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  1. The Hypnotic

    Movie Discussion

    I thought it was brilliant. Pacino was excellent, but I agree joe Pesci was fantastic as well. Not used to seeing him play such a quiet role yet still a very dangerous man. I guess Stephen graham had the Pesci role this time and what an actor he is. The effects used to portray them all as younger men are excellent as well. Good to see de Niro and Pacino back in proper films as they’ve both sullied their careers somewhat with a load of rubbish films in recent years. Didn’t know much about Jimmy Hoffa and the teamsters so the film was an education for me 👍
  2. The Hypnotic

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    I agree. Like it or not we have to try and get something from him after we blew a fortune. He needs to start for us as a striker, anything else isn’t being fair to him or making the best use of our resources. If he’s not up to this then he needs to be loaned out ASAP, in an effort to build his confidence and either return to us or get himself a move elsewhere.
  3. The Hypnotic

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Sadly I think you’re right CB. I sometimes think about how amazing it would be to have owners that are genuinely interested, just like normal clubs 😔
  4. The Hypnotic

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Aye well you’re entitled to your views but the question was if they apologised and turned up at the matches. I think that would indicate that their motives for owning a football club might have changed. Never forget but be ready to forgive is my way of looking at it.
  5. The Hypnotic

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Life is too short to waste time wallowing in bitterness and negativity. The Venkys have made terrible mistakes and have undoubtedly crippled our football club but they have invested a huge amount now and it’s all in the past. Concentrate on the present moment. If we had owners that admitted to mistakes in the past, humbly asked for forgiveness and started showing an interest in our club then surely that’s what we all want?
  6. The Hypnotic

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Not many teams play 4-4-2 to be fair but I wonder would Armstrong be better in a two. He’s not the best finisher and I think Rhodes had a real poacher’s instinct for knowing where to be in the box which sets him way above Armstrong as a striker. I don’t think Rhodes would cost much on a loan though he may well be on big wages.
  7. The Hypnotic

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Would anyone take Jordan Rhodes back? I think he has had a barren time of it since leaving us but he’s only 29, he loves the club and is a proven finisher. Although we’d have to change our system to get the best from him, maybe a 4-4-2 with Gallagher beside him or Dack dropping back a bit into the space in midfield?
  8. The Hypnotic

    Tickets for Rovers vs Swansea Feb 29th

    Sounds like the livesey branch road it is then for our pub crawl. Thanks for all the suggestions folks, it’s times like this that you see this message board at its best 🔵⚪️
  9. The Hypnotic

    Tickets for Rovers vs Swansea Feb 29th

    Thanks so much guys. It’s my second home game, I was at the FA Cup game against Utd a couple of years ago. We sat behind the goals, is that the Blackburn end? It was a good atmosphere but this time I’d like a better view. We’ll probably go for the JW then. Stuart, my fiancée does use the c word (mostly in reference to me 😂) but doesn’t understand why I hate Burnley 😂 Renrag I hope you haven’t mercered us already 🙈
  10. For my 40th birthday present my poor fiancée has agreed to “treat” me to a stay in Manchester and tickets for the home game against Swansea. Can any of the good people of this forum advise me on how much matchday tickets will cost and when they will become available on the website? Where’s the best place to sit in Ewood for a good experience? No sarcastic comments please 😂 There’s not much information on the official site. We’re planning to stay in Manchester the night before the match and get the train to Blackburn on Saturday. Any advice on what time to get the train so we can get some pints in before the match? And which pubs would have a good atmosphere? All advice gratefully accepted and all being well the attendance figures will get a mighty boost of two from Northern Ireland 😂
  11. The Hypnotic

    Mowbray Poll

    I’ve reluctantly voted “go”. I’ve always been a supporter of TM and everything he’s done for our club but he’s run out of steam now. The reversal today against local rivals is unforgivable, and it makes me think that he’s lost the players or the plot. Our threadbare defence has never been addressed and indeed we are awful at the back now, probably the worst since he took over. We’ve spent a fortune on strikers that can’t score and he keeps making the same strange squad selections. I hoped that TM could help us progress as he restored pride to our club when we were in a very dark place. I gave him a lot of leeway for the performances he coaxed out of a fairly poor squad last season and the promotion from league 1. I thought he’d be able to turn things round and get the best out of the players again. Sadly we look to be regressing now and I worry that we’ll be in danger of relegation if things continue in the same vein. Respect to TM for what he’s done so far, for me he’s the best manager we’ve had since Venkys. Unfortunately that’s still not good enough and we need a change. Regarding a potential replacement I just don’t know who we could get that could succeed under the Venkys. Previously I argued against Hughes coming back as he has been unsuccessful of late but he’s probably the best we could attract at this stage (if we could even tempt him and he could work under the Venkys). Hughton would be class but there’s very little chance of that happening. Definitely not Johnson, he’s not ready for the job and I can’t see him being the kind of strong, dynamic personality that we need to stand up to the Venkys and run the club their way. Sadly that means he’ll probably get the job if TM goes.
  12. The Hypnotic

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Each season (bar the first) we have improved. I’ve seen some people calling for Mowbray’s resignation already but hasn’t he earned some faith? We’re not even ten games in to the season. We were a basket case until recently so I don’t understand why people now think that we should win every game. We are a mid table championship club now, that’s undeniable. If TM is able to keep improving the squad and the club then we might be able to become a side worthy of promotion. If we don’t improve on 15th then I will be concerned but until then I’ll be trusting him to continue the rebuilding job.
  13. The Hypnotic

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Which players are you referring to? I’d say Dack is maybe prem standard, although the championship may just be his level. Other than that I can’t think of one premiership quality player in our ranks. We would need massive investment if we were promoted, and I wouldn’t fancy being premiership whipping boys next season so the slow build works for me.
  14. The Hypnotic

    Reading (A)

    Signings like Pukki are one in a million tbf. And I think Dack is up there as a one in a million signing anyway, he’s become our most important player and maybe the most technically gifted since we dropped out of the Prem? Or even before then? For £750K we’ve done amazingly well there. I agree that our scouting hasn’t been up to much in the recent past. I’m tired of being linked with ex players all the time but I’m hopeful that the Holtby transfer is a sign of more good things to come from Europe.

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