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  1. Bowyer's Linkedin Profile

    Didn't know where to put this but it kind of fits here. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newcastle-united-biggest-wage-bill-11489819 THE CHAMPIONSHIP’S BIGGEST EVER WAGE BILLS – AND HOW NEWCASTLE’S £70million PLUS TOTAL WILL SMASH THAT 1, QPR: £66.4million (2013/14 2, Norwich: £51million (2014/15) 3, Newcastle United: £45million (2009/10) 4 = Cardiff City: £42million (2014/15); West Ham £42million (2011/12) 6, Bolton Wanderers: £37.4million (2012/13) 7, Fulham: £37million (2014/15) 8, Blackburn Rovers: £36.6million (2012/13) Interesting that the top 4 (West Ham , not Cardiff), all secured promotion using their massive wage bills, but the bottom 4 all failed. Don't know what that tells us - maybe if you're going to chuck money at it, might as well chuck a little bit more. We're a 100 million in debt, how much worse would 110 really have been, and it might just have pushed us over the line, secured promotion and resolved the debt issue within a few years. Oh well, if only.
  2. Bowyer's Linkedin Profile

    Whilst all this is true regarding Venky's as the ultimate culprits responsible for the demise of the club, I don't think it should undermine the validity of criticising or critiquing other personnel at the club. We all know Venky's are prize plums, but should that exempt GB from criticism for being a good player recruiter but limited coach and tactician? Should it stop us calling out Steele for all his howlers, Lowe for being distinctly average, or Best and Duffy for basically just being dicks? The one thing that has happened at Rovers over the last half a decade is the players have got off scott free because of the Venky situation. The managers still seem to have copped a fair bit of flak, but many players have got away with murder. Even this season, regardless of having a chump like Coyle in charge, we have still managed to go down to League 1 with a wages budget in the top 10 of the league I think. So we have made a few more millionaires to achieve another heartbreaking relegation. A LOT of players have let this club down massively over the last few years, and largely gone under the radar whilst doing it. Venky's have been a great shield for many to hide behind. It all still angers me.
  3. Bowyer's Linkedin Profile

    Dave Jones, had forgotten about him. Got a shock when he came on for Wednesday other night in playoff. Hardly recognized him now he has hair. Yeah, slipped through our fingers and then went on to be pivotal in getting burnley promoted didn't he. On the same note, am also pretty sick seeing the Michael Keane hype at the moment and thinking about what could have been. Although to be fair, I think he saw the shambles of our club at the time and figured I want no part of that, and who can blame him.
  4. Bowyer's Linkedin Profile

    I'm afraid I have to disagree with your disagree. I think Bowyer's tenure is looking worse as the years go on and you have the benefit of hindsight. Such a massive opportunity lost, and looking at our current predicament could really be seen as a massive turning point IMO, that set us down the wrong path. For example, the 2014/15 season he had a squad of: Tom Cairney- Champ team of the year 2017. 20 million price tag. Josh King- 16 Prem goals 2017. 15 million price tag. Shane Duffy- Just been promoted to Prem 2017. Rude Gestede- 20 Champ goals that season. Jordan Rhodes- 21 Champ goals that season. Paul Robinson- Still played a few Prem matches in 2017. Marcus Olsson- Played a full season 2017 in a top 10 Champ team. Ben Marshall- Still scoring goals and getting assists in the Champ. Craig Conway- Playing way better back then, with a yard extra pace. Alex Baptiste- Played half a Champ season 2017 in team that finished 11th Grant Hanley- Errrrrrr, failed at Newcastle, but International regular. And with that squad at his disposal, Bowyer failed to "compete", and I mean compete at any time over the course of the season to even get in the Top 6 let alone think about the top of the table. That is an absolute travesty when you look at some of the squads that have competed at the top of the table this season, i.e. Reading, who may still yet go up. And to blame it on Willowe as an excuse to get him off the hook is weak. If anything, that highlights his deficiencies to me. We had a very competent squad that was strong enough in most areas - defence, wings, strikers - and yet it was let down week after week by the middle of the field. And was not addressed despite the supporters screaming about it game after game. FWIW, I like GB,wish him all the best, and hope he has a great day out at Wembley and comes back successful. He also did a lot of good at Rovers, and helped steady a massively listing ship during stormy times. But I also won't ever have it that he did anything other than fail in the grand scheme of things when you think of the opportunity we had back then, and realistically how far away we were from achieving success in the form of promotion.
  5. The Relegation Thread

