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  1. CapeTownRover

    New Games/General Gaming

    Any High School Musical games available? Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk
  2. CapeTownRover

    New Games/General Gaming

    I have that already Amarillo, but havent played it yet. Ive been busy with Nfs Rivals, which im slightly disappointed with Absolutely Baz. Next up for me is Lego the Movie
  3. CapeTownRover

    New Games/General Gaming

    Need for Speed Rivals anybody? Not sure I like it tbh, seems a bit boring.
  4. CapeTownRover

    RIP Tashor

    Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Tashor.. May his soul rest in peace i think it was Tashors avatar yes.
  5. CapeTownRover


    select a captain in your local league, that is doing really well. surely there is a captain at Glamorgan, or Surrey, Lancashire etc that is on form. make him captain, as he is already captain of his team. not sure if Cook is captain of his county side, but if he is or was never a captain, then its not easy to lead
  6. CapeTownRover

    Bolton debt

    Hmm would be interesting to get a break down of that Bolton debt amount. if that 160 mill is on transfers, salaries etc, then that is unbelievable. what that doesnt tell you, is that Bolton would still have other expenses to take care of, so that 160 odd million could in fact be alot more
  7. CapeTownRover

    Bolton debt

  8. CapeTownRover

    Bolton debt

    i was just going to mention that SG194, and from what i read its money owed to Eddie. either way though, that is alot of wasted money, but not sure how this works in terms of FFP if the debt is not owed to the banks
  9. CapeTownRover

    Bolton debt

    i feel better now
  10. CapeTownRover


    tbh, Barry Richards would have been right up there, had it not been for the dark days over here. I would say that Richards would have been close to Bradman and Sobers easily. also Botham like that Aussie with the stupid moustache(sp) cant get to his name now lol, were more out there to entertain the crowd, and the crowd enjoyed that. Kallis on the other hand just got on with what he needed to do, which makes people look at him as boring
  11. CapeTownRover


    Botham better than Kallis? you wouldnt pay to watch Kallis? lol anyway, just what reasonable level did you play cricket at? if only your Kevin Petersen was as consistent as Kallis hey
  12. CapeTownRover

    Paul Comstive

  13. CapeTownRover

    New Games/General Gaming

    for me Fifa is also now end of life imo. there is just nothing that stands out year on year, and i can go back and play Fifa 09 and not worry about Fifa 13 or 14. maybe its just me, but Footy games just are the same apart from updated UI and improved game play
  14. CapeTownRover

    New Games/General Gaming

    playing The Walking Dead, but honestly i wish it was more based on the tv series. also doing NHL which is good fun , even though i play it as a football game lol
  15. CapeTownRover

    New Games/General Gaming

    Hi There anybody want to let me know how good THE LAST OF US is? read some good reviews, but not sure if i should get it or not.

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