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  1. Torgeir

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Great stuff. Lapse of concentration by Lenihan towards the end of the half could have cost us, but we have been by far the better team. Holtby running the show with Brereton again looking lively. Both fullbacks looking tidy, and Wharton putting in a mature display.
  2. I'll take that point. A lot of injured players and a different, more direct, gameplan tonight. Although it didn't work, at least Mowbray adjusted at the break and we looked a better side in the second half.
  3. Trybull is a poor man's Jermaine Jones.
  4. Gallagher had a great opportunity to slip Brereton (?) through who would have been clean through. Tried to pass it around the defender with the outside of his boot instead of playing it straight through the middle.
  5. Boro are a good side to be fair. Hard working and good defensively.
  6. Not for me. Dijksteel has had an easy task against him and he offers no help defensively.
  7. I'd sub Dolan for Rothwell during the break.
  8. He's on a yellow. Poor decision by the ref. Not much help defensively from the other midfielders.
  9. Being outworked and outclassed here. Too few outlets unfortunately, but hopefully we can snatch a goal and turn the momentum around.
  10. Torgeir

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    Can't fault Pears for that goal. It was a fluke goal. He was out of position for their fourth but Williams should be covering the far post as it's always easier for the GK to save near post. JRC and Lenihan on the right side of defense isn't good enough, and unfortunately there's no Tosin there to save us today, nor a composed seasoned veteran in Ayala. Were weakened by the two forced changes Mowbray had to make, but why he needed to watch over an hour of football before making a change, I don't know.
  11. Torgeir

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    I agree, they have both left each other exposed and have been way too erratic against a good attacking side when they have no one covering them. Holtbys yellow card is the work of JRC. I'm sure Mowbray won't make any changes for a while yet.
  12. Torgeir

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    We have one of the best right backs in Nyambe... why is JRC starting? Terrible game so far. Evans not up to it, Williams being found out against good attackers. Unlucky on the first goal but the next two are big mistakes from JRC (Bennett jr. and Mowbrays new favourite) in the lead-up. We're just as good as them, if not better, but we have to start finding the right balance ffs.
  13. Torgeir

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Bell looked uncomfortable both ways tonight. Corry Evans clearly not 100% match fit and Johnson needs to know when not to lose possession. Lost us the previous match. They were happy to sit back and counter, having obviously done their homework - we're too naive and quite frankly horrible at defending counter attacking teams. They have PL quality going forward, we don't. And a little more tonight than we did. I hope the referee takes a look at his performance too. Should have sent off Kabasele and given one or two cards for cynical fouls and time-wasting.
  14. Torgeir

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Watford time wasting from the get-go. They can rot.

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