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  1. Good to hear views, ideas and updates as well as put names to faces. Well done to all who attended. Great idea with the Rovers shirt PB.
  2. At the moment TM is the only hope we have. Venky’s venky’s (they don't deserve a capital V) aren't going to budge. He's proved he can manage better than our previous recruits but the journey to India is a concern. Hope he's taken a team of experienced in-the-knows who can tie them down to give us what we deserve. Silence is killing me.
  3. Well done Andy Bayes. Mentions list of players signed for large sums on big salaries, including a BBC colleague Danny Murphy, a player who dodged 50/50 tackles. Can't watch MOTD these days. A good listen.
  4. Let's wait and see what the owners say
  5. I trust TM. Sounds daft when my heads still spinning after being relegated but even his presence at pitch side today made me aware of what we've missed.
  6. GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Brentford 3 QPR 1 29/04/17 V Rovers (today) 1 Bentley 1 Bentley 2 ColinSubstituted forClarkeat 71'minutes 6 Dean 6 Dean 8 Yennaris 29 Barbet 17 Kerschbaumer 22 Henry 19 Sawyers 15 Woods 20 Clarke 8 Yennaris 21 Vibe 23 JotaBooked at 65mins 23 Jota 19 Sawyers 29 Barbet 47 CanosSubstituted forJozefzoonat 71'minutes 30 Field 21 VibeSubstituted forShaibuat 87'minutes 47 Canos Substitutes Substitutes 7Jozefzoon 16Bonham 11Hofmann 5 Bjelland 14Egan 7 Jozefzoon 16Bonham 11 Hofmann 17Kerschbaumer 12 McCormack 20Clarke 14Egan 33Shaibu 39 Westbrooke
  8. Afraid it isn't up to Huddersfield. They broke the rule 24.1. Can we start with 12 players tomorrow?
  9. Brilliant! I wish .......what a player he was.
  10. Was on Bolton Road a few weeks ago and recalled (to the Mrs) the 1975 Plymouth 5 2 game, quoted by Hanks. The morning of that game I counted 29 Plymouth fans on Bolton Road (Infirmary) at 830am which I thought strange as it was early but wasn't aware of the trouble in town centre mentioned by thewool. As for the game, one of the best I've seen at Ewood.
  11. Excellent work Michael. Good to read that a Government Minister takes this seriously and will take on-board the story of our club with "seriously dysfunctional owners". Would like to see some reaction in the (very) near future with the BRFC hitting the headlines for the right reasons.
  12. Fascinating debate on this one but hope verdict soon. Mother of all games on Sunday and Blues Bar is showing!
  13. Yes but to take 10 players out! They broke the rule and should be punished.
  14. Trying to remain positive. This season is now about hope after so much disappointment. We look to be hanging on by the skin of our teeth but as Greavesie said, its a funny old game. Who would have thought we could take 6 points off Newcastle. Well done to the travelling 1,600 going on Sunday, hope this Sunday is a day of celebration for all of us.
  15. Possibly a day out at Blackpool Glad to know last game is on Sky TV, albeit for the wrong reason. Does anyone know if game will be shown in Blues Bar? Nervous week before we get conformation of which league and what (if anything) the future holds.