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  1. Blue blood

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    ,Hmm wonder how my boss would react if next time they asked for a piece of work I told them it was on a journey? Seriously 3 years in and we are still on a journey. in scoreline, position and form Reading showed the journey to be a mockery. Even without them showing us up does anyone really think it's acceptable to not be challenging 3 years on? Our progress on the pitch of glacial. More exciting granted but I would prefer effective. We haven't beaten a single top half team. That's poor. Dress it up whatever way you like but if you can't do that you aren't going to get promoted. I still think we have a decent team but TM is holding us back. Not playing Nayambe - the villain of his reign - still playing Evans and sticking Gally on the wings are basic oft repeated mistakes that continue to cost us. The keeper situation is depressing too. Getting a keeper who can't play our system? Seems an even more suspect deal then before. Resigned to another season of what if through thumping weak teams and we're only X off playoffs.
  2. Blue blood

    Summer Transfer Window

    Think I agree with a lot of this. A centre back, who possibly can play full back as well would be my shout for strengthening. That said IF that could be done and we could get cover for midfield, or the deal was good for Rovers (e.g. a mostly pay as you play) Downing would be a no-brainer given an excellent season last year. Definitely just cover now, but can't think of much better cover out there for a cheap price. And I assume at this stage he would/should be cheap.
  3. Blue blood


    I hear a lot of these frustrations and share a fair number of them. I get that lockdowns for NHS respite isn't tackling the bigger or longer problems - although it would be nice if we actually tackled some problems effectively even in the short term. I get long term we need to get to a point where short term respites aren't needed. Fact is though whilst I agree with all that it doesn't change the immediate need. (Think we agree on this, and if I am reading you correctly you are more frustrated there's no looking ahead to prevent this?) Armed forces personnel is a good shout. It's not just covid patients where NHS is short though. Any looking after vulnerable people who need a test/need to isolate puts a strain on all non covid cases too. The nightingale is great for Covid but not much use to a community team or normal ward who have a half dozen staff isolating! I hear all.your frustrations and sympathise. It does get to you. Please make sure you look after yourself and your mental health. Not trying to sound patronising but self care is super important as these times are crap. I'd add to your frustrations it's crap on businesses which know they are viable in normal times sans restrictions, even in a recession, but the current restrictions are killing them. It's one thing if it is for a limited time, another if it is for an unspecified undetermined period. How do you plan for that?
  4. Blue blood


    Seems a bit sophisticated for that lot.
  5. Blue blood


    Think I've said this a number of times. To give the NHS, which in my area is in danger of being swamped, a breather/respite. Yes it's not a long term solution but if it stops the system from breaking surely it is a good thing. As I said before the government haven't used the lockdown time well and probably won't again. However that doesn't mean that on the ground people like the NHS won't benefit from it. Agree with this. We need an exit strategy. Also I get that lockdowns on their own aren't going to solve it and they have a cost to them. The trick is maximising the benefits of the lockdown to make the costs worthwhile. Are we doing that- I'd say our incompetent corrupt government isnt. But that is an issue with the government rather than lockdowns specifically.
  6. Blue blood


    Yes that is a very good point. I know lockdown was super tough - and I did 5 weeks of it at its most stringent on my own which was just horrible - but a few more weeks then for a lot more gain now seems even more sensible in hindsight. Agree it would have made a huge difference, but that too would have been undermined by the government's shoddy efforts preparing for post lockdown.
  7. Blue blood


    I also wonder had the government not arsed up the first lockdown in so many ways whether opposition to a second lockdown been so strong. Or as necessary? I mean had public good will and compliance not been erroded, had there been clearer communication, one set of clear rules that were known, and a working test and trace system we would have been in a hell of a better position.
  8. Blue blood


    I'm not saying a short sharp is a long term answer but to give respite to the NHS. Interesting that you say the NHS isn't feeling overwhelmed as I know directly of a few cases where they are and people have been actively transferred because of it. Perhaps it's a difference in areas but where I am the NHS is struggling. A short sharp would give them time to get back on their feet, get tests (and staff) back and be able to keep going. I do appreciate it varies from area to area. I have a friend who works with premature babies in the NHS (neonatal?) and they are reporting worldwide that the number of ill premature babies has halved during the pandemic. Apparently a more rested lifestyle has hugely reduced dangers in this area.
  9. Blue blood


