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  1. Rover_Shaun


    To me it's irrelevant if 101% of late buying fans aren't put off by the 瞿3 surcharge. It's the whole concept of the surcharge that's shoddy. It's something I would expect of Ryanair. A shoddy Shi tty company I have the utmost contempt for. What next? Pre-order booked tickets you print at home yourself but only from 2 hrs before kickoff and you are charged 瞿25 if you don't? It's another incident that shows the club has changed in all recognition from the supporter friendly community spirit club pre-Rao
  2. Rover_Shaun


    瞿3 extra for buying a ticket late is shameful and basically a slimeball practice no matter how you flower it up even from a conceited ivory 'real fans pay anything' tower.
  3. Rover_Shaun


    Maybe not to a Rothschild like yourself.
  4. Rover_Shaun


  5. Rover_Shaun

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    Does not even qualifying for the competition proper count as a jaunt? 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不
  6. Rover_Shaun

    Europa League

    Don't get too caught up with political Lancashire as Blackburn isn't in it
  7. Rover_Shaun

    Europa League

    And Burnley still haven't played a game in a major European competition for over 50 years 不不
  8. Rover_Shaun

    Rodwell signs

    Means nothing. Apart from some gargantuan over hype when he appeared at Everton he's done sweat FA. He's wasted his 20's so oobviouslyits natural to expect him to carry on in that vein. At least we can send him packing in May.
  9. Rover_Shaun

    Rodwell signs

    Hmm. A signing that screams "desperation" 2/10 must try harder.
  10. Rover_Shaun

    Len Johnrose: 'I'm not afraid of dying'

    As a kid I recall Lenny scoring a screamer to salvage a point in an important game. Was it 2-2 v Sunderland when the wheels fell off the 92 promotion wagon??? Anyway he was always one of my favourites at the time as he was, like handbag, a product of the youth setup. So sad 對
  11. Rover_Shaun

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    Do they have t'internet in Summerrrrrrrseht. Oooarrrgh! 不
  12. Rover_Shaun

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    Simple. Because the club's still a basket case. That's why
  13. Rover_Shaun

    Championship 2018-19

    And how do people become proper managers? Someone gives them a chance We all bemoan the same old recycled shite doing the rounds down the years
  14. Rover_Shaun

    Ipswich away match thread

    Contradict much 不
  15. Rover_Shaun

    Championship 2018-19

    Eh? Since when?* *This summer has been too hot to bother with footy Goss after the wc

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