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  1. Bumped into the the Bristol City 'firm' a few years back when watching them play Millwall. They had been thumped and were absolutely fuming, they assumed that all Millwall fans were hooligans and so promptly stormed towards us with cider bottles in hand, I never run so quickly in my life, absolute fucking lunatics. Since then I've refused to go to a football game in Bristol. Good luck to anyone going today, I hope you don't bump into the lot I did. Going for a 1-2 Rovers win followed immediately by the belief we are going up as Champions.
  2. CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber

    Loan Window

    Fair enough, we will have to agree to disagree. Gutted for Chapman, he deserves better than to rot in Boro's u23's. Pulis was irritating enough already what with being a grown man wearing a full tracksuit and baseball cap, grow up.
  3. CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber

    Loan Window

    All over... shame
  4. CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber

    Loan Window

    Anyone in the public eye, that craves attention, that gets things wrong more than he does right all whilst being paid for the pleasure; I don't feel I need to know personally to dislike them. Also, 1,000,000% seems extreme.
  5. CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber

    Loan Window

    Yeah but thirdly he is an absolute wand
  6. CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber

    Loan Window

    Gonna have to hold this poo in then
  7. CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber

    Loan Window

    Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is characterized by a long-standing pattern ofattention seeking behavior and extreme emotionality. Someone with histrionic personality disorder wants to be the center of attention in any group of people, and they feel uncomfortable when they are not.
  8. CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber

    Loan Window

    He's going nowhere. I have faith in Tony to explain to Madame et al that £20m is 1/10th of what 1 Yr in the Prem is worth which we will not be getting to without Sir Bradley. And this from a Championship club. Just no.
  9. CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber

    Loan Window

    Ignore that clown, he's more than likely on a wind up to get even more attention. Bullied as a child I'd wager.
  10. CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber

    Loan Window

    If Chapman comes back I don't think we could have expected much more this window. Maybe Bauer instead of Rodwell but even that sounds a bit ridiculous if TM can get Rodwell playing anywhere near his potential. Best I've felt about Rovers since the fat greasy one and the one with the dirty tash walked onto the pitch at Ewood wearing those beautiful scarves back in 2010. Big T you are a legend in my eyes.
  11. CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber

    Loan Window

    I actually found the 2-4 at Fulham pretty hilarious
  12. CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber

    Loan Window

    I've never understood the use of 'lol' let alone when it has multiple 'oooo's'. Does this mean it's really, really funny?
  13. CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber

    The Confession Box - opinions you had which were wrong

    Jesus you're brave
  14. CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber

    Loan Window

    I enjoyed 'dickhead' very much. Problem is by us talking and writing about a story he's created he's got exactly what he craves; attention.
  15. CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber

    ROVERS v Brentford

    T T T T twenty one seconds Thank you for bringing that banger back into my life.

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