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  1. The Hypnotic


    Wow. It’s hard to see the point you are trying to make here. You’re claiming that it was safe to run a massive public event when a potentially deadly virus is doing the rounds of the UK? Or are you saying that governments should refuse their own citizens the right to return home? Would it not be easier to just agree that running Cheltenham was a huge mistake?
  2. The Hypnotic


    My stag party is on the 16th in Budapest where a state of emergency has been declared. Maybe if we both hope enough and cross our fingers it will be over by then. I feel selfish as well lol.
  3. The Hypnotic


  4. The Hypnotic


    So no evidence or proof to back up the claims then? I’m sure he did raise the issue within a bitterly-divided party and I have no doubt that he was asked questions on it when he was campaigning. However, neither of those statements backs up the claim that a problem actually exists. It’s conjecture and hearsay.
  5. The Hypnotic


  6. The Hypnotic


    I’ve read the report. Can you not see that, as Ian Murray was nominated by the Jewish labour movement, he has an ulterior motive in presenting himself as a defender of the Jewish faith and a lone voice standing against “antisemitism”? It looks to me like a politician doing what politicians do. The extracts in the article are a classic example of criticism of the Israeli state being wrongly treated as antisemitism, bar one example. That one person in the Labour Party membership (which numbers over 500000) sent a bigoted email is hardly newsworthy and it speaks volumes that this was the worst example used to illustrate such a nebulous argument. No doubt some members of the Conservative party have sent similarly bigoted communications to ethnic and religious minorities. As you appear to be a passionate defender of religious freedom would you like to comment on that or is your focus solely on the Labour Party? If so, can you explain why you’re so obsessed with the Labour Party? It’s dangerous to shut down legitimate criticism in this way. True antisemitism is disgusting and should be called out but this is such obvious electioneering and Murray should be ashamed of himself for using legitimate fears to further his political career. Regarding the bit highlighted in bold - it is certainly not accepted that there is any problem in the Labour Party and it’s disingenuous at the least to present your claim as a fact.
  7. The Hypnotic

    Premier league to launch hall of fame

    Shearer keane le tissier My top 3. Don’t think anyone can argue with shearer’s right to a place (especially on a rovers forum) and for me le tissier has been one of the most technically-gifted players to grace the English league, and as a one-club man I’d love to see him honoured. Keane was just a machine, drove his club onto achievement after achievement and had technical ability, a winners mentality and the ultimate in leadership skills. Hateful person outside of football all the same.
  8. The Hypnotic

    Swansea City home

    Best part of the day was seeing all the despondent Swansea players collapsed onto the ground after our goal. Loved it.
  9. The Hypnotic

    Swansea City home

    First league game watching my beloved rovers and while I’d have preferred a win I can’t complain with a hard fought draw at the end. Graham was poor altogether, Gallagher seemed to miss as many headers as he connected with (but scored a lovely goal) and Armstrong was hardly involved. On the other hand, Brereton was excellent and he had a lovely bit of footwork near the end, also did well to get a chance in the dying minutes, so so close to breaking his duck this season. For me he has to start the next game as he has been improving with every appearance. Travis excellent again, delighted for Johnson with the goal as well. I was there with two neutrals and the consensus was that we won the first half but were lucky to get the draw in the second. I have to agree, Swansea certainly came into the match after half time and we did well to get a point. I called this as a must-win but results elsewhere have been very kind to us. Here’s hoping that we can turn some of our battling performances into wins rather than draws and end the season in a strong position. The playoff dream is not (quite) over. Also, The atmosphere in the walker upper was far better than I’d been led to expect and the veg slice pie and chips was bloody delicious 😁 I only wish I lived closer to Blackburn as I thoroughly enjoyed today and I would love to have the option of attending more games. Safe to say I will be back soon and dragging Mrs and junior hypnotic along with me 👍
  10. The Hypnotic

    Swansea City home

    Thanks for the info 👍
  11. The Hypnotic

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    If we can’t beat Stoke at home then I think that’s the playoff dream over. Frustrating but who knows what might have been without our injury crisis. Hopefully we’ll have a platform to build on for next season. We’ll need to keep hold of the Crown Jewels (Armstrong, lenihan, Dack, Travis) and Id like us to secure Tosin and Walton for another season as well as invest in a top left back (been crying out for that position for as long as I can remember - when was the last time we had a decent left back? Olsson?)
  12. The Hypnotic

    Stoke City home

    I haven’t been able to watch the match tonight but it sounds like a frustrating and dispiriting 0-0. It’s the sort of game we needed to win at this stage of the season so it can’t go down as anything other than a disappointing result.
  13. The Hypnotic


    I think you’re better trusting your own experience when trying to evaluate whether a group is discriminated against. Minority groups by their very nature will feel isolated and defensive in response to any perceived threat. Certainly there are lobby groups that represent minorities and could be considered to be over zealous in their reporting of perceived bias or discrimination. Also, I’d be suspicious that some of those in the Labour Party that complained of antisemitism would also be those who wanted Corbyn replaced; I recall that one prominent member of the Jewish Council who “feared” Corbyn was also a Tory supporter. As a previous poster mentioned, the antisemitic worries are no more now that Corbyn (perversely, a man who was dedicated to equality and opposed bigotry, and was certainly no antisemite) has been defeated and the election is over. Everyone had a bias and In my opinion it is better to try to get a neutral view from multiple sources of media or personal experience. As a neutral observer and having family members with a passion for the labour movement I have seen no evidence of anti-Semitic feeling in the Labour Party or in left wing politics or media (such as the Guardian or the Independent). There is a lot of criticism of the Israeli state from within left wing circles but I’ve never seen this become bigotry, xenophobia or hate speech. Certainly not in mainstream media though I accept that some of those with a hatred for Jewish people do also hold left wing views. There are loonies everywhere. This contrasts very well with the portrayal of Muslims by right wing politicians and the tabloid press. We’re all surely aware of how rags like the Daily Mail twist and distort stories and focus solely on the negative aspects of certain cultures. Tbh it’s a disgrace in this day and age, and it has been normalised to the extent that our own prime minister is responsible for demonising Muslims, gay people, and ethnic minorities in a national newspaper. It is common for people to air disgusting views about Muslims on social media and in everyday conversation. I’m neither a Muslim nor Jewish but I lived through the troubles in Northern Ireland so I have some awareness of how dangerous it is to use pejorative terms to describe an ethnic or religious community. Drawing attention to bigotry and hate speech is important and one of the ways to deal with a spark of hatred that might become a terrible conflagration. I don’t think that the column inches devoted to a supposed antisemitic underworld on the left wing did anything to highlight any issue of concern in our society and instead that this was pushed by people with an agenda. Apologies for the completely off-topic rant but I had to get it off my chest!
  14. The Hypnotic

    Slow Build?

    Every manager makes a few dud signings though. Fergie brought djemba djemba and Bebe to United, Arsene Wenger thought that Francis Jeffers was a premier league great in the making. At least TM has brought some truly great players to us, many coaches don’t even manage to bring decent players to a club. I see where you’re coming from with the small club mentality. I guess we differ greatly on this point. I’m happy for us to improve on last season, playoffs would be great but for me as long as we’re closer to the top than last year then I think TM is continuing to succeed and should be allowed more time. I’d love for us to push into the playoffs even if I think promotion is a step too far with this squad and the injuries we’ve suffered from. I agree that if we don’t make it then some players might want to leave but we’ll survive and hopefully use the funds to strengthen the squad and try again next time. I think we both want our club to be successful but you’re less patient (or more ambitious) than I am!

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