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  1. Rovers v Peterborough

    Pretty sure he was just muttering to himself, he didn't exactly shout at the crowd or owt.
  2. Rovers v Peterborough

    That was crap. Even a genuine worldie from Raya was met with ineptitude. We don't look like a promotion side. Noticed that Dack is receiving the ball in the middle instead of in attack more. Needs rectifying.
  3. Imo, the millions on explosive deterrents would still be spent, whichever party was in Govt. Perhaps BS was too strong, but I feel like a lot of Corbyn's policy serves to drive UK business away from the UK. I know some small business owners (just shops, nothing big, who are Labour voters incidentally) who feel like they'd be out of business in a year or two of Corbyn's last electoral proposals. I note you didn't defend the racist element. On the other hand, Conservatives are the devil we know and I can't stand the current lot.
  4. In which case I have nobody 😣😣😣 Torn between unaffordable BS and racism, or outright cruelty.
  5. Oztumer, McGeoch, Armstrong, Chapman in would give us a lot of depth, pace and creativity. Raya Nyambe Lenihan Mulgrew Bell McGeoch Smallwood Oztumer Dack Chapman Arma
  6. Rovers v Peterborough

    I think it's been a case of playing safe with the back 4 we're used to, with Bell and Nyambe becoming wing backs in preseason.
  7. News Thread Attempt 394

    @#/? off! We're the United Front for Revolution!
  8. I don't like Corbyn particularly. But I'd personally piggyback him into Number 10 rather than give May (or any of those around her) much longer. Even on Corbyn's side the only MPs (of those I know enough about) I like are Starmer and Rayner.
  9. Rovers v Peterborough

    Cheers guys
  10. Rovers v Peterborough

    Is there a deadline for getting in the ground after Kick-off? I finish work in Preston at 7pm and am tempted to rush down for this game. Every supporter helps!

    Nobody move! Or get near the loo just in case!
  12. Academy & U'21's

    If Villa don't beat Newcastle, then we only have to draw our last game vs West Brom to win! If they lose vs Newcastle, we've won! Shame about tonight but COYB.
  13. News Thread Attempt 394

    And chaddy thinks that unaccountability is proper leadership apparently.