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  1. Dyche for Sunderland. You know it makes sense Makems.
  2. I think I'll revise my plans for a rafting trip around the waterways of Hampshire.
  3. It's only a short journey north out of metro Adelaide through the Barossa Valley to outback towns that have gene pools so shallow they make Burnley seem like a multi ethnic metropolis.
  4. There's loads to do here in sunny Adelaide Mike, it's too dry to prepare for swinging conditions though - not that I was complaining, I was delighted! I take it that nothing is happening in the loan market?!😐
  5. 35 degree long weekend and a pool in the back yard. Oh, how I wish I was in Hampshire.
  6. It was over Mike. It was a minor squabble that took up less than a page during the graveyard shift. I'm onside with the mods and appreciate your efforts but it's been a little precious of late.
  7. Well, I don't assume that I have a mandate to speak for anybody else.
  8. We certainly are appear to be poor at the back, that much we can agree on. I think we would also agree that Bowyer isn't the right man for the job. Where we would disagree is banging on and on about it. I'm not sure how that helps. Cathartic maybe for some? Bandwagon jumping and being part of 'the gang' for others? You don't appear to fit into either category to be fair, you appear to have a mind of your own. Even if Yoda thinks that I can goad you into gambling via this message board.
  9. Even by your dire standards that is pitiful
  10. Get yourself down to the bookies Pedro, put your money where your mouth is.
  11. You sound as though you are looking forward to it.Now, THAT is damning.
  12. You'll remind me that the season ends in May? Thanks but I think I'll be ok with that.
  13. Is it? The season ends next May doesn't it?

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