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  1. Silas

    Premier League Stuff

    My Sunday night viewing just got fun. Half hour to go, I'm thinking 2 more goals. 🤞
  2. Silas

    Premier League Stuff

    Thought it was a foul for their goal. Since when can you just shove someone off the ball. Shoulder to shoulder even gets called up sometimes nowadays, he just blatantly pushed the defender over.
  3. First thing that stood out to me. Let's hope we don't need a goal come the last 15 mins.
  4. Silas

    Summer Transfer Window

    Well I attributed yesterday's comment to Friday night drinking. Not sure Saturday morning hair of the dog is a good look. 😛
  5. Silas

    Summer Transfer Window

    Tbh since lockdown I've liked what I've seen of BB. I'm still holding out hope. And SG seems to have got some confidence back, reckon he'll chip in with a few goals this season. But neither are anywhere near consistent, and both have anonymous games. And to go up from this league you definitely need one of the following: 1. A strikeforce regularly performing over course of season 2. A solid, dependable defensive line Unless the new signings prove to be Worldies I can't see how we can nail either one of them.
  6. Silas

    Summer Transfer Window

    For that to happen one or both of Brereton and Gallagher would have to come good in a big way. Which of them do you reckon is firing us to glory? 🤔
  7. Silas


    Archer did over before I think, and Woakes had done his 10. Was Rashid or Curran. Morgan made wrong choice. Curran a good death bowler. And as Gumboots said Rashid wasn't even bowling well.
  8. Silas

    The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

    Am I the only person didn't know he was at Salford City? Just glanced up to see him blast one over the bar on Sky. He's only 29. Should be peaking. Had to go his Wiki to check age, and the picture on there is of him behind someone. How anonymous do you have to be that your own personal information page doesn't have you in the foreground.
  9. Officially the strongest footballer in the World I believe.
  10. Good to see the confidence oozing out the messageboard at the start of the season. I was scared of this match already, reading stuff like this has me terrified. I'm keeping the faith though. I'm going for reverse 2-1 Rovers. With a nervous last 10 mins which will see us clinging on for the first 3 pts of season. (Kaminski to make a few cracking late saves and become an instant hero.)
  11. Silas


    It's still bubbling away in the background though, and emerges into the debate from time to time. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.spectator.co.uk/article/could-coronavirus-bring-back-frexit/amp I mean their own finance minister has said this: On 25 March, France’s economics and finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, warned that a European attitude of ‘every man for himself will lead to the disappearance of the eurozone’. Yeah, probably just a bit of posturing to keep the EU on their toes, but despite all the polls going around of how popularity is up in Countries, there's no denying there is still a lot of them considering options, or more importantly, feeling a bit shafted by Brussels. And as economies tank over the next decade I suspect those feelings will grow.
  12. Silas


    😂😂 You win! Sale were big favorites too. After a bit of research I confidently put them in my Sunday ACCA. They weren't the only to team to let me down that day. (Bloody Spurs BTTS for starters).
  13. Silas


    Losing to the geordies and the Aussies in 24hrs would be the pits. ☹☹
  14. Silas


    I'm thinking the pheasants will be keeping a keen eye on developments.
  15. Silas


    Don't forget dragon boat racing, dodgeball, and ultimate frisby. But they don't make as much of a fun headline. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/coronavirus-government-criticised-over-rule-of-six-exemption-for-shooting-and-hunting-12071962

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