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  1. Torgeir

    Rovers v Hull

    Thoroughly deserved the win tonight. Seemed to ebb off at the start of the second half, and I can't say I agreed with the Graham/Samuel substitution. Fortunately Lenihan managed to grab the opener and it was floodgates after that. For me Johnson slows our game down too much at time, think he's a bit on and off and a bit frustrating to watch at times. Bell falls asleep too and costs us in the build-up, while Bennett is limited but is a good player for his workrate. Travis and Downing are real quality, Travis has benefited tremendously from playing alongside Downing it feels like. What a screamer from Armstrong. Only thing missing was a goal from Brereton, other than that it was a good night of football. Two tough away games awaits but we're there lurking at the play-offs.
  2. Torgeir

    Rovers v Hull

    Clear pen...
  3. Torgeir

    Rovers v Hull

    Get in!!!
  4. Torgeir

    Ben Brereton

    Ben knows what he has to do to get himself in contention for a start. So far he's not up for it, and unfortunately there's little evidence suggesting he'll ever be.
  5. Torgeir

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    Good stuff! Game of two halves eh?
  6. Torgeir

    January transfer window 2020

    We have a good crop of youth players knocking on the door, so I don't see any big crisis coming. With that said I do think our promotion aspirations will dwindle for each season that passes by, and we're actually in a very good position to be pushing for a play-off place this season. Mowbray should recognise the same, and needs to make a couple of big calls this window. Really looking forward to tonight's game.
  7. Torgeir

    January transfer window 2020

    It was a big gamble to take at this stage of the season, and when we were finally gaining momentum. It didn't pay off. I'm trying to find reasons as to why he made the team selections he did based on the evidence of how well it went - but maybe I jumped to conclusions.
  8. Torgeir

    January transfer window 2020

    Is Buckley good enough for a promotion pushing team? No. So it has to be down to politics that he's given so much playing time at this stage - Mowbray is under pressure from India to produce players from our academy and make profits from our investments on Gallagher and Brereton (failing). Does anyone have the video of Gallagher from his previous spell when they are practicing finishing? Shocking stuff. We need a high energy type like Harrison Reed, as well as a new LB. A RB cover would be nice too, and let Bennett play the odd game in the middle of the park, he's not a right back for me. I Walton going back to B&H Albion now or is it a season long loan?
  9. £110 for 90% of 46 games = 41+ games. Pretty good.
  10. Torgeir

    January transfer window 2020

    Let's be realistic.
  11. Torgeir

    Preston Away

    Gutted. We're back to square one in terms when it comes to keeping calm when in the lead and seeing games out. I thought we had solved the puzzle for a while there, but guess not. We really needed the confidence boost this win would have given us, but it was a good honest performance and we came out blazing. Unfortunately, they adapted well and we just couldn't move the ball around (again), even though we fielded almost our entire 11 in their desired positions. Gallagher and Armstrong were good, and with a bit more luck we would have killed the game off in the first 45 minutes, and on another day with another ref it could have been a different story as well. Very concerned how we couldn't deal with the physicality of Stockley, but that was top in-game management by Neil.
  12. Torgeir


    How did Nyambe and Cunningham do tonight?
  13. Torgeir

    Fulham Away

    Not convinced by Christian Walton so far, and if we can replace our fullbacks for the next game I think we'll be alright. Peach of a goal by Cairney but he should have collected the ball before Mitrovic got to it. Gallagher could learn a thing or two about movement inside the box from the big Serb tbh.
  14. Torgeir

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    We can't compete with PL parachute money. Who's negotiating the deals? Must be Waggott, surely?

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