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  1. Silas


    Come on a rival clubs messageboard, patronise the members by making sweeping statements about their level of business acumen, all whilst also lauding their much maligned owners as some bastions of high level investment that the fans should be eternally grateful for. Somehow managing to ignore the gross mismanagement and decade of decline that has occurred, the total lack of communication and disdain shown to the long serving fanbase. A tale of such rank bad ownership that even hacks in the most southern based media organisations - (who generally have their heads so far up their own arses they barely mention clubs outside of the Top 6 or London) - use it as a moniker to describe potential disasters and warnings for other clubs. "Careful what you wish for, let's hope they don't do a Venky's". Yep, seems like a hotpot of ingredients, well mixed together and served up that is guaranteed to ensure you are met with a warm reception. 🙄 But perhaps you are the only one that can see the true picture. It must be us Rovers fans and every semi-intelligent neutral in the footballing world that has got things backwards. Hey ho, if only we could all be as "conversant" with things as you.
  2. Silas

    Premier League Stuff

    Nothing to lose sleep over.
  3. Silas

    Premier League Stuff

    Now, now Mr.Modest. Stop being so bashful. Didn't you also predict Liverpool to beat City by 2 to 3 goals a few weeks back, another result that few expected. Time you started owning it Mystic Meg.
  4. Silas


    I do! Few teams got off to a flyer and I put acca on all 4 leagues for them to finish in top 2. Was Liverpool, Leeds, Peterborough, can't remember 4th tier. Tenner at crazy odds. That bet panned out well for me! Was just after Liverpool had spanked Arsenal 4-0 with all their attackers getting a goal - Mane, Firminio, Salah, and Sturridge (Remember him). They looked unplayable that day and really fancied them to do well in league. Their next 2 matches after placing that bet? - 5-0 loss to City, 1-1 draw with Burnley. 😂 I swear I'm a jinx.
  5. Silas


    Gotta b gutted if your Shrewsbury looking at that table. More than double the amount of time in top 2 than us. If they don't go up by playoffs will b gutting for them. Any other season and all that.
  6. Silas


    Brilliant from TM. Showing how it's done. So weird, it's usually the side that comes second that harbours resentment and bitterness, not the winner. Takes a special type of person to flip that on it's head. So congrats to Paul Cook on breaking stereotypes. He's a trailblazer all right.
  7. Silas

    Premier League Stuff

    Yeah, that's what really hurts at the moment. You lot getting into Europe in 1960. You nailed it.
  8. Silas


    Now that i can on board with. Fair play. Here's to arguing about winning the title next season. Gotta dream in life right. Edit: Tugay- great minds.
  9. Silas


    So we've gone from "pissed off" and "loser", to "proud" and "celebrate". And you think you're side of the discussion is frustrated?! At least we're consistent. I'm sorry my thinking and literacy is letting me down, but I get slightly confused by the mixed messages being "spelled out". Whatever, I'm done with it now. It's a day to celebrate, we're going up, and hopefully onwards and upwards. But if you're going to keep spitting out condescending insults to people, expect to get called up on it.
  10. Silas


    Nope, sounds pretty dumb and nonsensical. But a lot of the retorts on this thread do, so you're not really breaking any new ground.
  11. Silas


    I'm sure all the professional athletes that dedicated 4 years of their lives for Olympic and Winter Olympics campaigns and won silver medals would beg to differ. I'm pretty sure some of them see it as the biggest achievement of their lives, and something that will probably never be repeated, and they will still be talking about on their deathbed. But hey ho, guess their not "winners" in life like so many of the people on this thread.
  12. Silas


