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  1. Blue blood

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I agree on the fitness thing. Take for example Dack and Evans, who are poles apart on the ability spectrum but neither are great physically. Dack often can look done in for with 15-20 mins to go, whilst Evans is off injured more often than not. Yet both play regularly (justifiably in Dack's case) and aren't nursed at all. Similarly Lenihen seems to be another in that bracket who isn't cautiously managed, despite being very injury prone. Others, less favoured players, seem to just have to sneeze in the wrong place or get a dead leg, and they're out for a month. It is very odd.
  2. Blue blood

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Why? Just why? This seems a dangerous obsession. Why weaken players by taking them out of their best position? Thinking on it,, I wonder if there is an element of I need to find a centre mid who is decent as I've dropped another clanger with Johnson. A bit like with covering up the Gally situation by shifting him wide right.
  3. Blue blood

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Put him in a back 3 for added protection or move him into defensive midfield with Travis - either way we'd still get his set piece benefits and goals. Yes he was finished in a 4-4-2 but we need his goals and continue to create hardly any chances or shots whatsoever.
  4. Blue blood

    Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

    "A bit disappointed about their goal, I gave the ball away, but other than that, I was pretty pleased." From Mr Williams himself. "Other than giving a goal away" - outside of Ewood that is considered a failure and a bad performance. And it sums up our defending in general and why at best he and the rest of the defence peak at mediocre. incidentally the article complaining of injuries to Bell and Hart - they're both substandard anyway and no big loss.
  5. Problem is WWE barring the NXT brand has zero slow build. Also once they got him to face Seth Rollins for the title at hell in a cell there was no winner. Either he wins the title, the character is killed before he starts or they do a screwy finish. They (WWE) figured the last option was best, realised it was alienating fans beyond the usual levels (it was spectacularly bad booking) and backtracked at crown jewel. In the process they made Seth and his finisher look weak and competing for a title shot unnecessary, so good job WWE... A Wrestlemania win after a dominant Royal Rumble victory would have been so much better. Much prefer NXT which to me is the best of all WWE attempts as it has quality wrestling, solid storylines over a decent time frame and good character development. Whilst I've initially struggled with as breaks in matches I am enjoying seeing more of the best brand. That said I worry for Survivor Series as 1) will NXT quality be diluted / poisoned by Raw and Smallckdown booking and storylines and 2) even if not then I think a lot of tripple threat marches will get wearing.
  6. Blue blood

    Lancashire Telegraph

    Exceptional post. I notice that other North West clubs haven't read the memo of natural level. Burnley and Preston, loath as I am to say it, both punching well above any "natural level" that may be bestowed on them.
  7. Blue blood

    The Relegation Thread (15th edition)

    I think you are correct that we will get drubbed in most of those games. Right now with how the team is playing you don't fancy us against many teams. I also think we aren't as bad as TM makes us and are capable of pulling off the odd win when we shouldn't and expect one of these to be sandwiched somewhere in this run of fixtures. This along with perhaps a draw in there too will be more than enough to keep TM as safe as houses and no questions to be asked. All that said whether I prove to be correct or you do, 1 point or 4 points is utterly appalling return from these games and shows we are in trouble. A win at Barnsley is a must to help us keep some.distance from the bottom 3.
  8. Blue blood

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Great post and sums up why TM is not a man of integrity. Blaming Nayambe (far from the most culpable of our team) for all our failings, lying about how the Leeds game went, being happy with the non-target of competing - where is the integrity of any of that. On a separate note I think the theories that we can't spend money on defenders must be true given a) the amount we have spent on this under Vs and b) the contrast between TMs comments and actions.
  9. Blue blood

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I can. In fact (stupid and suicidal as it is) it's one of their more rational decisions in the grand scheme of their decision making...
  10. Thing is a good manager would turn that medicore into good, something better than the sum of its parts. I dunno maybe Mulgrew and Travis as the 2 defensive miss in a 4-2-3-1 to protect Mulgrew from his lack of pace and still give us his set piece benefits. Perhaps a trio of Rothwell, Dack and Holtby means we can have a non scoring lump up front to play off as the 3 behind rack up a set of goals. Perhaps a good manager brings in a canny centre half and all our young defenders fulfil their potential. Maybe he gets a wing back system making Bell and Bennett look halfway decent. Tbh I'm not sure what it looks like but a competent manager would find a way of getting the team better than the sum of its parts.
  11. Blue blood

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    A good group and a placid group are not the same thing whatsoev the regardless of what TM thinks.
  12. How are we getting such bad luck with injuries? Cunningham granted but even then losing one key player is probably par for the course. Outside of that there's not really been any major injuries and certainly not to our key players. Perhaps Lenihen but 3 seasons of long term injuries may suggest it's not a surprise. And when have we been unlucky? Take yesterday for example. They had 4 times the number of shots we did, and double the possession. Overly simplistic admittedly but that suggests we were well beaten. And that isn't a first. How are we unlucky when we have so few shots each game? Not at you Gaviar just pointing out how daft these views are...
  13. In fairness to Smallwood he was a means to an end - promotion - that he did well. Agree he should have gone in the summer though. Or Evans who I really don't rate. If Johnson is a busted flush then TM is really floundering in the transfer market. Not sure how many of this season's signings have improved us. Downing? Cunningham briefly and unfortunate he got an injury. The City lad blows hot and cold. That's a horrendous success record when only 1 definitely improves the team and a couple kind of do. This suggests January won't be any kind of salvation for us as even of we do bring in players, most of them are duds.
  14. Constructive comments. On what grounds are you "more than happy." That phrase implies you are very pleased with how TM is doing and he is exceeding expectations. What's your justification for such a glowing recommendation?
  15. Blue blood

    Premier League Stuff

    Not sure it's totally irrelevant as there are a few youngsters who could/should be playing more and having more of an impact given their talent. Nayambe and Rothwell and Chapman spring to mind. And his singling out of young players only really can't help any of their development. That said I think there are bigger problems by a long chalk. Players out of positional, favourites who can go on terrible runs of form and retain their places, an inability to defend. So yeah not the biggest stick to beat TM with but I wouldn't say his development of young players is a strength.

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