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  1. You make a good point Gav and thankfully we do have the skills of Mulgrew, Evans & Bennett to step up and rally the rest but i didn't see that happen yesterday and without a blood & thunder leader on the pitch we are going to get the same again at Ewood this season. As someone pointed out earlier its ashame we don't have a 12th man at Ewood these days like we do away from home. After yesterday's dire performance, including TMs, I'm seeing negative figures of played 7 lost 3 = 12 points but a win next saturday will change things to played 8 won 5 = 15 points.
  2. Wimbledon played the ref to their advantage. For any sunday journalist scoring this chap I'd give him 2. Oh just remembered sunday papers don't do that for league one games
  3. Agree, well said arbitro.
  4. Disagree with a draw being fair result. On stats yes but for me on the field there was a lack of effort in the first half hour. Wimbledon's game plan was a good old tough league 1 game and unfortunately that's not in TM's book of football. Nothing skillful about their goal, they got stuck in and as a result scored. We need a manager that will motivate his players to play for the shirt and I'm not seeing that. I wont be upset if TM leaves.
  5. After 5 wins I thought things were changing for the better. First half was what we got use to with Wimbledon wanting the ball more and with the lack of motivation from TM a defeat was always on the cards. We would never have scored if the game went on until midnight. Shocking game plan. Ive had doubts about TM since his appointment but now Ive seen enough. With only 3 attempts on target not one player stood out and there was no evidence of changing the play even after using subs, Ward and Caddis are liabilities but the end story for me is a game of bad management. The ref, or the guy with the whistle, had a shocker.
  6. The next game is always the most important, so here we are today v Wimbledom. We've got to get out of this league this season. !00% effort needed from everyone again this week, we can do it. 3 points and we should move closer to top 6. COYB
  7. fantastic result!!!
  8. The passion of the great game. I wasn't saying that this time last year. Spoke to a Rochdale fan before game who said how pleased he was to see a former premier champions team playing at Dale's ground.
  9. "I'll walk a million miles for one of your goals oh Charlie........"
  10. Anyone know about parking or best pub for away fans?
  11. I've seen it again. Another team mate (Brown) accidently falls onto back of Charlie's leg, towards ankle area. Trainer come on and he is rubbing top of his foot. Really unlucky.
  12. Mulgrew off injured for Scotland
  13. Stand by your beds..... Can somebody check MacDonalds
  14. Can't believe just heard sky sports mention Chris Woods is a target for burnley after he played for them yesterday
  15. I'm confused, So what's the score?