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  1. Blue blood

    Sam Gallagher Returns

    What exactly has he shown? Genuinely thought Raya showed far more talent yet isn't worth persevering with. Raya kept us in games made amazing saves yes mucks ups too hence the worries but he showed he has quality in him. What has Bereton done that hints at a top player being in him?
  2. Blue blood

    Sam Gallagher Returns

    Well at least the mistake has been rectified (hopefully!) It shows how appalling the Bereton deal was rather than reflecting on Gally. Whilst Bereton was a huge waste of money sticking with that and not rectifying it would be worse.
  3. Blue blood

    Sam Gallagher Returns

    I think this is a good move providing that he is not shunted out to the wing. If so terrible signing but that goes for most players - play them in their right position they're an assett, move them elsewhere they are much weaker. For those saying it makes less sense because of Bereton I'd say Bereton was a mistake regardless of whether Gally signed. Imo this signing rectifies that mistake. Hally's style and past performance make him a much more suitable successor to Graham. Good enough successor - we'll see but he knows the club, has performed well previously imo and Graham won't go on forever - or get injured this season - so getting a bit ahead of the game is not a bad idea at all. Of course there are question marks raised - our defence needs immediate attention and does this stop that happening? Can TM actually buy players he doesn't know, how limited is he in the transfer market. But overall as a transfer for the striker position I think it's a good move.
  4. Blue blood

    Raya joins Brentford

    Big, big mistake imo. Decent keeper and the potential for so much more. We spend 7mill on Bereton who is not at the level of Raya progress wise and it's an investmen. we have a keeper showing much more promise (albeit with mistakes) with many more mitigating circumstances (a poor defence) and it's decided to cut our losses. Worst of all this is the last thing that needed to be fixed in the defence - a partner for Lenihen, a proper left back and letting Bennett nowhere near a defensive position all would come first. It's like your house flooding and sorting the new wallpaper before getting furniture. Bad move imo and most worrying is I suspect TM will think this fixes our defensive problems. Oh and if we were really serious about a top keeper and savvy business wise we'd have hired a proper keeper coach for a year and seen if/what progress Raya made. Or loaned him out. That much potential doesn't grow on trees. Rant over.
  5. Blue blood

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Forgot about that. Yes that would be much needed. As really think you're being overly optimistic about Bereton coming good. Especially to the level we need in the timeframe we need. But Gallagher is a good shout and more similar to Graham.
  6. Blue blood

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Agree about keeper and defence but that would involve upsetting 2 or 3 key players. We could have Sir Brad at his finest or any other top keeper and we'd still ship in goals due to crap defenders and a midfield with poor ball retention. Equally worryingly we don't seem to be bothered about a striker. There's a lot riding on Bereton coming good. If Graham gets injured we are stuffed.
  7. Blue blood

    Rodwell signs

    His whole career has been one big mistake. From taking the money at the cost to his development at City through to the Sunderland debacle - he's not made many good choices. Personally am glad he has gone. Aot of question marks when he came and the answers we got weren't that encouraging. Much rather have a proper centre back then him.
  8. Blue blood

    Other Football League 2018/19

    It really should be more than minus 12 given they failed to play a game. Bit hard given they're already down and out but to not do could set a very dangerous precident. When Lowe is one of your best players you are pretty stuffed.
  9. Blue blood

    Bradley Johnson Signs.

    Was going to post very much the same thing. In some ways I'm happy with slow build - to go from Lowe to Smallwood to Johnson is a continual step upwards. Problem is if we make slow progress and others progress faster we'll actually be falling behind. Most worryingly for me is it is probably a good signing for a year or two maximum and then will need replacing. Given we'll also have to replace a few key other players in this time - Mulgrew (should've been done before) Graham and Downing I think we could have significant and urgent recruitment for talent in a year or two. Decent signing. As one of many it's a good signing. As one of our key signings or to be right mid, or instead of a defender - meh. Hope that it's the former though.
  10. Blue blood

    Your expectations for the coming Season...

    Agree. Which also emphasises how important this window is for us. A few key signings for us and we'll be looking upwards. No signings or poor ones and we'll be looking downwards and in a relegation scrap. If the question is how would the team as is finish next year then I'd say a little lower. Graham isn't getting any younger with Mulgrew past it, whilst Dack's lack of focus isn't helping his development eirher. Although Dack and Graham are still capable given how much we rely on them even a small drop will make a big difference to us. There's also real weaknesses in the squad from lack of other striking options, only injury prone centre backs, poor left backs and no real width (I imagine Downing will be more central) 4 key additions - a centre back, a quality striker, a wide (ideally left footed) mid and left back and we'd look very competitive. Travis and Bennett guarding the defence, or Downing pulling strings in there, Graham and another to out away chances, Rothwell and Dack for creativity and a bit of defensive solidity with some very promising youngsters potentially giving us a platform for years to come. Problem is I think TM doesn't see all bar the centre back position as needing improvement, leaving us narrow, over reliant on Graham and with rubbish left backs.
  11. Blue blood

    Rodwell signs

    Shows the terrible attitude he has towards the game. Doesn't matter how much ability you have if that's the attitude - get rid. I'm not even convinced he's that good at centre back which is where he wants to play. Poor attitude, poor in his preferred position, a poor injury record - why is he still an option?
  12. Blue blood

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    My thoughts: Keep Raya. We can have an expensive development project such as Bereton but not keep Raya. Seems odd to me. Contradictory even. Put it this way how much would a keeper currently as good as or better cost? Also given Raya's undoubted potential can we afford to let someone with such potential go? How much will be be worth in a couple of years with improvements? I'm not certain on the calculations but I'm very confident that if Raya fulfils some.of his potential we'll never be able to afford that quality. Also anyone thinking our bad defending is down to just our keeper is deluded. Bennett at RB, Mulgrew and any left back would be in line to be replaced before Raya imo, but that would mean upsetting the lads so can't see TM doing it. Gallagher- pleased with link. Thought he was good when with us and less risky because known. Am worried about the trend though that TM generally only goes for players he knows. That said I think in this case it'd be a good addition.
  13. Blue blood

    Championship season 2019-20

    You forgot to add in they had a bucket load of talent there as well as all the additions that he brought in. Very overrated. (I agree with your post btw just think he was even less impressive given he inherited a heap of good players too...)
  14. Blue blood

    Championship season 2019-20

    Was just going to post similar. Shows organisation and planning after an indifferent season AND it didn't cost them the earth either. Powell in particular is a coup imo. Shows how lagging behind we are in this area.
  15. Blue blood

    Stewart Downing Signs

    Disagree. Not saying he's great but I don't think he's the worst in the squad by a long way and can do a job. Certainly feel he can be effective and offer something both in games when we perhaps need a few more grafters and as someone to come on and shore things up. Think Smallwood has suffered for 2 reasons which hasn't shown him in the best light: 1 he has been played with players who don't compensate for his weakness. Tugay for all his brilliance wasn't great defensively but Savage/Reid covered for this. Not saying he is Tugs quality but the principle is the same. Put him with a cm who can pass and he looks decent/competent. 2 he is squad player level but suffers a bit as TM had him as unstoppable for a long time. Not Smallwood's fault but it does turn fans etc. against him in frustration and give them a perhaps overly negative view due to that frustration. Anyhow I don't think it's the biggest issue/debate in the squad by a long shot. If we got better as a back up I wouldn't be too disappointed but I'd rather we got a better first 11 and spent our energy improving that rather than squad players.

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