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  1. Mike E


    163 people with COVID-19 are in a serious/critical condition currently (the highest that particular figure has been thus far) in the UK. That is more than the total number of people who are confirmed as recovered from COVID-19, which is 135. Crucially more people died today AND more people died of or with COVID-19 yesterday than either of those numbers, showing that it's lethal even with only mild symptoms presenting. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/uk/
  2. Mike E


    Oh I agree generally it's a tiny amount. But one infection, regardless of whether it complicates other illnesses, is still one infection. If over 400 pensioners with underlying lung problems died of seasonal flu in 2 days, it'd be just as extraordinary and unprecedented too. Quite why such people dying of this specific virus is being greated as 'just more dead' in some quarters utterly baffles me.
  3. Mike E


    Let's keep it simple, because you don't need complex analysis of stats: Have you ever known in your lifetime in Britain over 1000 people die in 4 weeks (over 400 in just 2 days) die of the exact same infection? I can tell you: No, you haven't because it hasn't happened since Spanish Flu.
  4. Mike E


    Exactly, distasteful is exactly the word for the kind of trolls making light of this. My dad 'would die in the next couple of years anyway' doesn't justify an avoidable death over the coming months. One person's 'only' is another person's whole world.
  5. Mike E


    Far from being a 'hysterical idiot', I'm out in public for a living delivering groceries to those who are elderly and vulnerable. In the meantime I constantly worry about getting this virus because my wife's immune system is shot, and my dad is immunocompromised thanks to ongoing cancer treatment. If I get ill, my family does. Look at the stats YOU just posted re the elderly with underlying conditions. My dad gets it, he's very likely to die 2 years before his prognosis. And people that rely on me for their shopping will have to try other less reliable deliveries as they have a direct line to me. So take that particular part of your opinion elsewhere.
  6. Mike E


    The death rate currently is 5.2%. Of those cases closed (recovered or died), it's 85%. Truth is that even those with mild symptoms end up suddenly deteriorating and dying. Of course, those numbers will fall when recoveries start happening more often towards the middle of April, but there can be no mistaking with the exponential rise of the death toll (which was 35 only last Sunday week, and over 750 now) that this is a bloody dangerous infection.
  7. Mike E


    Of course, I'm only asking out of interest in this instance
  8. Mike E


    If you're not sure who to believe, then believe the people who know what they're talking about. Believe scientists, particularly biologists. You won't find a single credible scientist that believes the virus is man made. That should be good enough. This is one particular high horse I won't come down from, as I passionately hate conspiracy theories that rely on stereotypes and guesses instead of the actual evidence. May I ask what your friend sent you so I can read it myself?
  9. Mike E


    Of COURSE you believe your best friend over people who study DNA and profile genomes for a living. I can understand why people like to believe it's man made, but unfortunately it's not based on facts of any kind. Only on stereotypes.
  10. Mike E


    No, but now you mention it, that is also complete BS. COVID-19's nearest relatives are harmless to humans or simply don't cross over, indicating a fluke of biology/evolution. So delicate is genetic engineering that if you were going to engineer a virus as biological warfare, you wouldn't start with one that causes no harm at all. You'd start with one that already causes harm and make it deadly, surely? Explained more comprehensively here: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/the-new-coronavirus-was-not-genetically-engineered-study-shows
  11. Mike E


    Lots of conspiracy twats on Facebook claiming 'it's funny how the virus never made it to Shanghai or Beijing'. Knobs. My cousin lives and works in Shanghai, has done for a decade or so now. These are the conditions after coming OUT of lockdown and they're still stricter than us: 'Not lockdown anymore. Literally Everything was locked down for 3-4 weeks in February, but now it’s only schools, theaters and mass gatherings that are still closed. Daily life is getting back to normal. Most people are working again. malls, parks, bars and restaurants are open again, and people are out enjoying the warm weather. But there are still a number of “people control” measures in place. Masks are mandatory. (But you can take them off once you’re in the bar of restaurant) Temperature checks everywhere and you can’t get into any venue or public transport without having one. And people returning to Shanghai get met at the airport and taken to quarantine with no chance to mix with the public. But really hope in a few weeks things can turn around. Hope you and your family stay safe.'
  12. Mike E

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    Even the moors would've been tricky, pre-Darwen Tower.
  13. Mike E


    I'm more likely to agree with your views than his, but I can assure you Silas is a thoroughly decent chap.
  14. Mike E


    Perhaps. Although I'm yet to see why you think we should take government instructions on a countrywide threat less seriously than government instructions on a countrywide threat?
  15. Mike E


    Ah bless. It wouldn't be you if you didn't deftly avoid points put to you.

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