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  1. Hasta

    Football League Suspended

    To be fair to Bowyer, the two interviews I read / heard he wasn't complaining about playing the season out. He just said it would make his job more difficult in this situation but he understands the players reasoning. Personally, I don't. I just wouldn't pay the players involved. And if any of them are hard faced enough to say its because they don't want to jeopardise their dream move, rather than for health and safety fears reading the virus, I'd fine them each week they don't play as well.
  2. Do you really want it to spill onto this board now? 🙄
  3. Hasta

    Football League Suspended

    Tranmere have won their last 3 games, and are now only 3 points from safety with a game in hand. Nothing about them being relegated on a PPG basis would be fair, just because Accy Stanley and a lot of other clubs with nothing to play for want to save money. The should have asked the league one and league two clubs to vote on should the season continue, or should it end and be void now. Most clubs would have chosen to void, so that would also have been the majority of the clubs wishes. That would have allowed the clubs to save money and no-one would have been penalised. @roversfan99 is right that the only way you should have promotion and relegation is when the season is finished. Therefore if PL and Championship play it out then you can have promotion / relegation between those leagues, but no-one goes down from the Championship.
  4. Hasta


    What stats is he quoting? The only stats we have seen are the graphs, and Ive fully explained why I think it is misleading / wrong. I've also explained why his logic doesn't seem to make sense, and it is completely unclear what figure has increased 'several-fold' in Cheltenham but didn't increase 'several-fold' in the surrounding areas. Analysis of confirmed cases and deaths for the area hasn't shown anything out of the ordinary. However I have never said anything about gatherings not spreading a virus and you've just put words in my mouth there. Of course if you have a large number infected people in close gatherings it will spread. When have I ever said otherwise? You've just thrown that as a red-herring to make it sound like I'm arguing the indefensible. This was a question of timing, and Cheltenham started 2 days after a full round of premier League fixtures that never came under the spotlight, with a public perception which was far, far removed from what it is now (see previous of people attending Rovers games). There were under 350 confirmed cases in the whole country at the time. I can understand why as a precautionary measure people say all sport should have been cancelled 7 days earlier (even though the number of cases would have been something like <100). But there is no statistical evidence Cheltenham caused "death and suffering". You're not going to agree. I'm not going to agree. We will just go around in circles here as K-Hod probably foresaw. I would have left it had my views not been grossly misrepresented.
  5. Hasta


    The ones here:- https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-cheltenham-festival-and-liverpool-v-atletico-madrid-led-to-spike-in-covid-19-deaths-11994875 What do you think he means by several-fold? What periods do you think he is referring to? Do you think other areas outside of Cheltenham also increased 'several-fold' in this same period. Why is he only mentioning this now? I'm sure the app doesn't take 60 days to process the data. - EDIT - I see on twitter about a week ago he want his app to be backed by the government and the NHS. Now suddenly, 8 weeks after these events, he's producing dramatic headlines and stats which gets his app on the new sites. Hmm. Case closed.
  6. Hasta


    I'm sure there were more people who reported symptoms using the app from that area than the rest of the generally less-densely populated South West. I don't doubt that stat. But if you tell a group of people that the chairs they were sat on were full of ants last week, some will inevitably start feeling itchy. I know a lot of people in Blackburn and Darwen in March who suddenly 'thought they may have a slight cough' as it was all over the news about the symptoms. You get the media telling people in the Cheltenham area that the Festival was a disaster, and that it will be rife within their town, don't be surprised if more people start reporting symptoms within that area. His comments that cases increase "several-fold" is strange. "Several-Fold" would imply it was many times over increased. The figures on the graphs in the articles show that the number of reported cases in Cheltenham (see the Sky News report which has the graphs on) is not even double that of the surrounding areas or most of the South-West. The App wasn't even live until 10 days after Cheltenham. So between what dates is he saying that the symptoms increased 'several-fold"? If its between 23rd March and 29th March (which is the period the graphs show) then I would imagine all other areas have increased 'several-fold' as well. Either that or Cheltenham was practically 'symptom-free' on the 23rd. Therefore with so many doubts and questions about the statistics, I don't think anything justifies the dramatic headline that it "caused increased suffering and death that wouldn't otherwise have occurred".
  7. Hasta


