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  1. Cherry Blue

    January transfer window 2020

    Turn the corner, three steps forward and one back, we could add more but one true point is that we play in a league where results are unpredictable and the next 18 games will continue with surprise results. I've been critical of TM before but if we don't have the money anymore to buy decent players etc lets see if 4 days sun gives us a result.
  2. Cherry Blue

    January transfer window 2020

    For me this has big Ben written all over it.
  3. Cherry Blue

    4th ROUND DAY

    The Shrews deserved that. Expected Liverpool to do what they normally do this season, but what a game!
  4. Cherry Blue

    January transfer window 2020

    If we are, according to Waggott, "around the (FFP) threshold....very limited as to what could be done" it does suggest that there's a gap and maybe subject to possible changes a decent signing could happen. But the contradiction comes when Waggott adds "unable" to invest due to FFP rules.
  5. Cherry Blue

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Even team down M65 call us Rovers. They might fit another word in front but it's not Blackburn! 😁
  6. Cherry Blue

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    We need another goal.
  7. Cherry Blue

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    he's been booked get him off
  8. Cherry Blue

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Off post hit keeper Dawson and in by sound of it. Whats going on!!!!!!
  9. Cherry Blue

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Need to be careful - ref will want to even sides up. Playing well though.
  10. Cherry Blue

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Out through illness according to LT
  11. Cherry Blue

    January transfer window 2020

    Mowbray must have had wind about Mulgrew exercising his right to return. Another costly bench warmer because he wont start. Far too slow in this league and any suggestion to play him at full back is daft, we'd have no wing attack (I know we don't now!) and it would play right into the opposition's favour. Can't see a way out of this as it reduces up any wages money available.
  12. Cherry Blue

    January transfer window 2020

    Wasn't in squad v Bolton last Saturday either.
  13. Cherry Blue

    Preston (home)

    Both teams lacked quality but the plus point was seeing Darwen End almost full. Took a walk round ground before going in and heard a pne fan say "....now this is a proper ground....". Gallagher, Armstrong & Bennett always give that extra as they obey orders often playing out of position. Thought Evans & Nyambe injuries hindered our chances but show acting by Pearson does not belong in football with poor Championship referees who fail to do their job.

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