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  1. The Hypnotic

    January transfer window 2020

    Another way of looking at it is that signing a player is a form of capital investment for a football club. I’m sure plenty of companies that have furloughed staff will keep investing in an effort to stay competitive with their rivals. Are football clubs any different?
  2. The Hypnotic

    New Games/General Gaming

    Thanks for the last link. Chrono trigger is a very good game, I never played it when it came out but I’ve recently discovered it through my raspberry pi. I’d forgotten how charming and fun the old JRPGs are. Just got FFVII working so I might finally be able to complete it! Are any of the other FFs from the pre-ps2 days any good?
  3. The Hypnotic

    New Games/General Gaming

    My favourite computer game music is the “Jurassic rhythm” bit at the start of chrono trigger. Just a very cool wee jingle. Streets of rage gets a special mention also.
  4. The Hypnotic


    We loved the tiger king as well, such an exceptional collection of characters. Couldn’t get into the jinx at all and gave up on it. Subsequently a friend told me about the twist and I wish I’d stayed with it! Loved the sopranos as well but I think the wire is the greatest tv ever made, it’s just wonderful and it’s well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it yet.
  5. The Hypnotic

    Bradley Dack

    I do want to know about those things...
  6. The Hypnotic

    Underrated Rovers 11

    At the time I was underwhelmed with the signing, not having known much about him before he came to us. I just remember being totally won over by some of his performances. A few amazing goals as well but I can’t get them on YouTube 😒
  7. The Hypnotic

    Underrated Rovers 11

    Nobody has mentioned Craig hignett yet, I remember him having a touch of class and scoring some great goals for us.
  8. The Hypnotic


    Wow. It’s hard to see the point you are trying to make here. You’re claiming that it was safe to run a massive public event when a potentially deadly virus is doing the rounds of the UK? Or are you saying that governments should refuse their own citizens the right to return home? Would it not be easier to just agree that running Cheltenham was a huge mistake?
  9. The Hypnotic


    My stag party is on the 16th in Budapest where a state of emergency has been declared. Maybe if we both hope enough and cross our fingers it will be over by then. I feel selfish as well lol.
  10. The Hypnotic


  11. The Hypnotic


    So no evidence or proof to back up the claims then? I’m sure he did raise the issue within a bitterly-divided party and I have no doubt that he was asked questions on it when he was campaigning. However, neither of those statements backs up the claim that a problem actually exists. It’s conjecture and hearsay.
  12. The Hypnotic


    I’ve read the report. Can you not see that, as Ian Murray was nominated by the Jewish labour movement, he has an ulterior motive in presenting himself as a defender of the Jewish faith and a lone voice standing against “antisemitism”? It looks to me like a politician doing what politicians do. The extracts in the article are a classic example of criticism of the Israeli state being wrongly treated as antisemitism, bar one example. That one person in the Labour Party membership (which numbers over 500000) sent a bigoted email is hardly newsworthy and it speaks volumes that this was the worst example used to illustrate such a nebulous argument. No doubt some members of the Conservative party have sent similarly bigoted communications to ethnic and religious minorities. As you appear to be a passionate defender of religious freedom would you like to comment on that or is your focus solely on the Labour Party? If so, can you explain why you’re so obsessed with the Labour Party? It’s dangerous to shut down legitimate criticism in this way. True antisemitism is disgusting and should be called out but this is such obvious electioneering and Murray should be ashamed of himself for using legitimate fears to further his political career. Regarding the bit highlighted in bold - it is certainly not accepted that there is any problem in the Labour Party and it’s disingenuous at the least to present your claim as a fact.
  13. The Hypnotic

    Premier league to launch hall of fame

    Shearer keane le tissier My top 3. Don’t think anyone can argue with shearer’s right to a place (especially on a rovers forum) and for me le tissier has been one of the most technically-gifted players to grace the English league, and as a one-club man I’d love to see him honoured. Keane was just a machine, drove his club onto achievement after achievement and had technical ability, a winners mentality and the ultimate in leadership skills. Hateful person outside of football all the same.
  14. The Hypnotic

    Swansea City home

    Best part of the day was seeing all the despondent Swansea players collapsed onto the ground after our goal. Loved it.

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