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  1. StaffordRover

    Players who never quite made it

    Completely off topic but I was there at the Oval and he was absolutely unplayable. Took 9 wickets if I remember correctly in their second innings. Devon never had a problem with pace, but his radar often played up, resulting in him not being as affective as he otherwise could have been. I think you're correct referencing the bouncers he received as he was hit a couple of times when batting. Unfortunately for the South Africans, that, together with some unpleasant sledging really wound him up, but rather than put him off his game, he came out and bowled like his life depended on it. They couldn't handle his raw pace and accuracy on the day. Truly memorable stuff!
  2. So essentially any new centre back would have to be willing to be third choice (minimum), albeit with a very realistic chance of getting a run, based on Lenihan's and Mulgrew's injury records and potential drop in form. Any thoughts on what older prem pro would want that gig, especially on a vastly reduced salary (which would otherwise 'compensate' for their lack of game time). We've been stung too many times in recent years, so whilst I certainly like the idea of the older pro in defence, finding the right one will be a challenge.
  3. I tend to agree with you too, but he is a talisman and I can't see him playing anywhere but at the back from now on. Do you think that would help or hinder his, the new old pro or DL's roles in the team? DL is certainly versatile, but does he see his future at centre half and not midfield?
  4. In both promotion seasons to the premiership we had experience at the back in the form of Kevin Moran (34-ish) and Henning Berg, Craig Short (similar) respectively. Wouldn't be opposed to seeing someone of that ilk in the first team - prepared to run through a brick wall for the cause, but I would expect this to be Charlie's role.
  5. StaffordRover

    Walsall v Rovers

    A common Black Country greeting is "Ow bin ya", which translates as "How have you been?" I was once told or read somewhere that it is similar to how Anglo-Saxon English would have sounded. It is also quite different to the Brummie accent. My mother is from Wolverhampton and dad was from Dudley so family visits have always been interesting!
  6. StaffordRover

    Walsall v Rovers

    The King George V on Wallows Lane has been suggested to me as accepting away fans. It's about a 10 minute walk to the ground. The Saddlers Club is opposite the ground and will allow you in for a small fee.
  7. StaffordRover

    Walsall v Rovers

    Okay AJW so there is free parking at Morrison's supermarket near the ground, which you will see if you exit off the M6 and head towards the ground. The King George is opposite Morrison's and usually accommodates away fans. There is also the Fullbrook, but my source suggests that's worth giving a miss. There is also the Saddlers Club close to the ground which accepts away fans but there is a small charge to enter. Good luck with your journey.
  8. StaffordRover

    Walsall v Rovers

    Good stop off for what darrenrover? I live down the road from Cannock and it would not be my choice for a drink/meal, although the local scenery is fantastic. If you are driving, I can suggest you get off at M6 junctions 14 or 13 as there are pubs just off (Shire Horse and the Redhill at 14 and Catch Corner at 13). They all serve standard pub food although the Shire Horse is better quality imo but pricier. There is also a Chinese buffet opposite which is good. Stafford is a nice town to visit, is pedestrianised and we have decent pubs if you're not in a hurry. Walsall is a further 17 miles down the motorway. I will be going by train from Rugeley as it's on the direct line to the Bescot. I know that service starts in Crewe which may interest anyone wanting to avoid having to change at Birmingham. I have also been given the name of a pub that welcomes away fans near the ground and will post it tomorrow when I find the note I wrote it on! Happy to assist with any other travel questions as I'm pretty much a local.
  9. StaffordRover

    Walsall v Rovers

    Have also booked 3 tickets for the St Francis Stand. Have a Walsall season ticket holder work colleague, a pukka football fan, who has emailed me with some info around free parking around Bescot and suggested pubs which I will post if people would find it helpful. He was surprised we weren't given the whole stand as well as the away from the off, given our name. Suffice to say he's not optimistic of them getting anything out of the game, but is looking forward to our visit.
  10. StaffordRover

    Transfers Part 3

    I occasionally take my boy to see the Rangers and will ask about Jim Arnold as I believe he is still associated with the club.
  11. StaffordRover

    Transfers Part 3

    Not many of them. Can probably count them all on one hand. I once read that he and his brother Adam (who knew) were probably the most famous sporting brothers in Zimbabwe. Not sure who wrote the article, but probably a biased football journalist given they managed to overlook the respective achievements of the Flower and Black brothers.
  12. StaffordRover

    Transfers Part 3

    Probably so Gavlar. I remember his fellow countryman Jose Dominguez was a full international, but not sure he was when he played for Birmingham, when they were in the third tier in the mid 90's? I suppose if he is still in contact with TM and can be sold 'the dream', he may consider it. Of course, that's presuming TM would want and have a plan for him, given he wasn't his loan signing.
  13. StaffordRover

    Transfers Part 2

    Does make you wonder if there is a perception that we're a big fish in a little pond, with bags of Venky cash to throw at teams (maybe in the hope it intimidates them) or that TM has been given the green light to adopt a scatter gun approach, with low offers for potential targets in the hope that some bite.
  14. StaffordRover

    Transfers Part 2

    So have we allegedly bid for 2 or 3 Peterborough players and if so why them?
  15. StaffordRover

    Smallwood signs

    Hope this guy turns out to be our League 1 version of The Axe - limited ability but effective when used in the right formation and tactics. Not convinced he will prove to be a first team starter, but could be good impact sub, especially when looking to close out a game (assuming we have the lead!).

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