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  1. TM has brought quite a few players to the club.. Well seeing as only four started on Saturday he either doesn't rate them or certain signees can't last 90 minutes.. Now if the 1st instance is the case why has he signed them...
  2. That run didn't even get them in the playoffs
  3. Mowbray certainly is experienced but his last league one adventure record actually doesn't exactly fill you with confidence
  4. Summer recruitment doesn't look very good chadster even TM must think not with only four recruitees starting Saturday.. One Caddis was released by Bury yes no disrespect Bury and it showed why...
  5. Long ball against AFC Wimbledon.. Was that tongue in cheek.. There's one thing we do have and that's a sense of humor
  6. At the moment people aren't over reacting to Saturday we all know that we were always going to get defeats but it's the manner of which the three defeats have happened TM has to sort it out with three points on Saturday anything else just isn't good enough I'll stick my neck on the line and say if we're not in the play positions by the 1st week in October then a managerial change has to be considered but let's give him time to sort it.. No excuses it's his team C'mom we're Blackburn Rovers we shouldn't be 2nd best to the likes of AFC Wimbledon
  7. The fact that these fans/people don't turn up at Ewood for AFC Wimbledon is it's just not attractive enough we are in league one with some very unattractive fixtures..the local derby games apart non of the visiting clubs have any appeal for a lot of people
  8. got to agree If TM was potted who'd we go for ? we are now a league one club our attractiveness to big name managers as fallen with relegation Just looked at TM's Coventry record and TBH it doesn't make good reading as TM got a promotion in him ? I hope so but off what I've seen so far I'm more inclined to say no we'll fall short
  9. The Sheffield comparisons are getting a little unfair...Sheffield United are a properly run club with a proper board , structure took them a quite awhile to go back up personally I don't think Rovers can sustain that same period/stay in league one
  10. Another strange stat is no one outside of the top eight at the end of September has gone up automatically for over ten years
  11. Perspective is we are Blackburn Rovers and shouldn't accept being 11th in league one... AFC Wimbledon at home yes a poor AFC Wimbledon who realistically should have won with more.. TM needs to quickly know his best starting 11.. Yesterday all around me know one could actually say what formation he was playing and that includes some ex pros..
  12. Ha ha.. At least we can laugh about it..
  13. He may have made some mistakes yesterday but hey let's not cloud a poor Rovers performance.. BTW he missed a blatant penalty for Wimbledon in the first half
  14. We rode our luck Tuesday yesterday realistically we should have been beaten by more.. Yes by a poor Wimbledon side.. If one thing came out of that game it proved we've signed some awful dross.. Caddis released by bury deemed not good enough and yesterday he proved that he's no where near that.. Our more experienced players had stinkers as well out muscled out fought.. 11th in league one is just not good enough.. Forget the ownership issues for a minute.. People have been totally carried away with the four wins on the bounce
  15. They've replaced better players with Dack and Samuel... We wouldn't have been in league one only for venkys.. The Coyle appointment and Mowbrays negativity took us down.. But we all know ultimately it was venkys