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  1. DaveyB

    Premier League Stuff

    I think the determining factor is what the referee has seen and why he hasn’t given the penalty. For instance, yesterday if Michael Oliver has seen the ball hit the arm and has adjudged that the ball was coming too quickly and from too close to give the player reasonable time to get out of the way, then thats fair enough and there is no way that the VAR official can say he has made a clear and obvious error. However, if he tells the VAR official that he thinks the ball hasn’t hit the arm then he has obviously missed something and therefore made a clear and obvious error and the VAR official can talk to him and see if he wants to overturn his original decision. The issue for the fans (as well as the players and managers) is that, unlike in other sports, we don’t get to hear the conversation between the ref and the VAR official. If we could then I think that a lot of the decisions would seem much less controversial.
  2. I'm a big fan of the NFL, and particularly follow the Jets - I think it's in my DNA to follow a team that consistently underperforms and finds new and imaginative ways to let me down!! In fact this year I'm off to NY to see the game against the Patriots - I can't wait!!! (Although I imagine I will leave disappointed by the result)
  3. DaveyB

    Hull (A)

    I wonder if we might see 3 at the back - Tosin - Lenihan - Williams - with Downing at LWB If Tosin is fit then that’s what my fiver would be on - especially since Mowbray has talked about picking sides based on the opposition and Cardiff will bombard us with high balls into our box and so 3 CBs will be helpful, plus Tosins height will be important.
  4. DaveyB

    Hull (A)

    Maybe I’m alone but I didn’t think Bennett was that bad. Not great, but not terrible either. He struggled for the first 20/30 minutes, but then I think a lot of right backs will struggle against Grosicky, but I thought he got better and nullified the threat much better in the second half. I thought Gallacher struggled a bit out wide, but then it was his bit of skill that led to the free-kick that we scored from, so I guess he played his part. Travis is fantastic at hassling the opposition and winning the ball back, but I thought his passing was poor, as it was on Saturday too. Which I guess is encouraging as we know he can be better and we’re still winning. It’s been said many times already, but Williams is a revelation at CB. Could easily have won MotM in each of the last 2 games. And finally, I know we’d love him to start, but Rothwell coming on full of energy for the last 20 minutes is a real help when we’re winning. He keeps the ball so well and moves us up the pitch which stops us from being pinned back.
  5. DaveyB

    Middlesbrough (H)

    For me the two most pleasing moments were 1) Williams bringing down their striker late on when a couple of missed challenges looked like they were going to allow him to run through on goal 2) Johnson keeping the ball in the corner right at the end of the game Both instances showed that maybe finally we’re moving away from being too nice and getting a bit of shithousery into our team
  6. DaveyB

    Middlesbrough (H)

    On the evidence of the last 2 games (Fulham A & Oldham H) it can. That’s not to say that Bennett is a good (or even adequate) RB, but Nyambe was so poor on Tuesday there’s no way he has forced his way into the team
  7. DaveyB


    You keep making this claim about Graham playing on the left wing, but he didn't. He was up front with Brereton - Buckley and Downing were the wide players, albeit tucked in with Nyambe and Cunningham overlapping. Graham played slightly to the left, with Brereton to the right, but they were essentially a front two. He certainly wasn't playing as a left winger, or left mid - I just don't know why you seem to think he was
  8. DaveyB


    You’re right. I do remember that incident now. Still though my recollection of his time on loan with us is of him flying past defenders for fun, and he was a pale imitation of that tonight. Maybe it’s just my memory playing tricks on me and giving me unrealistic expectations, I just anticipated him having a bigger impact
  9. DaveyB


    Funny how people see things differently. Personally I thought Brereton was looking good in the first half, up until the moment he was played through and his touch let him down - after that his head seemed to drop a bit, but up til then he looked lively, good movement, looking to play some nice 1 touch give & go’s. I do think there’s a player in there somewhere, but as others have said it might be a confidence thing. If only his header had gone in 2nd half, rather than being kept out by a goal line handball, maybe we would have seen him grow a bit more. But I’m amazed that people are still putting Nyambe at RB in their first choice line-ups. I’ve been as critical of Bennett as anyone, but after tonight I can’t see Ryan challenging for that spot for a while. He was abject - his performance summed up by the fact that Downing overtook him chasing back for their first goal. Our play was slow and ponderous all first half and Nyambe was the biggest culprit in my opinion, forever turning backwards, taking 3 touches when 1 was needed- right at the end of the first half he screwed a clearance into touch and my son turned to me and said ‘At least he kicked it forward for once’ I was also disappointed in Chapman when he came on. He seemed reluctant to run at the defence and I don’t recall him beating a man all evening. Dack was the game-changer. We really do need to get him firing on all cylinders if we’ve got any chance of a decent season
  10. DaveyB

    Away Kit - Poll

    Personally I think the shirt looks ok and would probably be a good shirt to wear with jeans etc, although as a functional away shirt it is inherently flawed as it is too similar in colour to the home shirt The less said about the shorts and socks, however, the better 🤢
  11. DaveyB

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Just because we finished above a team doesn’t mean that individual players from that team can’t be an improvement on what we’ve got.* That argument is like saying ‘What’s the point in Utd buying Maguire since they already have defenders and they finished above Leicester anyway’ (*I haven’t seen this kid from Liverpool so I’m not saying that’s the case here, just making a general point about the argument)
  12. DaveyB

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    £1.75m according to Mowbray - https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/revealed-bargain-price-blackburn-paid-15000800.amp and Benitez - https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rafa-benitez-decided-sell-adam-15631184.amp But I guess if you know different then...
  13. DaveyB

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I’m having a deja vu moment - I’m sure I remember reading almost exactly the same stuff all last summer about Adam Armstrong who supposedly had a release clause of about £3.5m Post after post of ‘we should just pay it and stop faffing around’ and ‘Mowbray doesn’t know what he’s doing’ for about 2 months until low and behold we signed him for about 50% of what posters on here had been urging us to pay. Maybe, just every now and again, we should give the club and the manager the benefit of the doubt, no?
  14. DaveyB

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    This idea of keeping Raya whilst also signing an experienced keeper for him to learn from is great in theory - and I’m sure Mowbray would have liked to do that too - but it ignores that, for it to be successful, Raya would have to be happy to go from being number 1 every week to sitting on the bench for the majority of at least 1 season. In reality that’s unlikely and therefore it’s probably better to cash in - and get some money to fund the experienced keeper who won’t come cheap - than keep a player who is unhappy and will affect team morale etc
  15. DaveyB

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I disagree. I think we all want Rovers to succeed. The difference between the two groups is that one believe Mowbray can deliver that and the other doesn’t. And like I say, those views have become entrenched within some, with some posters unable to see any bad in Mowbray and some unable to see any good. To take Bauer as an example, one group is now saying that he wasn’t that great and there are better signings to be had when, as you pointed out, the same posters would probably have been lauding him as a great signing had he signed. However the other group are now chastising Mowbray for being unable to land a target he had chased for a year, but presumably had he signed wouldn’t have credited Mowbray with being able to get his man, but instead claimed that there were better signings available and that Mowbray was settling for mediocrity. And to be honest it makes for dull reading on both sides. I long for the bygone (probably non-existent) days when we used to discuss the team and manager on their merits, rather than taking every little thing and twisting it to score points for our own particular viewpoint (In truth I’m probably just sick of it happening with regards to politics and want this place to be a break from that particular depressing reality)

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