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  1. Mike E


    I've no problem with the joke itself (it was pretty good), but not immediately following a question about bereaved families. Re: 'using them in a political context', that's nonsense. The question was 'What would the PM like to say to them?' in relation to recommendations made in the Government's own report re: a potential second wave. That's completely open, and any normal person would express sympathy with bereaved families and hope that the lessons would be learned to prevent similar deaths. Easiest question in the world and he could have stopped with a short sentence. Instead he made a (false) point of pretending Starmer has been inconsistent (if anything he's consistent to the point of boredom) and chose to add flippancy with a joke about underwear.
  2. Mike E


    Grayling's failure to win a rigged election is significant imo. The Conservatives have not only moved against Grayling. Grayling was Johnson's hand-pick, meaning the Conservatives have made a first significant move against Johnson. May somewhat explain the lack of donkey braying at PMQs today too.
  3. Mike E


    I have to say to those who thought the underwear joke was funny: Do you think bereaved families (the subject of the question) found it funny?
  4. Mike E


    Because I've seen and studied what addiction does to people and, crucially, their families. You don't need to tell me all that, I agree. But if I didn't sympathise with an addict (if he is one), I might as well be a Conservative Minister.
  5. Mike E


    Remember a few weeks ago when I, and others, remarked that Boris vs Starmer was like watching a drunk being told about their drinking problem? Boris has starting to act like an alcoholic would in recent weeks. I'm genuinely starting to feel concerned for him.
  6. Mike E

    Reading at Home

    Saw the thread title, disappointed there are no good books being recommended
  7. Mike E


    While he's prioritised rebuilding trust within Labour, I do want him to start at least start formulating 'what he would do' if he were PM. Trouble is it's very early in a 5-year cycle to reveal any cards. I've said before, based on what he says at PMQs and what's he's supported in his career pre-politics and IN politics, I think he'll offer a version of Labour's 2017 manifesto but perhaps worded to appeal to the centre. Whatever he says will get nicked by the Conservatives at some point.
  8. Mike E

    Championship season 2019-20

    It's so that a bet covers scores definitively. So 'over 7.5 goals' means 8 goals or more would win, but 7 goals or less wouldn't.
  9. Mike E


    #BoycottWetherspoons #DrinkLocal Need some help to prevent drinking in Wetherspoons for £1.29 for crap beer? Try this: The price reduction from £3-4 coincides with a £48m loan underwritten by the taxpayer, allowing them to undercut competitors. Using state aid for competitive advantage is against state aid rules. Or it was, under EU law which we're no longer subject to. 'Cheaper beer' sounds good, but it's pretty much conditional on other businesses being forced to charge more, possibly losing business, possibly needing to close. I'd rather not have Wetherspoons be the only pub I can go into, especially as proper independent ale has made leaps forward in the last decade or so. Secondly, Wetherspoons claim it's due to the VAT reduction. But if VAT applied to alcohol (which it doesn't anyway, so they're lying), then £1.29 + 20% = £1.47 as opposed to £3-4. The lie also cunningly makes other bars look like they aren't passing on the saving, even though they haven't been able to save a bean because they weren't given £48m from taxes.
  10. Mike E


    ...hoist by mine own petard 😂 I enjoyed that debate though shame more debates aren't civilised like that!
  11. Mike E


    Citizens of EU Member States are entitled to look for a job in another EU country, work there without needing a work permit, reside there for work, stay there after employment has finished, and enjoy equal treatment with nationals in access to employment, working conditions and all other social and tax advantages. Free movement rights differ somewhat for the self-employed, students, and 'economically non-active' people (holidaying, retired, or otherwise not working); although in practice the UK made no attempt to enforce any such restrictions. A 'discriminatory' system was our policy fault, and not the fault of the EU or the concept of Freedom of Movement. We had complete control and CHOSE not to use it. That's why Blair got such flak for 'open-door immigration', because it was our Government's choice.
  12. Mike E


    Only theoretically. As an island nation, we actually did always have control. Every single port via every mode of transport includes (and always did during our EU membership) passport checks.
  13. Mike E


    Possibly because Brexit hasn't happened yet. That's Dec 31st.
  14. Mike E


    Decisions taken so far: We must wear masks. We won't enforce it. We strongly recommend it. We'll rely on 'Great British common sense'. We'll enforce it with fines, everybody MUST wear masks effective immediately. ....in 10 days time.
  15. Mike E


    The only person suggesting it's a big issue is you. He said it's 'more difficult'. However minor those difficulties you list are, they're still there and therefore proving him right that it's 'more difficult to go to Spain. I'd pick a different hill to die on.

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