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  1. Be careful what you say. Spies everywhere. https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/35295/we-should-simply-not-be-worrying-about-playing-ipswich-at-home--notes-for-blackburn-rovers
  2. Hasta


    But some people decide on the day if they are going to go or not. My dad did that for the last 15 years he was alive. He wasn't the most well bloke but didnt live too far away, so if it was raining or he didnt feel well he wouldn't go. If it was a nice day and he felt OK he would. My brother now adopts the same policy but without the health issues. I'm sure they are not the only ones. Neither of them would not go because of the £3 surcharge , but it is unfair they would have to pay it for no reason whilst others don't. It doesn't affect me, you or many others on here. However I'm worried the club is taking money off fans for no reason and with no justification.
  3. Hasta

    Championship 2018-19

    Sheffield Wednesday owners statement. Interesting. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/january/dejphon-chansiri-statement/
  4. Hasta


    So what's the purpose of the surcharge then? If they put £2 on a replica shirt on match day would you find that reasonable?
  5. Hasta


    It doesn't affect me one bit as I've got a season ticket. However it affects one of my mates and I've yet to hear one good reason why it's implemented. The doubling of the cost did actually lose them one sale last night but if it was a reciprocal agreement with NUFC then that explains that (as illogical as it it)
  6. Hasta


    Because there is no justification for it other that to squeeze extra money off the fans. Why do prices have to go up after 12pm on a match day. Why not go up on the day of the game? Why not go up if you don't buy them over a week in advance? What's different about 11.58am and 12.02pm on a Saturday? Why don't they put replica shirts and other merchandise up £3 on match days as well. They can be bought in advance.
  7. Hasta


    As MattyBlue has stated, compared to previous FA Cup games under Venkys, of course it has worked. We got more home fans on for a midweek FA Cup tie than we do for league games, despite the fact that Newcastle are not really a big attraction. Does anyone see any logic whatsoever in doubling the admission cost from 5pm? Why not just charge the usual stupid matchday surcharge rather than doubling the cost.
  8. Hasta

    Rodwell signs

    Come the end of the season if he is still doing OK then just offer him a one year extension on the contract we want to offer. If he accepts then fine, if he moves on so be it. Judging by the reaction of people on social media to him in the Netflix documentary (which I haven't seen), he isn't going to be popular wherever he goes. That alone might limit his options.
  9. Hasta


    And if we get 10,000 home fans on midweek it will have done its job in that competition. Recently against Premier league teams we've had 5900 V Swansea for a 3rd round tie and only 13,934 against Stoke for a 5th round tie with 5000 Stoke fans. I don't even want to look up the Millwall QF attendance.
  10. Hasta

    Championship 2018-19

    I see we play Bolton 3 games from the end of the season at Ewood. That has great comedy potential.
  11. It was one of the worst games I’ve seen in a long time. It was a terrible game of football, I'm glad I didn't have to pay to watch that. We ended up nullifying their threats but forgot to play ourselves.
  12. Big Dom and Ben will be getting jealous.
  13. Silly, silly free kick to give away by Nuttall with that lump now going up.
  14. We're not losing. They look just as bad. DG is on. I've just ordered a take away. After that I'm struggling a bit.
  15. Hopefully. Two pegs back in the right shaped holes.

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