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  1. Ozz

    Football League Suspended

    There are most likely 25,000 dead, with a 1,000 more a day, every day, dieing right now in UK. Football can wait.
  2. Ozz

    Owd Photos o’t’ Rovers

    Great them Gav. For newer posters, I uploaded these from 84-85 about 10 years ago, but here are a load more on Flickr. https://flic.kr/s/aHskhk1orv
  3. Ozz

    What are your favourite sports books?

    Pete Davies-All Played Out. Story of England's World Cup at Italia 90. Brilliant
  4. Ozz

    Football League Suspended

    Problem with that is like me their budgets and outgoings would probably based on a fixed income. Even if it is significantly higher than mine. Any drop could be an issue on mortgages car payments etc.
  5. Ozz

    MGP Event

  6. Ozz

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    I don't know where extra income can be achieved though without promotion, which is a 5% chance right now. Currently just about getting blood from a stone, but looking at those numbers it would take huge increases in match day and commercial income to even come near to being enough. 154% wages to turnover? Every tenner we take, we The V's have to add £5.40 just to pay wages. Never mind anything else. Madness and in any other walk of life we would not be allowed to continue trading.
  7. Ozz

    Best Rovers Festive Memory?

    Courtesy Bobby Saxton
  8. Ozz

    Best Rovers Festive Memory?

    Boxing Day 1984. An all time classic.
  9. Ozz

    Bradley Dack

    Those figures are absolute total nonsense
  10. Ozz


    Blimey. That does makes Rovers look cheap. Maybe Rovers could do a Riverside ticket for say £279. So £12.13 a match. You can miss half a dozen and still be paying less per game than some none league clubs. At least the facilities would be comparable. And at that price they should spark a fair bit of interest in new sales and tremendous good will with existing holders. (I promise I have nothing to gain in this 🤪).
  11. Ozz


    Sorry, to say Mock makes it personal and that is not my style/intention. £15 a game paid in monthly installments though, is effectively a season ticket. The offer already exists. Not done much for the attendances has it? Riverside is £329 for a ST, gives a guarantee of 23 games, so £14.30 a game. You expect Rovers to break the deal down even more?
  12. Ozz


    No I was mocking the suggestion that while £45 for three tickets was good , Rovers should offer installments! Frankly if that offer is not good enough then one should consider an alternative hobby. Its £12? to get on Chorley now!
  13. Ozz


    Or an even greater take up if it could be paid in 45 weekly installments of a pound.
  14. Ozz

    Football fans and mental health

    Does it only relate to 'young men' John?

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