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  1. Gillingham - Home

    Full time 1 nil
  2. team for rotherham

    Still 1-0
  3. Most hated British football clubs

    I utterly despise West Ham and hope they fold
  4. Scunthorpe United v ROVERS

    Unless Harper is playing to keep tabs on Morris if he's on their right?
  5. Sam Hart

    Bit darker on this one. Going for 7.43pm
  6. Deadline day 2017 (no unrelated chat)

    Thoroughly confusing deadline day. Permanent deal though and although I'm not a fan of Williams, he's a kid. Haven't we got our own? Again, happy to be shown up if proven wrong. But......... ....Still don't get it.
  7. Deadline day 2017 (no unrelated chat)

    Bring back Andy Todd
  8. Deadline day 2017 (no unrelated chat)

    I never get first dibs!! Agree completely Stuart, I'd rather our own box-to-box midfielder come through than develop someone else's, as echoed above, happy to be proved wrong but..... ....I don't get it.
  9. Deadline day 2017 (no unrelated chat)

    Harper signs
  10. Grant Hanley

    He's an absolute Neanderthal, all blood and thunder, short of a few brain cells but likes a battle with his opponent. Pair him with someone who he can understand and maybe learn off as the raw materials are there but sadly lacks a footballing brain despite how many appearances he's racked up. Still better than Ward mind.
  11. Regardless of who is picked I reckon we'd comfortably beat Stokes U8 side
  12. Carabao Cup

    Mulgrew limping already
  13. Carabao Cup

    3-1 Samuel
  14. Goin' up Goin' up Goin' up?

    2nd or 16th
  15. New Kit 2017/18

    That is a stunner