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  1. The Hypnotic

    Slow Build?

    Every manager makes a few dud signings though. Fergie brought djemba djemba and Bebe to United, Arsene Wenger thought that Francis Jeffers was a premier league great in the making. At least TM has brought some truly great players to us, many coaches don’t even manage to bring decent players to a club. I see where you’re coming from with the small club mentality. I guess we differ greatly on this point. I’m happy for us to improve on last season, playoffs would be great but for me as long as we’re closer to the top than last year then I think TM is continuing to succeed and should be allowed more time. I’d love for us to push into the playoffs even if I think promotion is a step too far with this squad and the injuries we’ve suffered from. I agree that if we don’t make it then some players might want to leave but we’ll survive and hopefully use the funds to strengthen the squad and try again next time. I think we both want our club to be successful but you’re less patient (or more ambitious) than I am!
  2. The Hypnotic

    Tickets for Rovers vs Swansea Feb 29th

    We’ve gone with your suggestion, pub crawl starts at 12 🍻 Hoping that we get a win this weekend to set us up for more the following Saturday. I can’t wait, I’ve got a good feeling about this game 🔵⚪️
  3. The Hypnotic

    Slow Build?

    I think we have a more balanced squad since then, although I take your point that bowyer achieved a very respectable final league position. Nevertheless, we have been relegated since bowyer was at the helm so you can’t deny that TM has clearly improved the squad, the ethos of the club, and the league position. I’d also like to suggest that the youth prospects making a name for themselves owe a lot to being blooded and kept in the squad by TM, so arguably we are progressing in development terms as well.
  4. The Hypnotic

    Slow Build?

    New series is out now. Available for download in a legally dubious way or it is also being shown on sky Atlantic a few weeks behind. Some great jokes in this season which I’ll not spoil for you! Curb is one of the best shows on TV, I hope you enjoy it @allroverasia.
  5. The Hypnotic

    Slow Build?

    Prettayyy prettayyyy prettayyy prettayyy good
  6. The Hypnotic

    Slow Build?

    It’s fairly obvious that loan signings are used to plug a gap until we are able to identify a permanent signing that is within our price range. That’s a policy that all clubs use, from the bottom of the league to the top. I don’t see what is so confusing about that. Given that we have no chance of signing a player with the pedigree of Tosin I’m glad that the transfer team have secured him on loan. For me, we would be in a much poorer position without Tosin. When he plays we keep possession, look composed at the back and can play up the field without aimlessly hoofing it. We should do everything in our power to get him on loan for another season. There’s no shame that and I don’t think it’s short term thinking to sign a top quality player on loan when we couldn’t ever afford the transfer fee to have him here permanently.
  7. The Hypnotic

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Bellamy definitely worked out here but I think we got lucky with him, maybe down to having Hughes as the boss, someone that Bellamy probably had a lot of respect for as a Welsh great. I’d rather we didn’t sign players with questionable attitudes and I support TM when he takes personality into consideration before making a signing. For every Bellamy that works out there is a Leon Best who becomes an expensive mistake. I’m sure we’re all aware of workplaces where one or two bad apples can poison the atmosphere. I’d imagine that football clubs are no different in this regard and with everything stake there is no sense in jeopardising what seems to be a united dressing room.
  8. The Hypnotic

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    Well said. Onwards and upwards!
  9. The Hypnotic

    January transfer window 2020

    I’m actually wondering whether you and bbrovers are the same person? Mods is there any way to check?
  10. The Hypnotic

    January transfer window 2020

    Ok if bigdogg can’t change the question, perhaps I can ask a fresh one? @Amo can you name a “cheap, low risk signing who can contribute” that we should go for? This topic has become a load of nonsense. I saw 10 pages of unread posts but the vast majority is taken up with willy waving and attention seeking from a pretend ITK who demands respect, and a circular argument about whether TM is using transfer funds effectively 😩 Maybe we can end the circular argument now @Amo, give us the benefit of your transfer knowledge now and blow Tony Mowbray out of the water for once and for all.
  11. The Hypnotic

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    I'm a huge fan of Tosin and I think our whole team plays better with his calm and unhurried style at the back, but tonight he has been pretty bad and his wayward passing could have let them in at least once..
  12. The Hypnotic

    The Second Class - Rovers Hall of Fame 2020

    Yes, really.
  13. The Hypnotic

    The Second Class - Rovers Hall of Fame 2020

    Uncle Jack Kenny Dalglish Colin Hendry Tugay Tony Parkes Hendry hasn't had an exemplary personal life but he was immense for us, a legendary old-fashioned centre back who still has a lot of affection for the club. Jack Walker and Dalglish need no justification for being on the list and what they both achieved will probably never be repeated. Tugay is the most talented player I've seen play for us and his status as a folk hero to us means he has to be on the legends list. Tony Parkes has always been there for us, saving us whenever called upon. Great idea for a topic, it has been very informative to me as I didn't know that Tony Parkes also played for us.
  14. The Hypnotic

    News Thread Attempt 394

    There’s no agree to disagree here chaddy, you are completely in the wrong. International law protects everyone and the term “terrorist” means different things to different people. In WW2, French “terrorists” helped disrupt the Nazis in France. We called them “The French Resistance” but they engaged in assassination missions, bombings, and killed innocent people as well as their targets. By your standards they were certainly terrorists, and throughout occupied Europe there were similar underground movements that targeted the occupying forces. Whenever these movements were foiled they were put down with violence and execution, often without trial. Is that acceptable to you? The French are very proud of the resistance, should they stop glorifying terrorism? The man you call an Iranian terrorist was many things to many people. He was a hero to many Iranians, a respected General, a father to his children, and no doubt a wicked, dangerous man to many others. Labelling him as a terrorist that planned to kill American and British forces is a dangerous simplification. British and American forces have caused innocent blood to be spilled around the world, what happens if someone decides that we are the terrorists and it’s ok to commit violence in foreign countries to stop a warmongering leader? Violence is always wrong. Attacking people in other countries is an act of war. If Russia or China had committed this act we’d be up in arms and rightly so. The assassination was wrong chaddy, think about it.

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