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  1. AllRoverAsia


    Great result! This is TM's first ever managerial win v Stoke following 5 defeats and 1 draw, all with WBA. Found a decent link but the fecking rain here put paid to that. Followed as best I could, which reminds me that the BBC website is one of the worst, it keeps back dating itself. Will see the 10 min highlights on iFollow when up plus whatever shows on youtube.
  2. AllRoverAsia

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    Bauer, who was a target of ours, suffers serious injury. If all goes well I think he should be match fit by the next window if we are still interested. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/45550089
  3. AllRoverAsia

    Rodwell signs

    And incapable of organising 'change of address' notifications when moving house. I thought they all had goffers to do the mundane stuff anyway.
  4. AllRoverAsia

    Derby County vs Rovers, Tues 18th Sept

    In-house facilities of RAMS TV
  5. AllRoverAsia


    Fom Livingstone's disinterested and limp coin toss up, our poor initial fielding it just got worse. 50 runs conceeded of 2 over, Livingstone early on and Lester late, and maybe 12 runs given away in the field followed by 2 suicide run outs. Poor play alround. Jennings ok but never going to threaten too much, Parkinson is good.
  6. AllRoverAsia

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    I agree with you, any other view makes a mockery of Mowbray's much quoted 'right character' selection process. The bollocks posted on here at times is surreal.
  7. AllRoverAsia

    Bradley Dack

    I am struggling to understand how the Club management including Mowbray and the tightly knit dressing-room did not know that this situation was developing. It developed over many months, someone else at the Club just had to know. Ordinary Joe Bloggs would be eatinģ porridge for breakfast well before now. I am also convinced he has been missing recent games because of this and nothing else despite our being fed bullshit.
  8. AllRoverAsia

    Bradley Dack

    And he got a nice weekend off from working for Rovers. Injured my arse.
  9. AllRoverAsia

    Ep 98 - Complete & Utter...Shenanigans

    Another excellent edition and I enjoyed the whole show. Thanks to all involved.☺️
  10. AllRoverAsia

    Bradley Dack

    A modern day poor man's George Best and we all know how that ended. Both loveable rogues with a winning cheeky smile and a liking for the 'good life'. TM has his work cut out on this one methinks. I hope he buckles down and behaves but do fear for him.
  11. AllRoverAsia

    Bradley Dack

    I await the LTs account of this, no doubt to be confused even further. Mind you they tend be a bit slow on this sort of thing. Can't wait to hear the punishment handed down by Conway Mulgrew, who sound like a Scottish Legal firm or a Scottish prison warden played by Fulton Mackay. I think they will just do the bedsheet trick. Thing is how did he pass our own much promoted fit and proper, right sort, good personality tests.
  12. I was just abour to ask you for next weeks winning lottery numbers...
  13. AllRoverAsia

    Loan Window

    TM seems to like a challenge to get a player back to form. It failed miserably with Caddis so hope for better luck or at least player participation in the challenge if Rodwell shows up. Personally I am not against it if the deal is ok to us.
  14. AllRoverAsia

    Loan Window

    If we have bid £8 milllion for Brereton then surely his Agent wants wages at a level that would be out of synch with our aim of a 'happy' dressing room. Money is after all the root of all evil. Have terms even been discussed by Rovers with this player?
  15. AllRoverAsia

    Loan Window

    At the right fee, I do agree I'm a poet, just didn't know it.

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