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  1. AllRoverAsia

    Premier League Stuff

    I just had a laugh thinking about how a ''Referees Call'' would go in a football match. Bedlam springs to mind
  2. AllRoverAsia

    Premier League Stuff

    Very early in the game. Mane movers towards the player, raises the arm, moves again towards the player and contact at speed is made by the elbow or as near to it as makes no difference. Wolves will miss Jota, I think they like Traore coming from deep
  3. AllRoverAsia

    Happy Kean Out Day

    It always gets to me when this thread resurfaces, and its seeing the name. Maybe change the Title to 'Happy XXXX Out Day' then you can mentally insert a word of your own preference, at least there's a bit of fun to be had. I have 2, naturally.
  4. AllRoverAsia


    and praying that hes kept well away from any Buttons
  5. AllRoverAsia

    Summer Transfer Window

    I was just thinking exactly the same I wish Id seen Dobing and Vernon at Ewood, my Dad said they were brilliant footballers
  6. AllRoverAsia

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yes, my apologies. Well so far and using Wiki as the source I've compared Dobing, Vernon, Garner, Douglas, Shearer and Rhodes. As expected and on GPG Shearer is 1st at 0.81 and Rhodes 2nd at 0.52 I'm going to do all those you listed in a presentable format, just as its interesting, I think, and I've nowt else to do and you never know it may even reduce the criticisms of Rhodes. Your list BTW is great and my all time favourite striker is Simon G
  7. AllRoverAsia

    Summer Transfer Window

    In your opinion. I never gave a number BTW and I never saw Dobing or Vernon live' For just goal scoring, because that's what I'm on about, and nowt else, we need a goals per game for all of the above plus Jordan.
  8. AllRoverAsia

    Premier League Stuff

    Mane should have have been sent off for the elbow assault. Lacazette missed badly with two 1 on 1s Liverpool were as you say miles ahead of Arsenal all over the pitch.
  9. AllRoverAsia

    Summer Transfer Window

    I agree on that, the rest is just your opinion which is fair enough. (No) notable technical ability - Get real, he invariably passed the ball into the net when scoring A stat I would like to see is how many defensive interceptions he made in our area from corners and freekicks, I believe it will be ok for a player frequently accused by his detractors of a lack of work ethic. It annoys me when posters invent, even politely in the view of some, myths about our players. Bottom line his job was to score goals and in that one of the best I've ever seen and I've seen our strikers in live action since the late and great Fred Pickering.
  10. AllRoverAsia

    Summer Transfer Window

    Give over. He’s done remarkably well in the Championship considering ???
  11. AllRoverAsia

    Summer Transfer Window

    Patronising praise (aka arse-covering) is the worst and weakest of all
  12. AllRoverAsia

    Premier League Stuff

    Words of wisdom from Roy on VAR and handball https://www.bbc.com/sport/av/football/54317758
  13. AllRoverAsia

    Summer Transfer Window

    I see the history re-writers are back again, well shit floats so no surprise really. OH and Armstrong is a top defender from the front! Did I dream that? Someones having a laaaarf Tosin to Leeds
  14. AllRoverAsia


    That was a bit special. Tewatia went from looking like someone who's never batted before to superman, Top stuff from both teams.
  15. AllRoverAsia

    Derby V Rovers

    Dack is the best finisher at the Club and would outscore anyone else over a full season. He is creative, skilful and also a predator. Armstrong will score the more spectacular longer distance ones but close in or in 1 on 1 situations Dack's the Man. Having said that goal scoring will also depend on where Dack is played but I'm on about 'finishing' a chance

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