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  1. Hasta


    Taken from that link:- What should I do if I have symptoms? Public Health England (PHE) have recommended taking the following self-isolation measures if you display symptoms of coronavirus: PHE said that if you feel better after seven days of self-isolating “you can return to your normal routine.” Chaddy has followed the guidance given by Public Health England, the NHS website and the Government website. Surely the ire should be directed there.
  2. Yep. I paused it and then immediately starting watching the Gary Neville Soccerbox's that are on. The Alan Shearer one focuses on the 2-0 win at Ewood over Man Utd when he scored twice and at least half of the program is on his Rovers career.
  3. Hasta


    Belgium and Netherlands are being affected by this particularly badly also. Netherlands only reported their first case on February 26th, and yet 850 have died already. Belgium are running at the highest deaths per head of population in Europe's major countries outside of Spain and Italy, almost 3 times that of the UK.
  4. Hasta


    Many other european nations are either facing or in a 'full lockdown'. Maybe they should all have listened to this guy and 'followed the South Korean ' way too.
  5. Hasta


    There's over 30 MP's who have had to self isolate now. Bit pointless if they could just get tested immediately. Surely you're not exaggerating?
  6. Hasta


    I'd read (and posted last week) that Bergamo's death rate was currently 4x that of usual, and a 30,000 population town within the Bergamo region had had more deaths between 1st to 24th March than they had in 2019. In which case, you can understand why they can't cope.
  7. Hasta


    People are just fault finding in some instances Gav. You would think it was an election campaign, not a worldwide pandemic.
  8. Hasta


    They're not doing much that other European countries arent doing on that front. We have suppliers still working in Germany, Belgium and France who are all non-essential. Thats why I asked BIgdogsteel earlier, because Ireland seem to have made that move on Friday.
  9. Hasta


    Am i right in thinking Ireland stopped non-essential work on Friday?
  10. Hasta


    Bergamo is also twice the population of Lodi and is far more of a transportation hub.
  11. Hasta


    So that, even though it was going to devastate the world economy, the fact they release the genome wouldn't cast suspicion on them. In fact, thats exactly why they dropped it next to their biological centre in Wuhan. Trump won't get it because he's actually a martian. Elvis's family are worried about him getting it though.
  12. Hasta


    It will only be deemed too late if it overwhelms the health service passed capacity. If cases reach a level we can cope with then the timing will have been OK. We have no idea at the moment whether we shut things at the right times or not. I've been speaking to our Swedish customer this morning who says life is not too different at the moment over there. Primary schools, bars and restaurants still open. Yet they have more or less the same number of cases/deaths per head of population as the UK https://www.ft.com/content/31de03b8-6dbc-11ea-89df-41bea055720b
  13. Hasta


    What is the figure on the right hand side pf the graph indicative of? (Ignore - it looks like it is percentage of usual level of trips planned with 100 being the normal level)
  14. Hasta

    Rovers vs Stoke. Fifa 20

    What was interesting was watching Dack set the team up at the start. Evans in for Travis. Mulgrew on the bench. No Brereton in the squad. Based on FIFA's players ability or personal preference 😁
  15. Hasta


    Defer your VAT payment. Use the Business Interuption Loan scheme to get a 12 month interest free loan to pay the salaries.

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