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  1. Blue n whites

    Credit where credit's due

    Come on man. The club can only do so much. Dropping ticket prices is great. Now we expect to be picked up and dropped off.
  2. Were competing at the right end of the table. Home grown players getting in the team. Slowly improving. He could sell them at a massive profit tomorrow. And will do when we eventually sell them. Loan signings shrewd. Free transfers excellent. Cant see how TM can be beat to death with the BB signing. Or Gallagher signing. Overall we have continually improved under his reign.
  3. I was told our starting line up in our last game was 2.7 million. If that's true. TM is doing wonders
  4. Brentford outplayed us last year and this year at there ground. Very impressive team on their day. Some very gifted technical players. Made us look sluggish at times. Seen a stat on facebook comparing us against the same teams as last year. had us 5 points better off. Scored more and conceded less. If that's true it will be 6 points better off. Overall I'm delighted with the point and effort shown. Special credit to travis. The boy didnt stop running. All the players effort and commitment lately has been impressive. Well done boys
  5. Just been informed I'm working in bedford on sunday night. Flight down from edinburgh getting booked. COYB. are they selling on the day
  6. Blue n whites


    I'd say that's what he has to do. It's the back 4 and travis/Johnson digging in. Working hard. Keeping it simple that's allowing us to progress forward with confidence.
  7. Blue n whites


    Players hugging. Giving high 5s. Celebrating confront of rovers fans big tosin going to crowd to give away his shirt. All we can ask is effort. Getting that and more at moment. Superb. Get in
  8. Blue n whites


    Nothing major he just had a brain fart. Got played thru into the box. Controlled it near the line. Looked into the box for a run. Continued to look as he took another touch. Then sort of forgot to pass it. Was pretty strange
  9. Blue n whites


    Unbelievable wasn't it
  10. Blue n whites


    Superb save. No right to tip that wide.
  11. Blue n whites


    Bell continuing his improvement. Along with Walton. Is Tosin our van dijk. He stays fit we are in with a shout for playoffs.
  12. Blue n whites

    A rare opportunity

    No I don't. I'm from Darwen. Ive never replied to any of his posts on facebook but I follow the pars. What you getting at exactly.
  13. Blue n whites

    A rare opportunity

    Follow him on Facebook. Sometimes his english isn't the best but neither is my Mexican. True passionate rovers fan and I wish there was more like him
  14. Blue n whites

    Rename The Riverside in honour of Tony Parkes

    And do it quick so he is aware enough to appreciate what he means to us.
  15. Blue n whites

    January transfer window 2020

    Sorry brucieboy I thought it was an actual quote. Thought you was telling an actual story to have a dig at the manager. My bad. I'm glad it was just made up to add emphasis to something that didn't happen.

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