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  1. Hasta

    Premier League Stuff

    That was MGP-esque at Old Traffkrd
  2. Hasta

    Monday caption contest

    Can anyone point to which orbit Tom Lawrence's shot is currently in.
  3. Hasta

    FFP Trouble

    Waggot once again confirms the match day charge is introduced to put fans off attending, as they don't want last minute attendees as it screws up their catering and staff requirememts.
  4. Hasta

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Silly stat. Did Nyambe, Brereton and Walton all score against Oldham? Rothwell was involved in the goals against Brentford and Shelf Wednesday. Or do we only praise players if they make the absolute final pass for an assist, regardless of what happens in the move previously? Having said that, his goalscoring record at Oxford was non-existent so why people thought he would step up and replace the Dack goals god only knows. For me, he is limited but does at least put us on the front foot at games. If we have Chapman and Armstrong in the team then I'd leave him out, but when the midfield consists of Trav, johnson, Downing, Evans etc.. Rothwell is useful in making us an attacking force. Interesting that his first spell in the side this year coincided with our winning streak.
  5. Hasta

    January transfer window 2020

    I think his point is promoted in May 2018. Advertised in August 2019. Whilst not 18 months, 15 months is still a long time from promotion to advertising the role. That plan should have been in place during the league one season as what will happen IF we get promotion.
  6. Hasta

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    I suspect it's more of a case of him knowing we have paid players off previously. It's not working out for him at Wigan so he may as well go back and see if he can get a lump sum from Rovers to pay him to terminate his contract. Opens his options for next year.
  7. Hasta

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I've not idea what happened. However is Waggot really going to say "Tony got me an interview " or vice versa if it was true? As for running the club, who interviewed Coyle? The million dollar question.
  8. Hasta

    January transfer window 2020

    Ignoring social media, which is a breeding ground for trolls and reactiionists, what criticism is disgraceful? If I watch a player who is crap and doesn't look like a footballer I will say that. I cheer him on the pitch and have never booed or jeered him. History may well say he was hung, drawn and quartered by the Rovers fans, which simply isn't true.
  9. Hasta

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    We already know none of it sticks to this lot.
  10. Hasta

    Preston (home)

    It was definitely sang clearly twice, once towards the end of the first half and one half way through the second half. It was also followed by a chant of Ooh Ahh Gallagher which showed that nobody was questioning Gallagher's commitment or effort. Just the fact he is clearly in the wrong position.
  11. Hasta

    Preston (home)

    Pointless and misleading as you have left out the games he got points in!! Plus City and Spurs finished above Liverpool in all 3 of Alardyce's seasons.
  12. Hasta

    Preston (home)

    As I said above, I meant on here. You have got frustrated by what you have seen at Ewood this season as much as most this season. When you spend time and money to go down, and see players out of position and players benched that should be starting, all to justify a failed transfer policy, it's annoying.
  13. Hasta

    Preston (home)

    I meant on here.
  14. Hasta

    Preston (home)

    It appears to be the people who don't attend who want to stick with the manager.

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