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  1. dave birch

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    "Dan" was, at best knowledge was anglo/american. The "Australian" connection was, to the best of my knowledge, far more (how should I put it) richer, and had the available funds, possibly more so than the Indians. Oh and they had/still have an interest in football. It would have been a far better alternative to what we have now, but that's in the past.....
  2. dave birch


    Philip, you know there is "no thorough frisking". The same rules apply to returning Aussies, and it's a pretty seamless event. We don't have CJD or rabies, or the current swine fever that's killed over 25% of pigs worldwide, and a fair few other problems prevalent overseas so, it's in our interest to ensure it doesn't get here. Our bio security is beneficial to the world, just not Australia.
  3. dave birch


    Philip, you know darn well why you cant bring in foodstuffs and plants into Australia. If you know beforehand, it's not a hassle, is it?.
  4. dave birch


    What happened in 1975, 47er? Was that a referendum? Was it a vote to join a club, with rules at that time? I ask, because I can't remember what it was all about. I was busy focusing on Aussie politics at the time.
  5. dave birch


    I quote Philip. Proroguing of a parliament has happened before, will happen again.
  6. dave birch


    If, Philip, you say Parliament is supreme, then why is the High Court having a say in what Parliament (the government) does? I've lived through a constitutional crisis in 1974, here in Australia. Caused by the Judiciary, the Queens representative and the opposition parties.
  7. dave birch

    Rugby World Cup Japan 2019

    Matt, If you think England have "big" runners, check out the Fijians. Huge, is an apt description. If they could last the 80 then they'd be world beaters. They are entertaining though, play with flair and not frightened to throw the ball about. If you get the chance, check out their first half v the Aussies.
  8. No thread, but here's a starter : https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-09-18/tonga-delights-passengers-with-singing-at-rugby-world-cup/11524860 click on the first photo for the inflight entertaiment. Would have loved to have been on that flight. The south sea nations are incredibly proud and humble peoples. Be interesting to see the outcome of this tournament
  9. dave birch

    Lewis Holtby

    He's 29 tomorrow. Give him a birthday present!
  10. dave birch


    Interesting you say that,'boots. What would be your issues with the EU?
  11. dave birch


    Two very good contributions from Silas and OnePhilT. To the point, polite, and containing no derogatory comments to other posters. Like Phil to Silas, I have issues with thing that Phil says in his second para, but that's for another day, when I have time. Don't worry, Phil, it's only about the EU that I have issues.
  12. dave birch


    So, you are saying that half a dozen or less giving their opinion equates to over 17 mill votes to leave. Sorry, can't come at that one.
  13. dave birch


    You are making a big assumption there, aren't you. You don't know that they didn't understand. Just as you don't know that all that voted leave "followed their prejudices". Going on historical records, I'd hazard a guess that they couldn't be arsed, just as they couldn't be arsed at general election time.
  14. dave birch


    But you still make no mention of those that didn't vote. Whilst those that voted leave made a decision (no matter how much you disagreed with it), those that chose not to vote said what? Nothing zilch, they didn't care. They are the ones you should be pointing the finger at.
  15. dave birch


    I'm constantly amazed at the vitriol aimed at those that chose to vote leave. At least they did vote, rightly or wrongly is a matter of opinion. Surely, your "anger" (if I can use that word) should be aimed at those that made a conscious decision not to vote, was it close to 30%?. The rest of the world is not concerned whether you stay in the EU or not, it's just amazed at your governments inability to see it through.

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