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  1. Hasta

    Bradley Dack

    Dacks biggest problem is his lack of pace. He also looks heavy but that's probably because he looks a bit slow. However I don think his work ethic on the pitch is as bad as this thread makes it believe. I can see a ceiling to Dacks ability which is probably lower Prem. I do think that, injury free, Chapman has more chance of an England call up than Dack if he progresses (and gets a game).
  2. Hasta


    Laughable. Wait for Southgate to say something bolocks like "if we are going to change the way England play you have to expect mistakes like this."
  3. Hasta

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    The issue for me is not Downing as such. I have no doubt that he would be a better option than Conway for the role Conway was performing. It's just that replacing Conway like for like was well down my priority list. I'm not even sure if he needs replacing.
  4. Hasta

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    What I don't get with Goodwillie was, with his duck-feet running style and general lack of speed, how did anyone scout him and think he might be good enough in the first place?
  5. Hasta

    Mogga's India Trip 2019

    Most people said top 6 was too early last season and that it was all about consolidation. They said next season was the time to be realistically pushing for top 6. I suspect the same posters will say this season it is still one year too early, a slow build is needed and the following season will be the push for top 6. Then it will be "we can't compete financially so it will take longer" We will never get to the season in those people's eyes when we should be pushing for top 6. Good recruitment and good coaching can get you a long way in this league. Top 6 has to be the aim from the start in the upcoming season.
  6. Hasta


    I keep seeing graphs similar to this online but the big question is in a second referendum where does to Tory / Labour vote go? Over 56% voted leave in Blackburn with Darwen in the referendum and yet in this weeks election it was a clear labour win (over 40%). Surely a lot of those labour votes would go to leave in a second referendum (admittedly with a lot also going the other way). It still beggars belief that, at a time when the Tory party are completely dysfunctional and should be being obliterated by Labour, they still continue to be led by someone who is completely unelectable to the masses.
  7. Hasta

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    His wife gave birth to their daughter a few hours before kick off apparently. Charlton fans commented after that he was off his game but to be fair he still played.
  8. Hasta

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    His overall midfield reading of the game wasn't as good as Tugay but I thought he had the best final, short through ball I've seen from a Rovers player. If the striker made the run he would find a gap to find him. Admittedly it was against second tier opposition but I thought he was brilliant, clearly a player operating a level below the level he should have been playing at.
  9. Hasta

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I had both this and the Worthy final recorded on VHS. As major triumphant games from our past, Rovers should have the full coverage of both games preserved on iPlayer to view on demand.
  10. Hasta

    FA CUP

    Surely then another 'top 6' would occur unless you cut the money floating around in football in general.
  11. Hasta

    FA CUP

    I was just thinking the same thing. They got put out of the FA Cup by Wigan last year. They got dumped out of the Champions League by Spurs who had spent no money and who, a few days later, were probably the better side again in the league encounter. Chelsea arguably should have won the league cup. They may have done had Kepa actually been subbed when told to. On a single game they are not unbeatable. The problem in the league is the rest of the pack apart from Liverpool are all in a slump. Since Chelsea won the title, they have atet spend of £220million in 2 season but have regressed. Arsenal regressed under Wenger and are having to be built back up. As for Manu United, net spend of £250 million since Leicester won the league and are still nowhere near. Of course they are all dwarfed by City's spending, but there are 3 clubs (well 2 + Arsenal) that historically have had spells of challenging or winning the title but in the last 2 seasons have been nowhere near good enough against the rest of the field, let alone City or Liverpool. All of those clubs should be able to attract the talent needed to make the league more competitive and put up a stiffer challenge to City but in my view have failed. That's not purely down to Man City. It's also down to their own management.
  12. Hasta

    Championship 2018-19

    I've go to feeling Derby will sneak this if they can keep,11 men on the pitch. I think Leeds players will get nervy and their heads will go.
  13. Hasta

    Reduced prices for Swansea game.

    Should get 5% off season ticket cost for every consecutive season you have a ST up up to 15%. Gives you an incentive to keep getting a ticket. Would make you think twice about giving one up.
  14. Hasta

    Reduced prices for Swansea game.

    If you've got Sky Sports, you can watch the midweek games on either TV or mobile/tablet. Despite having a season ticket, I missed both the Wigan game and the Derby game at Ewood as I could finish work at the normal time, get home for about 7.15, make some tea and just watch the game on TV. No rushing around like a lunatic to get to Ewood. The problem is, if that happens 5 times a year, it's 5 games I'm doubting whether I need a season ticket for.
  15. Hasta

    Premier League Stuff

    Just to clarify, by 'bad' I meant negative. Personally I loved it. Even more so when Benni struck in the replay.

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