    I will say that whilst I disagree with Inglorious on most of his Covid views, I've found that my team are all itching to get back to the office too, especially those who are vulnerable. So it's a tough balance. Having the links to NHS I'm massively in favour of a short sharp lockdown to help give them some much needed breathing space. However I also see the impact on my team of home working and can see from a mental health point of view that people are clearly desiring to go back - even with the risks. It really is a lose-lose situation. I also don't see that it is practically that easy to just shield away the vulnerable. Just thinking of care homes alone, how do you shield all the staff who work with them; care workers, NHS nurses, porters etc? It's not that simple. Just a few thoughts.
  10. Blue blood

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    An excellent test of our promotion chasing credentials. Reading are a decent side, doing very well so it will be a challenge. However as others have said they seem to be performing above their ability and it isn't a team to massively fear. So not an easy game but one which is winnable, and will say s lot about how serious we are for a promotion push. Personally predicting a draw, as we are a decent side and just as good on paper, but not good enough I think to beat the divisions in form team.
  11. Blue blood


    We still haven't had an answer as to why poverty is increasing, including the use of foodbanks by a broad section of society, it the government are doing a great job. Tbh I am most disappointed by the response ohere of a teacher/nurse using a foodbank is only due to financial irresponsibility. The fact this is happening by numerous professionals perhaps should set alarm bells ringing and "crap, how is this happening?" as a response. Instead of seeing it as a sign of a deep rooted problem, it's dismissed as fecklessness. That's scary. Worse that's a big F you to anyone who is struggling. It shows a complete disregard for the human condition. Yes some people don't help themselves and others make mistakes - but this many? Logic indicates that's not the case. Reality and people's stories show that too. A single wage in a family £25K for 4 people isn't super easy up north much less down south especially when appreciating the costs of child care, or the additional costs life brings. To say people should manage on these amounts, much less minimum wage is cloud cookoo land. For example we needed a new boiler recently, which isn't cheap and was a significant other expense. A guy championing home ownership might just recognise houses bring with them expenses, which impacts people's savings. I'm sure I can think of a ton of other examples of expenses, medication, dental work, car expenses, birthdays just off the top of my head. For people on low and average wages managing isn't as simple as it is made out. To me it seems the next stage in the totalitarian state, where people struggling are seen as a problem/their issues are deemed irrelevant over loyalty to the state. When compassion for elements of society goes, it only leads one way, and history shows that's not the way we want it to go. Of course this post is on an ignore list, which again shouts out at the problem. Alternative views aren't welcomed, and are to be blocked if they can't be overridden. Again this lack of engagement is indicative of unconditional support where The Party cannot be questioned. In short no wonder this government is able to do a shoddy job and get away with it.
  12. Blue blood


    Have to say those are the questions. I've no idea why they are exempt from criticism for repeatedly lying. I don't see how people consider them trustworthy. I mean you wouldn't have a mate or do business or trust a doctor who continually lied and twisted the facts. Why does it not matter in this case. As for why they continually lie I suspect it's because we are asking the second question. Simply.they are not held to account even when they do. Would love a Tory supporters view on this although am on the ignore list for pointing out Tory failings. (I'm fairly confident it can't be for personal abuse or the like...)
  13. Blue blood


    Hancock in his briefing says Johnson has been communicating with Rashford. Rashford says they haven't since the summer and Downing Street say they are unaware of any communication between the two. They just cannot stop lying. How can people support this lot when they continually lie.
  14. Blue blood


    That is a great idea.
  15. Blue blood


    There was a drive and an improvement for a while with Jamie Oliver's campaign and they did get a lot better. Challenge was a lot of kids didn't like that! They just wanted chips... These days they are pretty decent. Nothing to write home about but certainly not the monstrosities of our youth. They're also a very solid meal, if that makes sense, which is just what a lot of kids need. The meals can be reasonably balanced although kids can decline the veg which is why healthy eating education is needed alongside the availability of decent food. Bit of a ramble but basically my thought is they do a good job in providing kids with a good meal.

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