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  1. Blue blood

    Premier League Stuff

    I wonder if part of the appeal was that he was the opposite of Jose and a bit of a yes man? It can't be his record as a manager as it would be kind to call him mediocre. They've really struggled with both appointing the right managers and getting signings right. Even the good players they sign don't quite fit. As for Lukaku I think there's a very good player in there and a better manager would've got more out of him. That said he was totally wanting out so can see why they let him go but not replacing him - from both a numbers and a plan B approach alone - was a big mistake. Thier only saving grace is many of the other big 6 are looking equally disfunctional. Chelsea are hampered by a transfer ban and rookie manager, Spurs are gloriously inconsistent and Arsenal are Arsenal. That's the only thing saving Manure from looking completely lost (as oppose to their current status of very lost). They could still rag Europa due to the weakness of most other teams.
  2. Blue blood

    Premier League Stuff

    I think with all the VAR controversy we're missing the important stuff in the Prem - manure lost again. Looking distinctly mid table and can't see Ole being in place at Christmas.
  3. Blue blood

    Reading (A)

    Leaning more towards a Mercer like prediction on this one. Imo one of the weaker teams in the division, we have a fully fit squad - should have more than enough to beat Reading. When I last saw them they really didn't look that special so am fairly optimistic. That said Rovers specialise in making things harder than they are, and whilst I feel we are the better team, I feel this leads to a close result. That said I feel the close result will be in our favour, so 2-1 Rovers.
  4. Blue blood


    Totally agree match day experience is only a part of improving attendances and the reasons we've £10 k no longer there are how fans were treated in the cluckers reign (& the reign in general) combined with overall poor football and higher costs - not to mention the trends towards big 6 TV fans. If part of a concerted effort combined with other initiatives to get the younger generation and new fans I feel that the experience improvements would help tip more people into the coming again camp - albeit not the 10k missing! It's all cumulative imo so if experience sways say 5 or 10% of newcomers into staying/trying again, then the more people we attract the more the impact of the experience will tip into returning. So 500 new people attracted, at 5% influence rate then the experience would influence 25 people to return, 2000 new people attracted, 100 people influenced and so on. Yes a smaller stadium would help but that said how much smaller would we want it? Given big games like the FA cup Vs Liverpool, last game of season of promotion season shows in the right circumstances we can get 25k +. Appreciate that means a lot of the games in a third full ground that possibility doesn't help and is a little hollow, but it is food for thought. Also what would Prem attendances be like IF we ever got there under a successful manager? Agree it would help most weeks but the level capped at is perhaps capping the potential for growth/possibilities. A hard call and one I'm not sure we can make even if we had an answer. Finally perhaps all this in part should also be about retention as much as expansion to make sure no more fans are lost.
  5. Blue blood


    Excellent post. Sums up many of the complexities of the situation facing Rovers.
  6. Blue blood


    Interesting and rather helpful to hear if sobering. That said I wonder if these efforts weren't made what the numbers attending would be like. That said from my school who I knew supported Rovers about 50% still go (not that there were very many of us!) although most of us to a reduced number due life/geography. My question would be how else are we going to get the next generation of fans?I can't think of too many people who've picked up Rovers later in their life. And with big 6 dominance, prices and mediocre football it's only going to be harder. Hmm thankfully you are not in charge of Rovers marketing! Viewing fans/customers as the problem isn't too helpful for most businesses. You say it should be people's priority to support Rovers but why? Why should that be a financial priority over going to the pub and seeing mates, saving for a child's university fund, saving for a much needed holiday etc. Also who should it be a priority for? People living in Blackburn? Once you have been to a game? When you call yourself a fan? Terrible assertion from you. You miss the point that football clubs are meant to attract fans, and as people go, if enjoyable over time, a loyalty develops and people keep returning. In order for that to happen the whole thing needs not be off-putting - after all there is no obligation for people to come - and therefore all these things matter. Using the restaurant example someone won't go somewhere because of the lighting, but intrusive lighting, rank toilets etc. and someone won't go even if the food is great. Given the product is a little mixed at best I'd say every little helps in making a positive impression. We're after supporters not conscripts! Also these pathetic excuses as you call them are mentioned by people who attend. And given the club, as all have to give something positive back in terms of experience if not result, then all of these things matter. Loyalty cuts both ways and must be cultivated. from the Kean era onwards there's not been much cultivating whatsoever from the club. In fact often fans have been dumped on by the club in this period. So this idea of give the club your money and turn up regardless of the experience or how treated fails for both casual and deeply committed fans alike. It sounds more like a press gang to me then supporting a team.
  7. Blue blood


    But imagine if we didn't make that effort. I think the percentage would be even lower. If kids aren't introduced to Rovers early it's less likely to be picked up in later life. Also kids in the ground is a key element but must be supported by other things to get/keep them involved. Not criticising your effort btw - sounds really great way of introducing kids to Rovers.
  8. Blue blood


    Restaurants do this. Also if not games how about a free shirt after X number of games (we change each season anyway) or a free pie or drink. On season tickets how about something for people whose circumstances change for a year - say they can't get a season ticket after years of having one because of I'll health or redundancy - as in the year after they can renew at the old price. Have seen a few people have to drop out like this and it could help them get the habit back.
  9. Blue blood


