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  1. Salgado Is A Hero

    [Archived] The Championship 2013/14

    They've signed Javi Guerra from Valldolid as well. He's been banging them in in La Liga despite playing for a relegation threatened team all year. He's quite a physical striker so I think he'll do well in England. It's hard to tell now but Cardiff and Norwich could be extremely dangerous next season.
  2. Salgado Is A Hero

    [Archived] England World Cup Squad.

    I really liked the look of France's squad ---------------Mandanda Sagna---Mangala---Varane---Digne ------------Matuidi----Pogba ----------------Valbuena Ribery-------Benzema-------Griezmann They're my dark horses. If they even count as dark horses, having reached the final in 06 and winning it in 98.
  3. Salgado Is A Hero

    [Archived] England World Cup Squad.

    Nasri, Tevez, Isco and Gundogan all missing out
  4. Salgado Is A Hero

    [Archived] Tim Sherwood Leaves Spurs

    There's still Lambert who might go as well. I think I saw that's 12 managers to have left since the start of the season.
  5. Salgado Is A Hero

    [Archived] England World Cup Squad.

    The Italian defence is mostly made up of Juventus players last time I checked, I'm sure they don't fear anyone. And Abate is probably quicker than Sterling. Stop doing a massive disservice to one of the greatest international sides in history.
  6. Salgado Is A Hero

    [Archived] The Championship 2013/14

    James McLean could have had a tap-in but instead blatantly dives and gets booked.
  7. Salgado Is A Hero

    [Archived] England World Cup Squad.

    City fans love Demichelis these days. It takes most players a while to get used to the Premier League.
  8. Salgado Is A Hero

    [Archived] Summer Transfers - In & Out

    Another thing about the loan signings of players like Varney and Feeney is they were loan signings from C'ship clubs outside the transfer window. So logic would say they were never going to be that good anyway, as otherwise their clubs wouldn't want to let them go....unless they had an attitude problem eg Ravel Morrison. So I don't think you can say Bowyer got his judgement wrong in determining a good player with those two.....he just felt he needed extra bodies in and they were probably the best we could have done.
  9. Salgado Is A Hero

    [Archived] The Championship 2013/14

    I would agree with what he said tbh, he excelled most under Kean, pretty obvious if you ask me.
  10. Salgado Is A Hero

    [Archived] England World Cup Squad.

    You can't just look at the players though. Italy have reached 9 finals in tournaments, including the last one, and when they won the 2006 World Cup. You can't just pick individual players as you would disagree with Uruguayans just picking out Rooney and Gerrard. That's an interesting point. It's true that Crouch has been good for England yet wasn't really considered this time. I suppose Lambert has scored more in recent seasons though. If Gerrard gets injured, for penalty shoot-outs and for experience I guess. England won't be taking Rio, Terry or Cole, plus the likes of Beckham and Owen have retired so that would be a lot of experience missing if Lampard wasn't there......there would only really be Rooney and Gerrard with proper experience of tournaments. And Danny Mills. Good point though, the likes of Smalling will probably not even get on the pitch. I would have had Caulker in there personally over him but there you go.
  11. I'd say Madrid would be favourites but Atletico did beat them at the Bernabeu earlier on in the season. Madrid wouldn't be as effective on the counter-attack against either of these two. I think either game would be incredibly tight. Atletico are as good at preserving a lead as anyone in Europe. Could see the scoreline staying like this tbh.
  12. Salgado Is A Hero

    [Archived] Ruben Rochina

    It's obviously not. Which is why Granada sent some of their reserves to Watford ffs. People are talking about that 45 mins because it's one of the only times he's actually played under Bowyer, so it's a lot more relevant than when he's played under jokers like Kean or Appleton. He also played about half a dozen games last season under Bowyer and I do remember people saying he played much better than usual in that time as well.
  13. Salgado Is A Hero

    [Archived] The Championship 2013/14

    They're not even considering us as part of the playoff picture on the Football League Show.
  14. Salgado Is A Hero

    [Archived] Charlton vs Rovers 26th April 3pm

    I wouldn't think so. We seem to have had loads of average players on loan in the past season or two and didn't always sign them. I'm thinking of players like Cameron Stewart.

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