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  1. PeteJD13

    Music Association Game

    Slayer - The Anti-Christ
  2. PeteJD13

    Music Association Game

    Saxon - And the Bands Played On
  3. PeteJD13

    January transfer window 2020

    the problem is he decided to extend contracts for players not good enough no one wants smallwood/mulgrew and no one is queuing up to sign Samuel etc. The arse went out of the team and manager when we got close to the play offs again. Owners have probably looked at it and his track record in the market and thought why chuck a million at a player when its not likely to make a difference. Same old Mowbray talks it up then a few weeks/months later he changes his tune.
  4. PeteJD13

    FFP Trouble

    but he wasn't when they picked him up he was managing in Belgium he said when taking over at Watford he thought his chance had gone in the PL. With what we offer and pay managers you are always going to be scraping the scrapheap pile
  5. PeteJD13


    I don't think they'll be a huge queue to renew this season either, we cant get tickets or offers out before the season ends, so its currently beyond the wit of the club to anything dynamic
  6. PeteJD13


    it is but I cannot imagine there would be a huge queue to lash 5 grand for 10 more years of dross, we'd be better focusing on smaller game packages 5 for 50 quid or something like that buy a ticket for 25 if you buy 2 and bring a friend the price goes down to 10 quid a ticket. The club needs to entice fans back that have fallen out of love with it, its not helped by the 4 bumper crowds we've had this season the games have been dross. We get a bit of interest get close to the play offs and the wheels fall off for 10 games
  7. I've sent you an email, i'll be really interested to see how the club respond to the prospectus there are some excellent ideas on there
  8. PeteJD13

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Waggott told me he came here because of Mowbray
  9. PeteJD13

    Music Association Game

    Leftover Crack - Crack City Rockers
  10. PeteJD13

    January transfer window 2020

    I think it will be another underwhelming window we've no cash to spend Mowbray should have cut the dross in the summer Smallwood Bell Samuel etc he didn't. I think we'll be lucky to get one or two loans in that won't cover the key areas we need re enforcement
  11. PeteJD13

    Preston (home)

    Really is a great signing that, I get the impression we don't have money this window, I think the plan was flog dack and use that money
  12. PeteJD13

    January transfer window 2020

    no all those promotions that would be awful wouldn't it, but he's yesterdays man no doubt.
  13. PeteJD13

    January transfer window 2020

    Warnock for one
  14. PeteJD13

    January transfer window 2020

    Whelan?? goodness me have you seen him for Hearts this season no thank, bring him in as a coach by all means but not in any playing capacity

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