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  1. That joke was a 4000 Holes cover in the early 90's...
  2. Good read. Really enjoyed it. Nails the home situation perfectly.
  3. I agree there is absolutely no point in having our own fans behind the Darwen End goal. In the current, soulless vacuum, they add nothing. However, it would be most unwise for the club to force the issue and "make them sit with the other fans".This would just add more negativity....if that is possible! Anyway, I am looking forward to Shrewsbury-how should it really be pronounced!- and a good sing... We want Venky's out!!!
  4. I guess I am not alone in feeling this.But I know I will never be able to commit again, while the abusers remain! I would always be looking over my shoulder for the next betrayal and then feeling complicit etc Your question is very troubling. What if they really have decided to maintain the club( for the rest of my life) in this state of toxic, suspended animation?( sorry, but it is late)
  5. A fair summary. I would love him to be the one to succeed, but.....
  6. "This alone". Exactly!!...(and as if there weren't lots of other clues and reminders!) A 7 year old school boy could have told you we were going down, as soon as they announced Coyle. Again, what could be more important at any football club than avoiding relegation? But many of us asked the same question in the summer of 2011. Unforgivable.....yet I still got a high off those away wins...
  7. They may not be right, but I understand the feelings only too well. After the last few years, frustration and anger are only just below the surface and it will be a big problem for the club.
  8. Looking for a reaction? Embarrassing would be the right word for too many of our home performances in recent times. Doncaster was particularly poor. Today was very, very frustrating, made worse by a WUM refereeing performance. The substitutions certainly seemed a little odd. The atmosphere is absolutely terrible at home, unlike away. We certainly have an issue around performances and atmosphere at home.The two are obviously interrelated. You could have predicted a home loss today to burst a growing feelgood bubble. I think the feelings being expressed are around the realisation that we are far from the finished, promotion winning article.
  9. ......or an uncontrollable, tinkerman tendency Lol
  10. Lstening to Mowbray, he seems to be hinting that he is seriously thinking about changes...
  11. Steve Kean-immediately after that Wigan game. I nearly smashed the screen, when I saw it later!
  12. Mine is not a firm diagnosis, but a kind of working hypothesis.I don't understand why they are still here. Naivety/silver tongued conmen = "badly advised" and I just don't buy it. How many times can you make the same "mistake", even if you are an Indian version of Benny from Crossroads? In particular, the Cheston holiday/Warnock/Coyle thing sent a chill wind to blow away any hopeful complacency on my part. Then. that Stokes deal was all too reminiscent of previous, troubling transfer activity. The ghosts are still here...or were then....
  13. I wonder what proportion of the so called loss is actually payments to agents? What if agents are hidden partners, so their wedge(s) (signing on percentage, wage percentage and of course pay off percentage) is secretly divvied up with the not so hidden front men? (Yes, I know ..what if my auntie etc?)
  14. I thought Jones had left Wimbledon by then. I am sure I saw Howard Gayle drawing a simple foul from the hot head at Elland Road. I think he might have played for Sheffield Utd too. Maybe, he went back to Wimbledon? I do remember Newell being dismissed for a quite brilliant penalty save...
  15. A very good read, but, as usual, spoiled by sneering digs. More William than James Joyce...and we know what happened to him LOL Titus Oates would be proud....