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  1. Mike E

    Brexit Thread

    Using that logic, no British PM has ever been elected by the public. We vote for our local MPs, who choose their leader; just like how the EU works.
  2. Mike E

    Brexit Thread

    See it all over Facebook still, how the hell does the lie that the EU is ‘undemocratic’ still get peddled? It’s about as democratic a system as you can get without being the same system as jury summons. We democratically elect MEPs to the European Parliament (EP). The EP then democratically elects the EP President every 2.5yrs, and EU Commission President every 5 years. Our democratically elected PMs (if this is an issue for you, that’s our fault, not the EU’s) form the European Council (EC), who democratically elect the EC President every 2.5yrs. Someone tell me if I got any of that wrong, because I feel like I’m butting a brick wall.
  3. Mike E

    News Thread Attempt 394

    Where were Kensington’s wealthiest tosspots when Grenfell happened? I appreciate the need to save historical architecture and priceless treasures, but there are still dozens of homeless PEOPLE from the Grenfell tower. Why not rebuild the tower and this time put the right frigging cladding on, and get the whole sorry saga over with?
  4. Mike E

    Academy & U'21's

    I always thought Butterworth was a striker?
  5. Mike E

    News Thread Attempt 394

    Spire collapsed 😞 still no casualties though.
  6. Mike E


    Some terrific golf been played in the Masters. He’s not for everybody after his controversy, but if Tiger Woods completes his comeback to the top today, I think it ranks up there as one of sport’s great stories. G’wan Tiger!
  7. Mike E

    Brexit Thread

    I think that’s the point I missed, that if we do ask for the extension and it’s rejected, then No Deal is still the legal default. However, suggesting that revolution or referendum are ‘non-starters’ (while certainly politically controversial) is a bit naive imo. All options are on the table and it does look as if even the most ardent Brexiteers (if Radio 4 was anything to go by this morning) are leaning towards a referendum simply to prevent outright revocation. Regardless of what people may think, if Parliament revokes A50 tomorrow, it’d pretty much be a case of ‘tough shit’ BUT you can bet your bottom dollar that Brexit (whether it even happens or not) will be a political football come election time for years to come.
  8. Mike E

    Brexit Thread

    Trying to make sure I understand this properly. IF the bill approved last night get through the Lords, this is my understanding: 1. The bill makes No Deal illegal. Therefore to Leave on 12/04/19 a Deal must be agreed. 2. The EU have said they will only accept the Withdrawal Agreement as negotiated by Mrs. May, but it cannot get through Parliament. The Speaker ruled out yet another vote on May’s Deal, yet the EU will not CURRENTLY accept any offer to renegotiate. 3. Therefore the only options to GET Brexit (let alone cancel it) are to get an extension that that the EU will only offer in the event of a Referendum (would have to be legally binding if it includes the May deal that cannot get through Parliament) or General Election. 4. If a Referendum happens, it would be May’s Deal or Remain. 5. If a General Election happens, presumably the new make-up of Parliament and possibly Government surely would require the EU to consider renegotiation? How did I do?
  9. Mike E

    Brexit Thread

    Chaddy, this isn’t criticism, just a piece of advice. I used to read the Sun and Mail like you. Now I read the Mail, Times, Metro, Independent, and Guardian (all online) regularly, plus BBC if I just want basic facts. I think reading across the spectrum is what made me more well-informed about politics over the last few years, and I think most would benefit, not just you. In all honesty, it’s probably what concerted me from a Leaver to a Remainer the last 3 years. Just wish I’d done it sooner. I’d not even line my cat’s litter tray with the Sun.
  10. Mike E

    Brexit Thread

    Of course, because Trump is a beacon of business and political nous...
  11. Mike E

    Brexit Thread

    I can tell you at least three Leave voters want to Remain. Myself and my parents, all of whom voted Leave solely on the basis of the Leave campaign promise that we would get the chance to vote on the deal.
  12. Mike E

    Brexit Thread

    But dammit I voted Leave and I demand MPs are allowed several more votes. Not the public though, fuck that. And I only wanted Parliamentary Sovereignty when it suited me, not ALL the time. #ShitBollocks
  13. Mike E

    End Of Season Beers

    I’d be well up for this!
  14. Mike E

    News Thread Attempt 394

    Several of those statistics (admittedly, by anecdotal evidence only), I expect would garner similar figures among Christians, (especially Catholics). Particularly those that pertain to the power of Jewish people, legality of homosexuality, and marital obedience. It’s also worth pointing out there is very little objection to the Catholic equivalent of the Caliphate (Vatican) at all. Of course, I accept that its tiny area makes it more acceptable. I must admit those figures as a whole surprise me, as none of it tallies with the views of any Muslim friends of mine.
  15. Mike E

    News Thread Attempt 394

    In fairness, that could also be a number of things. But I’d view a moderate religious person as someone who attends services, reads their holy book, generally lives their lives by it without the bits that contravene modern values. A liberal one, I’d view as someone who identifies as religious without really going to worship or reading their holy book, but generally follows the overarching message. A conservative, I’d assume would be more rigid in their own behaviour, the ‘model’ religious person who attends worship, reads their book and probably consults it regularly. They probably publicly preach the values too. An extremist I’d view as anyone that regularly and actively tries to convert others to their chosen religion (or worse), even going so far as to incite hatred and violence, thus losing the whole point of modern religion. Using myself as an example, I was brought up Catholic, probably conservative. Teens, I went through moderate, then liberal, then Deist, now atheist.

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