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  1. Mike E


    Possible unintended consequence of Brexit is people further afield discovering Darwen's winberry bushes. I'll be annoyed if winberry pie become popular instead of a local delicacy.
  2. Mike E

    Rovers v Millwall. Wed 2nd Dec 7.45pm

    You've not been watching the same games as me then. Plenty of defence splitters and an absolute pearl of an assist in (I think) the Wycombe game.
  3. Mike E

    Rovers v Millwall. Wed 2nd Dec 7.45pm

    I did consider my fandom the year that we seemed to be chanting racist things like 'he shags p***s' about Owen Coyle at every away game. Luckily I feel those kinds of dickheads are a minority in our (and most) fanbases. Not Millwall's though.
  4. Mike E


    With that calibre of voter, no wonder we have this Government.
  5. Mike E


    That's what happens when you think about the consequences of things instead of blindly supporting something.
  6. Mike E

    Celebrity Deaths

    But he didn't say Pele wasn't a great player, he just said he doesn't like him. No contradiction that I read.
  7. Mike E

    Celebrity Deaths

    Any other kind of psychic?
  8. Mike E

    Bradley Dack

    He's done it on the quiet from the start imo, which is why he kept referring to his 'leaders in the dressing room', like Graham, Bennett, Mulgrew, and Conway.
  9. Mike E


    Evidently you do. Because if not, you're actively choosing to believe a falsehood, and I'd assume you were better.
  10. Mike E


    A lot of Conservatives have Arsene Wenger Syndrome
  11. Possible he wants to be in the HOF ASAP so he can stop having to worry about the character?
  12. Mike E


    Exactly. So if you agree with Johnson, it's ok to bully people.
  13. Mike E


    Just shown this to a hardline Tory on Facebook. 'Yeah but it's also a really small portion of a city like New York' 'Oh, so you DO understand how gerrymandering works then?' ....
  14. As with the PS4, I'll order in a couple of years when it's cheaper, there's a series of games widely proven to be fun to play, and bugs are mostly sorted out.

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