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  1. StaffordRover


    Blackburn agree deal to sign 18-year-old Louie Annesley from Gibraltar side Lincoln Red Imps on three and a half year deal. Being reported in Daily Mail online. Is 6 foot 4 inch centre half; one for the development squad.
  2. StaffordRover


    He's referring to Coyle, I think, although he's never managed St Mirren. He did manage and play for St Johnstone though.
  3. StaffordRover

    Ben Brereton

    He's a Stoke lad and didn't the Potters let him go as a kid? Probably as good a game as ever to give him a start in his best position and then let's see what he's about.
  4. StaffordRover

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    To be fair Chaddy, the starting point in the sentencing guidelines for Assault PC is a custodial sentence, however this is usually mitigated down with a guilty plea, previous record, stated remorse etc. and a community sentence of some description will be imposed. If it less serious a fine or conditional discharge can be imposed. If you blatantly disregard a community sentence without good reason, e.g. health, you are effectively sticking two fingers up to the sentencing process and will be breached and returned to court by the supervising probation worker. He has now been breached the Order on two occasions so in lay terms he is taking the mick and has not learnt his lesson (what does it also say about his remorse for the original offence). A custodial sentence is actually a distinct possibility i.e. the sentencer can ultimately choose to revoke the existing order, resentence on the original matter and impose a custodial sentence. Happy for you to disagree with me but this is what I do for a living and I like to think my knowledge is sound.
  5. StaffordRover

    Bradley Dack

    Shows a high degree of naivity if he thought his community order would just disappear if he didn't complete his UPW hours in the allotted 12 months. Two breaches, plus an increase in the total on each of those breaches would ordinarily be sufficient proof that any further breaches are ultimately not going to end well with the court, but seemingly not. The hours can be completed in a number of ways (not just hard graft these days) so I can see the club offering an arrangement whereby he pays some of his dues i.e. hours, through community work under their existing arrangements. May therefore see him do this through a combination of local school visits, hospitals etc plus trips to Witton Park wearing a high viz bib and a carrying a litter picker.
  6. StaffordRover

    Mitchel Candlin

    Just read he hails from Stafford, but can't say I've ever heard of him before. Becomes our second Staffordshire signing this window after Ben Brereton who is from Stoke.
  7. StaffordRover

    Loan Window

    Been over 38 years since my family moved from Wilpshire to relocate to Staffordshire, but still have many fond memories of living there as a child. Keith's son, Craig, was in my class at primary school and Keith would show up for school football games occasionally (we played 6 a side for some reason). Can't remember him saying much to be fair, but he definitely cut the image of a late 1970's pro, although he was in the latter stages of his career at Burnley by then. I think Mick Rathbone's daughter was also in my class for a while. My younger brother and his mate used to play 2 v 2 against John Bailey and Paul Bradshaw in his mate's back yard! They were their lodgers at the time in Wilpshire and I remember thinking Bradshaw would play for the senior England side one day. Howard Kendall moved in a couple of years before we left and lived a few doors up from us. I know this sounds a bit like 'jumpers for goalposts' kind of stuff, but as I say, great memories and one of the reasons I have been hooked on Rovers ever since, as is my 9 year old son now.
  8. Being the eternal optimist, I have crashed and burned more times than I care to remember. One that stands out for me is when in conversation with my brother, I said that I was confident that the quiet, self depricating Duffer wouldn't want to leave his tranquil Oswaltwistle home (did he even live there?) for the bright lights and noise of the Kings Road. Imagine my surprise when the next thing I see on SSN is him at an airport legging it away from the rest of the Rovers squad who were preparing to fly out on a pre season tour, so he could catch a taxi to Stamford Bridge.
  9. StaffordRover

    Loan Window

    If the other guy is in our radar, why have him in the crowd in close proximity to someone who is more easily recognisable and thus draws attention to both of them? Given TM is a bit browned off with reported targets being leaked, I find it odd that this guy is effectively in plain sight, as evidenced by a couple of dozen of us now trying to work out who he is. Probably find he isn't a footballer at all or there by invite of one if the players!
  10. StaffordRover

    Loan Window

    I'm hoping Reading are interested in him!
  11. StaffordRover

    Loan Window

    Considering there is no money, I find it curious that Forest are seemingly playing along with the masquerade that there is, as we have bid for him. The logical thing would have been for them to dismiss our interest as ludicrous and fantasy. The fact they haven't and reports are that the two clubs are haggling over the sell on clause, would make this all very real to me. I accept the figure may not be £8 million, but your point is that you believe there is no money. It's one thing to have the cash, another to snag the players you want with that money.
  12. StaffordRover

    Pre Season Matches

    Second that about Evans and Smallwood, who I noticed were doing their bit for the cause in defence, blocking shots, chasing down etc.
  13. StaffordRover

    Pre Season Matches

    The manner in which he mugged off Jagielka for the 3rd was sublime! Certainly doesn't look out of place at this level and this was a very competitive friendly.
  14. StaffordRover

    Thursday deadline.

    Potentially to put him in the shop window or an opportunity to see the goods before committing to a sale? He may/may not be in TM's thinking, but if other options are no longer viable, he is probably available, within our budget and already has a good affinity with the squad.
  15. StaffordRover

    Pre Season Matches

    I guess that explains why he was roundly booed by some when his name was announced at kick off. Thought it strange at the time.

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