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  1. Subject to Police approval. It needs volunteers urgently to act as marshalls or police could deny the road closure orders.
  2. The AGM went very well. About 20 people showed up which considering all the aspects was excellent. RH Tim Farron MP was awarded an honorary Trust membership, and was due to attend, however a late change of plan scuppered this ( prob Brexit or summat). Notes of meeting can be found below. AGM
  3. PARENTAL CONTROLS!!!!!!! I changed them recently. Reset them now and it works! Thank you Baz-Beer on me next item I see you.
  4. I connected my phone to a pub wifi via the local BT hub (Royal Oak Pleckgate) and Twitter would not connect to that WiFi network either-so confusion as to where the issue lies remains!! ffs
  5. Tried everything now and still not sorted ☹️
  6. Turned off mobile data and switched on wifi-still no joy. It`s a router issue. BT Home Hub 5.0 switched 2.4 GHz off, still no joy.
  7. Please can someone put this right for me? For the last week or so, my Android phone and tablet connect to my home BT wireless hub fine, except for Whatsapp. Facebook and Twitter apps, which will only work through mobile data. Chrome browser works fine, Youtube app works fine. Tried everything simple-off and on again, log out and log in again. Apps are up to date. If i use a different wifi network all is OK still, so it`s perculir to my home wireless connection. Driving me mad, and eating serious data :(
  8. Reminder that the Trust AGM is this coming Thursday at Hare And Hounds. First AGM after a successful season.
  9. The Rovers Trust End Of Season Report-Was It A Success? http://www.roverstrust.com/2018/05/14/end-season-report-201718/
  10. Lowpoint-Getting beat 3-1 at home off Doncaster. Sat with my feet over the seat in front on The Riverside, thinking we would probably looking at another relegation season Highpoints-Rochdale away, great day out in total and singing on the train back with Bob and Scotty, Bob passing the cans round the train Oxford away-getting in late (due to err, buses etc) and the lad letting us in telling us we had missed three Rovers goals Half time V Wigan at home Oldham home, getting two goals back and nearly winning it. Shrewsbury home, amazing atmosphere Peterborough Home, and Oxford home,. What a season.
  11. Home / News / Notice of Rovers Trust AGM Notice of Rovers Trust next AGM http://www.roverstrust.com/2018/05/10/notice-rovers-trust-agm/
  12. Ozz

    Oxford Utd at home

    That night we went down against Wigan I was so so angry and upset. I wanted the whole of the crowd to get on the pitch and show the watching audience how we all felt. When I saw these tools pouring on yesterday I immediately thought back to that night, and just as I did the rest of the crowd sang "Where were you when we were shit". Ex-@#/?ing-zactly.
  13. Ozz

    Charlton away April 28th

    Couldn't get to either Doncaster or Charlton games . Was away in Devon for work till late Friday night. Son was at his mums. Partner back home in East Lancs. Felt pretty lonely down there, 260 miles away from the fun on my own. Next Saturday we are having a full family get together promotion party (possibly Title party!) and intend on celebrating fully and heartily, with about 7 or 8 of us spending the day together and at Ewood. These things don't come around very often so enjoy them all you can when they do.
  14. Ozz

    Charlton away April 28th

    One for old fans. Charlton v Rovers...60 years ago. https://www.castrust.org/2018/04/blackburn/
  15. Ozz

    Legends Lounge

    The Darwen End Legends Lounge will not be available to the public for the Oxford game. There are some actual sponsors using at last.

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