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  1. Cherry Blue

    Loan Window

    He speaks about a need for 3 parties being happy. Meanwhile the football season is well underway and the two parties dragging their feet are costing us building a stronger team. If this drags on until 31st Aug with no match time for the player ...........
  2. Cherry Blue

    Carabao Cup 2018/19

    Home to Joey Barton's Fleetwood.
  3. Cherry Blue

    Carlisle Away

    When's draw for next round?
  4. Cherry Blue

    Carlisle Away

    No changes yet. Second half started.
  5. Cherry Blue

    Carlisle Away

    Luetwiler, Smallwood. Samuel. Whittingham, Nuttal, Dowing & Evans
  6. Cherry Blue

    Carlisle Away

    Hull have lost central defender Burke due to injury. He's played in both league games.
  7. Cherry Blue

    Carlisle Away

    Luke Freeman scores for QPR 2 0 up against Peterborough
  8. Cherry Blue

    Carlisle Away

    No Bennett or Graham. Palmer starts. Raya, Mulgrew, Lenihan, Bell, Rothwell, Travis, Nyambe, Conway, Dack, Palmer, Armstrong
  9. Cherry Blue

    Loan Window

    Thought this thread was about loan window?? We need to act quicker to get players in and match fit.
  10. Cherry Blue

    Carlisle Away

    Fisher's playing for U23s tonight at Derby.
  11. Cherry Blue


    2 0 after 9 mins - Carter !
  12. Cherry Blue


    Started nervously but for a good half hour in second half we played better football. I like Rothwell, brilliant controlled run and shot would have gone in on another day. Shame Graham didn't see Dack with an open goal begging. Agree, Smallwood not at this level.
  13. Cherry Blue

    Loan Window

    It's a risky choice but I'd go for Brereton. Gallagher was ok here but wasn't outstanding at MKD or Birmingham hence no one has signed him yet and he's 22 (i think) where as Brereton is 19.. Also my thoughts are skewed with something Nixon said last night - we don't know if its true - about him being happy to sit around on £25k a week .We don't want any like that at our club.
  14. Cherry Blue

    Thursday deadline.

    Has anyone at Ewood made a comment yet?
  15. Cherry Blue

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    I'm glad they didn't accept £5m after £4m wasn't enough. It does suggest panic but that kind of cash for a 19 year old ?? Who made that late decision?? Hard to take.

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