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  1. Mike E


    The Germans manage fine.
  2. Mike E

    General Election 2019

    For those saying Britain is still a fair country, I'm finding it difficult to believe. As I said earlier, we've just voted in a party with a record over the last 9 years of deliberately making it hardly to live your life if you are foreign, disabled, poor, or BAME. I'm only one of those, disabled. And within disability, I wear hearing aids. I have to say that because when I say I'm deaf (severe in one ear, profound in the other) I'm often told I'm 'not really deaf' or 'overreacting'. This has become more prevalent since 2016, with the referendum giving people carte blanche to be arses. So just in my little corner of this country (deaf, late 20s, former teacher), what is my experience? I've found it hard to see so many people I'm friends with celebrate the continued power of a party that has spent 9 years worsening audiology facilities and deaf services in general (nevermind the wider implications for all disabled people). So much so that deaf people in the UK are choosing in record numbers to abandon hearing aids (and spoken English) in favour of signing just to avoid the hassle of inadequate NHS audiology (which was genuinely among the world's best through the Major and Blair Governments). So much so that I had to go private to get hearing aids powerful enough. If not for my parents helping, that would've wiped my savings account clean. So devoid of funding are local councils (who by their nature have to please the general population rather than the vulnerable) that deaf services across the UK have been decimated. Teachers of the Deaf are no longer funded to the same level as mainstream teachers. East Lancs Deaf Society, over a century old, closed two months ago. Another 5 years reducing deaf services further quite genuinely scares me, particularly given we are more susceptible to mental health problems. That's just my little corner. What about other, more severe disabilities, who seen their welfare rights decimated and children whose rights to an education get less and less every year? What about Muslims who now have a re-elected leader who openly denigrates them, endorsed by Tommy Robinson? What about BAME who now have a re-elected leader who calls them picanninies with watermelon smiles? What about LGBTQ+ who now have a leader who describes them as tank-topped bumboys, and described their right to marry as like 'marrying dogs'? What about all of us who've just been deemed second class by the British electorate? Or perhaps I should just be bloody grateful I can pay for a '1/3rd off' railcard if I want? NONE of this is to say Corbyn was the answer, but I know I would feel hopeful rather than worried.
  3. Mike E

    General Election 2019

    In fairness you're right. Much more comparable to 1920s Germany.
  4. Mike E

    General Election 2019

    Very scary times imo. The party voted IN has a record over its history, and its current run, of hostility towards foreigners, the disabled, and the poor. It has got in on a manifesto that explicitly restricts the rights of foreigners in Britain, and objectively could lead to economic losses of anywhere from £400m to £1.6bn per week. Also in that manifesto was the promise of 'reforming' the Fixed Term Parliament Act. Anyone who read 1984 in their GCSEs will be concerned. When a party is allowed to be so hostile to foreigners, it usually comes after us disabled people too. I'm also quite scared that some of the drugs my father relies on in his trial treatment may fall victim to tariffs if frictionless trade is lost. Of course, my fears might be calmed as Boris' true aims become clear, and I might have no reason to be scared. I now have to hope that Boris' penchant for flip-flopping, and trying to go with what's popular in his desire for power, will work in our favour somehow. I also have to hope that the security offered by the rising £ will be used to leverage a better Brexit deal than has been on offer thus far. But this morning, a deaf man is feeling quite afraid.
  5. Mike E

    General Election 2019

    If things do get better I'll hold my hands up. If they get worse, at least it won't be in my name.
  6. Mike E

    General Election 2019

    The same Patel recently sacked for discussing siphoning money from the UK to Israel and leaking security secrets to Israel? The same Patel who smiled while letting the 'Freudian slip' of 'ending British freedom of movement' while talking about Brexit? Abbott (for her many faults) didn't want to abolish MI5, she wanted to see it reformed (which it was under the Major and Blair governments). Re: sending her kids to private school, she even said herself 'I have no excuse'. Probably the most honest thing a politician has said. At least she didn't hide in a fridge.
  7. Mike E

