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  1. AdamRochina

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    first time seeing dolan on ifollow, kid looks class
  2. AdamRochina

    Summer Transfer Window

    I wonder if missing out on kipre meant we went for Ayala or if we wanted both? Imagine Ayala kipre and Darragh being our 3 main CBS with Wharton or magloire as back up
  3. AdamRochina

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yeah why not name them if the LB is done? Announcement today or Monday?
  4. AdamRochina

    Summer Transfer Window

    Me too lol little bugga
  5. AdamRochina

    Summer Transfer Window

    Don't do this to me. Don't give me hope
  6. AdamRochina

    Summer Transfer Window

    I don't want people to think I'm in the know but I signed Ayala for my Blackburn team on FIFA 20 last year. Guess you could say I knew this was coming
  7. AdamRochina

    Summer Transfer Window

    i like this, banter bets for a good cause! ok if i jump in too? il pledge £5 to Diabetes UK if we finish above boro
  8. AdamRochina

    Summer Transfer Window

    ohh thank god, some tiny news i can cling my hopes and dreams on, thank you!
  9. AdamRochina

    Summer Transfer Window

    so no new links or murmurs? fucking depressing
  10. AdamRochina

    Bournemouth away

    id be looking at bringing in 3 CBs two new starters as a reserve one, and a LB i dont even care if we play an academy LB surely better then bell-end
  11. AdamRochina

    Bournemouth away

    watch him bring on some bizzare subs and change out system to some random weird formation and tactics
  12. AdamRochina

    Bournemouth away

    we conceded a bucket load in league 1, again when we came back up, and again last season, yet still refuses to address it, we cant keep needing to score 3 per game to even stand a chance of drawing or winning, we could have oblak in goal and it wouldn't make a difference right now

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