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  1. Hasta

    Preston at Home

    I'm not as doom and gloom as some. At home, we have been well in the game against both Bristol City and Norwich. We beat Hull and West From. All performances which have happened whilst we've become a comedy act on the road. Middlesboro was awful first half but generally at home we've been in games and on top in games. We may lose by the odd goal but I'm hopeful of a result. I don't get how Chapman still can't be ready for 20 minutes if required.
  2. Hasta

    Preston at Home

    1. Disagree 2. Stupid KO time. Agree 3 Agree 4. Unsure 5. Disagree 6 Disagree. They can play well for 85 minutes then commit hari-kari for the last 5. That not lack of motivation. The motivation and effort has generally been there. 7. Agree. If that has been your stance all along then nothing has changed. 8. That is, dare I say it, a little bit plastic as a reason for not attending. But I get your bundling it in with numerous other issues.
  3. Hasta

    Preston at Home

    Popular player tries his best for the club and is instrumental in getting us back to the Championship. Then gets found out to be not good enough at this level and gets nicknamed Smallw*nk by classless fan.
  4. Hasta

    Academy & U'21's

    Just to put it into perspective, watch Breretons goal from a West Ham point of view. Nuttall gets the ball as the lone striker and they all just stand 5 yards off him and don't go near him.
  5. Hasta

    Academy & U'21's

    Please tell me he's a left back.
  6. Hasta

    Preston at Home

    At least you will be home in time for the early Premier League kick off.
  7. Hasta


    Depends on cost. Yes unless the BBE season ticket touches £400
  8. Hasta

    Preston at Home

    Raya Nyambe. Lenihan. Mulgrew. Bell Reed. Smallwood. Bennett Dack. Rothwell Graham Ive not changed the keeper as I have no idea how good or bad Leutwiler is. Unlike the outfield positions you never see him play. I'd let Rothwell roam to either wing as he wishes. Make sure one of Reed / Bennett is always looking to get forward to support when we break. Encourage the full backs to get forward with one of the midfield 3 always aware and filling in as required. Presuming Lenihan is fit, I've gone back to him and Mulgrew as they played together in the early part of the season when's we were in better form. Rodwell feels like he has been the constant during this poor run, although the individual mistakes have rarely been down to him. Chapman should come through 60 minutes for the U23s on Monday and sit on the bench on Saturday.
  9. Hasta

    Preston at Home

    I'll answer my own question. In the football league this season there has only been 1 other game which has kicked off at 12pm and has not been televised - Blackburn V Leeds. We are the only club out of the football leage clubs who do this. This may be because we are one of the few clubs who can accomodate 7000 away fans, but that wasnt a problem in the premier league. So what is different?
  10. Hasta

    Preston at Home

    I don't get why it is 12pm and not 1pm. That's ridiculously early. There's a big difference to many people between the two. How many other non-televised games do you see kicking off at 12? Rovers think they have covered this releasing a statement that tells us very little.
  11. Hasta

    Premier League Stuff

    City were struggling until a very, very soft penalty puts them in front.
  12. Hasta

    Preston at Home

    Unless of course we could afford to pay the police more to police the game if we were in the Prem. Even though we are not meant to have to pay police for policing the streets, the only reason I can see for this is that the police say that they either want X amount of pounds or the game kicks off at 1pm. Do we have police within Ewood on matchday?
  13. Hasta

    Preston at Home

    When we were "shite" in the 80's, we finished 6 times in what was, or would have been, a top 6 play off spot to get in the top flight. Our 'shite' season of 1981, they haven't bettered since 1964. Im all for looking forward, but to suggest we were on a similar level from early 70s to when Jack stepped in is laughable. I was born in 77 and until "loud and proud" night in the late 90s, Preston were one of them plucky local teams we played in the Manx cup.
  14. Hasta

    Preston at Home

    So the reason given for the early kick off time is "due consideration was given to the game being a local derby, previous encounters between the two clubs, the large away allocation and the short distance for thenpreston fans to travel" That's a nothing answer without expanding. All of the above apply to many, many local derbys and yet a lot of them kick off at 3pm. If we even got into the Premier League, would the fixtures against the Manchester or Liverpool clubs have to kick off early. Of ourse not. If they were on TV they could well be 4pm or 5pm.
  15. Hasta

    Birmingham Away

    Say hello boys and girls. Some of you are famous. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/a-draw-would-belting-what-15868218

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