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  1. Cherry Blue

    Reading (A)

    Brilliant win!!!!!!
  2. Cherry Blue

    Reading (A)

    5 added minutes!
  3. Cherry Blue

    Reading (A)

    Need this win if we are to progress up league and raise our expectations. Come on Tony Mewbray (SSN pronunciation).
  4. Cherry Blue


    If Graham had started instead of Armstrong he would have held the ball up front and even (more likely to) scored. In hindsight (imo) maybe Armstrong should have lifted the ball over their advancing keeper rather than going for power. The lad puts in 100% but he's not a centre forward. A first half Dack through ball caught him off guard then in a second half similar position Dack maybe thought I'm not wasting another chance. Thought Buckley did ok. Only lightweight but his mind is quick and he's not afraid to demand the ball meaning he needs a close watch. Full credit to Graham at HT coming to the BBE wall for photos.
  5. Cherry Blue

    West Brom Away

    Last para from oj sums it up for me. TMs expectations too high but he won't have it!
  6. Cherry Blue

    West Brom Away

    Will TM find ever find it??
  7. Cherry Blue

    West Brom Away

    According to Sharpe more energy and won more tackles in 6 minutes of 2nd half then previous 45 minutes. What did he say??
  8. Cherry Blue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Should have got rid before season started, before transfer deadline. We're now locked in not only with weak defenders but with a manager whose new style of football believes we can pass the ball out from the back.
  9. Cherry Blue


    We have the players, albeit limited selection. Team management is crucial but is TM the man?
  10. Cherry Blue


    Cardiff well organised but lacking in finishing quality. Our best spell was in last 5 minutes but up till then we weren't quick enough. Thought Travis did ok and Bennett was careful to avoid his previous mistakes - unlucky to be booked. Graham & Dack didn't get any chance to play, Walton nearly gave it away with his non safety play and Bell was too slow, needs to think. Says it all when Williams refuses to thread a ball through to him.
  11. Cherry Blue

    Hull (A)

    Listening to Sky's pre match last night we were to struggle against (£20m) Bowen and Eaves. Bowen missed a penalty and Eaves was substituted. Well done to all players, management and vocal support. Great team work. Got to say Cunningham is exactly what we need. The way he run through challenges from the back with a shot on target was perfect. Hope this becomes a trade mark for him.
  12. Cherry Blue

    Premier League Stuff

    Thank God we don't have var. Left hand doesn't know what right hands doing.
  13. Cherry Blue

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Risky taking Dack and Graham off as we spent the last 15 minutes defending. It worked and maybe this was to save energy for Tuesday v Hull. Listening to Mowbray sounds like we'll go with same team and bring in Tosin v Cardiff. Hope Gally not suffering from hamstring.
  14. Cherry Blue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I just don't want to go through this season counting the points we could have won. Wishful thinking on my part.
  15. Cherry Blue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Defeat on Saturday v Boro' will surely see the end of TM. Not a fan of his selection, his tactics, or his transfer window failures. On his plus side he got us from Div 1 to Championship, his level.

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