the ticket office in Blackburn? Sorry if its a stupid question in advance!
  7. Irish...Rover

    Carlisle Away

    He might get him self sent off before that!
  8. Irish...Rover

    Carlisle Away


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