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  1. Toothless rovers at it again .. this might sound pathetic but I kinda wish we didn't snatch a win against Wednesday ..he might of actually been sacked in the international break
  2. AdamRochina

    Preston Away

    But but but mowbray brought us stability ..he got us out of leauge 1..he's brought in some decent players.. All that goes out the window now though .. stability is slowing fading and we are in real danger if being relegated again and it's all his fault ..no defensive signings and wasting millions on two dud strikers
  3. i was hounded just for saying i hated Gallagher and he should not be coming back here as hes shite, look at him guys hes fecking horrid he isnt fit to spear head a team at all hes a useless lump
  4. AdamRochina

    QPR Away

    Four. Mowbray pathetic ..team is pathetic
  5. AdamRochina

    QPR Away

    tony needs to go simple as that, those still defending him please have a word with yourself
  6. AdamRochina

    Nottingham Forest Home

    two very winnable games, 1 point, fuck off mowbray you dinosaur
  7. AdamRochina

    Nottingham Forest Home

    lol oh dear
  8. AdamRochina

    Luton Town home

    awful awful result is it stays like this, typical rovers, and i got hounded when i said i was pissed we are signing Gallagher as hes terrible which he is, armstrong no better
  9. AdamRochina

    Luton Town home

    Gallagher robs Luton of possession on the edge of their area, with the shot the better option he opts to lay it off for Armstrong and the move breaks down. as always haha
  10. AdamRochina

    Luton Town home

    oh boy, could be another charlton if we cant break them down
  11. AdamRochina

    Academy & U21s

    really liking the look of samuel this season tbh, looks stronger and hungry for football, he did work really hard over the last pre season and has had some bad luck with injury but i dont think we are done seeing him in the first team tbh i think he might still make a decent striker here
  12. AdamRochina

    Reading (A)

    holtys passing already looking pretty good
  13. AdamRochina

    Reading (A)

    thats awesome tbh, im not his biggest fan but thats some goal! now kick on arma let that boost your confidence! aswell as the fact holtby is on the bench waiting to take your place
  14. AdamRochina

    Lewis Holtby

    id love that lol would be class
  15. AdamRochina

    Academy & U21s

    erm... we could of easily had 2 or 3 goals ourselfs! matched them well in parts

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