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  1. The blame for relegation lies with Venkys anyone else is just a cog in the venkys wheel
  2. We all know what will happen.. Broken promises at best.. You kept bigging up the car salesman whom has now left so not a dig there There is no budget Chaddy it'll be worse than last pre season
  3. What day is it today... Have the last seven years never happened wake up man Were has your hero senior gone.. Get your fiver to East lancashire hospice
  4. Doesn't sound as if we want venus anywhere Near the club
  5. Huddersfield didn't relegate us venkys and their cohorts did
  6. Exciting times lol I remember certain rover's fans saying the exact same
  7. Neither of these come cheap... Anyone thinking were going back up needs to take a reality check
  8. dont forget that fiver to East Lancashire Hospice chaddy...wish I'd of been wrong but I unfortunately wasn't
  9. If we was a normal run club and Mowbray had his own men in place keeps Mulgrew and Graham etc brings in some league one experienced campaigners and not just loanees we'd be in with a good shout of bouncing back... Then I woke up
  10. Under a manager Mark Hughes style who could make knuckle down and leave his off field distractions to one side Stokes would be a decent player he's talented that's without a doubt
  11. Get your fiver to charity chadster
  12. I know exactly who it was... His lad was as gutted as all of us
  13. A certain guy in the stand to the left back row by any chance
  14. Goals are what are required remember we're one goal behind forest TM has to go for it no ifs or buts...not be tame as at Wolves away
  15. Well when he took the gig he knew the position so I doubt that is what he means especially if his Coventry experience is anything to go by