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  1. Blue blood

    Championship 2018-19

    Sad that every Leeds match will be shown on Sky again next year. Who am I kidding though - a price well worth paying to see Leeds fail again. Hilarious the contrast between how much Sky and their fans hype Leeds up and how often the team fails to live up to it. Is there a bigger discrepancy in football? Well done Leeds on giving us all a laugh.
  2. Blue blood

    Retained list 2018/2019 Season

    TM has dropped another massive clanger if the rumours of these new contracts are to be true. Firstly Conway and Leuts have done very little to suggest they will add a lot of value next season - so much for bringing in top quality competition and improving the team. Shows a lack of ruthlessness or high enough standards which cost us last season and looks like it may begin to cause us problems next year as well... Secondly even allowing for TM's lapse in judgement over the quality of the above 2, why on earth would Gladwin merit a contract? He's done nothing in 2 years. This is beyond bad judgement into madness. Do we really even see him as a viable option compared to even the youngsters we played in the last few games? Nothing good about this at all. Very early days so no panic as yet, but it is a worrying sign that the same problems and weaknesses will continue to derail Rovers.
  3. Blue blood

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Lots of good players on the released lists. Brentford have let a couple go McLeod and the ex Chelsea lad who both were considered very promising. If we could keep them fit they may be good signings.
  4. Blue blood

    Championship 2018-19

    Talk about kicking them when they're down! Also can't a lot of their players leave for free/hand in their notice as they've not been paid for a few months? Might struggle to field a team on top of all their other problems.
  5. Blue blood

    2018/19 Season Reviews/Conclusions

    Season review/conclusion; 1 word: frustration. Don't get me wrong, the final position was more than respectable. There were some good games too, and nice memories. A couple of exciting players were brought in, especially Rothwell, but despite all of that, the feeling I mainly come away with is frustration. Why? Well, to me, all our mistakes were absolutely avoidable and of our own making. Sometimes the circumstances well and truly get the better of you: the small squad under Hughes running out of steam with 3 cup runs in a tough league being one example of this. Or last time we got relegated - I'm no fan of Owen Clueless but selling our best players for £10 million plus and giving him only £250k would have hampered anyone. And TM probably would've kept us up if those making decisions had been halfway competent had fired Clueless even a game or two earlier. This season though I feel all our mistakes were well and truly avoidable. - The 2.5 attackers and therefore struggling. As soon as we dropped this we looked really exciting going forwards. Everyone was clamoring for Rothwell months before he was a regular in the team. Who knows what would've happened had he been played even a month or more sooner? - Likewise the Evans/Smallwood combination clearly didn't work. Again in Reid and Travis we had some better options, but often these options were overlooked. Hypothetical, but who knows how many more points we would've gained had the Evans/Smallwood axis been broken sooner? In both cases it's not an if only we had a Kante or a Messi (or more realistically whatever the Championship equivalents are!) - we had the players on the books. - Defense - we knew from the last 2 seasons that Mulgrew and Lenihen were both susceptible to injury. Yet the only other "centre back" we brought in was an equally injury prone converted midfielder. There was no way we should have got caught out with injuries in this position, it wasn't unlucky - it was inevitable given all our centre backs have a history of injuries. Insult added to literal injury in this department was letting Downing go out on loan. I'm not entirely sure he was the answer, but surely cover was better than nothing. We dropped the ball so many times on defensive cover from not buying adequate cover in 2 windows, and letting last season's cover - who performed well last season - also go out on loan. Another entirely avoidable situation. - It was probably obvious to all that we needed strengthening in defense (especially with injury prone players) and top quality cover for Graham up top, but frustratingly we had the resources to do so. 7 million of them. 7 million could well and truly have brought in enough players to ensure we had good quality cover in both of these positions. 7 million in the championship can go a long way if used wisely, as there are some cracking deals out there - the ex-Hibs midfielder now at Villa looks a snip at £2.5 mill, and the Norwich lad who was top scorer was a free transfer (and I need to get better with names too.) All this talk of needing cover and strengthening really shouldn't have been an if only, as £7 million well spent would have made a huge difference. I'd probably rate TM as 50:50 in the transfer window but even 1 or 2 more additions of good quality - say 1 striker to take the pressure off Graham, or one better quality cb - would have made a massive difference to our campaign. The money was there, and we blew it. - Many players staying in the team despite bad runs; Mulgrew, Evans, Smallwood, Bennett, Williams (at lb). Again we had options to replace them with, yet these players were allowed to go on lengthy bad runs. Hypothetical again, but who knows how we would have done if a couple of them were withdrawn till they picked up some form? Equally with younger players withdrawn and singled out after a couple of poor performances, I'm unsure as to how the favoritism of veteran players would've helped the squad moral and dynamics. Again, this was avoidable, if a player is persistently poor over a few games, withdraw them. - Finally the not getting started for the first 20 minutes. This happened so, so many times. Everyone starts slowly now and again, and sometimes the opposition out-think or outfight you. Sometimes you simply get it wrong tactics or personnel wise. But for it to happen so often with us not addressing it, suggests that we aren't really learning. That it's happened repeatedly suggests that it shouldn't be that hard to spot, and therefore address. Again a hypothetical, but had we a stronger start in a proportion of the many games we started slowly in, I wonder how many more points we would have had. In short I feel that there is a lot of potential in the squad, and despite all the - blatantly rectifiable imo - mistakes we still were comfortably mid-table. That suggests to me there is a heck of a lot of potential in this squad, and with a bit of nous we should be optimistic going forward. The caution for me is that these mistakes are all of our own making, which makes me doubt whether we will actually make good on our potential.
  6. Blue blood