    Yeah I get all that. And trust me, I would have loved to see the team lift the league title trophy. We deserve it after suffering the "dark years". I guess what's got my back up is folk shouting "arrogance " or that we're showing it's "beneath us". Exact opposite for me. It's "above us". I long for the days when a league title meant everything to me. When a great cup run and watching aghast while MPG scewed his header wide in an FA cup semi was the highlight of my season. But I just ain't in that place anymore. And I don't believe the club is either. So find it strange how people don't see that. As a sidenote, it also mystifies me how after all the crap we've heard from various managers over the years, this one throwaway comment from TM has got folk out en masse with pitchforks. I think he should have earnt more respect than that from the fanbase.
  13. Silas


    How?! Because priorities have shifted massively over the last decade. We're in a battle for survival now, and winning trophies has become secondary for me. (Ask me 8 years ago you get a different answer) Think, for example, of one of those extreme sport people doing a high altitude mountain race up somewhere like Everest. They probably spent 1+ years training, focused on only one thing, winning the race, getting the title, the trophy, the kudos of being the best. They're so single-minded about it they sacrifice everything - their home life, social life, their careers etc etc - all in the pursuit of one thing - THE PRIZE. While they're up the mountain an unexpected storm comes in, and the group ends up in big trouble. Fighting for their lives. Do you think for one minute that a single one of them gives a toss about the race anymore?! No, everything shifts, and it now becomes a battle just to survive. To get to the other end unscathed. Ironically, it now becomes only about getting back to their family and friends - the very same people they probably marginalized for a year - because the priorities have shifted, and everything they thought was important before has been flipped on it's head. That's where I see us. Below is a list of top 10 European clubs in debt published a month ago. Number 10 = Juventus $222 million. What are we? About $160 million? Not far off them considering we're still losing monthly. Most of the teams on that list are playing in their top leagues (if not winning them), and also playing in Champions League. We have just got promoted from the 3rd tier in our country!!! https://sillyseason.com/football/top-10-football-clubs-with-the-most-debt-53396/ This season has been great. I'm ecstatic we got promoted, and after years and years of misery, it's so nice to have so many positives floating around the club - the manager, the players who seem to give a damn, a slight mending of the fracture between club and fans etc etc. But lets not sugar coat it. We are still bang in trouble! You use Wigan as an example. And you're right, the choice of FA cup or relegation for them, I choose FA cup all day long. Because they're a well run club, and going down the Champ wasn't going to be a disaster. And a cup like that is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Those sentiments are no longer ones we can afford. In a subsequent post you've attacked someone with the words "ignorance and lack of acknowledgement". Very fitting. IMO they're shown in abundance in this thread. Everyone seems to be caught up in our first successful season in decades. But the job isn't even a quarter done yet. FWIW, next season, if we have to do a "Kean" and sacrifice every single League and FA cup in the support of a potential playoff chase campaign then so be it. Because getting back to the Prem is the only thing that solves this mess. Eradicates this financial oblivion. And it could pretty much be solved in an instant if we could make it there. Then, and only then, I will revert back to nostalgic notions of trophies lifted high, the joy of the cups, jumpers for goalposts rah rah rah, and become one of you "real" football fans again. Until then, I'm focused on one thing only...........and guess what?! - it ain't the League One title.
  14. Silas


    He was taking the piss! And as mentioned by another poster it's all in conjunction with his parody account, and stuff done on Soccer AM. So your point falls a bit flat. Course they're going to be going out on the lash. They've worked hard all season and got to the final of the Champions League. And they still have a final to play (albeit a good 3 weeks away), and important league games left to qualify for next years Champions League. So contrast that to the uproar on here over our lads having a celebration over promotion to the Championship, and perhaps not giving the their full attention to the League 1 title, and it really paints a picture. How you've tried to use that comment to support your outrage is crackers.
  15. Silas

    Charlton away April 28th

    I wanted to have a threesome with Britney Spears and Katy Perry. But strangely it hasn't panned out that way. We can't always have what we want. Anyway, at beginning of season I really wanted to bounce straight back up a league. And we'v done it! With games to spare. So chill out Adam, and enjoy a rare Saturday afternoon where we all don't have to sit stressing, refreshing a scores screen every 30 seconds.

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