    Yeah, yeah i know SG, (edit and Jh)we're crap, still feels a bit like the gods conspire against us sometimes. Although, was just saying to a mate before, on Sat there were 11 championship fixtures. Only one home team failed to score a goal. Says it all about our quality i suppose.
  6. The Relegation Thread

    That's 2 late spawny wins in a week for wigan. I know everyone will say you make your own luck, but cmon. Where the hell is our slice?! Norwich and PNE spring to mind. Everyone else is stealing last min points, we get them robbed off us. Gutting.
  7. The Relegation Thread

    Talk about a kick in the nuts. I don't think it will make a massive difference in the long run, but that penalty award was one of the worst I've seen in my life on first viewing. Must b nice to get handed gifts like that.
  8. Last Game: Reading Away

    Need our old best pals lambert and marshall to do us a favour too. Never thought I'd find myself supporting them two again so soon.
  9. Last Game: Reading Away

    Did u just sit there thinking how can i possibly make tonight more depressing and infuriating for everyone? If so, you nailed it!
  10. Championship 2016/17 Season

    No, Mike, I try to be smarter than that. I've witnessed what unfolds in the aftermath of such a despicable utterance. It's a scene that wakes me in the middle of the night, and will forever be etched upon my consciousness. I've passed tales of it down to my children, and made them vow to pass it on to their children's children. If there's one thing I try to instill in my family, it's self preservation. So, on reflection, I get it now. As you were Blueboy.
  11. Championship 2016/17 Season

    I see the point you're making, but i call foul play ref. Maybe even a yellow card. This is a thread clearly titled Championship and even lists the year. On that basis everyone knows what we mean by Bristol. Someone even made a statement about city a few posts back. Did i get confused thinking it was Exeter or Coventry? No, cos context matters. I wouldn't say Bristol in a discussion of 3rd round of FA cup for example. And i get that you mean 2 club cities /towns get @#/? about that sort of stuff, but who gives a toss. It ain't ever gonna happen in relation to the name Blackburn, so let it be their problem. I hope Bristol get relegated this season, and I hope Bristol get promoted too, and then we will still get to play Bristol next season. Now, I'm just off to repeat candyman to a mirror.
  12. Championship 2016/17 Season

    Yep, seems about right for how our luck goes. A Huddersfield team that has only lost twice in 18 league games, and those to two good teams in Sheff Wed and Newcastle. But they're getting tonked by a Bristol team that had only won twice in 18!! The Championship can go **** itself!!!!!
  13. Fulham v Rovers 14th March 2017

    This simply cannot happen!! I have never been an advocate of negative thinking, but I really am looking at this game as GD management only. With Fulham's form, I just can't see us getting anything out of the game in terms of points. And the relegation GD situation is very finely poised: Burton -12. Us, Forest, and Wigan all - 11. I do like TM's more adventurous and attacking management style (It's been a breath of fresh air), but this would be a game I would like to see him show his versatility as a manager, and go to a Plan B. A 4-5-1 set out to really frustrate Fulham would be ideal. It could produce a hard fought 0-0 and a precious point, and tbh I would happily walk away with a 1-0 loss. Some will jump on me for that, but if we go all gung ho and get tonked 4-0 I'm going to be devastated. Feel like it would undo all the good work done over the last month. Both in terms of ravaging the GD and more importantly in terms of the ongoing confidence of the team. The thought of getting relegated to League 1 by a couple of goals in the GD column wakes me up in cold sweats in the middle of the night. Particularly when I think about the fact some clown wearing our own colours lashed two into the against column himself. This has to be safety first type of game, away from home (with our record), against the team TOP of the league form table. Do I have confidence in TM adapting to this, and adjusting his tactics accordingly? No, I don't, I think he'll do exactly the same as he has done in the previous games. And that scares me. I hope tomorrow night he makes me eat my words and proves me wrong. Would make me very happy.
  14. Rotherham Away 11 Feb

    This is like the twilight zone, parson has never been so popular. How bittersweet, I'm sure he would much rather we had got a positive result today and we could go back to him spreading positivity and being harangued for his viewpoint. Unfortunately, tonight i am seeing him as the "fat lady", and how he has let his lungs go. Thanks for depressing my sat night PB! (in the most tongue in cheek way) I felt quite positive after todays results after the footballing gods smiled upon us - (for bristol to be 3 up, and wigan 2-1 up with 20 mins to go, and to end with only 1 point going to one of those teams was fairly miraculous.) But maybe i needed a reality check. I won't give up hope yet, but it really is looking a bit grim now.
  15. Coyle Out

    Stick around, if you think everyone agrees on this messageboard you're as far off the mark as a Jason Roberts piledriver.