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  1. AllRoverAsia

    Rovers v Kingston upon Hull - Saturday 26th January 2019 3pm

    Great preview, thanks. Hull have an Aquarium but we have the majestic River Darwen and Canals. I went to Hull once to get a boat to Holland. Don't remember much, got pissed, lost a lot of cash gambling and overslept resulting in being forcibly removed from the floating bean can. I don't like Hull. I saw no Tigers, just a couple of pink Elephants. Rovers will win this 2-1
  2. AllRoverAsia


    The Chaddometer says: NO
  3. AllRoverAsia

    Rovers ban Briggsyboy videos

    Exactly. Sky, then Briggyboy, then the extended highlights with commentary on iFollow, available to all with a registered Free Pass account, through which I buy a matchday pass when near decent wifi. Everyones a Winner.
  4. AllRoverAsia

    Rovers ban Briggsyboy videos

    It would make for a great scene in a Youtube highlights show ☺️
  5. Whereas on here they would go from minus10 to 10+ or even wider differences, and I mean for the same player
  6. AllRoverAsia

    Championship 2018-19

    Precisely. If spying on sessions just prior to a game when teams will be perfecting their formations and tactics specifically to play Leeds then an advantage is being sought by covert if not currently illegal operations. Just because it's ok in Argentina does not make it ok in England. If it was ok Bielsa would ask permission, surely..... The EFL will not deduct points, Sky want Leeds in the PL. They will get a wrist slap and a fine and be glorified on TV, Leeds not the FA or EFL. Bielsa will write a book which will be serialised, lots of episodes, 2 featuring Rovers. Meanwhile a local lad and Rovers fan filming a couple of minutes match video at Ewood gets banned from doing it and threatened if he continues. It such a fair world and a big Sky.
  7. AllRoverAsia

    Rovers ban Briggsyboy videos

    As long as you don't hold your breath waiting for reasoning, then I'd be worried for you.
  8. AllRoverAsia

    Rovers ban Briggsyboy videos

    They were, he caught the atmosphere away games brilliantly. He is continuing away coverage.
  9. Nyambe has no goals or assists in 44 appearances at Championship level. In 29 appearances in L1 he had no goals but got 2 assists. Both at home v Doncaster and Scunthorpe. So 2 assists in 70+ appearances. Doesn't appear much at first sight. Info from Transfermkt
  10. AllRoverAsia

    Rovers ban Briggsyboy videos

    Thanks, I didn't know that as not subscribed or looked at it since Wegner left. I will now if only to see what they said about the rebrading. They were sponsored by a big bookie, maybe beginning with a L. The Bellerin quotes made me laugh, he used to get pelters on there.
  11. AllRoverAsia

    Ben Brereton

    Same here, virtual teatotaller. I do miss those days that I can't remember ....
  12. AllRoverAsia

    Ben Brereton

    He needs to play in tough competitive matches so a L2 loan looks sensible. It would toughen him up, make or break. He will not get that at youth development level or when warming his backside on the bench. 15 minute cameos are counter productive.
  13. AllRoverAsia

    I've been away for a while

    Pop into Elland Rd and ask Bielsa, he knows all about us.
  14. AllRoverAsia

    Ben Brereton

    I am quietly confident Revidge would notice
  15. AllRoverAsia

    Ben Brereton

    He was more concerned about the imminent impact from a Toon player than with taking aim. That will have to be knocked out of him. Literally. I saw BB live on tv in quite a few England youth games and he looked good apart from a sometimes dodgy first touch, but nothing like at Rovers, so still have hopes for him.

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