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    Thursday old bean
  2. .

    Skyburn Rovers nice
  3. .

    Hope not will be very fecked off with Rovers if they allow this
  4. Rovers v Blackpool

    Feck me we all want the same thing on this site Rovers promoted,let’s stop all this he said this she said that and all stick together COYB
  5. Bradford at home 29.03.2018

    £90 is half a days work feck me just support the boys COYB
  6. Walsall v Rovers

    Charlton last game of the season would be good
  7. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Start again next week COYB
  8. Songs at Ewood

    My 8 year boy made a song up for David Raya Dave Raya ooooooo Dave Raya oooooooo he comes from sunny Spain To take us up again
  9. Rotherham V Rovers

    Poor first half again
  10. Rotherham V Rovers

    trains are running over here tomorrow i know it was £18 return from accrington lets get behind the boys tomorrow COYB
  11. Merry Christmas from all at BRFCS

    Merry Christmas to all the Rovers fans all over the world
  12. Northampton Town v Rovers

    very poor game I did think we should have retaken the penalty as 4/5 of their player where in the box before he passed the ball to the keeper. only good point it’s another ground ticket of the list
  13. Fleetwood tickets

    Celtic away sold out in a few hours
  14. Oh what a great away day again we should have scored a few more in the second half