    Norwich - tempting fate

    He can say it all he likes but it's blatantly not true (yes I got your sarcasm). I honestly think that's the biggest problem we have - even more so than our square pegs round holes and defence. At best we give ourselves 70 minutes to get results and it's cost us a lot of points - yesterday being just 1 example.
  7. Blue blood

    Norwich - tempting fate

    I'm a bit worried that our slow start seems to happen every game. I'm also a bit dispairing that Bennett and Leuitweiler are still in the team. Not sure getting well beaten is a bad thing as hopefully it reinforces to TM how much work there is to be done. These positive and negative streaks have not helped at all as depending which one we are on our flaws or promise are both overshadowed. Hopefully today shows what we could/should be aiming towards.
  8. Blue blood

    Championship 2018-19

    Shame about Leeds... Are Villa securely in the play offs? Might they play a weakened team? Hope not as that can only help Leeds. OpHoping Leeds fully bottle it - again.
  9. Blue blood

    The Relegation Thread

    Yes. Add in Millwall aren't doing that much better, and it seems we'd have had to do beyond horrific to have any chance of going down.
  10. Blue blood

    Bolton at home.

    Cheers, so I mean Buckley then? Both impressed though Buckley took a bit more time to settle into the game.
  11. Blue blood

    Bolton at home.

    Thought today encapsulated our season. When we were good we were very, very good, when we were bad we were atrocious. Cliche but true a game of two halves - first half we were appalling. We gifted Bolton a host of chances, made them look quite good and looked utterly toothless in attack and created nothing. Then out of the blue, we played our first good bit of football and were one nil up from a well taken Bereton goal. Second half we dominated a deflated and tired looking Bolton team, with pretty much everyone looking pretty good. A few thoughts: Spot on with the team selection today imo. Gave our second centre forward and second keeper the chance to show what they are made of, and gave the youngsters plenty of time. Bereton looked ok. Not a world beater, and when we are struggling and have a tendency to hoof it long - like we were in the first half - he's a peripheral figure. When we're playing good stuff, and some through balls, and on top, mainly in the second half plus the one wonder move in the first, he looked rather promising. Horses for courses - he might not be a nag - although it is only one outing - but he really doesn't fit our plan A. But I was pleasantly surprised at how he did (and other than the wonder move out of nowhere, Messi or no one would've shone up top for us. We seem to be limited to target men centre forwards only thriving under TM). First half was poop. Really bad. In the euphoria of a win, a Bereton goal and a great second half showing, that really should not be lost. Biggest criticism of TM and worry from today, we simply take too long to get started, and against better teams we will get punished for it (and have.) Perhaps more than a leaky defense, no plan B, adequate cover in areas, this may be the biggest problem that needs to be addressed. In the direness of the first half I thought Dack looked hungry for the ball and Travis looked up for it throwing himself everywhere. Good attitude from both players when our heads were down. Williams looked solid at centre back. Never thought I'd use the words Williams and solid in the same sentence, at least not without putting head in between those two words, but he looked pretty good and even quite composed on the ball. I know it was only Bolton but he looked miles more comfortable and not a liability at cb. Why are both Armstrong and Nayambe both afraid of going to the byline and afraid of crossing? the latter in particular irritated me all afternoon. Rothwell when on song looked good, as did Dack, as did the youngsters who came on. Number 34 (Butterworth?) a bit nervous when first came on but both grew into the game adding energy and looking comfortable. Thought Rodwell was a bit anonymous and no great shakes (noticed Travis more) but when he went off until Butterworth(?) settled down we missed his presence so perhaps he was doing better than I thought. Lenihen was also solid at the back. Leuitweiler - my word he is not a keeper. Fumbled a number of shots, punches softer than a 2 year old, struggles to kick and positionally was a bit suspect a few times. Goodness me, no way should he even be back up. Seemed like an autition for a Steele impersination, although fortunately there weren't any real clangers. Overall we saw exactly why we are where we are. We showed our attacking talent, energy and some bright young players, and we also showed at times we offer nothing and gift the opposition with openings. Some teams will capitalize on our weaknesses and punish us, others will be poor quality, won't and we;ll do them when we finally get going. The frustrating thing is, play like the second half and play offs aren't unrealistic. Play like the first, and relegation is very much on the table too. Nothing much learned today, but glard the positive side edged out the weaker side, and we got a win in the sunshine.
  12. Blue blood

    Bolton at home.

    Appalling performance great goal nicely put away. Beautiful move which makes me wonder what the dickins we've been thinking for the other 30 minutes. Pleased for Bereton as showed a bit of quality there.
  13. Blue blood

    Championship 2018-19

    Smith is a really good manager. Shows what a difference that makes...
  14. Blue blood

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    Bad communication on my part - it's beyond babyish they don't use it. In fact they're the only people I know who don't use it. Every business I know utilises conference calls so why they won't is inexplicable.
  15. Blue blood

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    It also shows why we'll never succeed under Venkys. When your decision making process is twice as slow as everyone else's you are at a massive disadvantage. (And no Skype - beyond unprofessional, babyish.) Given they don't have a clue either when making decisions it's a guaranteed disaster.

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