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  1. AdamRochina

    January transfer window 2020

    its going to take him a few months to see our style of play and then go out and scout players for our style of play..
  2. AdamRochina

    January transfer window 2020

    link to the polish winger until last day of window, just couldent pull it off says mowbray just out of our reach, no more time to sign anyone else, window closes job done
  3. AdamRochina

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Brereton on for last 5 or so mins
  4. AdamRochina

    January transfer window 2020

    french left back! benjamin mendy mate surley
  5. AdamRochina

    Preston (home)

    how did preston get a free kick when gallagher got barged over in the box? :S
  6. AdamRochina

    Brum FA Cup

    a loss to ten men brum ... get the F out of the club mowbray just walk!
  7. AdamRochina

    Forest V Rovers

    Says alot that this morning my Forrest supporting mate text me asking me what the F have we done to Ben brereton ..oh dear
  8. AdamRochina

    Forest V Rovers

    January will be a big month for us, we need some additions and fast, get ride of deadwood and grab a LB, GK CB and a striker who plays central and can kick a football
  9. AdamRochina

    Forest V Rovers

    downing in the middle looks a class above anything we have
  10. AdamRochina

    Forest V Rovers

    erm, that started at home to wigan! its in mid flow now
  11. AdamRochina

    Forest V Rovers

    love supporting rovers me!
  12. AdamRochina

    Forest V Rovers

    im shocked, no really...i am 🙄
  13. AdamRochina

    Forest V Rovers

    4 OR 5 changes sometimes more a game is pathetic and you know it, its tinkering to much for the sake of it, to look like hes a tactical genius when in reality hes a muppet why change a winning team? didnt we go on a good winning run without making many changes? maybe 1 or 2? hes his own worst enemy
  14. AdamRochina

    Forest V Rovers

  15. AdamRochina

    Forest V Rovers

    i just dont get how he makes 4 or 5 changes a game for gods sake! do any of us even know our best 11 anymore, hopefully proven wrong but yet again left scratching my head at the line up

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