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  1. disgruntled

    Where Are They Now?

    How do you know he was discarded for not being good enough? Maybe as a young lad having to move overseas he struggled to adjust and requested to go back home? It happens a lot. This was also four years ago when the former regime had just arrived.
  2. disgruntled

    Rovers/celtic Gear

    Was it one of those with the wrong date on the scarf? Or with the spelling mistake?
  3. I came across a recording of an England schoolboy match v Scotland schoolboy game the other day. God knows why I had it recorded, it was on the end of something else, but I suspect it was from about 4 years ago. Out of the England under 16 team, none of the players in that team rang any bells with me, on the Scotland side there was Bryan Hodge who captained the side, he is with Rovers and currently on loan at Millwall for his second month. So do you blame clubs, the national game or just the fact that some players never make it at all? Keith Treacy, Martin Olsson, Eddie Nolan and Tony Kane have all been on the cusp of making the first team squad this past year, and when Rovers' reserves beat Newcastle 4-2 last week, two of the Rovers players were just aged 16. Surely that is a good sign? Instead of looking at the negative all the time, why not focus on the positive for once?
  4. Isn't the drummer on the fans forum? At the next meeting tell him he isn't required anymore? Or is that a little too simple?
  5. disgruntled

    [Archived] The Old Gate Debate

    There'd have been 16k on had the game been played at the same period last season. So to have a further 3k on has made a difference both in terms of atmosphere and revenue I'm sure. For others to suggest that prices need to be cut further than what Rovers have already done is downright ridiculous
  6. disgruntled

    [Archived] The Old Gate Debate

    I don't know what planet you've been living on gazsimm, but when was the last time you weren't able to get a ticket for a match involving Blackburn Rovers?
  7. disgruntled

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    Doesn't a goal for Benni mean that he is now South Africa's leading goalscorer?
  8. Clearly looks that way. He's in Scotland, some lazy journo asks an obvious question, and there's the story.
  9. disgruntled

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    Why is that comment stupid? The previous year Hughes targeted McCarthy because he admitted he didn't think he'd get Bellamy. Once one arrived he didn't go for the other. As soon as Bellamy left the club in June he went for McCarthy
  10. disgruntled

    [Archived] Bentley Called Up

    Theres nothing to say that McLaren might have a brainwave between now and the end of next week, but it is unlikely
  11. disgruntled

    [Archived] Lucas Neill

    May the force be with you Lucas
  12. disgruntled

    [Archived] Should Dunny Have Come Home?

    I preferred the "They tried to make him go to Bolton but Dunn said No, No, No" one instead
  13. disgruntled

    [Archived] Lucas Neill

    Wouldn't surprise me if Rovers had offered Neill a further deal but that Peter Harrison never passed the information on!
  14. disgruntled

    [Archived] Should Dunny Have Come Home?

    Bellys gonna get ya...
  15. Who was the fan who was producing a Tugay flag, did that ever (and excuse the pun) get off the ground?

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