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  1. Ozz


    Blimey. That does makes Rovers look cheap. Maybe Rovers could do a Riverside ticket for say £279. So £12.13 a match. You can miss half a dozen and still be paying less per game than some none league clubs. At least the facilities would be comparable. And at that price they should spark a fair bit of interest in new sales and tremendous good will with existing holders. (I promise I have nothing to gain in this 🤪).
  2. Ozz


    Sorry, to say Mock makes it personal and that is not my style/intention. £15 a game paid in monthly installments though, is effectively a season ticket. The offer already exists. Not done much for the attendances has it? Riverside is £329 for a ST, gives a guarantee of 23 games, so £14.30 a game. You expect Rovers to break the deal down even more?
  3. Ozz


    No I was mocking the suggestion that while £45 for three tickets was good , Rovers should offer installments! Frankly if that offer is not good enough then one should consider an alternative hobby. Its £12? to get on Chorley now!
  4. Ozz


    Or an even greater take up if it could be paid in 45 weekly installments of a pound.
  5. Ozz

    Football fans and mental health

    Does it only relate to 'young men' John?
  6. Ozz


  7. Ozz

    Programme Help

    If you got to Flickr website and search for Bernie Horne, your mind will be blown.
  8. Ozz

    Programme Help

    Bernie will have all those. You can't really give them away these days, like VHS cassettes.
  9. Ozz

    Pre-season 2019/20

    Derby have been give 1,800
  10. Ozz

    Kits 19/20

    Been in club shop today for Rangers tickets. The wall where kits are is completely empty now, and the girl confirmed new kit 'this week'. Also, last season long sleeve home shirts are now just £15!
  11. Ozz


    Very similar record to me on away days this season. Not seen us win. Not going tomorrow either.
  12. I'd be tempted to play Mulgrew in midfield, and get a proper centre half instead.
  13. http://www.sheffieldtap.com/whats-on-cask Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier on draught. I'm in!
  14. Ozz


    Controversial ☝️
  15. Ozz


    Why pay a fee now when he's out of contract in the Summer?

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