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  1. Brockhall training Complex-ACV Declined

    That is what I have believed for years.
  2. Brockhall training Complex-ACV Declined

    Maybe Le Saux was..er..rented!
  3. Brockhall training Complex-ACV Declined

    So I've heard! But what if the new hotel owner immediately replaced the four posters with camp beds and the silver cutlery with plastic forks..seven years of s**t ...and counting. FOV!
  4. Rolls Royce, indeed! I will never forget Jimmy Kerr's wonderful performance that day, as relegation fodder Rovers came back from 2-0 down to high flying Leicester. Our equaliser was the cue for the Leicester contingent to run from the Darwen End to take out their frustration on the few stragglers on the old Blackburn End. I know I used to think all skinheads looked the same and we could only distinguish the Leicester skinheads-also in blue and white- because they were all out of breath! Kerr was magnificent. What a crying shame he played so few games for us. And I had forgotten about the near signing of Lyndsay! So good to read this one. It brings back so many memories as well as providing interesting information, previously unknown to me.
  5. Brockhall training Complex-ACV Declined

  6. Shane Duffy

    The way I framed it with my Irish in laws, who would have gone out to Russia.... "Absolutely gutted for you. The only consolation is Duffy will be at home on the settee.."
  7. Shane Duffy

    A certain former Celtic player, described as highly gifted by Owen Coyle?
  8. Shane Duffy

    Let me finish LOL. He was clearly angry, but just about maintaining control....
  9. Brockhall training Complex-ACV Declined

    There is quite a lot under their "couldn't be arsed" heading...starting the season with no shirt sponsors...starting the season with no real manager-at least twice...no board of directors etc
  10. Brockhall training Complex-ACV Declined

    Thanks to those at the Trust for all efforts on our behalf. I always felt this was a long shot, but clearly, you put in a lot of work. But I think it is an important indicator-another one!. These are the same people, who could not even be arsed to find a decent manager and give him enough resources to keep the club in the Championship. Now they are prepared to fork out for expensive lawyers to block minimal protection for the training grounds.. FOV!!
  11. ...and about Donald Trump!
  12. Blackpool/Oystons

    Let's hope it ends positively with a sale to some decent owners. But...many a slip twixt cup and lip etc
  13. OK, Blueboy, seeing that you asked...re consultation meeting... "i didn't go because I was miles away, but( re Trust) my main concern that their(The Trust's) main priorities now seem to be all asquiff(?) ..they are obsessed with harassing Mike Cheston for whatever reason...because they don't seem to like him..they're also obsessed with this other Indian guy ..whether he is in the building or on the premises...the way they are going about it with their tactics at forums such as this...is completely wrong.." If the guy on the podcast -"Michaell"? -had not been "miles away", he might have been aware that the challenges to Cheston and the questions re Suhail came from other groups NOT The Rovers Trust. I don't think it is ok to sit on a high horse and pontificate, badmouthing an organisation like The Trust, when his messages are wildly inaccurate and potentially damaging. One day, we may really need The Trust, so why undermine it by proclaiming inaccuracies from the rooftops? On a different note, I actually felt that the questions raised by other groups e.g. EWMC group with Cheston were completely appropriate and the awkwardness was due to his piss poor presentation combined with his refusal to engage in meaningful consultation. The questions around Suhail's role at the club were also entirely appropriate for such a meeting, even though they were pursued by groups other than The Trust. So..( to the guys on the podcast).have a go at The Trust, if you must, but at least take responsibility for speaking the truth. Better still, get involved and make an active contribution to it.
  14. But I am not leader of The Trust. I am not even a board member. The remarks about The Trust and Cheston were just plain wrong!
  15. Very well put. I think the final point is particularly important. If you get the a platform to do a BRFCS podcast, you owe it to everyone to get informed before you criticise The Trust, who volunteer so much of their time to make a difference. This is a bit ironic because I would have liked The Trust to take a more challenging approach to this sham of a meeting!