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  1. Chapman dack an Graham should definitely come on at some point .. like sone one said the balls just not sticking up top ..Our passing through the middle is poor right now if we are gonna hoof it we need someone to actually keep the ball
  2. This should of already scored at least 2 .. Our top men can't get a sniff ..We have nothing going forward at the minute
  3. AlL scunny ..really wound me up about changing formation
  4. We struggle tonight it's all on Mowbray
  5. Who's on the left then?
  6. Boro 2-1 up ..2 shots 2 goals from them ..We have had 5 on target
  7. Scunthorpe my home town team but still can't go as I go away shortly ..gutted ..but anyway scunny have been a Lil lucky at times this season to stay undefeated. Will be a hard game and I do feel we wilL only manage a draw against them
  8. Watched live and I muse say we never looked like losing that game, although at times our attacking play is predictable and slow we showed glimpses of some really nice football. Really enjoyed the game and I think samuel is becoming a good player for us
  9. Gladwin should never ever ever wear a rovers shirt again ..Just walk about the pitch mate as someone comes at u in the box barley put any pressure let him run past u and bang two nil ..what style of play do we have? Hoof and hope? What a set of @#/? useless @#/? players we have absolute dog @#/?
  10. Too simple for them that's us out Burnley can defend leads all day long that's how they play football organised and nick a goal.. I'm gonna watxh Liverpool or il lose another phone
  11. It's infuriating that the televised games West ham Chesterfield this is a big derby ..fierce rivalry why is a non game like West ham on? I live in Scunthorpe so can't get down so it's annoyed me
  12. All Bradford now
  13. Samuel on his own up top doesn't look like it's working, he's really poor in my eyes, hopefully antonnson comes on for him.. We seem to be Controlling the midfield well though
  14. You could resell some of the shirts the players are using they are that clean
  15. Playing one up top from the start at home was criminal enough of these pathetic experiments, another loss another @#/? weekend