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  1. chris_h

    Where Are They Now?

    You hate dogs? I no longer like the cut of your gib Gav.
  2. chris_h

    Academy & U21s

    Here you are again telling people how it is when you have no idea.
  3. chris_h

    The Relegation Thread

    You haven't got any answers? Blimey.
  4. chris_h

    Where Are They Now?

    I don't know Gav but I like the cut of his gib. I just don't see him as a pirate. I take Walney Blue at face value and have found a few of his posts genuinely funny.
  5. chris_h

    Academy & U21s

    Finished 3-0 v Brighton. Seems as though Mahoney and Raya had good games.
  6. chris_h

    Where Are They Now?

    Surely Gav isn't banned? Really?
  7. chris_h

    Nikola Kalinić

    The poor bugger did look miserable as Large Samuel's lone striker.
  8. chris_h

    The Relegation Thread

    You do know that you are bothering to reply to the bloke who was convinced that Diego Maradona was on his way to the Ewood hot seat don't you?
  9. chris_h


    Aussies by and large are great people but some of their tabloid journos are A grade knobs. They have gone a bit quiet.
  10. chris_h

    Academy & U21s

    You seem a little bitter?
  11. chris_h

    Academy & U21s

    Wasn't Robbie Cotton going to be the next big thing? The 'next Steven Gerrard' according to someone.
  12. chris_h

    Academy & U21s

    Here you go Chaddy - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restraining_order
  13. chris_h

    Academy & U21s

    This from you of all people.
  14. chris_h

    Academy & U21s

    The conspiracy theory fruit loops are leaving this thread alone so this could be the place were normal folk can talk about the new Academy chief. Terrific achievement in getting the U21s to the cup final, all the best to Mr Kinder.

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