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  1. You're probably right. I am really enjoying the moment, but I wish I was more confident that it will last. Tosin is absolute class and his combination with Lenihan looks very good indeed. I am all for patience, but I do think we look a wee bit laboured with all our passing sideways across the back and backwards from midfield. Also, we are not clicking in the final third. Well done Tony and Rovers for the last four games. Much appreciated!. A good January could make us into a decent playoff proposition. About 10 other clubs will be thinking the same thing...
  2. Haha. Happy Christmas to the Spectre at the Feast! Take care, some people might start accusing you of wanting our team to lose! Seriously,though, I think you have named a central concern there.
  3. Leonard Venkhater

    The Scott Wharton Conundrum

    Haha..Weirdly, Greer had been at Rovers years before as well. In his previous spell, he would have hardly made nan appearance...
  4. Yes, t certainly does look like that collective spirit is alive and thriving. I had begun to worry about it after that Barnsley performance.
  5. Leonard Venkhater

    Club merchandise

    Mine shrunk too!
  6. Leonard Venkhater

    Bradley Dack

  7. Leonard Venkhater

    local info for your trip to Bristol on saturday week

    As opposed to Corry or The Waltons?
  8. Leonard Venkhater

    Bradley Dack

    I don't believe buying clubs are influenced by anything a manager says in a tabloid paper. Information is passed behind the scenes with agents and other shadowy figures.
  9. Leonard Venkhater

    Bradley Dack

    Me too. I can't help remembering Tony Hancock.. "And there's Cliff Richard, earning more than the prime minister. Now, is that right!"
  10. Leonard Venkhater

    Bradley Dack

    I am not sure it is disgraceful, to be honest. We all know if he doesn't sign soon, we would have to sell him anyway. We couldn't afford to let his contract run down. One worry is that he is 26 now and maybe Dack has been indicating he feels it is the right time to move. Another unknown issue is about how much the club want to try and keep him and how much it has already been decided to cash in.... Anyway, I have zero confidence in the money being put to good use on the pitch.
  11. Leonard Venkhater

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    ..and it will be another opportunity to enjoy that late goal. Personally, I indulge myself by watching such moments again and again. I am sad in that way..
  12. Leonard Venkhater

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

  13. Leonard Venkhater

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    Fck off Walton
  14. Leonard Venkhater

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    I feel Rovers will face a very different Stoke to the fodder that so many other teams have had the pleasure to play against this season. I am concerned that fitness issues will prevent TM selecting DG a mere 3 days after Wednesday, when I thought he looked knackered well before the end. It may be a big ask for Downing too. Then again, TM knew DG's age before the last transfer window. We all did. I think the probable script is Rovers slipping to a routine defeat in front of a fired-up home crowd. ( I really want to be wrong.) I was so heartened by Wednesday and feel every win will be vital in what I still think will be a relegation battle. The January window could/should be vital for this team,....but we all said that 12 months ago.

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