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  1. The same Mowbray who failed to get the chesterfield job a few weeks before the rovers job came up
  2. Looks like Bury FC are on the way back original Bury not the phoenix rubbish https://www.burytimes.co.uk/news/19010956.businessman-hopes-bury-fc-takeover-near-completion/?ref=fbshr&fbclid=IwAR2ik-wqvAkBEqZcW-sAZArDIbhO18ddeLZDL_8lor7qSJ-fdD10BwvR25s
  3. I was told a while ago by someone with club connections who said we could go down and Mowbray would be safe, the owners like him. Interesting that on the under cosh podcast Luke Steele mentions how dour mowbray was. I dont think he'll get sacked regardless of how badly we perform i'm starting to feel really apathetic todays game was an easy miss. More chance of platting fog than Mowbray being sacked or leaving he'll be here for another 2/3 years
  4. More chance of platting fog than tony getting potted, as for the scenario i'd take it but it won't happen
  5. this absolutely no chance he will be sacked his job is one of the safest in the football league
  6. I was told by a someone last season who has pretty good links to the club mowbray was safe his job to walk away from. Even if we went back down he is safe owners like him. Thing is we'll beat brum have a little run get to 9th fall away again, then repeat this in feb/march/may
  7. its on this sunday I think 1pm send questions in via our twitter or FB page
  8. now there is the name of someone who has been involved in some interesting football clubs, bury, rovers,charlton, wigan
  9. absolutely right it will either be another of Tonys mates or i'm sure HSH will suggest someone
  10. They have had 10 years to run the club properly and haven't as and when Steve leaves or retires, whose to say someone else better will fill the role or will it be added to Suhails brief either way we aren't going to get a dynamic appointment
  11. Anyone stream the commentary via ifollow on the EFL app? the coverage drops every 5/10 mins or if my iphone locks the old app never had this issue
  12. Autumn sales to who ? we are all in the same boat by then the PL will be a busted flush as well
  13. Clubs losing 150k a week due to playing behind closed doors with no income and poor ST sales, i wouldnt expect to see much more from the club
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