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  1. I think it’s disrespectful I personally don’t mind a Mowbray good/bad/ugly thread, I’m happy to contribute but even if there are a section of fans who think the man should instantly go, I think it makes the website look super-over-reactive and unpalatable. Just a thought lads.
  2. Harry The Bass

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    Seasons have been defined by injury before, even if your wage bill is 3 times ours. Look at Boro last year. Last few months of the season they lost Fry, Ayala and George friend. Not many teams would’ve survived that tbh.
  3. Harry The Bass

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    I think many are completely forgetting Nyambe is no different in that respect at least Even if he is slightly more in tune defensively, arguably quicker and stronger - Bennett again showed why he’s being preferred at the minute last night; Full impact, full energy, up and down the line, supported the forwards on the overlap, helped combine with Johnson, Travis and Dack to keep the ball. Made a few shocker passes, got caught out once or twice - but also made some great challenges. Nyambe is just not as good technically for me, or does he react/read the play as well. A really recent example is Oldhams opener. He was literally half the pitch out of position. Ideally - there is a Cunningham esq RB up the clubs sleeve. I think Nyambe (like Lethal Derek) will eventually find himself more comfortable as a CB
  4. Harry The Bass

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    I don’t think it’s an experiment. Its no secret Mowbray likes to play a shape or style based on the opposition. Some call it negative but others proactive - I think if you look, we beat Hull 1-0 with Armstrong playing central on his own 12 months ago. Maybe they have a full back poor in air, and a slower set of central defenders compared to most teams - and thus at home, expected to push on, more room for Adam (I agree has to improve movement) to exploit. His other quote in the interview was also great on Travis; ”I think he gives it away to win it back”.. Now he also called him a warrior, a Trojan, a spirited individual who makes us tick - and I think it’s got to be mentioned just what a player our club is developing with him. Absolutely wins balls for fun. Good old fashioned ball winning midfielder, and the signing of Johnson might be a masterpiece since he’s the experience to guide Travis on and is a huge upgrade on Evans et al.
  5. Harry The Bass

    Hull (A)

    Didn’t Gallagher's fantastic take down win the free kick for the goal? What I saw was a high intensity performance with a few errors, but effective at times, particularly at bringing Dack into play further up. We don’t play conventional flying wingers so I’m not convinced there is an argument to suggest he isn’t suited for some variant of a pressing wide forward.
  6. Harry The Bass

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    Might be my favourite ever Mowbrayism
  7. Harry The Bass

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    Subjective, so you’re allowed to think that - but we consistently got in behind with Armstrong’s pace because they press high up. Gallagher also then offered plenty of pressing, aerial knockdowns and won the free kick for the goal with a wonderful touch out wide. Second point, Bennett for me is now a weak point for sure, but in some ways - it can’t be ignored that he repeatedly put us on the front foot with clever touches, constantly being in position to support the Gally knock down with our press or diagonal, and another few decent balls in the box or down the flank. This is why I tear my hair out at “square pegs” closed mindedness, because there is plenty of argument to suggest there is method in the decision making. Even if you’re own take isn’t “Mowbrayesque”
  8. Harry The Bass

    Hull (A)

    First born is either Lewis or Travis at this rate.
  9. Harry The Bass

    £10,000 Cash Prize / ST Target

    I should’ve read it first! “Furthermore, the club will knock off the price of a match ticket for the first two home games from the Season Ticket price. So, anyone with a Charlton Athletic or Middlesbrough match ticket can contact the Ticket Office on 01254 372000 and take advantage of the offer … AND be included in the £10k prize draw” A modicum of sense.
  10. Harry The Bass

    £10,000 Cash Prize / ST Target

    Isn’t their some reduction in price for two games or a cup ticket for the ones missed? If not, poor show.
  11. Harry The Bass

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    Did you listen to the interview about investing this summer in IT and creating a new analysis system/booths for the first team coaches to use? I felt a bit embarrassed for the way he mentioned learning it was “like riding a bike”, however the crux is he and his team are embracing the opportunity. Game has certainly moved on, but I think these developments suggest TM isn’t ignoring the obvious or being stubborn and stuck in the mud. As for the money spent, we’re talking the last two seasons, is absolutely paltry in this league right now. I know, others have spent less, got more - and I know that was “our” money AKA a lot of responsibility for the club to invest, but I agree with TM in that our squad is looking very strong in dimensions compared to last season. That’s not just down to signings either, continuation of the academy has been key. Especially when you take relative cost into account. Assombalonga, for example, is rumoured to be paid more than twice our top earner, despite our apparent interest. http://financialfootballnews.com/category/blackburn/ That’s essentially a year old now, but it gives a real flavour of what we are up against compared to say; http://financialfootballnews.com/derby-county-fcs-2018-finances/ Hence why I personally think many reactive opinions in this thread are way off in their judgement of what should’ve or could’ve been done so far.
  12. Harry The Bass

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Oh certainly true, his time might’ve been up but I find it hard to think we ended up better off - even if Lambert was initially an exciting appointment. Bowyer should’ve never been in the frame, but that’s why context is key - the reality still, we’ve a disconnection between ownership and club. More props to those managers who’ve actually had a modicum of success.
  13. Harry The Bass

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Thing with Bowyer though, the impact he made was extremely positive, post our club having 100+m stacked up in wages against it, the heart and soul ripped out of the dressing room and academy for the Goodwillies and Slews to come. Its easy to just expect promotion because he had rhodes and gestede, but context is key. We also had academy graduates like Kean, Henley and Lowe being paid 2x our current top wage, whom simply (even despite countless chances) showed they aren’t/weren’t up to it. Yet now, in some people’s eyes he ultimately failed. I can’t agree with that, and I think it is disrespectful to ignore key decisions made then (Kinder and the re-organisation post SEM of our academy is one example) are helping us massively now.
  14. Harry The Bass

    I won't spend money at Ewood Park. It's a rip off

    One massive issue I have, pie and a pint £7:50; Pint of fosters: £4:20, 400ml of Heineken; £4:20.. yet you can’t swap. So to have a slightly less but better quality beer but at the same initial cost, with my pie- It’s practically a tenner. Which ultimately means another year of putting up with the metallic tasting, watered down, fosters crap - or literally not bothering at all. The thing is, if the beer was a premium imported beer like Bernard or Singha, I’d gladly pay a 5er a pint.
  15. Harry The Bass

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    Whilst I can find many issues with certain phrases or lines, I can’t help but still feel that the club is in a genuine “football persons” hand with TM. I feel confident in his ambitions and intentions. Our collective expectation since he has arrived is now firmly towards the top end of the table, and whether your opinion is that we should’ve done far better so far, it’s hard to ignore that fact.

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