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  1. Igordon I've received the flat this morning. Cheers
  2. Didn't text Gordon as I work nights. And didn't want to wake you. Will be up around 12 and I'll text Cheers
  3. Blue n whites

    Dylan McGeouch

    What does that prove. Rangers played the most negative defensive stuff to reach that final but fair does it worked. Boro reached the final around the same time I think. It isnt definite proof of world class players. You seem to pick individual achievements then pass them off as proof your wild Generalisation are correct. only 5 englishmen have won 2 champions league medals. And one of them is Wesley Brown. Scott Carson and David may won one. Your theory suggests they are world class.
  4. Blue n whites

    Dylan McGeouch

    Ffs is this still going on lol. I reckon he's got you all on the wind up. I keep getting updates and keep thinking we have made a signing
  5. Blue n whites

    Dylan McGeouch

    Well that turned into the stereo typical english v scottish scenario quickly. I'm a season ticket holder at dunfermline who finished 4th in the 2nd tier. The football is not as bad as some make out but individually the majority of players are of a standard you would expect. This is highlighted when a players with a bit of talent shows up and looks the part. Even some of the better technically gifted ones won't make the grade in better leagues due to lack of physical attributes. But there isn't much that can be done about attracting better players to scottish football as there just isn't the population to pay good players good money. One thing I do love about scottish football is how down to earth the club's are. Example being. I took my 4 year old daughter away to dunbarton and livingstone and on both occasions they let her in saying saying she's only wee. It's was only a £5 on both occasions but these clubs rely heavily on match day revenue. With average attendances both under 2k is imagine. Probably half that. Something that wouldn't happen in the money rich english game.
  6. Blue n whites

    Oxford Utd at home

    Some ppl right on there high horses tonight. I didn't go on the pitch and ain't to bothered ppl did. Bigger problems in my life. Guess I'm a problem for British society. My 4 year wasn't distraught either.
  7. Blue n whites

    Oxford Utd at home

    I'd save yourself the journey and stay on the couch.
  8. Blue n whites

    Oxford Utd at home

    It is a big enough incentive surely to buy tickets before the deadline. Or if travelling like me buy them and keep them in roverstore for collection. Women advised me to send a friend to pick them up before Saturday.
  9. Blue n whites

    Oxford Utd at home

    I hope there is no venkys banners or chants. Saturday is about saying thank you to a group of players and manager who have brought a bit of pride back. Played for the badge and showed appreciation to the away fans all year.
  10. Blue n whites

    Oxford Utd at home

    I've yet to get mine yet but looking at what's available it's either the last block in riverside or Darwen end. I'm bringing a few blokes from dunfermline. as well as a few of my nephews mates from school They don't usually get to go due to money but it would be rude not to offer at them prices. I'll be ordering 11 tomorrow .
  11. Blue n whites

    Bradford City (home)

    Thought we played really well last night but as time ticket on and chances went amiss I thought it was gonna be one of them days. Don't no how to post the link but typed in Blackburn Rovers manager records into Google and it produced the win ratio of all our managers from Kenny to now. Kenny had 52.6% win ratio to Tony 52%. . While only lost 7 in 50 games. Sorry to be a bore stato just found it interesting how well we have done since TM come in.
  12. Blue n whites

    Rovers v Wigan

    Its really good to see players enjoying and busting a gut playing for the shirt. Absolutely buzzing
  13. Blue n whites


    I aint going over it again and again. Its the reason ive posted 40 times in 7 years. We all have our definition of a football fan.
  14. Blue n whites


    I used to really get caught up with attendances when i was younger. Justifying to friends from all over how smal blackburn is and how a large percentage of the population of the town go. Considering it is a diverse town. But after the last 7 years i dont care about why people dont go or who goes. Times move on and peoples opinions. Responsibilites and hobbies change. I just know the people who go ewood are proper fans and are enjoying it. I genuinely think it is sad some feel so alienated theyve stopped doing what they used to love. Just under 14k

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