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  1. TMs game plan worked. We allowed Bury possession knowing they had little to offer up front. Dack was superb throughout and a few bits of quality won the game. Thought we might have pressed more when Graham came on as their keeper might have struggled with quality shots, but I'm not complaining, Enjoyed the short trip. Bury's ground is lacking but we raised the spirit and local pub would like to play us every week. But next time landlord don't water your beer down.
  2. Recall a friendly mid 70s when Bury thought they'd scored. Ref gave it but following complaints from Rovers fans immediately behind the goal that ball couldn't have gone in as they had it he disallowed it. Ref and linesman checked for holes in the net but as they could find any the goal was disallowed as there was no evidence the ball had crossed the goal line.
  3. How are ticket sales going? Got mine today was told nearly 4,000 but that can't be true. Got the impression they didn't have a clue.
  4. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    Apart from Rotherham equalising in 96th minutes to knock us off 6th spot, other results don't look too bad. B'pool lost at home to Pompey, Bradford lost at home to Plymouth, and Fleetwood lost away to MKDons.
  5. Rochdale v Rovers Tuesday 7th Nov.

    Bury winning 3 0 with 20 minutes left.
  6. Rochdale v Rovers Tuesday 7th Nov.

    Subs: Raya, Platt, Caddis, Travis, Whittingham, Rankin-Costello, Antonsson
  7. Premier League Stuff

    Have I seen this right? Ref Michael Oliver presents Aguero with a momentum during the game for his record goal scoring?
  8. Barnet (H) 04.11.17

    Last season Graham was seen attempting to raise noise level before a corner. IMO his cupping ears is saying "I can't hear you, we need more", not sarcasm. The player is quality . We know that and he knows that by getting behind the whole team can only bring out the best.
  9. Barnet (H) 04.11.17

    LEUTWILER Downing Mulgrew Williams CADDIS HARPER EVANS HARTT GLADWIN Dack Graham subs: Raya, Nyambe, Whittingham, WArd, Antonsson, Bennett, Nuttall
  10. ROVERS v Fleetwood


    I'm sure its not quite like that USA. Graham played well yesterday, hung onto the ball in desperate circumstances. But if Nuttall isn't on the bench for Fleetwood game more questions will be asked. The ref showed a red card first then held up a second yellow, does this make the second yellow null and void?

    Good point Colt. So understandable TM not happy with refs decision as he's told the press. Did he speak to the ref?

    The ref's decision to second yellow card Bennett was a complete joke. The forth official must have been wondering how on earth this chap has progressed so far through the leagues and maybe when he calculated 4 added minutes after 5 subs plus delays which included speaking to TM he was thinking "lets get this joker off the pitch". If we had scored I've no doubt the "ref" (or the chap with the whistle) would have disallowed it. Before the game I would have took a point but seeing how crap Wigan were after 15 minutes I wanted 3 points. Sadly IMO TM got this one wrong. Why change a winning team!!!!!!! The old square pass after pass with no attempt to go for goal was very disappointing. Wigan were there for the taking but instructions from the bench appeared to be take it easy and keep the ball. Graham played well apart from fluffing a square ball but Antonsson is not at this level. Why TM did TM play him? Credit to the 9 that finished under strange football circumstances due to the "ref", hard look on Chapman.
  14. Rather be looking down than up the leagues and its sad we can't make a noise in Ewood like we did. Even in the 80's the sound filled the air, "o when the blues go matching in". But the positives are there. Big club in a lower league, fantastic away support ( ), top six with two games in hand and a squad that wants to compete. We've been to the top and I hope we're on our way back again. Big game at Wigan on Saturday and we need to kill off a bad memory.
  15. Portsmouth MOTM thread