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  1. Blue blood


    I think most of your posts are wildlt inaccurate, especially the education one but this post seems to have some bigger holes in. Lockdown is staying away from other people, lockdown on your own/in your household, therefore minimal risks to passing on the disease. This means limited transmission. Non lockdown means meeting other people and whilst the risks are lower being outside, there are more people to transmit the disease across. Transmission factors include being in close quarters with people but also people to pass it on to. Without both it can't transmit. And mingling does increase the chances of the spread much more. For example if I got it in lockdown only my household would have got it. If i'm not in lockdown I have more people I could pass it onto. Your enclosed spaces point isn't totally invalid though. Imagine being in close quarters with say 15 other people who could all transmit it to their households even if they themselves aren't as much at risk. Plus say the couple of professionals who are with them at the time. I agree with you on this point that lots of people in a confined area isn't good, hence why schools shouldn't be open. But you say it's political? Bit of a contradiction given the science you are using strongly suggests schools shouldn't be back.
  2. Yeah. Storylines don't work as well when there's no crowd to play off. Perhaps because it is more like a real sport the elements that for me have worked best are the competitive matches like the Rollins-MacIntyre, and the cruiserweight tournament because the main driver in both of these, over the story, is who will win the match. Even then it's not quite the same but it is interesting to note that where the outcome/winner is more important than the story, the interest is higher.
  3. Absolutely. Great becomes good, good becomes decent and decent becomes meh. As a lot of content is just decent these days this means a lot of content at the moment is meh. I also feel bad for wrestlers who deserve the crowd reactions for some of the great stuff they do. Not watched AEW but just thinking of the Drew MacIntyre Vs Rollins match at MITB - it was excellent and deserved a crowd reacting to it. Like the examples you give as well, wrestling is designed to get crowd reactions. So no crowd, you're missing a big chunk of its purpose.
  4. Blue blood


    Read on Sky that there are huge issues with test and trace. Huge technical issues apparently even before the lack of an app is considrred. Another thing that seems to have been rushed out to direct attention elsewhere. Also I may be mistaken but didn't this have to be fully established before schools.were allowed back in?
  5. Blue blood


    Hancock rewrite history? No, I don't believe it.
  6. Blue blood


    Impressive - clear, concise, knew what was going on and didn't allow for any crap. I was impressed. Sadly I'm talking about the reporter. As for Hancock I get you want to mount a rigorous defence, even if the reporter was bang on the money- after all government policy is to lie - but laughing is not the way to do so. All that does is look unprofessional at best, psychotic at worst given its a pandemic that was being discussed. One of my issues with the government is they all convey the idea they don't give a rat's ass about people's suffering. From the response to the Cummings fiasco and many other interviews the government come across so blasé and unconcerned by others' suffering. Mind you, this is the only honest thing about the lot of them.
  7. Blue blood


    More like a "is that the best they can do? 1984 pah! Hold my beer" type moment.
  8. Blue blood


    Sorry, just to clarify I meant the Barnard Castle and the driving incidents. We disagree somewhat strongly quite often, so don't want to do so over my lack of clarity.
  9. Blue blood


    Just say you were testing your eyes and couldn't see the speedometer. Nowt wrong with that apparently.
  10. Blue blood


    Which does suggest one rule for one, one for Cummings. Part of me thinks he should get the standard penalty fine for this. Part of me feels he should be held to a higher standard given his leadership role. Regardless with no further action being taken and no apology it just widens the gulf. Every time I think it can't be handled worse, it is.
  11. Blue blood


    Well it does totally undermine the message when he can get off for nothing. Why should others be treated differently? The more I think on it the more unhelpful the Durham police's decision is.
  12. Blue blood


    Hard one really. Can't ignore it but huge political pressure not to do anything. Seems like a bit of a fudge to me. Should face the same consequences as anyone else for this misdemenour. If he doesn't it again reinforces the one rule for one, one for another and undermines the lockdown further. Another botch imo as a fine here and being "treated fairly" on this would have gone some way to placating people and supporting the lockdown message.
  13. Blue blood


