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  1. Torgeir

    Rodwell signs

    And drop Lenihan?
  2. Wrong lineup for me. How Conway gets to start with the squad we currently have is a big mystery for me. Supposed to be experienced but seen him do silly things deep into his own half way too many times. Tbh Bennett and Graham should have been on from the start, but at least Mowbray recognised the signs early enough. Dack could have snatched it though, and Armstrong should have had a penalty, but all in all we were very lucky to avoid defeat in this one. I voted Smallwood as it was the best I've seen him this season, and put a real shift in as we always expect him to.
  3. Torgeir

    Loan Window

    That's an insult, he's worth three times that amount. Would be great if we sign Chapman. Cult hero, good impact sub and could become a very good player down the line. Hope we agree the fee now if his contract is running out or his tribunal fee will be higher come end of the season.
  4. Torgeir

    Loan Window

    Samuel looks to have a partial tear, but will go for a second scan as RB mentions. Don't know whether it's the anterior or the posterior, but sure there will be some more news coming from the club soon.
  5. Torgeir

    Loan Window

    Are you Steve Kean in disguise? https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/football/711935/steve-kean-david-goodwillie-is-a-young-wayne-rooney/
  6. Torgeir

    Loan Window

    Tough question. Probably Palmer as he poses more of a threat going forward, whereas Rothwell gives the team better balance when that's needed.
  7. Torgeir

    Loan Window

    We can probably only afford Palmer when/if we go up.
  8. Ah, ok. Thanks, didn't know that.
  9. Torgeir

    Loan Window

    If we end up buying Brereton the fee will never be disclosed, so it's anyone's guess. £12m does sound over the top, unless Mowbray is willing to put his balls on the line on him making it big.
  10. Torgeir

    Loan Window

    How so?
  11. Torgeir

    Loan Window

    He was the first one that sprang to mind. I was just putting a balanced view out there - it could go either way. Won't know until we know.
  12. Torgeir

    Loan Window

    Francis Jeffers
  13. Torgeir

    Joe Rothwell

    Could be. He likes to play central midfielders out wide for balance...
  14. Should be able to edit the audio feed so it's synced but the product they showed yesterday compared to last season is a huge improvement. Commentary, instant replays, more camera angles. Brilliant, worth the £110 I've paid for the season pass.
  15. Torgeir

    Loan Window

    I think that'll depend a lot on our league position. If we're fighting for promotion they won't sell, and if we're fighting against relegation they'll probably wait as well unless he's got a crazy relegation release clause in his contract. Realistically, this season could be our best bet for promotion for a while if Dack ends up leaving sometime in the next 18 months...

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