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  1. dave birch

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    Surprised no one has picked up on this. It could get interesting.
  2. dave birch


    Fair enough NR, but: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/05/11/britains-billionaires-prepare-flee-country-amid-fears-jeremy/ Money talks....it fears Corbyn more than Brexit.
  3. dave birch

    Fred Pickering

    I can hear the thunder of the feet stamping in the riverside stand. Just looking at that photo brings back the smell of the mens bogs in that corner, and oh, the Blackburn end, before the cantilever stand. Memories.
  4. dave birch


    Ahhh someone who finally gets it!!! If you don't want it, do something If you want it, do something, rather than whinging on a website. Me (if I was there) would be looking for opportunities, and there are lots, believe me.
  5. dave birch


    You both responded to my "what if" thoughts rather than the main thrust to 47ers comments about PR. Gumboots, where did I suggest "civil unrest"?
  6. dave birch


    Be careful what you wish for, 47er. PR can throw up some strange results and force a coalition of strange bedfellows. Far better to get more people voting under the present system. Was it some 30% didn't vote in the referendum? Had they voted then the result could have been totally different, and the angst you are going through wouldn't have arisen. I do wonder though, if that had happened, would the leavers been expressing such vehemence at the remainers? I guess we'll never know.....
  7. dave birch


    Shoot, that is some biiiiiig cut and paste
  8. dave birch


    Be careful what you wish for. If you want preferential voting to go down to the last preference level you could end up with someone who had minimal "first" preferences, but because of a quirk of the system, could end up being voted in. Doubt me? Check out the Australian Senate results at recent General elections.
  9. dave birch


    Philip. Brexit is not causing bourses worldwide to tank. It's fickleness of markets and the leader of the "free world". Fundamentals haven't changed dramatically enough to cause this reduction. Put it down to a trade/tax war between the US and China, the ripples of which are becoming tsunami like world wide.
  10. dave birch


    Sorry Philip, you are now making this up. The Foostie is not your pension pot, unless you have a crap financial advisor. Your funds will be spread around the world in many bourses and banks, and yes, they've all tanked this year. It is not just down to Brexit or the political ramifications thereof. More like our erstwhile "protector of the western world" and his tweeting. You should have removed your funds some eight or nine months ago and stuck them under the bed, that's what I did, but not under the bed , of course.
  11. dave birch

    Ipswich away match thread

    That photo, if I remember correctly, is from behind the Blackburn end. I wasn't around in the tram days, but I do remember busses being parked up there to head back into town after the game
  12. dave birch

    Thursday deadline.

    He plays For Melbourne City who are owned by Man City. If anything, he'll go to Citeh, and either become a regular with them (he has the potential) or he'll end up like Mooy, being transferred to a lesser club in the prem. I did say in an earlier post that Arzani was 17. As someone pointed out, he is in fact 19. It must have been my beer goggles kicking in.
  13. dave birch

    Thursday deadline.

    Daniel is only 17. He's the youngest player at the world cup. Fantastic skills, but still very raw. I hope, where ever he goes, they don't coach him to play any different. He has a degree of unpredictability about him that could really make him a superstar.
  14. dave birch


    More strength to Andy Holts arm. There is an urgent need for more owners like him. Well done Andy, your approach is like a breath of fresh air in the football world.
  15. dave birch


    You obviously haven't read what Trescothick has said on the issue. Basically that different sweets have different "attributes". It could be said that Smith has been a "fool", and therefore should be penalised less. Atherton didn't do it in "the heat of the moment" though, he put soil in his pockets before going on the field. How is that not premeditated? Where did this team meeting "to enforce" it come from? Not making things up are you? Don't get me wrong, These guys got what they deserved, but the others that preceded them got off lightly, very lightly. If you don't believe me google Ball tampering, and see what players have done to the ball and their subsequent penalties.

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