    Already answered by others - but much easier to do if fans are already thinking about it, building on feel good factor etc. No they are not. Contrast with cinema, meal out they ain't cheap. Add in all the food, programme, transport etc. And it becomes even more costly. Also for someone on minimum wage or unemployed etc. it is a heck of a lot of money. Without going political food bank useage is on the rise suggesting a ton of people are struggling to get by too. Not saying footy instead of food but maybe shows not everyone can easily afford our tickets. But it puts off last minute and spontaneous decisions to come. It's about reducing barriers, as is the above. The more barriers reduced the less people are out off and the more people come. Same as the above. Football is a social thing - as being on here shows. People are more likely to go with friends and family so if there are more people you can socialise with going you are more likely to go. One case in point in our family is my Dad has gone less since my sister emegrated as opposed to living 10 minutes away. Can't comment. Not true - if food prices contribute to a negative experience and this means people decide not to return then it does affect attendances. It can be a cumulative factor in making people less likely to go. Perhaps the manner in how it was done, regardless of whether it is better? The attitude is as important as the action and the club has been pretty high handed at times with these things. No but would put money on a podcast / fan site increasing club publicity, awareness and strengthening and growing the fanbase. Think a modern day equivalent could do wonders for Rovers. Someone answered they did. Hopefully not again. See point 7 cumulative effect on customer satisfaction and returnees. Not thought about this at all. Has anyone done a survey of fans to see where most fall. You must have X ray vision then! Agreed. I think freebies for kids is a good thing too. But it isn't about increasing attendees but rather cultivating new fans. Probably not. But again it's what kind of experience we are trying to create. Every little helps and hinders. Put it this way if it were a restaurant - admittedly different business- it'd be very easy to clock things that attract people in, but also things that put people off and reduce the ambiance. No one goes to a restaurant for the lighting for example but it can put people off returning. The club needs to be asking how we can make the experience as positive as possible and reduce barriers to people coming as well as what attracts them. Again, we really aren't that fan centric as a club since the cluckers have arrived.
  10. Blue blood


    Not at all. There's things the club can do for the now and also things the club can be doing to get the next generation. Dreams has it right that those are the biggest 2 ways to increase attendance in the short term but I agree neither seem forthcoming. Now: free plus 1 tickets for season ticket holders , more deal games e.g. 7 game ticket bundles, a public apology from the Raos and genuine communication (sadly the latter is unlikely too.) The manager being under a bit more scrutiny and looking for more than to plod along would help too especially as this would lead to a genuine push for promotion (not a guarentee but looking like we have a chance) or a new manager aiming for this would also attract fans. Future - school visits, free school tickets , free kits to under 7s , a better social media presence, holiday clubs are just a few possibilities. Both on and off the pitch Rovers are average at best imo.
  11. Blue blood


    There is admittedly some good stuff in there (as well as some debatable ones - e.g. all clubs have a family stand) but as to the 3 problems I highlighted, the solutions myself and others have suggested and the low attendances themselves show, there is more the club can be doing. One point to make is that a lot of those initiatives target people at the ground when they are there - there's not loads in there to pull in new fans and get people interested. Getting new, especially kids, interested and getting them to attend is crucial, as well as having a good match day experience. Edit additional thought if the club hadn't treated fans so badly during most of Vs reign of terror then there may also be a bigger fan base. We've lost about 10k since the cluckers turned up which suggests the owners - and club - are far from innocent in our low attendances.
  12. Blue blood


    How about free kits for 7 and under? Spoke with a colleague whose son's interest in rugby stems from a kit when they were 3. If we capture fans young we've a better chance of keeping them. 0r how about free plus 1 tickets now and again. One of my mates was a season ticket holder for years but got into it solely because I won a couple of tickets in a radio competition and I invited him along. Without going silly maybe 1 free tixket per season ticket holder - could bring in extra fans. Loads we could be doing.
  13. Blue blood


    Agree with the conjunction of point 1 & 3. Teeneagers can take themselves on their own but only if it is a) affordable and b) they already are into football and the club specifically. To me that means affordable prices for kids and adults - especially as primary kids need to be taken so the adult needs to be able to afford it to. Combine that with a massive push to upper primary school - school tickets, lots of appearances at primary school, holiday club/soccer schools - maybe free highlights of Rovers somehow. So perhaps better social media engagement as they get into teenagers to keep more in their sphere. Just a few thoughts thinking out loud but we have to think seriously about it.
  14. Blue blood

    Start of the season

    We're 11th so have had a decent start. If we had a good start we would be higher, if we had a bad start we'd be lower. Pretty average really - as Sparks says midtable mediocracy all the way under TM. The first 11 looks a bit stronger than last year as father time hasn't caught up with Graham. And bar a couple of horror shows the defence looks more stable. Johnson looks a good addition as does Downing who offers something different. Gally when played up front is a better bet than Samuel or the hapless Bereton so we've improved there too. However it's not a great start as I feel whilst there is improvements we should be doing better. We really shouldn't have a right mid at right back, we would be better if Rothwell played, if players played in their.correct position, the selection tombola didn't come out and £15 mill onwards should see us have a lot more firepower than we do. For comparison the Norwich team that beat City cost £6.5 million... I also felt we played a few teams at a.good time - Fulham, Boro and arguably West Brom and perhaps.could have nabbed a couple more points then. I also feel we've kicked a few problems down the line Vs properly addressing them but that doesn't impact the start to this season. So to me a decent start but could be better. The good news is we can build on it. The good and bad news is that we could still be doing a lot better with doing a few obvious things right and aren't. So it's in our power to get better but I doubt we will.
  15. Blue blood


    Agreed. Having all your other 3 injury prone centre backs out and putting Williams there isn't a master stroke, it's desperation. Fortunately it worked. In fact IF the 3 at the back is a regular plan going forward he still hasn't addresses or as we only have 3 centre backs in the squad! Agreed. Although in fairness good use of loan players is to be applauded. The issue is the defence relies too heavily on this. Overall though his recruitment is poor - especially when spending money. Agreed.

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