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  1. Prem clubs get the majority of their money through TV rights. You could therefore argue Sky, who show EFL games, should bail them out. Ultimately its not the responsibility of Sky or the other clubs, but with the eye watering amount of money in modern football, £2mill is a small amount for a league one club to fold over.
  2. Hasta


    People said during last season that this would be Breretons breakthrough season. The problem always was if we got another striker, which we needed, i struggle to see how Brereton would get much game time. He is 4th choice up front and well down on choices for a wide position. He certainly didn't take his chance against Oldham and I'm struggling to find a place on the bench for him when everyone is fit. It's a big outlay for someone who now doesn't really justify getting on the pitch.
  3. Do you think that if someone decides at half time at a football match they want a pie and a pint they should have to miss over 20 minutes of the game Phillip ?
  4. Hasta

    Hull (A)

    Bury at home?
  5. Err. Ok thanks. Not much help at 3.45 on a match day 😀
  6. Before kick off it's fine. You can just walk straight up more often than not. But at half time there is a huge demand. At half time, when the majority of the orders are for one of 3 items, they should just be pouring pints and leaving them to stand at the back. You give your order, they turn around and grab what is there, you pay and away you go. It would be so much quicker. They have the machine which pours multiple pints at one time, but nearly every time I've tried pints from it, it is so off it tastes of vinegar. They have the technology but they obviously can't look after it well enough to use it. Against Charlton, half of the problem was because people were going up and ordering 2 pint jugs only to be told they have run out of 2 pint jugs. The debate then ensues as to why they aren't allowed to have, in those circumstances, 2 pints for the same price as a 2 pint jug. People naturally think that's crazy and argue the toss. This delays things by a good minute. Then the next person comes to the front and says "I'll have a 2 pint jug please..." and on it goes. I accept that in a venue like that you are going to be paying over £4, and generally it's for something that is not the best. But at least make it so that you can actually get your hands on one without having to miss almost a quarter of the match ! I do struggle to accept how they can put the price of a pie up by 20% in the space of 10 weeks !! The only thing I have seen recently to acknowledge the problem is the introduction of the bottle bar. Yes it's extortionate but at least you can get one in a reasonably speedy time.
  7. Hasta

    Premier League Stuff

    I've always wished refs would come out and explain shooting decisions after a match, whilst deep down knowing they could just say "I didn't see it" or "I thought this happened in my opinion". Now that decisions are being reviewed by people who do have multiple replays and angles, I feel that any key decisions should be explained so we can understand why a decision wasn't given. For example, why was the defender allowed to have two hands around the guys body and clearly be pulling and obstructing him, with no retaliation the other way, and yet they chose to ignore it? As someone said over the weekend, I can accept that referees make mistakes during the game. When you see a team penalised for an obvious mistake, and an official has spent 40 seconds looking at 4 replays and still not given it, it's actually far worse !
  8. Does Fosters cost £4.50 just 15 metres away in Blues?
  9. Hasta

    Middlesbrough (H)

    When in the first half they are breaking forward and twice overhit a simple ball under no pressure which may have put them clean through , or try and switch play and knock it 5 yards behind the man running onto it, that's just poor. If anyone is missing a good post-match meltdown head over to the OneBoro forum and read their match day thread. General concensus on there is buy league one players, get league one team. Thats not taking away from the fact we still played well, and didn't allow them much time or keep giving the ball to them.
  10. Hasta

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Firstly Boro were shocking. In the first half they'd get into a good position and just play the most ridiculous overhit through ball, or run into trouble. They are in for a long season. From Rovers perspective, I thought everyone who started did reasonably well. Walton was suspect when they hit the post but then did claim a high ball under a lot of pressure latter on. The much maligned defence was very good. Even Bennett looked good at RB apart from giving the ball away too easy early on. Downing again looked a very good footballer. He's certainly an upgrade on Conway. It's just a shame that, as comfortably as we looked for the first hour, we didn't really create much and it took a bit of stuipidity from a defender to get us the penalty. I think the problem with our lack of goal threat is that, with that starting XI, there is only Dack who you expect to create. You can say Travis, Downing, Johnson etc.. played well and had a solid game without expecting them to have created anything. Gallagher was very good, without ever doing anything that was likely to create. Had Armstrong, Rothwell or Chapman been in the side, for them to play well normally means they've been good purely as an offensive threat. I don't know if selecting a solid team, rather than a quicker more mobile team was a ploy to combat a Boro side who I still regard as a physical imposing team from the Pullis era. If that was the plan then fair play, it worked. However I feel we still need to get pace in there somehow, and also encourage one of Johnson or Travis to actually get up and support the attack.
  11. Hasta


    Yeah but if they sign up to the "1875 true Supporters club", buy their tickets 14 days in advance, log on to rovers.co.uk 3 times a week, reply and retweet 5 rovers twitter posts and then say Balajiman 3 times into a mirror, they would get tickets cheaper. Then it would only be the away fans we were consciously screwing over. If they were a proper fan they would.
  12. Hasta


    Had it been lashing it down, I suspect he would not have 'fancied going today'.
  13. Hasta

    Premier League Stuff

    It's fine saying that the rules have changed and that is now to be disallowed. But it's a double kick in the teeth for City after VAR ignored the City penalty in the first half. It was clearly a foul but they obviously thought that was a bit soft so didn't give it. Regardless,of how soft it was, it was a foul anywhere else on the pitch.
  14. Hasta

    Middlesbrough (H)

    With no Armstrong, Chapman or Rothwell, that side looks very pedestrian to me.
  15. Hasta


    OK. Ta. You can edit and delete that now 😉

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