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  1. Leonard Venkhater


    That is the big question for me?
  2. Leonard Venkhater


    Prefer to see it on a headstone!
  3. Leonard Venkhater

    Loan Window

    I guess that was a bit of an own goal!
  4. Leonard Venkhater


    I agree. The Coyle thing-and after Warnock had the job- was such a shocking reminder that things were far from healthy at the club.. I was also alarmed at contracts for the likes of Wes Brown and Stokes...
  5. Leonard Venkhater

    Thursday deadline.

    Well, you can tell Boris this is why I made my wife wear a burka!
  6. Leonard Venkhater

    Thursday deadline.

    Well Gumboots, to quote Captain Renault, "I'm shocked!"
  7. Leonard Venkhater

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    He has said other, more informed things, though, about the fans having a terrible time etc. He refused to comment on a question around people burying the hatchet with Venky's or something similar, by saying "I have too much regard for the fans than to say that" (approximate)
  8. Leonard Venkhater


    Hahaha.. Someone once told me that my bitterness only imprisoned me lol. Reconciliation? No chance.... If some of us Rovers fans are this bad, imagine how we would be if we had been say black South Africans...Venky's Out!!
  9. Leonard Venkhater

    Thursday deadline.

    God, I hope you are wrong! As many said at the end of last season, this window will tell us so much....
  10. Leonard Venkhater


  11. Leonard Venkhater

    Thursday deadline.

    Heard his nickname was "Bag of Cement"!
  12. Leonard Venkhater

    Thursday deadline.

    Agreed. I really hope we actually are trying to improve the midfield engine and yes, this would mean shipping some out. I hope that doesn't include Travis, though.
  13. Leonard Venkhater

    Thursday deadline.

    Not as bad, as trying to fit on six fingered keeper's gloves..
  14. Leonard Venkhater

    Thursday deadline.

    In this day and age I would expect a release clause...I'd be delighted to find there wasn't one!
  15. Leonard Venkhater

    Thursday deadline.

    But there is something magic about Blackburn Rovers and that famous old strip..

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