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  1. Cherry Blue

    FA CUP

    Abide with Me was great but I'd rather hear the fans sing it alone.
  2. Cherry Blue

    Championship 2018-19

    When Ewood was being rebuilt we played Leeds with both home and away fans in Darwen End. When game ended Rovers fans were asked to stay behind while Leeds fans left. Bad decision. As Leeds fans squeezed past us they spat in our faces. Can't stand the club, and enjoyed seeing them silenced by the Rams.
  3. Cherry Blue

    Championship 2018-19

    Really did not want dirty Leeds back at Ewood but I enjoyed that. Well done Frank.
  4. Cherry Blue

    BRFCS - Gratitude Corner

    Thanks to all involved in bringing views, reviews, reports and the rest that mean so much to us. Fantastic message board !
  5. Cherry Blue

    Championship 2018-19

    Games full of mistakes. Even Sky caption had Roofe coming on when he was going off and then "Kenny Jackett Portmouth Manager" when it they interviewed Jack Ross Sunderland Manager.
  6. Cherry Blue

    Championship 2018-19

    Can't stand Leeds. Dirty, arrogant and they get away with it. But I want them out of the Championship, too big a club.
  7. He's got to go and speak personally to them and I'd be disappointed if he didn't have that contact. Ok we are in a mess compared to our premiership years but we have to move forward and progress as a "club". Mowbray is manager and therefore meeting owners is a priority.
  8. Cherry Blue

    Norwich - tempting fate

    They're afraid Delia will have another go at them!
  9. Cherry Blue

    Norwich - tempting fate

    We were never in it. Big changes needed if we are going to do the business next season.
  10. Cherry Blue

    Norwich - tempting fate

    All part of the tv promotion watch. We don't matter and as the game goes on we will completely disappear. Is TM there??
  11. Cherry Blue

    Norwich - tempting fate

    New keeper priority.
  12. Cherry Blue

    Championship 2018-19

    If BWFC did go under, as well as everything else you can throw at those who let it get to this state, you've got to feel for their supporters. Wouldn't wish this on any true football fan. Difficult to imagine if any would turn their support to another club.
  13. Cherry Blue

    Premier League Stuff

    I don't. One thing that really annoys me (apologies, I've mentioned it several times) is I know a former Rovers' ST fan who is now a Liverpool ST fan. No, I can't get my head round that one either.
  14. Cherry Blue

    Premier League Stuff

    They would have won anyway it's just that Atkinson made a (usual) controversial decision that made a Liverpool win certain. The correct action should have been to let the game flow then book Salah for diving. Almost certain we will play Cardiff next season and our M65 neighbours continue their relegation fight for another year.
  15. Cherry Blue

    Premier League Stuff

    Agree. Poor celebration by Milner. I rate the bloke but no need for that.

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