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  1. Blue Cabbage

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Sharpe's just tweeted "one in one out"
  2. Blue Cabbage

    Rovers v Charlton

    Dunno why I spent all week getting excited for this. Same old story.
  3. Blue Cabbage

    Bradley Dack

    The picture in question is doctored. The person who those 3 are credited with an enquiry / interest is Che Adams
  4. Blue Cabbage


    Is it just me who remembers that Hanley was a bloody liability? Not saying we don't need a centre half but I wouldn't be bringing bear head back
  5. Blue Cabbage

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    And we're getting beat 3-2
  6. Blue Cabbage

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Lenihan us a decent defender and he's a promising young centre half, but it seems quite apparent that he's a bit thick. How many times does he get caught of position and just grab his man??
  7. Blue Cabbage

    Rodwell signs

    Is it me or does he have a pea head?
  8. Blue Cabbage

    Ben Brereton

    Wonder if he's eligible to play against Forest?? I know it's a permanent transfer in all but name, but, he's here on loan initially....
  9. Blue Cabbage

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

  10. Blue Cabbage

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Grayson starts. As does Photoshop Paul.. Tomlinson and Butterworth on bench
  11. Blue Cabbage

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Butterworth and Grayson in the squad
  12. Blue Cabbage

    World Cup 2018

    I'd rather Southgate take a game changer and hope he gambles on Sancho, Lookman and Sessegnon. Got to be better than Livermore, Welbeck and Delph???
  13. Blue Cabbage

    Carabao Cup

    Mulgrew limping already
  14. Blue Cabbage

    Carabao Cup

    3-1 Samuel
  15. Blue Cabbage

    Smallwood signs

    As the other 3 aren't Norn Irish, I would suspect Evans would never play in that midfield

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