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  1. Blue n whites


    Just a comment Matt. Carry on with your positive agenda.
  2. Blue n whites


    I genuinely can't believe it. A positive comment.
  3. Blue n whites

    Hull (A)

    It's very pleasing to see every signing made is an upgrade. Think Tony has done very well. Although I have reservations playing Gallagher and arma as wingers. Weakest area is Bennett at right back but he is the captain and won't be dropped. I can't see how Bennett gets onto the team if nyambe cones in. Let's kick on and get a few more bums on seats at ewood. Very pleasing week
  4. Blue n whites

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Stopped reading after the first page. Absolute shocker of a thread backed up by the modern day instant gratification whinny fans that epitomizes modern day society. It's embarrassing seeing a less than half full ewood then reading the same over the top fans on here who think we are a big club. Won't pay beer money but expect champagne.
  5. Blue n whites

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I'm looking forward to Saturday as well mate. Could do a lot worse than Mowbray.
  6. Blue n whites


    I think blackburn fans are the same as 99% of other fans. Although we have more localised problems such as lots of other clubs close by, some of the biggest in world football. Large areas of the town not being interested in football. And relatively poor wages. I'd go no matter what if I lived local. Instead im 5 games a year.Unless i thought i was being ripped off. Which we arnt.
  7. Blue n whites

    Rangers fan here

    Really looking 4ward to this. Leaving now for a night out in Glasgow. So will be on the sauce by 12. Hopefully a good attendance and first team players on show. I expect a rangers win today tbh. I think rangers will win the league
  8. Blue n whites

    Rangers fan here

    Both similar sized clubs. Both clubs each can attract that number. I'm speaking in rough terms as I ain't looked it up. But the average attendance would go up a fair bit if rangers and Celtic visit each ground twice a year.
  9. Blue n whites

    Rangers fan here

    Same sort of story here. Before living in dunfermline I lived in dundee. A city roughly the size of blackburn and has 2 of the bigger teams in scotland. Who roughly speaking can muster between 5k and 10k fans depending on the success at the time. Celtic actually had a club shop on the seagate for the entire 6 years of my stay there. But thankfully it's closed down.
  10. Blue n whites

    Rangers fan here

    You don't really understand how big either old firm club is until you live in Scotland. Every town Is full of both sets of fans. Which adds to the uncompetitiveness of the league. I think it's compulsory that the closer you get to glasgow it becomes law to wear club branded memorabilia. Anyway I'm travelling over from fife and can't wait. Although I expect the game to be full of reserves due to rangers European commitments.
  11. Blue n whites

    Pre-season 2019/20

    Cheers for that. Thought we had sold out. Just got 2. Row z.
  12. Blue n whites

    Pre-season 2019/20

    Saying online non are available. I take it they are sold out. If so you reckon we will get any more. Obviously I'll phone the office
  13. Blue n whites

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Your comment reads like your annoyed. What do you actually expect. I'd be shocked and disappointed if we never had targets in mind. I'd also be shocked but delighted if we signed them first and foremost and speechless if we did it early. But it's the same as every other team in every league.
  14. Blue n whites

    Kits 19/20

    Where can we buy them. If it all
  15. Blue n whites

    Bolton at home.

    Don't really care what did or didn't happen. Cant judge all bolton fans by that of a few who sung the songs stated. The manager told his players to applaud the fans so he can't be to sensitive.

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