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  1. Mike E


    Damn 3-1. Is it cos I cussed the Beeb?
  2. Mike E


    Fuck the BBC, they've always done us down. Stoke aren't down to us, we are 3-0 up at their place!
  3. Mike E


    The debate TM should be having in his mind (imo) is which one to play up front? The pace of Armstrong may give us an outlet from a counter attacking POV, stretching the defence, leaving space for Dack. Graham, however, has those street smarts in holding the ball up to be laid off for Dack in tight spots. I'm honestly not sure which I'd pick.
  4. Mike E


    Not really. If we based everything on what TM did, he'd never get any criticism.
  5. Mike E


    I see them as playing in the middle and able to run wide for attacks. I'd like to see: ---------------------Raya Nyambe Lenihan Mulgrew Bell -------Bennett Reed Rothwell ---------------------Dack ----------Graham Armstrong I know it's never been played, but those 3 in the middle are full of workrare and running, equally capable of defending if we're under the cosh, or filling in for the full backs as they bomb on, or (particularly Bennett and Rothwell) getting wide and forward in support of the attack. It may be my backside talking, but I like that side.
  6. Basically my view. Staganant is the perfect word.
  7. This looks tasty: ---------------------Raya Nyambe Lenihan Mulgrew Bell -------Bennett Evans Rothwell ---------------------Dack -----------Brereton Graham
  8. Name: Derby County FC Stadium: Pride Park Manager: Super Frankie Lampard Form: Pretty good, 12pts from 7 games. Strip: Laughably boring compared to our hallowed halves. Derby County are famously a perennial second division team in modern times, being humiliated during their brief forays into the Premier League (I'm looking at you, 'Giles Barnes'). Derby are generally a club that hovers around the play-off places, while our season in this league is (to my mind) one with aims to hit midtable. Their history consists of being notable as one of our fellow founder members of the Football League in 1888, and among the select ten clubs to have competed in every season of the English football league system. The club's home colours have been black and white since the 1890s. It appropriated its nickname The Rams, a tribute to its links with the First Regiment of Derby Militia, which took a ram as its mascot and the song "The Derby Ram" as its regimental song, at the same time. Their honours consist of 2 First Divisions, 4 Second Divisions, 1 Third Division, 1 FA Cup, and a Charity Shield. Now while we have a smug giggle at their comparatively crap list of honours compared to ours, here are some interesting notes: We played Derby in the first game 125th Anniversary season of the FL, as fellow founder members in 2013; a game treasured in the minds of Rovers fans as being one of the few games Leon Best made himself useful before turning out to be a complete arsewipe. Aside from that, I have no real memory of our matches against them. Players in common: Andy Todd, Jay McEveley, Kasey Palmer, Frank Fielding... I know there are many others, but I'm struggling. I did ask a Derby supporting pal of mine, Tim, to answer some questions. He answered them at 3am Sunday morning, which may explain his bizarre answers: 1. What do you think of the season so far, and what are your aims? We're shit, how could we lose to bloody Rotherham. What a waste. Relegation is looming! 2. Who are your star players? Anyone at Rovers you're scared of? Star players?? Ha! Lampard should dust his boots off and teach our lot a thing or two! Honestly, Rotherham? Frigging Rotherham?? No wonder the missus left me last night, that loss left me a quivering wreck! 3. Predictions for the match vs Rovers? How can I get her back Mike? I'm a shell without her! I'm sure he doesn't read this mb, but nonetheless I share all our thanks to Tim for his remarkable insight. Personally, I think we'll get another draw. They'll be looking for a reaction after their result this weekend, but we have fight in us: 1-1.
  9. Mike E

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    People are too quick to blame Raya for that free kick imo. Watch it again. Aside from being a great strike, Raya was telling Charlie where to position that wall and was being ignored. Then when it was being taken, you can see Charlie leaning into the wall (away from the flight of the ball). If I were Mowbray I'd be asking what the hell Captain Fantastic was thinking. He cost us those points imo. If he'd been where Raya tried to put him, that ball couldn't have gone where it did
  10. Mike E

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    What was Charlie doing in that wall? He was pushing it away from the ball! I'll take a draw, but feels like it was thrown away tbh.
  11. Mike E

    Random Songs You Love

    I took it as being about 'guilty pleasure' type songs
  12. Mike E

    Random Songs You Love

    Now that I'm engaged, I'm having to listen to all sorts of slow music (waltz or saunter or foxtrot) to decide on our first dance. Of course, these songs are riddled with sickeningly sweet poetry. Even the decent 'slow rock' type songs are becoming unbearable. So in absolute contrast, to keep me sane, I've been belting out this unashamedly self-indulgent classic:
  13. Mike E


    No and he never was. But I'd never make light of someone being tortured for being a soldier.
  14. Mike E


    Hang on, am I looking at that correctly? You think a man being tortured for a number of years simlly for serving in his armed forces is funny?

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