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  1. Blue blood

    Stoke City home

    Think Mulgrew is contractual in part. On 99 appearances I believe. We're desperate for defenders and whilst Mulgrew is poor he has played at this level and in this team so it's not as if he is a completely out of his depth. He is poor I admit but that poor that he doesn't get on the bench with no other defenders, given he has played a number of games and not been terrible for Wigan? I doubt that's solely on ability.
  2. Blue blood

    Stoke City home

    Hence why I feel we needed a centre back. At the moment any quality would be an improvement! Clearly Mulgrew will never play for us again if he can't get on the bench when there are literally no other defenders. Also looks a bit thin in the full back positions too although at least there are people who can play there.
  3. Blue blood

    Stoke City home

    Not sure what the fascination is with Gally for TM. Really don't think he has been very good. Could he be TM's Lowe holding the team back? Also harsh on Samuel who has done a solid job for a couple of games. Outside of that right team imo. Probably a scrap not suited to Buckley who could cause havoc though when people are tiring in the second half.
  4. Blue blood

    Championship season 2019-20

    Didn't realise that Bristol were in such a slump. Thanks for pointing this out. Looking at their goal difference you can tell there's something not quite right for it being so poor for a team just out of playoff positions. Surprised QPR were favourites as Derby have done ok of late. Seems like the bookies were right which is no bad thing in the case of Dodgy County. Glad WBA beat Preston as can see them getting something from the Fulham game.
  5. Blue blood

    Championship season 2019-20

    What a great set of results to come home to. It puts more pressure on us as it's given us a fantastic opportunity to get into the playoffs with a couple of good results. That said a win for Luton and given the other bottom teams getting points at the weekend there's a lot of pressure on Stoke too. Forces them to try for a result which is a good thing for us and our style.
  6. Blue blood

    Championship season 2019-20

    Deffo a draw for Cardiff-Forest - 3 points is three hard fought Brentford results so a draw there would be great. Think Bristol, Brentford and Derby are unfortunately all favourites so would settle for them all drawing their games, though losses would be nice! Nerve wracking for us but great to see a league so open.
  7. Blue blood

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Not to worry. Thought I was having a very senior moment so quite relieved to not be having one!
  8. Blue blood

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    You are spot on about protecting him Think a loan is best for him to do that. The U23s is fairly pointless imo bar improving fitness. Think he needs a loan away where he can bang them in and get a bit of sharpness and confodence, and develop his technique. Probably a league 1 club or weak foreign league would do that better than the U23s.
  9. Blue blood

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Untrue on several levels: 1) it's a false model for assessing transfers on what they may do not what they have done. I mean how can anyone judge any transfer then until they have left the club if it is based on what they may do? Also does this model work both ways? I mean Tosin may make a dozen muck ups in the next few games as we make playoffs. Because he might do that does that mean I can't rate him as a good signing? 2) opportunity costs. What else could we have done with that money? Signed Bauer, maybe Walton (never thought I would say that) perhaps got in an actual winger or better cover at full back. There is a cost to spending that money now, which meant we can't spend it elsewhere. 3) There is a huge difference between Armstrong and Gally and Bereton. For starters at 19 Armstrong had time to develop. Gally at 24 (I think) is at best a late developer and more crucially should be more developed than he currently is. 24 is not a development project. Also Armstrong showed attributes that suggested he could develop - great pace, some goals and a few good performances in league 1 and Championship. Consistency was absymal but he showed evidence - attributes and performances- that he could improve and get better. Bereton has shown none of this and Gally imo has shown little. Assessing the current evidence of whether they wil improve I would suggest that it is unlikely. We can't remove the price tag though can we? That £7 mill is gone. Of course price makes a huge difference to whether a signing is good or not. Smallwood was a good signing for one year on a free. Would he be conaider e as good a signing if he cost £5 mill? Fee matters. And neither Gally or Bereton have been worth their fees. Also your endorsement sounds rather like Jason Lowe - huge difference between cutting it at those levels and in the championship. And all the evidence I have seen of Bereton suggests he is not a footballer. Few strengths whatsoever. I should say I would love for both to prove me wrong. In fact Rovers need at least one of them to. But so far the future looks bleak and a waste of money for.both of them.
  10. Blue blood

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    This threw me as I couldn't remember saying such a thing, then realised it was part of the post I quoted! I think there is an argument that both Gally and Bereton could come good as they have time on their side to develop but I wouldn't think it is very likely. Bereton doesn't look like a footballer at all to me and Gally doesn't look to have much of a football brain if he does have the physical attributes. At present, since how a player may turn out doesn't really count - Dack could come back crap or Armstrong could go back to his prior form yet these possibilities aren't considered, and rightly so - both are failures in terms of performance level and contribution. Factor in the cost and they're catastrophic errors. Not sure why or how there is so much debate on saying these players haven't been failures as it's pretty clear cut imo.
  11. Blue blood

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Actually they can. Even TMs biggest fans can see Bereton has been a waste of money and Gally isn't living up to his £5 mill tag whatsoever. Granted there is time to improve for both but it's not looking likely. There's tons to praise TM for at the moment but just as it is wrong to ignore these when things are going badly, it's just as wrong to ignore these clangers in the transfer market. Thank heavens for some quality midfield signings and Armstrong to redress the balance. But let's not pretend Bereton and Gally haven't been hugely disappointing.
  12. Blue blood

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    I think it's mainly that Wigan fans weren't bothered about keeping him plus didn't hear much about him in league 1 that makes me say that. For example if he went to Wigan instead of us next season we'd probably be disappointed.
  13. Blue blood

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    Well if you had asked at the end of 2019 I would have said yes, easily. He was dropping a ton of errors and didn't pull up any trees at Wigan, so Brighton would probably have let go on the cheap with a big sell on fee / buy back clause. Now - I appreciate it is a bit of a different story. A keeper doing well in the championship is probably worth a fair bit of money, more than we can afford. They probably won't want him as first choice yet (nor after a positive 2 months or so is he ready) and not much benefit to him sitting on the bench so they would also be happy with another loan. Its another problem deferred and very risky for us if there is a recall clause but that's the most likely scenario imo.
  14. Blue blood

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    Well I'm going to keep criticising him because the more I seem to do so, the better he gets! Terrible keeper. Seriously though it is looking like a different player in the second half of the season. Watching him closely yesterday he made one error - missing a low cross into the box - but made a couple of good saves and dealt with every routine thing with a minimum of fuss. A very solid display. Is this the real Walton or was the error prone chap at the start the more regularbkeeper? Was it adjustment problems or is this just a purple patch? (I suapext the former). Problem is if he keeps up like this can we afford him? However these are questions for next season and hopefully the improvement continues till then for us.
  15. Blue blood

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    Games Vs Cardiff, Bristol and Millwall will help us stunt the others charge for playoff (or hand it to them.) Very few really hard games in there which is encouraging although there's no easy games in the championship and we struggle most when heavy favourites.

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