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  1. yorkblues

    New Kits

    Yet another reason why not to buy it
  2. yorkblues

    Oxford Utd at home

    23 games for less than a weeks wage not that bad
  3. yorkblues

    Charlton away April 28th

    After lots of beers on the way home I don’t care WE ARE GOING UP
  4. yorkblues

    Charlton away April 28th

    Just on the train back very poor from Rovers
  5. yorkblues

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    By 4pm you will be asleep 😂😂
  6. yorkblues

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Free beer i will meet you at all three cheers pal
  7. yorkblues


    Skyburn Rovers nice
  8. yorkblues


    Hope not will be very fecked off with Rovers if they allow this
  9. yorkblues

    Rovers v Blackpool

    Feck me we all want the same thing on this site Rovers promoted,let’s stop all this he said this she said that and all stick together COYB
  10. yorkblues

    Bradford at home 29.03.2018

    £90 is half a days work feck me just support the boys COYB
  11. yorkblues

    Walsall v Rovers

    Charlton last game of the season would be good
  12. yorkblues

    Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Start again next week COYB

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