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  1. Silas


    So easy to try and make out your work is "essential". A female friend of mine sat at home with 2 young kids, husband having to go work every day. They make doors, can't stay 2m apart because of the procedure. I'm joking " How important are these sodding doors, they for a hospital or something?" Nope, they're for a freezer company. So?! It's food. Everyone needs food. GTFO here. Talk about a tenuous link. It's for profit, pure and simple. Their bosses don't want the factory to shut down.
  2. Silas


    Population of UK = 67, 000, 000 Population of Malta = 493, 559 This is why a lot of the stuff you post has no bearing on the reality of the situation over here. You're comparing apples with oranges. Or really, more like a grape with a watermelon the size of a house.
  3. Silas

    Championship season 2019-20

  4. Silas


    Seems pretty damn relevant to me. This virus is going to take people's lives, but is also gonna take people's livelihoods. Good luck. If I hear of anything will let you know.
  5. Silas


    Sounds good to me. Those that have been dodging the system for years will get no or lesser handouts, and those of us that have paid our dues will be supported. The people that have under declared their profits and salaries in order to evade various taxes should have enough saved up to see them through this lean period. Zero sympathy from me.
  6. Silas


    I can quite confidently say nothing even remotely resembling this statement has ever come from me. You see, that's the issue here. Some people are so one sided in their thinking that if they get called out on something, their go-to stance is "that must be cos they support the other side". If a climate change activist has a theory that I believe is untrue, and I oppose it, does that make me pro climate change? No, not at all. So why should it be different here. Now, where you may have come up with your assumption is 2 fold: Firstly, I don't believe this pandemic should be politicised at all, and have made that very clear. I have posted several well written articles from all around the World as back up to show the reasons why myself, and many others, feel that's the wrong way to go about things during these terrible times. Secondly, I believe my objection to people sticking the boot into Boris is seen as me being a supporter of him. I am not. But, again, I have clearly explained the reasons why this situation is so much bigger than one man. I'm guessing these Cobra meetings have around 15 to 20 people in, if not more. Medical experts, scientists, security officials, military chiefs, emergency services leaders etc etc. They all come up with these plans "together", so people trying to pin the blame for anything on one man doesn't sit well with me and makes me question their agenda. And to the "two vital weeks wasted", that I waited some 5 days and half a dozen posts till I finally had to comment. It wasn't 2 weeks, it was 4 days. And you know the 4 days that bother me most? From last Monday to Friday. On that Monday the Government did their U turn and said stopping the spread was the aim. So why not shut everything down then? Why wait till Friday? And then wait again till no one listened to them, and having to double down on it on the following Monday. They appear to be way more relevant to me. But have had minimal mention in some 10/15 pages of posts. I can only assume because some were too busy basking in the glory of: "Nah, nah, we've caught them out, they got it wrong, we need to hammer this angle hard." Conclusion And to the other posts calling me out to respond to your critique of a variety of Government actions, and assess their level of efficiency. I'm not a Government apologist, I have no interest in defending their every move. Firstly, because that's not my bag. More importantly, because we are still so early in this process, that any comments at this stage are all pure conjecture. In around a month or so we'll all know what went wrong, what went right, what could have been done better etc. And I'll be more than happy to stick it to the relevant people who may have failed in their job roles when that day comes. Until then, I'll keep a calm head, try and protect me and mine, see what I can do to help others around me - work colleagues, neighbours, friends - and wait to see how this all pans out. What I won't be doing is pointing accusatory fingers at all and sundry and blaming them for stuff that hasn't even happened yet. Because at the end of the day there's two things I can absolutely guarantee you: A) Nobody wanted this to happen. It is a horrible thing that is being thrust upon all of us. B )Everyone is doing the best they can to control it and save lives. Their "best" may not turn out to be enough, but that's a whole different chat. And if there's people out there that disagree with A and B, I'd suggest you have either become a symptom of this disease yourself, or you were broken before it ever existed.
  7. Silas


    Yeah, saw an article about this other day, and how important it is to control of the virus. There's a Worldwide shortage now, so everyone waiting on more stocks. But why didn't we start stockpiling these in Jan/Feb just on case? Seems like people thought it wouldn't get across to our Country in such a big way. And by the time it did, it was too late to react as we were further down the chain and Italy/Spain had took the stocks.
  8. Silas


    Eh?! Where have you got that from? I think you've got the wrong end of the stick. I'm fact checking 47er, as I don't like misinformation. How has 4 days turned into 2 weeks? (3.5 fold). He's not the first, I asked someone else the same question a few pages back. And I'm doing it as a forum member, not a mod. I note neither he or the other poster has come back with an answer. That's fine, whatever, people get stuff wrong, but I'm allowed to pull them up on it when it's being bandied around as fact.
  9. Silas


    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/17/new-data-uk-government-coronavirus-pandemic-measures Think this scientist puts it best: "It’s easy to criticise those in charge, but I can’t overemphasise how difficult these decisions are. There is no one right answer about how to tackle a pandemic caused by an entirely novel virus. "
  10. Silas


    Where did you get the impression Mods weren't allowed "viewpoints". I think it's been brought up many times on the board. Does it look like I'm currently "modding" something?
  11. Silas


    Yeah, you do keep repeating this. Where have you got that timeline from? It was Thurs to Mon as far as I know. 4 days. 4 days out of about 60. (6%). And yet it's all anyone goes on about in this thread. Very odd. What about the other 94% of the timeline? Maybe worth a mention no? You can still bash the Government for it's actions, or lack of, during that bigger period if you want. But, instead you home in on the tiny part of it. Maybe because it's an easy target right? A big stick to try and beat them with. They admitted they got it wrong, changed, and moved on from there. Get over it. People need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, preferably through untinted glasses.
  12. Silas


    And there's the real reason for your stance. You don't like being told what to do. You are one of those types that think following orders is somehow belittling. Regardless of the ultimate aim of those orders. You're just the type of person we need around during a crisis like this. A real team player. 👍
  13. Silas


    My wife told me there was a meme the other day, along the lines of: "Your ancestors left their loved ones behind, travelled hundreds of miles, and lived in trenches putting their lives on the line every single day, to protect their fellow countrymen. You're just being asked to sit at home, and watch Netflix for 2 weeks. Don't fuck this up! 👍" You're failing to achieve the very lowest of benchmarks. Basically, the high jump has been set at knee height, you've stumbled over it, fell face first into the mat, and the whole stadium is laughing at you. Oh, but look at that.....the laughter has turned to tears.

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