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  1. PeteJD13


    Duncan's post absolutely nails it
  2. PeteJD13


    Yes I'd agree but I would also argue the clubs done very little to get fans back in, why can't they get the STs out in April. Really hammer the marketing the club did a good thing with the nxt gen but were let down by a complete dross performance I'd be surprised if any of them came back. Venkys could do worse than expanding the marketing department and really look at doing something different
  3. PeteJD13


    you don't get it do you, for some they pay £25 quid for a ticket they might want a beer and food its then a £40 quid plus day out. When you've grown up and have bills and responsibilities you might take a different view. Again you pick and choose which bits to disagree with lads I know don't go for a variety of reasons that can seem small but it adds up.
  4. PeteJD13


    But that last sentence is part of the problem, generalising the cost of living has gone wages haven't. If the club really wanted to do something to test the water Bradford City have a scheme where you can buy a seat for £70 then its £10 a game £6 for juniors per game you purchase after that. Or try ticket valid for say 7 games that you can choose that's £15 quid a game reduced to £10 if you bring a child with you. It does link back to the product at Ewood if you have a limited budget. Take the kids to Blackpool or to the football its not a hard choice. Its not clear you mean fans nearby also how do you define near by, I don't live in East Lancs anymore, it takes me 35/40 mins to get to Ewood from where I live now which to me I'd say is fairly close. There are a large number of fans who've moved away from Blackburn and the surrounding areas.
  5. PeteJD13


    Goodness me what a post, yes there's lots of things you should be unhappy about but ignore them as that's being a true *Blackburn fan* out of interest how old are you?. What's laughable is people on here put there thoughts up as to what they don't like. Yet you seem happy with things as they are priorities change I've got two kids and after my mortgage payment and the car payments have gone out that's over £1500 quid month. That's before you think of nursery for kids its £50 a day where I live now, council tax has gone up so have gas and electric, real life things that are needed and wages on the whole haven't. Now I'm lucky I've got season tickets for me and my daughter. Now if I was unable to commit to a ST and I wanted to pick and choose the Waggot tax would put me off especially if I wanted to take my kids. The club could do a lot more but it does the very minimum no imaginative pricing the ground looks tired everything about the club smacks of mediocrity. But hey kids its always the fans at fault............
  6. PeteJD13


    they haven't contacted me and this is my ST since 15/16
  7. PeteJD13


    actually I did follow it up : my email is below Hi Lynsey I hope you have had a nice summer, with the club putting the ticket details out yesterday. I did wonder if there had been any thoughts or progress from the club ( or if it’s an idea that would work ) around block ticket buying or flexible weekend only season tickets?. Bradford City have a scheme where you can buy a seat for £70 then its £10 a game £6 for juniors per game you purchase after that. If not we’ll have to get season tickets it’s just a waste as we cannot use the midweek tickets. When we met idea’s like crèche/improving strikers were mentioned is this still something that the club is still potentially pursuing . I was advised it was forwarded to the head of commercial to respond, they never did
  8. PeteJD13


    Problem with that Chaddy is I emailed Lynsey and Steve last and had a meeting in May, I suggested looking at flexible season tickets or 10 game tickets for £100 quid, I suggested they looked at a number of clubs that offer creative ticketing options. I suggested they updated strikers lounge to try and encourage parents with young kids like me to attend. What have they done? nowt.
  9. PeteJD13


    I get the impression Mowbray is feeling the heat, you don't have to know about football to see 12 million on two strikers that aren't scoring goals isn't great. The next three games will say a lot about where we will end up this season, we should be taking a minimum of 7 points. The malaise has already set in, the atmosphere is poor but what does anyone expect when a team creates nothing, there is nothing to get behind. For all Mowbrays big talk about a new style we look worse than last season. The only new style I can see is we now don't create anything and we've nullified our two creative players.
  10. PeteJD13

    Music Association Game

    Megadeth - Devils island
  11. PeteJD13

    Club vs Country

    I would love to see us with the FA cup it still holds a big pull for me. As for club vs country club all day long. If Rovers are garbage it bothers me if its England its gone within 10 minutes. That said its the flip side for cricket England's poor performances bother me the same as Rovers. Play off win Any cup win Rovers being back in the PL beating Burnley again I'd take them all over a world cup win, the idiotic behaviour of some England fans abroad in France 98 started to put me off as we all get tarred with that brush. That behaviour hasn't changed the need to try and take over and colonise areas when they play its not for me.
  12. PeteJD13


    Lots of huff and puff no quality poor atmosphere 1 nil win Graham. Mowbray to continue wasting Gallagher wide we'll all have neck ache watching the ball being smashed skyward
  13. PeteJD13

    Things you dislike about football.

    For me speaking purely from a BRFC perspective, super fans on facebook/twitter whose default position and opinion changes as to how badly the club is performing so they are never disappointed then they turn on other supporters, what do we expect with our budget etc, Mowbray we are lucky to have him. Tony can do no wrong etc, the inability to criticises the team or manager/the owners. The expectation we should have 30000 smashing the turnstiles down to watch Mowbrayball. Comment after a losing that our defending is awful and the torrent of abuse then follows from the rovers brigade!. The complete and utter acceptance of mediocrity and the apathy that surrounds the club
  14. The concept is interesting, whilst I can see why you would a focus more on the current. Everything about our club smacks of managed decline and apathy, all roads lead back to venkys. Will rovers get promoted no chance, will the owners take a pro active interest and look at how the club could go up no they won't. So no matter how you square a documentary off it still goes back to the owners, div 3 second place and a feel good factor, speaking personally I didn't have one I was utterly crest fallen and embarrassed we had fallen so far. I took no joy in that season at all, a stadium over half empty. Really bland initiatives from the club falling season ticket sales, its complete and utter stagnation that comes back to the owners. They are billionaires with a very successful franchise, yet we don't see any traits of that in how rovers are run. No imaginative ideas to grab fans back or target lapsed supporters. Everything is reactionary nothing is proactive that falls back to the owners.
  15. PeteJD13

    Bury FC rip

    the efl have basically told bury as they aren't members now they don't have to answer the questions this whole mess stinks

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