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  1. Hasta


    Probably quite a lot aren't. Looking at that England squad, how many would you class as a 'complete knob'?
  2. Hasta

    Premier League Stuff

    Both decisions were so tight that without VAR they would have been passed over. You get the handball sometimes, and sometimes you don't. What grated me, as it always does, was the 'soft' fouls by defenders on Sterling to let the ball run out for a goal kick. One was a push in his back and the other was one of those instances where the defender goes 8 feet away from the ball to just block off and bundle the striker away from the ball. If a striker had done either of those offences to a defender, and he went down, it is a free kick straight away.
  3. Just watched the Quest highlights. At least we are spreading the blame around defensively. All 4 are to blame. Del and Tosin for the first and Nyambe and Bennett for the second.
  4. I disagree in the fact that I think we would be challenging seriously for top 6. That is simply based on the number of times we have had 'good halves' against teams who are promotion contenders and the amount of goals we scored last year. To win the league we would need a whole new back four and keeper, but top 6 would have been wide open this year. If we replaced half the back 4, we would hopefully have cut out half the mistakes and that would make a big difference. Sheffield Wednesday are 7th and they were mediocre. You don't need to be great this year, just good. I think we have a number of Josh Kings in this squad, who under other management and in other teams would look far superior to how they currently appear. Travis and Rothwell to name but two.
  5. I think it was more of a case of we needed to get Graham on as he is the best striker we have got, but we can't keep taking Gally off as we paid 5mill for him.
  6. We needed a couple of defenders and another Striker in the summer. We got nothing resembling an upgrade in that area. With 2 new defenders and a good striker we wouldn't be far away, although we might need another keeper now (Walton was good today to be fair)
  7. Hasta

    Premier League Stuff

    Don't forget the people who have implemented the system say it is only accurate up to approximately 30cm. Joke.
  8. Which is what people said about Coyle in November. That ended well.
  9. Beer must have been strong in the Leeds hospitality before the game.
  10. Also, if we are trying to play it into the striker and play off him then get DG on.
  11. What a ball by Holtby to release Downing to win the corner before the goal.
  12. Yep, he went to mark the corner flag there as his guy ran off him and cut inside.
  13. Whether it was a penalty or not, the fact was it was a piece of shocking defending by Tosin who was favourite to get to the ball and inexplicably pulled out.
  14. Hasta


    Swanseas home attendances held firm last season despite relegation. However they are a few thousand down most games this season now they've realised an imminent return isn't happening.
  15. Hasta


    I said it when the fixtures came out. £10 Birmingham at home on Boxing Day. Under 11s free. Holiday atmosphere. A lot of people off work. With it being a bank holiday people will be looking for something different to do with the kids. Back on the lash after Christmas Day with your mates. Avoid the Boxing Day sales. Tickets sold as Christmas presents. Birmingham will probably bring a few more at that price. Make the deciion well in advance and start advertising it through the LT, website, social media and on the big screen from the next game. Stick a pop up stand, or some kind of display, in the Mall for a couple of Saturdays during December. People may not buy from it but a lot of locals will see it and know the deal exists (unlike 1875 club).

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