    I'll give you marks for tenacity, but outside of that, I'm not convinced. On most of my points you haven't answered any of my rebuttal but just repeated the same arguments. I'm not sure that's how discussions work. Picture it - me: "we need to sell Dack, he's rubbish" you: "you sure on that? He's our top scorer and get a few assists too. Our formation is set up aroundhi." Me "We need to sell Dack, he's rubbish." Can you see how this might just be frustrating for someone. However lets try it again. 1. You haven't answered any of my points on why I think it could just be important, from our safety in tackling the virus through to the overall issues with our democracy. Am I to take it that you don't think these are valid concerns? . You also say "as a nation we need to move on." Aside from the aforementioned issues to stopping the virus spreading and preserving our democracy, which I do see as a big deal, I fail to see how my actions, or that of yours, or the nations prevents us moving on. I haven't moved on, the papers haven't, a fair number of the Tory party and other politicians haven't but it doesn't seem to have caused the government's efforts to halt the virus and get us back on track to a halt. I can;t think of a single thing that has been derailed by people not being happy about the Cummings saga..As i said before, and you acknowledge, multi-tasking is possible, and if a small charity like the one I work for, can conduct a disciplinary and keep going, one would suspect so can the government. Likewise, I fail to see how the nation not moving on causes the pandemic effort to crash to a halt either. Indeed, I'm not too sure how my endorsement of Cummings would actually enable said improvement plan to move forward either. I'm struggling to see a link. Perhaps there's an even more worrying thing behind your posts though and that is this attitude: it doesn't matter, it's more important. You called it BS when I asked are you condoning abuse, but again your point here does seem to be saying that if there is something more important, it doesn't matter what wrong is done. Your argument is getting the country back on its feet is more important than what Cummings did. So that's like me saying I'm a brain surgeon I save lives which is really important, so we just need to move on from that domestic abuse situation I was involved in, which is less important. It just doesn't work. Fortunately as I've said above we aren't in an either or situation, and so it can be dealt with and we can get on with our recovery. 2 "I'm not interested in their opinion cos my opinion" Well crumbs, this statement says if someone's opinion is different to mine it doesn't matter. I mean where do we start on this? Do we think our opinion is the only one that matters? Do we start thinking only our opinion is correct?. I certainly don't think my opinion is infallible, and so it may be a good idea to see what others are saying. Especially when they may have more insight into a situation than me, or I may be influenced by certain biases in a situation. If we really aren't interested in anyone's opinions apart from our own, and we can't see that's wrong, it's a scary place to be in. No one, mine, yours, Cummings or anyone else's opinion is infallible, so yeah other people's opinions do matter. Also as a slight aside I don't get how this logic works. If only my opinion matters, what happens when someone else's opinion differs to mine? I get you say you're not interested in it, but in areas where say decisions have to be made, how do we chose which opinion we go for? If the individual's opinion is all important, what happens when two people disagree on a way forward and a course of action, Am not sure this logic works. The second part of your point is pure distraction. The harassment - which I think is wrong btw - is utterly separate to his own actions. For example lets go back to my fake brain surgeon domestic abuse case. If reporters harassed me, whilst this may be wrong, it in no way exonerates me from what i have done. 4 Well if we can include the lying to the queen and proroguing parliament on false pretenses (I think that was under his leadership, it seems a lifetime ago now) then I'm even less impressed with him, and think duplicitous is too kind a word for him. That said, trying to evaluate his leadership apart from the crisis, is like filling in a customer review form for a trip on the Titanic and being asked, apart from the sinking part, what did you think of the trip. It's rather hard to ignore the current issues the government are pulling our. 6. But it isn't a real/actual situation, and i am very aware that whilst not Tory is unlikely to change, I am in need of more information before making a proper informed decision. I'm also not sure what difference this would make to the discussion whether I would vote Tory, Labour or anything else. 7. It's not a simple question it's a stupid one. It's a stupid one on so many levels. Firstly as repeatedly talked about in my first point, it isn't actually a question, they aren't mutually exclusive. We don't actually have to chose between them, we can deal with both. So the question/issue doesn't exist. Secondly they're both important - what's more important breathing or eating and drinking - we need both. I've outlined the reasons repeatedly as to why they are important. You've not said why it isn't, other than one detracts from the other, which I have proved is not the case. Thirdly even if one was more important than the other, that doesn't mean the other one doesn't need to get dealt with. Finding a cure for diseases and solving poverty might be considered more important than my domestic abuse example on a cosmic or global scale, but that doesn't mean that the domestic abuse example isn't important. In fact it clearly very much matters too. Fourthly, as shared before, X is more important so Y doesn't matter is basically telling morals to leave the debate, which is dangerous. Fifthly and crucially, you are only asking such a stupid question to try getting Cummings off the hook. Otherwise why should such a prioritising matter, especially when it is unnecessary, be at all relevant to the debate of what Cummings did. And it's a terrible defence. As i said before, no criminal barrister has ever said, go on, let him off, you've other more important things to do. It may be a simple question, but it is one that is built on poor logic and false premises so shouldn't really be answered. Look we all support things and are loyal to them, but don't let your loyalties blind you to reality or let you leave your morals behind.
  14. Blue blood


    In fairness it wasn't a yoof driving but goodness me the speed must have been incredible to cause the accident in question. Not disputing though that the roads have become a race track.
  15. Blue blood


    On topic there was a bad traffic accident on our road last night. Police, ambulance and fire brigade, thankfully injuries yery light. I raise this because it brought a number of virus issues to light. Firstly all the police had was gloves. The ambulance crew were all masked up, but the police had to deal with people in close quarters with only gloves, which seemed far from ideal to me, especially as they were in close proximity to people. (Ditto for my wife as first on the scene checking on the person in the accident, but that's just me as a proud husband indulging in a boast.) Given they were dealing with an injured person, and the police spent some time in the enclosed space of the ambulance it did make me wonder should the police have had more protection. Secondly lockdown or social distancing is well and truly dead. It attracted quite a number of youths and young adults from the estate to come and look at the scene (we had to stay as my.wife was a witness so were there for a while) none of whom remotely socially distanced. One car full of lads drove up to the accident, got out had a nosey and then went off. clearly all 4 of the cars occupants being from different households. It shocked me how flagrantly it was being breeched. I'm not sure how much recent events have influenced their decisions but it did highlight the fact that there's no way we can or should be relying on people's common sense to follow the rules. It's just not going to happen and to me highlights the dangers in such a vague and hands off strategy. Thirdly it makes me rather skeptical that track and trace will work round our way! So not sure how much the Cummings fiasco played into this, but it does to me highlight there are a few holes in the government's current response.

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