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  1. Athlete


    Waggot is completely and utterly out of touch with reality. BWD has one of the Lowest wage rates in the whole country
  2. Athlete

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    That would be a top signing weren't we linked with him in the last transfer window
  3. Athlete

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    The problem is we are a club which has been ruined since the takeover and a lot of vultures have made money on the back of it.... No one can anticipate venkys next move.. Do they actually have any ambition to get us back up.. Highly doubtfull
  4. Athlete

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Anyone heard anything about the Palace in for Dack
  5. Athlete

    Mowbray’s Future

    Unfortunately it does not beggar belief its a results driven business
  6. Athlete

    Mowbray’s Future

    I think TM has been very shrewd in getting his own men in position a void was spotted in the club but at the end of the day it's a results driven business and you can bet your bottom dollar a few advisors will be looking to take advantage of venkys again
  7. Athlete

    Mowbray’s Future

    Mowbray left Coventry after a awful run a bit like coyle they went down to league two same season as we went down to league one We should have stayed up but at times we were too cautious under Mowbray and down we went the diffence this season is we had a cracking start and there are some poor sides at the bottom
  8. Dack and Graham dropped unbelievable defeat here and questions need to be asked about Mowbray
  9. Athlete

    Away Tickets

    Not a New ground for many and train strike still on
  10. Athlete

    Mowbray’s Future

    Getting batteref in two derby's isn't were we want to be
  11. Athlete


    He's a legend in his own fork lift
  12. Athlete


    Quelle surprise a Forest fan said exactly the same..
  13. Athlete


    It hasn't worked this season rovers shouldn't have increased ST prices and should have rode the wave of optimism We don't have a big catchment area we also have the sky factor and Before we start on the demographics of the town argument BwD is a very low paid area whoever is the CEO has to do their homework like John Williams did obviously waggott is going for small profit gains before he moves on
  14. Athlete

    Championship 2018-19

    In his career an awful lot more
  15. Athlete

    Championship 2018-19

    Something we lack

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