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  1. Mike E

    New Kits

    Be a superb signing for the canteen, me!
  2. Mike E

    New Kits

    Hope it's revealed by Maddison #WorthTheWait
  3. So if Armstrong has 2 years to go, might we be looking to do a loan deal for 12months, to keep his wages down on our side, with an agreed buyer fee next year? Taking the £2.5m figure as an example: £1.25m loan fee with reduced wage contribution this season, followed by £1.25m next summer?
  4. 3 weeks to go and I'm personally getting jittery. However, taking rumours at face value, I'd be thrilled with: Perm: Maddison, Bauer Loan: Chapman, Armstrong. Gallagher I'd also like but think it may be lazy journalism.
  5. Looks like we might have Ward to thank for 2 defenders!
  6. Mike E

    World Cup 2018

    A city supporting pal lumps Davenport in with that crowd.
  7. Mike E

    World Cup 2018

    And yet it got us to the semis. It's actually 3 wins 2 draws 1 defeat atmo.
  8. Signed for the u23s? Davenport sure as hell isn't, he's a first teamer. Rothwell looks to be a like-for-like for Payne. Our squad last season was an improvement on the relegated squad, one which Mowbray got more out of anyway and would likely have kept up with one more game. I don't think we're going down with the current squad, but we need signings to push us into or past midtable.
  9. Mike E

    Championship 2018-19

    They won League 1 and we didn't. That's something to boast about.
  10. Mike E

    World Cup 2018

    I would stick with it in future if we have a more varied middle 3. A holding passer, a tackler, and a 'driver'. The driver would be the player capable of bombing forward, turning 352 into 3412 or 343. To keep us on the front foot. One could argue he thought Lingard or Alli could do this, but both were lightweight. I feel Loftus-Cheek's strength may have helped us do this more. Without that variation (as we saw) we end up falling back into a defensive 532.
  11. Mike E

    Championship 2018-19

    Having met them both, they certainly are.
  12. Mike E

    Championship 2018-19

    Have I missed something? What record does Cook have in the Championship? Don't get me wrong, I think he'll keep them up based on his ability to unite what is a decent squad. But basing it on his record 'at this level' is daft. Otherwise we'd be expecting playoffs as a minimum based on Mowbray's 'record at this level'.
  13. Mike E

    World Cup 2018

    We've had proof these last few years of his vision from 2011. After ridiculing his appointment as England manager, I want him to be on-site long term. I'm talking 10 years at least. I'm sold on him.
  14. Mike E

    World Cup 2018

    I know it's not the same (to a lower league, rather than to a foreign league), but that's what excites me about Davenport.

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