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  1. I've lost count, what score is it?
  2. Completely meaning home & away? Sad that a character like yourself wont be giving a match presence opinion/voice this coming season. Don't get me wrong I fully understand your view and others alike too, but its the rest of us that will be missing out. As for winning the premiership...... League 1 Champions will do me at the moment. The rest is out of our control. venkys out!
  3. Nothing else to talk about. If we had signed a striker this would never had happened
  4. Nice one Windy. Be interesting to see who else is seen in today's squad.
  5. A lot of faith has been put in TM especially when he said he has control of any sales. The man is no fool. He sat down with the owners and was happy to continue as manager. To sell a key player like Lenihan will be more than a surprise and I hope it doesn't happen. No faith in venkys but I'm relying on TM to use his skill and build a team that will compete.
  6. I'm looking back into the championship seeing Wolves spending £15m on Porto midfielder, closing in on a loan signing from same club as well as going to re sign Benik Afobe from Bournemouth. Not that I'm jealous but Wolves could easily have been where we are
  7. Not sure we have a candidate yet. Bennett maybe. He can build a good relationship with the fans - did he sit with the fans at an away game last season - but does he have the drive to demand the enthusiasm. Mulgrew would be good but will he be present every game if we manage to keep hold of him?
  8. Liverpool Leeds Portsmouth Forest Green
  9. Remember talking to a Fleetwood fan in the Accy 3 game friendly some years ago. He could easily do the m6, m62 route and follow a bigger club but his "Fleetwood till I die" t sheet told me why he was in Accrington. Credit to him and thousands like him who stay loyal to one club. Everyone to there own but I can't get my head round glory hunting fans. Once a fan always a fan. Looking forward to a big away following we are going to have this season. The pubs, sounds, conversation, banter and even the results could be a lot different to what we have been use to. RTID
  10. There's normally a mid week game middle of August. Rochdale away would be a cracking sell out ticket only game
  11. Went down for mine today, can't stay away, lad said sales going better than same time last year.
  12. Good to hear views, ideas and updates as well as put names to faces. Well done to all who attended. Great idea with the Rovers shirt PB.
  13. At the moment TM is the only hope we have. Venky’s venky’s (they don't deserve a capital V) aren't going to budge. He's proved he can manage better than our previous recruits but the journey to India is a concern. Hope he's taken a team of experienced in-the-knows who can tie them down to give us what we deserve. Silence is killing me.
  14. Well done Andy Bayes. Mentions list of players signed for large sums on big salaries, including a BBC colleague Danny Murphy, a player who dodged 50/50 tackles. Can't watch MOTD these days. A good listen.
  15. Let's wait and see what the owners say