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  1. AllRoverAsia

    FA CUP

    Just watched Maidenhead v Pompey, the word 'professional' over used by BT commentators in reference to Pompey so as to become irritating. I get it. They are not amateurs. Ok game though.
  2. AllRoverAsia

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    I'm in at 4-1 but not on the Brereton fairytale. He might get 20 mins out wide, hope he gets a goal though.
  3. AllRoverAsia

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    It makes the DE look sad and pathetic on telly but the fans get a great match view.
  4. AllRoverAsia

    Bradley Dack

    I was just about to post similar. Ampadu is one hell of a goodun.
  5. I only use a Free Pass account on iFollow to buy matchday passes when I'm near decent internet. The plus of the Free Pass account is free extended highlights of all games and a library of them.
  6. Sky are in Ireland so that puts them on UK level for iFollow access and pricing.
  7. AllRoverAsia


    The FA are in this for the dollars from increased sales tp US channels. Prostitutes. No problem with a Charity getting some but for Rooney to accept a full cap is cringeworthy.
  8. AllRoverAsia

    European Super League

    The day I stop following football fast approaches.
  9. AllRoverAsia

    Ep 101 - After The Lord Mayor's Show

    Ok got it! LoL
  10. AllRoverAsia

    Ben Brereton

    In this scenario Brereton is free from criticism imo. He believes himself to be a striker, it is his coach who thinks otherwise. He played as a central striker for England youth where his scoring record was decent. In his overall development learning to play across the line in no bad thing though. Learning to cut in and shoot etc etc. Playing wide under TM he will presumably have to learn in depth on his defensive duties. I will stop there apart from thinking that Brereton is perhaps thinking wtf....
  11. AllRoverAsia

    Ben Brereton

    Depressing post, I wonder what TM's view on Brereton's playing position was prior to purchase/loan...... Deciding ATE that he's more suited wide, which suggests non effective in training in the middle, strikes me as poor previous research.
  12. AllRoverAsia

    Ep 101 - After The Lord Mayor's Show

    Good Podcast. Thanks to all. The standout for me was Bill Arthur's piece and so was Ian Futter's contribution. I like the way Jen sometimes has a very mild 'swear'.
  13. AllRoverAsia

    ROVERS v qpr

    If Dack plays he can expect a constant kicking. Dean Smith on how QPR's tag team dealt with Grealish and the reply from the ex-boyfriend of the Fat Lass https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/46059652
  14. "The Talbot Archieve" may be a source of photographs, information and contact about the disaster. They have an excellent Facebook page. Facebook has a few other Blackburn in the past sites where I have seen people successfully seek information on long gone relatives. "Blackburn Now and Then" and "Blackburn and District in the past" come to mind.
  15. AllRoverAsia

    Ben Brereton

    Post what you like, it's interesting. Time will help establish credentials. Meanwhile others will respond as they feel via this open MB. Please don't go the 'Ignore' route as promoted by some on here on a daily basis.

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