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  1. Mike E


    Outs (if the above occur): One of Bell/Williams. Downing Smallwood (perm) or Travis (loan) Samuel Gladwin RB cover ought to be someone relatively senior to Nyambe. Glen Johnson? (Free) Anthony Vanden Borre? (Free)? Also Kurm (Huddersfield), Pinto (Norwich), Kelly (Palace), Baptiste (QPR) could be reasonable targets who are out of contract in summer 2019.
  2. Mike E

    Premier League Stuff

    No time for losers.
  3. Mike E

    Premier League Stuff

    Diversity =/= anti-white English. (Misread something, and couldn’t figure out where, so deleted this bit). To answer the second bit in bold, I think you may be right to a degree in that explicit racism is (thankfully) far less common, but implicit racism definitely still exists. Re: first but in bold. I don’t have statistics to hand but I would personally bet that if you broke down every player into their nationality and skin colour, you would find that ‘white English’ would still be the most common combined demographic of player, though only slightly. You have to remember that the PL is no longer just ‘the English league’, it is billed as ‘the best in the world’ and with that comes an influx of the best players from other countries.
  4. Mike E

    Premier League Stuff

    Lampard has an A-level in Latin or something doesn’t he? Then again, so do I and I know what you think of me 😂😂😂
  5. Mike E

    Brexit Thread

    https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/jeremy-corbyn-brexit_uk_5c0fe899e4b08bcb27ed326f?utm_hp_ref=uk-politics Some interesting links within that. A decent read, which has even made my extremely ‘Conservative Leave’ dad think a bit.
  6. Mike E

    Brexit Thread

    I’d like the Leavers claiming ‘63% isn’t a big enough majority for May to stay’ to say it again, but a little more slowly.
  7. Mike E

    Premier League Stuff

    No you’re not, but Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher are. Men who’ve worked closely with all 3 names.
  8. Mike E

    Premier League Stuff

    I didn’t realise Sterling had finished his England career. The Rooney (40apps? 15 goals?) and Becks (75apps? 12 goals?) scandals I’m referring to were around 15 years ago. Long before they reached their career ends. I’m referring to the reactions to scandals (followed by subsequent worship) at the time, not with the benefit of hindsight. Becks and Rooney got tremendous back page plaudits despite negative front page headlines. Sterling? Cole? Not so much. And I don’t believe ability for England is slot to do with it.
  9. Mike E

    Premier League Stuff

    Part of the point, however, is that when it goes well for Rooney and Becks, they’re heroes. When it goes well for Sterling, he isn’t given that hero treatment.
  10. Mike E

    Brexit Thread

    As opposed to the Utopian Britain we have now, in which disabled people are being driven to suicide by the cuts to their welfare? (And in which suicide in general is at record high levels). As opposed to the Utopian Britain we have now, in which the UN has claimed we have so little regard for human rights? As opposed to the Utopian Britain we have now, in which the Government has just spent £100,000 on an online advertising campaign to support May, but then pulled the vote entirely? As opposed to the Utopian Britain we have now, in which Government borrowing is at a record high, while budgets for education, social care, and health are taking real-term hits? (No prizes for guessing where the money is going instead)? I don’t particularly care for Corbyn myself (I’d prefer more pragmatic socialist appointments, such as Starmer or Rayner, or even young Black of the SNP) but to suggest he’d be worse than any of the potential Conservative leaders (May, Gove, Javid, Rees-Mogg, Johnson, Rudd, Hunt, Raab) is plainly bonkers. What is the view based on? Anything in the Labour Manifesto? Anything in Corbyn’s voting record? Or the fact he’s been voted into his seat for 40 years running? He’s not perfect but he has a much better record on several counts than any current Conservative option. Hit me with something factual, not ‘Lord Sugar said’. For me, a Corbyn Government would at least nicely pave the way for Keir Starmer, the only politician with any positive credit re: Brexit in the whole house. A Conservative Government will see the continued ruining of our country and possibly see us become a beacon of hate like the USA.
  11. Mike E

    Brexit Thread

    But but but they already HAD a vote on her leadership in 2016! Bloody liberal snowflakes! Just because she was full of false promises, and caused an unfolding 2 years of uncertainty immediately after the vote? They made their decision and that’s that! ...is exactly how it sounds when people don’t want a second referendum.
  12. Mike E

    Brexit Thread

    More like The Thick Of It, where both parties were crap at politics in general: ’It’s on! It’s on like Fat Pat’s thong!’
  13. Mike E

    Premier League Stuff

    I don’t think he does draw attention to himself though. All players get a level of scrutiny, but black players in the media will be more heavily criticised for the same behaviours.
  14. Mike E

    Premier League Stuff

    Think again. Re: your earlier post, the laughing gas thing isn’t a ‘black’ thing, nor is turning up late for training, nor is having a ridiculous tattoo.

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