    General Election 2019

    Most likely 😕 but (in this case) without a candidate with a meaningful record of success at a local and Parliamentary level.
  8. Mike E

    General Election 2019

    Obviously getting Brexit done is more important than successful campaigning as an MP. Jones's record of voting FOR every version of Brexit that protects Hyndburn interests is irrelevant round here.
  9. Mike E

    General Election 2019

    As I said above, big queues tend to mean 'change' rather than specifically benefitting a party. In this instance, I fear it may be a pro-Conservative change.
  10. Mike E

    General Election 2019

    Probably. You only get heaving queues like that when change is wanted. Personally hope Jones gets another term to continue his good work for Hyndburn and supporting Rovers fans in Parliament.
  11. Mike E

    General Election 2019

    The Arthur Wilson Centre in Accy was heaving at 13.30! Queues out the door!
  12. Mike E

    General Election 2019

    So, having accepted that truth, should I be voting to fund the NHS to the level it requires, or should I vote to class foreigners and old people as second class citizens? Edit - Just to be clear, I'm not being serious.
  13. Mike E

    General Election 2019

    If immigrants who haven't contributed to taxes (the specific group I assume you mean) were banned from using the NHS, it'd raise enough to run the entire NHS for about 12 hours. Hardly overloaded, barely a weight!
  14. Mike E

    General Election 2019

    Personally, I think chickens SHOULD be refrigerated before being roasted...
  15. Mike E

    General Election 2019

    Strap yourselves in folks, one of the political stories of the century is brewing... 1. A concerned mother shares a photo of her 4-year-old boy who was forced to wait hours on a hospital floor with suspected pneumonia. 2. The photo circulates online so a journalist challenges Boris Johnson about it during an interview by showing him the picture of the boy on his phone. 3. Johnson repeatedly refuses to even look at the boy, let alone acknowledge responsibility for the situation, and eventually steals the journalists phone and puts it in his pocket. 4. There is uproar about Johnson's lack of compassion so Health Minister, Matt Hancock, is dispatched to the hospital to deal with the situation. 5. Matt Hancock briefs journalists that, while at the hospital, one of his advisors was "punched" by a Labour activist. 6. Much of the media unquestioningly report the "punch" by the "Labour activist" as fact without checking the validity of the allegation. Widespread rage about "violent Labour activists" spreads like wildfire online. 7. Video footage then emerges online showing that the story had been entirely fabricated and was 100% false. 8. The media sheepishly backtrack on what they have posted out to the world. 9. A Facebook post then appears claiming to be from a "good friend" of a nurse working in Leeds hospital. The post says that the photograph of the 4-year-old was faked by a "Labour activist". The post is shared more than 30,000 times. 10. The claim is unquestioning reported as fact by much of the media without checking its validity. 11. Suspicions of the validity of the claim are then raised as it is discovered there are literally thousands and thousands of Facebook and Twitter accounts posting exactly the same claim, word for word. 12. It becomes clear that bots are being used to spread disinformation. The hospital also confirms the accuracy of the photo and that it had already apologised to the mother. 13. The media sheepishly backtrack on what they have posted out to the world. 14. The account where the post originated then comes into question. It belongs to a (real) woman named Sheree Jenner-Hepburn who claims her account has "hacked". 15. Further investigation shows that Sheree Jenner-Hepburn was not the innocent victim of a hack, but that the post was made from her account intentionally, as she responded to her friend's comments on the post. 16. It's then discovered that Sheree Jenner-Hepburn's son has a Facebook friend with a very prominent role within this story which may cast light on the motives behind the fake post. 17. It's… Matt Hancock's account!!! In summary: it appears that the actual Health Minister of the British Government has not only fabricated a "punch" to deflect the heat from his boss, but, after being found out the first time, he *may* have used his friend's Facebook account to circulate another entirely fabricated story to try and smear his political opponents. Even the writers of The Thick Of It would find this story too incredible to script! Matt Hancock's personal link to the source of the fake news post is now being covered more widely in the media - and was even featured on Newsnight!

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