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  1. I'll be renewing, but waiting for now. Suppose today will create more "boycotters". I'm not happy about the situation, but it's the team I support. If I stop going I will never go back.
  2. I support Rovers because they were the first games my dad took me too. I always check the results of the club from the town I was born in and have frequented many times. Which feels like a second club. But if Rovers where to ever not exist then that would be me done with football.
  3. What a transformation in just over a week, players wanting the ball, etc. I couldn't fault ANY player yesterday, compare that to many of the other games this season where several players have made mistakes and gone missing in games. The feeling in the stands has changed from this is going to be a @#/? afternoon and why are we bothering to having a bit more optimism that we can actually win this game.. Long may this last.
  4. Thanks, Had looked for this myself. Must have been a few wanting to add Burton.
  5. Yes it's funny. But it's what we all presumed anyway. Not sure if it means anything either. Just saying that if the real "Tony" wants a chat he might get fobbed off now as this has been done.....
  6. Excellent work. Exactly how I felt.
  7. One thing for sure is the Rovers team should not need motivating. Yes we are playing one of the better sides in the division and they have a new striker that always seems to perform against his old clubs. I'm going for a 2-1 win for Rovers. COYB.
  8. It's a shame we didn't play Middlesborough at Christmas, as we play them twice soon and we all know that JR likes playing against his old clubs. Looking at the upcoming fixtures I really do hope the changes to team work....
  9. Overall I think we improved a bit. As I see it Rhodes was the main goal scorer and up front and we had Brown, Koita, Lawrence and Delfouneso who weren't exactly helping in the goal scoring. What Lambert has now done is put the onus of goal scoring on the team and if Graham, Watt, Jackson, Bennett, Gomez, Marshall can all score 4 or 5 between now and the end of the season then that would be more than an unhappy Rhodes would have got. On another point Graham, Watt and Gomez are all loans so wouldn't that only leave one space as I thought they'd brought a rule in regarding maximum number of loans???
  10. Good luck, I was mis-charged last year due to a fault on the website, I had one response saying it was being investigated, then heard nothing. And nothing to the 5 follow up e-mails i've sent. I now refuse to buy anything from the rovers store this included last seasons and this seasons shirts, various christmas/birthday presents that have previously been purchased. This also applies to the rest of my family. This is not the way a business should be run.
  11. I'd been told a month ago he'd been offered the assistant managers job next season.
  12. I've been told he's been offered the Assistant Manager's Job at Ewood next season, may give a reason for his comments, interesting if it happens.
  13. Blackburn Rovers Stewards were requested to assist at Wigan and Stoke. These stewards were wearing a Security firms jackets not BRFC ones.
  14. talking of a boycott, it won't happen. I like many disillusioned fans still like to watch a game of football, I have watched many hundreds of Rovers games and like to see teams at Ewood (Swansea being one I haven't seen). It's easy for some to say boycott when they don't attend regularly. I am for the protest, I've chanted “kean out” (1st manager I have been against) and did protest after the city game, other games I had previous arrangements. As much as passion dictates, if I enter the pitch and get arrested, I lose my job! Fact. I know nobody that supports him (contrary to his beliefs). We now have to chant throughout the game, if the players believe it effects them then it should encourage them to perform harder for the fans and not the manager!
  15. It feels like the LET has changed over the last few days from pro Kean/Venky's to actually listening to the majority of its readership and now giving a fairer share of coverage.