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  1. I remember thinking at the time of TM's appointment that this was a no lose appointment for him and that he had his eyes wide open with no great expectations as to what he would find on his arrival. Came with the reputation of being a decent guy, with integrity and pedigree (albeit dated) His stock was actually low and he inherited a dire situation with a single objective - ensure survival, but he nearly pulled it off; possibly should have given the position we were in going into the final half dozen games, but l believe his reputation has improved significantly, despite relegation and he may now realise he will attract interest from others, so can be more circumspect about his future as our manager. If Venky's have any sense or cared (okay, they don't) they would realise that he achieved only 7 points less than his predecessor in half the games, with the same squad. Definitely a case of what might have been and maybe a final lesson for them that getting the right appointment as manager can make the difference between relegation or mid table mediocrity. They have failed to do this since they sacked Big Sam, so why should they change a habit of a lifetime other than hopefully realise that this guy can work with peanuts and is therefore worth keeping.
  2. Haven't been to a Rovers game for some years now, but have decided to go on Friday. Will be taking my 7 year old lad to his first Rovers match and he is excited at the prospect of watching the club his dad grew up watching, but has only seen himself on tv. l know other Staffordshire based fans used to frequent the MB and am happy to take 2 others if can be in Stafford town for no later than 6.15 or feasibly pick up en route to Burton.
  3. Most likely has something to do with bonus payments based on what time in the game a player takes the field, how long they play etc. etc. Would account for why some players continue to be picked and others don't, or take their time returning to fitness from the treatment table.
  4. So we sign a LB/CB from Bristol City after they sign a CB from Lens; the same club we were looking to buy a different CB from, but we instead sign a CB from Watford on loan, who have recently released another CB who is now on trial at Bristol City. That's wonderfully coincidental.
  5. Wasn't suggesting for a second it was anything to get excited about. Just an observation that there appears to be a focus on Irish/Scots players. It was said tongue in cheek. We all remember the Portuguese influx and how effective that proved to be!
  6. Seems Williams was on the bench last Saturday v Newcastle and didn't get a run out but did start at CB on Tuesday in the EFL game against Scunny. Read one fan's comments suggesting he doesn't have the attributes to be either a standout LB (lack of pace) or CB (height) for first choice selection at this level. Given our obvious vulnerabilities on the flanks, not sure what he therefor brings in added value, but have never seen the lad play so would be unfair to say anymore.
  7. Both have represented Rep of Ireland at junior and under 21 level, so the Celtic connection continues to roll.
  8. The Live ticker has just flashed on my phone that Duffy scored for us! Had my hopes up for a moment. Think it's the official app too!
  9. I would say it's a whole lot worse than that Tom. I likewise suggested Giles Barnes once I knew OC would be appointed, more out of jest than any knowledge he might be interested. The history and profile of the player kind of suggested he may pursue him, but not as first, second or even tenth choice! Not only does it therefore smack of a total lack of imagination if true, it infers to me that OC has also run out of ideas for now. It also definitely confirms he has no real cash to spend on a journeyman pro who showed a bit of promise in his teens but has been blighted with glass legs ever since. Just ponder that for a minute!
  10. Might that be because he is also a Kiwi international? Didn't he play in their World Cup starting eleven with Nelsen? Was a teen at the time if I recall correctly.
  11. He does exist. YouTube him and there's a whole montage if you dare look. Not short of confidence and some skill. Takes most of the goals very well, is two footed and there are glimpses of a player with a bit of guile. However, he plays in the Scots div. 1 so make of it what you will. I'd never heard of him until 5 minutes ago!
  12. Didn't she also post the scores on 'It's a knockout'?
  13. Would have guessed the Bible, but curiosity got the better of me so Googled it. Not correct, but not bad effort either. Probably could do with a little divine intervention this season!
  14. Don't remember the beauty queen reference - probably before my time, but we did live on both Somerset Avenue and Ribchester Road as it happens (next door to the chapel). I think my brother used to drink in the Wilpshire Hotel. I did do a paper road for the newsagents that included Ribchester Road and whatever the road was that ran behind it!
  15. Thanks to those who replied. Still struggling to remember the lads name, but had thought it was something like that. Sounds like he is related, if not indeed his lad. Have now seen a photo of Scott and there is certainly a passing resemblance to the Wharton I remember. I think Mick Rathbone's daughter was in my class for a while, as was Keith Newton's son. Howard Kendall lived behind us and John Bailey and Paul Bradshaw lodged with family friends in the village. Good memories and one of the reasons why I chose Rovers as my club for life.