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  1. Ozz

    Armstrong Signed

    I saw a lot Den...he has bags of pace and a good finisher. Down to Mowbray to get the most from those attributes. I like him.
  2. Ozz

    New Kits

    Anyone else think that £50 just for the shirt seems....expensive?? 🤔
  3. Ozz

    Championship 2018-19

    Agree totally after watching the alternatives play last Saturday. Remember folks we will be playing in Premier League 2 this season. Not third tier.
  4. Ozz

    Pre Season Matches

    I hope we don't need to rely on Caddis at all this season. I pretty sure I saw he had a belly on him yesterday.
  5. Ozz

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    The biggest queue on Boxing Day was actually people collecting pre paid for tickets, not buying them.
  6. Ozz

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Think you have to factor in the Boxing Day game was round Christmas. (As it would be). I'd be very surprised if the main factor in applying the surcharge was to eliminate a queue at the ticket office.
  7. Ozz

    Pre Season Matches

    That's not junk mate. That's history.
  8. Subject to Police approval. It needs volunteers urgently to act as marshalls or police could deny the road closure orders.
  9. The AGM went very well. About 20 people showed up which considering all the aspects was excellent. RH Tim Farron MP was awarded an honorary Trust membership, and was due to attend, however a late change of plan scuppered this ( prob Brexit or summat). Notes of meeting can be found below. AGM
  10. PARENTAL CONTROLS!!!!!!! I changed them recently. Reset them now and it works! Thank you Baz-Beer on me next item I see you.
  11. I connected my phone to a pub wifi via the local BT hub (Royal Oak Pleckgate) and Twitter would not connect to that WiFi network either-so confusion as to where the issue lies remains!! ffs
  12. Tried everything now and still not sorted ☹️
  13. Turned off mobile data and switched on wifi-still no joy. It`s a router issue. BT Home Hub 5.0 switched 2.4 GHz off, still no joy.
  14. Please can someone put this right for me? For the last week or so, my Android phone and tablet connect to my home BT wireless hub fine, except for Whatsapp. Facebook and Twitter apps, which will only work through mobile data. Chrome browser works fine, Youtube app works fine. Tried everything simple-off and on again, log out and log in again. Apps are up to date. If i use a different wifi network all is OK still, so it`s perculir to my home wireless connection. Driving me mad, and eating serious data :(
  15. Reminder that the Trust AGM is this coming Thursday at Hare And Hounds. First AGM after a successful season.

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