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  1. Harry The Bass

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Only the bit you disagree with as normal yea? But I’m the contrary / devils advocate ... It’s arrogance. Because it assumes that your knowledge of watching Blackburn rovers extends to assuming how other teams should react.. for instance Preston and Burnley in poor runs.. have their managers been sacked? No, despite a plethora of their fans claiming it’s time to move on. You’re in the same club!
  2. Harry The Bass

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I thought you ignored my comments? Reality is though, to suggest Travis has gone backwards despite basically turning himself from an u23 to a regular starter is just basic negative bias. If this had come under a new manager, the reaction would be different, confirmation bias of the highest order.. To explain that - consider what other managers and teams knew about Lewis, and what they know now. Then add your own recent experience of combative midfielders in our colours, it’s not hard to see why he may have looked a breath of fresh air when first appearing. This overriding opinion about how he would’ve been potted elsewhere just shows the arrogance and condescending nature to think your opinion trumps the average fan. It’s become ridiculous, despite the backup from the “I know best crew” on Brfcs! The gross oversimplification of “how to fix Blackburn rovers” is just another example of how the modern entitled football fan will speak first, and think later! Thank god you don’t see me as one of you lot.
  3. Harry The Bass

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    26 games in and I still couldn’t decide exactly how I feel about our progress. Theres always more layers - look at today in isolation, controlled and bossed the game, created chance after chance but ultimately chucked it through dodgy defending and missing chances. That’s not been a story of our time under TM, we’ve changed immeasurably since he took over in my opinion, and consistency has been the biggest issue. I can’t help but think others are so convinced by their own expertise, they’ve completely forgotten what the last decade actually entailed. From wishing we would be swapping places with Bolton, to suggesting the entire club has gone backwards under TM, my reaction is never so severe. Things could and should be better but nothing is simple in football, regardless of how many times you tell yourself you know better! I’ve never been one for making rash decisions with management, but at the same time - it’s utterly ignorant of history to be so convinced that throwing the ball back in the owners court will end up positively. Its still the same team ultimately, and whilst I can see others getting more out of us, despite the “ten a penny” better comments, I’d suggest the most likely outcome isn’t positive. That’s just basic utilisation of experience.
  4. Harry The Bass

    Brum FA Cup

    Referee just cost us a goal
  5. Harry The Bass

    Brum FA Cup

    “Not playing for manager” is a comment I think only those not watching could endorse. Well done Gally. Downing has been immense.
  6. Harry The Bass

    Brum FA Cup

    Sorry what is it? I wasn’t aware
  7. Harry The Bass

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I agree it’s frustrating but we needed depth in attack behind Graham and there is no magic wand with transfers. Considering Murphy, Best and Etuhu probably cost us twice that, I more hopeful BB and SG may eventually find some form and pay some of it back.
  8. Harry The Bass

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    The answer is I think he’s got better every time I’ve seen him play, regardless of others view.
  9. Harry The Bass

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Yea because describing our coaching teams impact, turning a Liverpool release into our best midfielder as “insisting he plays boringly” doesn’t sound ridiculous at all...!
  10. Harry The Bass

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Opinions are excuses to those who haven’t the humility to accept they aren’t always right. As I said, he should’ve done better - Raya looked a far better keeper when he left than the one who started originally for us, but that doesn’t mean he was infallible - you seemingly ignore all grey areas for extremes, but I guess that’s common if you’re just looking to disagree. Nyambe has had so much time our injured too, but don’t let that get in the way of blaming TM for him not getting better. (Even if he has visibly got physically and technically better, now a full international too....) As for Travis; He deserves key credit but some of the ridiculous views on here suggest TMs took him backwards.... by making him part of his team. Unreal abject negative bias.
  11. Harry The Bass

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    You know what also springs to mind? All three would likely be rewarded more than double their current terms if they put the club back in the prem. So why hold us back for their own gain? Strikes me as paranoid and ridiculous but am I surprised?
  12. Harry The Bass

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I can acknowledge we should be doing better, but you cannot seem to acknowledge that every player hasn’t gone backwards. Its like Christmas dinner with one of the “alternative facts” brigade...
  13. Harry The Bass

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I think the the simple stat that Bell and Rothwell are a level above from their previous clubs points to improvement but also might spell out why both are somewhat ineffectual in this league over consistent spells. Travis, Nyambe, Lenihan and Raya (before he left) all better under TM than Coyle for me but not difficult since one hardly feautured and another only came through under TM Buckley looks at home at times but perhaps naive and under strength at others but his chance had come under TM and, if he becomes another mainstay like Travis in time - it’s Buckley who deserves the key credit, TM, Johnson and co after that. My point was more that the team has come forwards under Mowbray but perhaps not to where he and we expected / wanted.

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