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  1. Cheap Ticket Games

    This has just jogged my memory that I have a Rovers home shirt in a drawer still in the polythene bag, never opened or worn. The missus got it me 5 xmas's ago. She didn't really understand the Ins and outs and I always had the latest shirt and wore it religiously to every game. Pretty sad that as I sit here eating my cornflakes. 😢 But that's what 2010-2012 did to me. Bloody Venkys. Going to find that shirt and wear it this summer. Edit : It made me that sad I had to find it before I went to work. Umbro unsponsored shirt. Nicest Rovers shirt Is have ever had, actually.
  2. VAR

    Agreed. The premier league and fa could introduce goal line technology at all grounds in the top 8 divisions without making a dent on their TV pigs troff
  3. Walsall v Rovers

    I like the Old Contemptiblespub too
  4. Rovers v Bury

    Get real!!* *Fat little runt
  5. Cheap Ticket Games

    Describes me, and phew!
  6. Rovers v Bury

    Wigan, buoyed buy this game, will smash the league. We have to concentrate on keeping ahead of the Shrews.
  7. FA Cup 2017/18

    The ref just used the yellow to right on as he waited for confirmation in his ear. Totally obvious and unwarranted for any hysterics over it.
  8. FA Cup 2017/18

    Aguero hitting a Wigan fan at the end tsk tsk
  9. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

  10. Rovers v Bury

  11. Rovers v Bury

  12. FA Cup 2017/18

    Not as strange as standing their for 3 hours with his thumb up his arse waiting for VAR to make an offside decision.
  13. Rovers v Bury

    All the way from the 10th best team in the nation to 2nd rate 3rd tier monkey club.
  14. VAR

    VAR technical operator has a part time job painting street lines
  15. VAR

    On a side note to the VAR debate I am catching up with Saturdays FA Cup MOTD and Christ on a bike Tae amount of annoying commentators did my head in. The shrill and tinnitus inducing Robyn Cowen and Vicki Sparkd, Jonathan Pearce's excitable squeak and Alistair Mann's coma inducing banal style. The z team of the commentary barrel. My ears are ringing. 🤐