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  1. Mike E


    You think that Remainers 'talk down' Britain? What's your motivation behind this sentiment, Chaddy? Are you trying to imply that people who would rather remain in the EU are less patriotic than those who'd rather leave? Because THAT would be astonishing, and much more so than what jim said. Why is it you believe people are 'talking down' Britain when they simply hold a different view of Britain's place in the world if outside the EU?
  2. Mike E


    I'd take a best of 3 if need be. 52/48 was 'unfinished business' and a second referendum would be 'eminently sensible' according to the most prominent Leave campaigners. I'd like the chance to negate my previous vote from Leave and change to Remain.
  3. Mike E


    Basically a description of me and (just off the top of my head) at least 8 of my friends and family.
  4. Mike E

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Don't think I've seen a keeper as nervous as Walton
  5. Mike E

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    What a goal from Dack
  6. Mike E

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Didn't think that was a pen myself
  7. Mike E


    Indeed. All I can say is that it hasn't been deliberately hidden by a Mod or Admin. I'm afraid on anything computery, I'm not much use beyond that 😕
  8. Mike E


    Agree with all of that. Problem is Corbyn is an old school socialist and a disproportionate number of old school socialists are pro Brexit as they see the EU (with some justification) as a free trade project which primarily benefits business and elites. Him, and Momentum, need those guys on side. If they go full blooded Remain that plays well with their big city lefties in London, Manchester, Birmingham etc but those voters more likely to be from the Blairist wing of the Labour party/electorate. It's all internal party politics. Edited 9 hours ago by joey_big_nose OK. I replied to Broadsword"s comment that Corbyn was "spineless" and as you can see Joey replied to both myself and Gumboots but my post was deleted (again) and so its expunged from Joey's reply as well! Again, I ask why? I tried to message you DE but can't reach you that way. What the hell is going on? I merely said that Corbyn isn't spineless and instanced his "brave" election manifesto in 2017 against criticism that he'd be wiped out. I then went on to explain why in my view he was taking the stance on Brexit that he is. There was nothing remotely objectionable in my post so what the hell is going on? If I'm banned for the crime of criticism of Mods then I'm off anyway. Sick of this. I can honestly say, I don't believe this is anything untoward at our end. We never delete posts, only hide them (so we mods can still see EVERY post, albeit hidden ones highlighted in red). As we can't see a post you may be referring to, it's either not actually being posted or there is some technical issue I'm unaware of.
  9. Wednesday nights will be affected by MLB for a few weeks, mind. Figures might pick up after.
  10. Mike E


    Not a random pop, active blame. The Turkey attack was entirely predictable, and Trump gave no thought towards US allies' lives. You keep troops where they are needed until the local population is safe. British WW2 soldiers weren't completely returned home until the end of 1947, a full 2.5 years after peace.
  11. Mike E


    As long as necessary to keep civilians safe, yes. That's the promise you make when you send troops to another country.
  12. Mike E


    ISIS militants escape prison, because of Turkey's bombing of Syria, because of Trump pulling US soldiers from Syria. #NobelPeacePrize
  13. I note they avoided Seth and Wyatt altogether. It's a bold strategy, Cotton.
  14. They didn't just come 'near as dammit' to killing Wyatt's push (I'll give them tonight to save it), but the whole HIAC gimmick! It was was built upon Mick Foley nearly actually dying twice in the space of 10minutes FFS!
  15. I don't get it. At all. They had a perfect narrative staring at them imo. Wyatt beats Rollins and is champ. Wyatt acheives what he couldn't before. Wyatt calls out Taker as something else he couldn't do. Taker accepts, as the only one who can go to the dark places Wyatt can to 'save' WWE. Wyatt retires Taker at Survivor Series. Boom. But this shit?

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