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  1. CapeTownRover

    [Archived] Open Letter From Venky's

    They have made massive mistakes, ignored so many calls to get better advice, and the damage caused is seemingly at a point where even a good positive letter for many fans is not good enough. You cannot blame the fans for acting in a manner of hatred, and anger, because the club has gone from well run to a joke. But sometimes its a good start for fans, to maybe give things another go, without actually becoming fans of Venkys. We are so deep into this hatred, that even when a good thing is done, we try and find fault in them. I think last season, it showed that with them silent in the background, things were much better. If you want to hate them then do so, if you are angry at them, then be angry, its your right. But those who want to give them a chance, then give it to them.
  2. CapeTownRover

    [Archived] The Rao's

    Balaji says he loves you Abbey says he wants to take you out for a beer.. Lol
  3. CapeTownRover

    [Archived] Summer Transfers - In & Out

    Rhodes, Gestede and Rochina for me.. maybe add one more forward and let the rest go. Ruben is frustrating, but he is very versatile and can cover a number of positions. Only problem is, he wants regular football and that will be tough to offer him
  4. CapeTownRover

    [Archived] Summer Transfers - In & Out

    Think there were a few very good players, at some other championship teams this season. Its those players we should look at imo.
  5. CapeTownRover

    [Archived] England World Cup Squad.

    Hahaha El Tombro, ill certainly keep an eye on England. However, cant see them get past the 2nd round. They might just squeeze out of the groups, but beyond that it will be difficult. South Africa, the less said about our football the better. We have a half decent cricket and rugby team, a few good golfers and swimmers
  6. CapeTownRover

    [Archived] England World Cup Squad.

    Ill be rooting for Spain or Argentina. Would love to see Messi win it, just so that Cristiano Ronaldo can go and cry in a corner somewhere
  7. CapeTownRover

    [Archived] England World Cup Squad.

    That England defence! are you guys confident with that defence? Would have taken Ashley Cole with, just for his experience, but thats just my opinion. That Spain midfield though, what a job it must be to pick the starting 11. Belgium have a strong team, and will surprise a few teams. Argentina cleary have a strong team, and i hope they or Spain win it.
  8. CapeTownRover

    [Archived] New kit 14-15 Home & Away

    Anybody know if there is stock of the home shirt left online? I cant seem to access the onerovers store at the moment Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. CapeTownRover

    [Archived] Summer Transfers - In & Out

    Anybody interested in seeing us give Rochina one final chance? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. CapeTownRover

    [Archived] TV's

    Sent from my tree Abbey Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk Oops
  11. CapeTownRover

    [Archived] TV's

    Hahaha btw Khod i did remove the signature.
  12. CapeTownRover

    [Archived] TV's

    Use the 3D stuff alot Abbey? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. CapeTownRover

    [Archived] 2013-14 Season Review

    Signings brilliant, Conway, Gestede, Evans, and Keane. A notable mention for Ben Marshall, thought he did well before he got injured. Inconsistency cost us dearly, iffy tactics and poor substitutions during the season left many baffled. Cairney out wide, really Bowyer? On a positive note with regards to Bowyer, he has had a full season in charge, so next season he will be able to plan much better. Its vital as to what will happen in the transfer window, especially if some of key players gets sold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. CapeTownRover

    [Archived] Phones

    http://m.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2323136/iphone-6-rumours-price-features-and-release-date Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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