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  1. Hasta


    If we could have sold Raya, got an equal replacement and spent the money well elsewhere then I'd have been happy with the sale. That applies to any player. Unfortunately I don't think we did.
  2. Hasta


    My point being that if they announce it at 10pm at night and say that it is going to become law, at what point does it become law? I doubt it is the following morning.
  3. Hasta


    It's on the government website and says "the government will pass new laws", but I'm sure that isn't done in a matter of hours. How does passing new laws work? Can a government pass whatever it wants with no challenge or scrutiny?
  4. Hasta


    If the majority of the cases within east lamcashire are in the South Asian community ( due to houses having multiple occupants) and you can see that those households are about to widespread mix, you know you are going to end up with a significant increase in cases. How else do you stop this rise in cases? The decision is ridiculously late, the communication is poor and many, many people are going to be affected by it. But if nothing happened and cases doubled around the north by next week, everyone would be saying that the government did nothing. Dont forget they've just hit tens of thousands of holiday makers in Spain with a 14-day quarantine. It's not like they are just pissing off one community here.
  5. Hasta

    Premier League Stuff

    How do you know Pepe didn't say "You didn't play most of this game due to injury but you have carried this nation for years scoring almost 100 goals. It's the first thing we have won. You are the team captain. You go up." If I was Pepe, that's what I would have done.
  6. Hasta

    Summer Transfer Window

    Give that no away fans will be allowed, I wonder if there will be money allowed to be made by streaming or beaming back away games.
  7. Hasta

    Tactical Ramble for 2020/21

    Yep. You can play a possession based 3-2-2-3-1 whatever systems, but have the option to go direct or get it in the box during the same game. Again at Luton, for all the faffing around in the second half, it was a ball onto Grahams head that led to the goal. Unless you can collect the best players in the league, then in order to be a good side you usually needs to be able to mix it up.
  8. Hasta

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Ask the same question at £350 with no guarantee of seat, stand, refunds or attending games like you said yesterday and see what the results are.
  9. Hasta

    Danny Graham

    Thought I'd bump his thread back up. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2020/july/ive-loved-every-minute-of-my-time-at-rovers/ Good words. Decent Rovers career.
  10. Hasta

    Wigan Administration

    The 12 point administration rule was brought in to stop teams overspending beyond their means and then just clearing the debts with administration. I don't know the ins and outs but not sure that's what has happened in this case.
  11. Hasta

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    This would be my 30th consecutive year of having a season ticket and I'm having serious doubts. No pubs as normal pre or post match. No atmosphere inside the ground. Many people are still furloughed or don't know their future economy / employment situation. It's going to be a very tricky sell for the club But as far as a I can see, you are saying that if the club says "it is £350 for a season ticket but we can't tell you which part of the ground you will be sat in or how the seating will be arranged. We also can't tell you whether you will actually be able to attend all of the games at Ewood, or whether you will need to watch many of them at home on an internet stream", that almost 4000 fans are going to sign up to that and pay £350 ???
  12. Hasta

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    I think you are being very optimistic there. I think your ultra-hardcore who will pay blindly without any idea of where they sit or when they will be able to attend games is less than you think.
  13. Hasta

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    This is a bit of a rambling post as I've only just started to think this through, but I'm undecided on next season. I'll consider whether I renew once we know what is being sold. Firstly how much will they cost? Then what will the match day experience be like? Just like part of the fun of away games isn't just watching the football for 90 minutes, for home games the social aspect is still important. Can I meet up with my mates who I only see nowadays at the footy and sit together? Will the concourses be in operation as normal? In September, you aint easily going to the WMC beforehand and calling in the Fox on the way back home. So what you may be left with is just turning up, sitting apart and watching a game of football with 7500 fans spread out and no away atmosphere. That isn't the match day experience for me. Rovers have allowed me over the last few weeks to experience sitting in my mates 'man cave garage' watching the iFollow coverage on his big TV with a beer. As there is a 'cap' on the number of fans allowed in stadia, at some clubs many home fans who normally attend may not be able to get tickets. Therefore will iFollow be opened up to UK fans for this season? Regardless, it is easy enough to get a stream even if it isn't. I struggle to get to some midweek games anyway. Do I want to commit to a full season, when given the choice for some games I actually might prefer to stream it with mates now rather than sit apart in the JW stand. From my point of view, the social aspect has always covered the 'drab football'. We enjoy the day and can laugh at how bad the football is for some games. Being bland on the pitch won't affect my decision, but what I feel the experience is going to be like might.
  14. Hasta

    Luton Town away

    It's always up 50 minutes before kick off.
  15. Hasta

    Luton Town away

    Only just catching up on this thread. The thing with Chapman is he is different. Has a different skill set than the other attackers. Last game and this game is irrelevant, but in those Barnsley and Wigan games when we we're piss poor, I'd rather have had some minutes of Chapman at the end than keep flipping up front between Samuel, Graham, Brereton, Gallagher. None of those are going to create you anything themselves. Having Chapman on the bench as a bit of something different would be imaginative. Dropping Gallagher and Brereton because they were poor at Wigan, then bringing them on to try and change the game a few days later at Barnsley, is unimaginative as a manager.

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