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    I saw Ben waiting for Vince Grella outside the bank.
  2. Gillingham complaints.

    Point taken. I was almost hoping that the "meek", public response from Rovers was because they already knew things are happening behind the scenes...but in all honesty, I can't see the EFL ever having the political will...
  3. Gillingham complaints.

    Hahaha...The idea that the EFL has the gumption to be all over anything!

    Take your probation officer's advice. Put away the computer.Come out of the shed and let your sister go!
  5. Attendances

    This is a serious problem for the club. Disengage and disrespect supporters(customers yuck!) at your peril! Once the habit is broken etc. It happened here after the 1960 debacle and it took nigh on 30 years to rectify, as the club lost generations of fans. When I stayed away, it "killed" me, as I still kicked every ball, listening to the radio etc.... but even I got out of the habit, as I became available for other activities. It will take a really, engaging PR strategy, honesty and, of course, success on the field to nurture a club that was made in Lancashire to be destroyed in India...( not forgetting Barnet, Geneva, Glasgow etc) I know we were once preparing to sit the Oxbridge exams, but , strangely, I am still managing to enjoy being top of the year 7 woodwork class! It was a mile outside of Mumbai, When the devil met Madame Desai. He had firelighters and matches in his hand. He said, "See what I got. My, this will be hot! We're Blackburn Rovers, did you think we forgot?" (To a current tune)
  6. Jim Bowen

    You know whose story that was, don't you, Hanks!
  7. Attendances

    Not sure why do you need to be so rude? If you don't like a post, just stop reading. I think Gumboots' post confirms research and reveals the dangers of disengaging supporters. Often, they don't come back!
  8. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Hope you are right, but I am sure Cook will have told them they won't be playing against Soton, if they don't perform tonight..
  9. Jim Bowen

    Jim Whittaker! He taught at St Augustine's in the early 70's/possibly late 60's A mate of mine always talks about "Jim" caning him for walking across the gymnasium floor in what was his sister's school. At the time, my mate said he hadn't yet started to attend the school.. I wonder how that would play in today's world!!
  10. Premier League Stuff

    Premier League game..exactly. Football managers and pundits are all so selective. I stopped taking any notice years ago!
  11. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Pot calling the kettle.(..sorry)
  12. Billy Wilson RIP

    Me too. That was where it all seemed to start in my mind. That Leicester game ! I still remember seeing the Darwen End suddenly empty on Rovers' equaliser. A few minutes later, all these vacuous skinheads appeared, out of breath from the dash to the Blackburn End. From memory, I think they had actually left the ground and re-entered at the Blackburn End, as if they were latecomers. By the next season in the third division, looking over your shoulder had become a horrible, but necessary fact of life. Thank God, it was different for my kids. I do miss the biblical hordes and the atmosphere in the old terraces though..E for B and McNamee etc
  13. Rovers v Blackpool

    After one of Shearer's hostile early Ewood receptions, I remember someone scoffing at A.S. whingeing about how he gave four years to this club. Gave? He was given a king's ransom!
  14. Coyle's new job

    Well don't ask Mike Cheston! He is just not going to answer that question. He has been into it countless times (he says) Still a key question, though.
  15. Billy Wilson RIP

    Blimey, so he is fagging it! ..I thought it was a trick of photography.. Billy Wilson and Eamonn Rogers were my two favourite players. I was gutted when Billy left for Portsmouth during Furphy's revolution. Billy is well thought of and remembered with warmth by many fans of my age.