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  1. Torgeir

    Summer Transfer Window

    The emoji response was when asked directly "Ryan Manning looking likely?". He then said he was unable to confirm the identity.
  2. Torgeir

    Summer Transfer Window

    Looks like he's hardly played the past couple of seasons, has he been injured?. A no for me regardless, don't need another B. Johnson with no re-sale value and legs half gone. I think earlier posts suggesting that Manning and other money signings depend on Raya/King deals getting over the line are spot on. It could potentially drag on until the end of the window but hopefully there's good news coming. We have a good mix of youth and experience in our current squad, and are only missing one or two pieces to the puzzle in order to challenge for promotion.
  3. Torgeir

    Summer Transfer Window

    Keith had the pace of Petrovic and the touch of Kuqi.
  4. Torgeir

    Summer Transfer Window

    True. A bit silly of him to go into that challenge with such force and put both players at risk. Not my favourite Norwegian player, but I doubt Stefan Johansen will get much playing time in the Premier League for Fulham. Probably on fairly big wages but is proven in the Championship and puts a shift in every time. Loan deal?
  5. I think we leave ourselves too exposed at the back as well. Our best 1v1 central defender was Tosin who is gone now, so hopefully Ayala can fill in better than Williams can. We will definitely win a lot of matches if we keep this performance level and intensity up.
  6. Wow, how did we not win that? You'd think we were the PL side of the two teams looking at that match. A little bit too much through the middle at times, but we kept trying and deserved much more. But when facing PL quality in the final third, we need to take better care of our chances.
  7. Leaving ourselves too exposed at the back, we're only 1-0 down. Not enough forward passes, but a lot of positives to take from the first half as well. COYR!
  8. Gahhh.... thought this would be on iFollow for overseas fans.
  9. Torgeir

    Summer Transfer Window

    He's a bit too injury prone to warrant a 3 year contract at this stage but beggars can't be choosers. 2+1 would have been ideal. Need a left back and a centre mid, and we're set.
  10. Torgeir

    Summer Transfer Window

  11. Torgeir

    Rovers v Hull

    Thoroughly deserved the win tonight. Seemed to ebb off at the start of the second half, and I can't say I agreed with the Graham/Samuel substitution. Fortunately Lenihan managed to grab the opener and it was floodgates after that. For me Johnson slows our game down too much at time, think he's a bit on and off and a bit frustrating to watch at times. Bell falls asleep too and costs us in the build-up, while Bennett is limited but is a good player for his workrate. Travis and Downing are real quality, Travis has benefited tremendously from playing alongside Downing it feels like. What a screamer from Armstrong. Only thing missing was a goal from Brereton, other than that it was a good night of football. Two tough away games awaits but we're there lurking at the play-offs.
  12. Torgeir

    Rovers v Hull

    Clear pen...
  13. Torgeir

    Rovers v Hull

    Get in!!!

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