    Because his analysis is based on people who reported symptoms through an app. Not actual tested cases. The figures through actual positives tests doesn't back this up. If more people had serious symptoms then more people should have ended up in hospitals and more cases. Sorry K-Hod. Started replying before your post.
  8. Hasta


    Oh yeah, just remove the word if and it makes sense !
  9. Hasta


    The number of cases and deaths for an area like Gloucestershire was and is in line with most areas and behind several peak areas. There is no significant spike in cases or deaths when you compare to the rest of the country. I've covered all this previously and it keeps getting regurgitated. @47er is also wrong when he says "plenty of people warned on here at the time". Hardly anyone comments until it is about to finish and the majority of the comments are after the event. I've not been on here for a while but, for balance, the Cummings issue is a scandal and he should have been gone 10 minutes after he came out of his press conference.
  10. Hasta

    Football League Suspended

    Correct. It is sending out the wrong message that a hairdresser or barber cannot open their shop to work and have apppintments with 1 person inside at once. And somehow 21 men can congregate and share a football pitch. Once we have some normality like sensible family gatherings and being able to socially distance in a barbers then football should initiate project restart. However, if the footballers are working then they can get tested. Testing people who work in a warehouse packing non-essential luxury items isnt a priority but it's being done.
  11. Hasta

    Football League Suspended

    I currently see stock as being ample enough that currently anyone that works in an office, warehouse or a factory can go and get tested. It was previously just NHS and care workers but this has now been expanded. You see stocks as still being in short supply for NHS and care workers. Now I may be wrong and it may be difficult to actually get tested if you just work in an office. But as I said previously, I now know people who have gone and got tested just for the sake of it.
  12. Hasta

    Football League Suspended

    Fulham may believe they have an outside chance of finishing top 2 so could vote against it but the rest of the top 6 would vote for. That's 5 votes. Positions 17 to 21 would avoid relegation so that's another 5 votes. You would therefore need 4 of the teams positioned between 7 to 16 to vote to end the season which is surely very likely. Grossly unfair scenario tbh to be relegating teams in the situation, especially Charlton who only sat in the bottom 3 for the first time all season after the last round of fixtures. I'd also argue it you can't play the rest of the competition, don't play the play offs and just let Fulham go up. But that might be a slightly anti-PNE !
  13. Hasta

    Football League Suspended

    I said that I (personally) have no interest in it returning in the immediate future as a non-spectactor sport. You may find that by August, once the picture for the country and the world is clearer, then my interest may return. That is completely separate as to whether they should return now, in August or in 2 years time, for which I can see both sides of the argument. I am morally uncomfortable with the fact I cannot see two family members in a local park, but 21 men can congregate in a penalty box grappling each other. Removing the financial issue, the common sense approach would be to bring football back when you can also have a proper kick around with your mates in a field. I'm not bothered whether this season finishes or not. The game itself is much bigger than the 2019/2020 Premier League season.
  14. Hasta

    Football League Suspended

    I don't quite understand what is basic maths about it based on the points I made, but we will leave it. We may disagree on whether Premier League testing takes stock that would otherwise be used from the NHS, but I'm not sure we are looking at the 'bigger picture' from opposite ends of the telescope. I think we both agree with Paul's excellent post above, and as I have said numerous time I have no interest in it returning as a non-spectator sport in the immediate future.
  15. Hasta

    Football League Suspended

    But anyone over 65, any key worker or anybody who is working but not from home and has symptoms has access to tests already. I know several people with no symptoms are taking this up and driving to Preston or Manchester to get tested just for the fun of it. The company providing the tests, the Pl and the government all insist it I sent not taking stock from the NHS and the general public are already wasting available tests out of curiosity. Of course we don't know the full story / picture, but to say NHS staff wait in line whilst stock of tests they need is used by footballers is highly debatable.

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