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  1. Bradley Dack

    Not when my phone makes your emoji look like a cockroach taking a shi-t
  2. Rovers v Peterborough

    A Roverless Saturday to be spent following Wigan and Shrews, Arsenal telling us how great Wegner is and not that they sacked him for falling ST sales, moaners moaning about moaners moaning on here..........and other stuff. If I can avoid reading about team formations I'll deem it an ok day. It's shaping up as Beerfest day on all fronts although I may watch the Liverpool game. Roll on Tuesday
  3. Rovers v Peterborough

    Yep, it's TM's impersonation of Robin William's ghost impersonating Clark Kent doing Superman
  4. Rovers v Peterborough

    Hail our Superhero
  5. Premier League Stuff

    Luis Enrique emerges as credible link for Arsenal job http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5639849/Luis-Enrique-set-Arsene-Wenger-Arsenal-end-season.html
  6. Rovers v Peterborough

    If that tackle had happened to Bradley this Board would have been up in arms. I have no problem with taking out the man if the ball is played first it's just that, sadly perhaps, the game has progressed resulting in more and more players like Antonsson who shun the physical side of the game. I cannot recall him making a challenge for anything, apart from his show of petulance. As others have already said him being in front if Williams does nothing at all for Williams performance and is probably a negative.
  7. Rovers v Peterborough

    It could easily have gone that way for Antonsson, maybe the only 'challenge' he made all game. I don't think being stuck wide left is doing his career prospects any good.
  8. Rovers v Peterborough

    I started out as a winger, then as CF and went to half-back at about 27. Then enjoyed doing to others what they had done to me. Never gave or received a leg break, can't say the same about noses though.
  9. Rovers v Peterborough

    Wolves do got give a flying one about the Championship FFP rules which they have torn to shreds. They will be in the PL and outside of Championship FFP penalty like Leicester and QPR before. It seems that Rovers follow these rules..............
  10. Rovers v Peterborough

    Which I did at a decent amateur level and made Norman Hunter look like a choirboy creative midfielder. But those were different days. So I deemed Grant's challenge did use excessive force hence Antonnsson on his arse. I would not have reacted like Antonnson but would have got even.
  11. Rovers v Peterborough

    Listening to the latest Podcast and Phillip L's very clear financial summary the V's can fund the Club any amount they want prior to 30th June under L1 FUP/FFP rules which could be spent in the summer transfer widow without upsetting the more draconian Championship rules. Legally fund TM's 'bounce' through the Championship? Ok I 'll wait and see and no holding of breath.
  12. Rovers v Peterborough

    I tend to agree but in the modern age many Refs would have called a foul. Last nights Ref had quite a good game.
  13. Rovers v Peterborough

    Agree. Similar to what I posted after the game.
  14. Rovers v Peterborough

    Not to excuse the reaction by Antonnsson but he had just been emptied out by a Posh that went unpunished. It was also probably the only time in the game that Antonnson made a physical challenge for anything. Evans getting a lot of stick just because he's Evans.
  15. Rovers v Peterborough

    Sad to see so many empty seats but made a hell of a noise on telly as the 2nd half progressed. Inspiring.