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  1. Blue n whites

    Current chants

    And now we have a leader His name is mow buryee You'll never take the rovers We f.....ing ate burn elee
  2. Blue n whites

    How the table really looks

    It was actually. 5 year old daughter has finally got the were on our way back lyrics nailed. To the point where she's humming it and singing around Edinburgh Xmas market. Just back now so where absolutely shattered.
  3. Blue n whites

    How the table really looks

    You are correct. Honestly don't no what I was looking at. Must of been goals scored. If it isn't that I've no excuses. Lol. Traveling back home after boro. Gutted. Massive chance blown to get all the points.
  4. Blue n whites

    Newcastle Away

    Hi ossy. Where you staying for that price. Cheapest I can see is metro center premier inn. I'll travel down for this out of principle instead of the leeds game. Don't like the feeling of getting mugged off.
  5. I would take 2. Gutted
  6. Blue n whites

    How the table really looks

    Totally agree we should be realistic. As i said id be happy to stay where we are. But there is no promise we are gonna be better next year or the year after that. If that was a given every team would be consistently improving. My only point was I think the table set out like this is quite eye opening. Looking forward to tomorrow. I'd settle for a point. COYB
  7. Blue n whites

    How the table really looks

    I seen this on another forum and thought it gave a more realistic view of the league table. Shows clearly gaps appearing within the table which simply stakeing teams from 1st to 24th simply doesn't. I think there is a danger of the top 7 teams running away and securing the playoff if we aren't careful. It literally is make or break time for this season I think. Just to emphasis my point a little further we are 11 points off top spot and 11 points off the relegation. How do you all think we will be sitting come mid January. ? Id be happy to be where we are . Next 6 Fixtures Boro - Brum - Norwich - Leeds - Sheff United - West Brom 1 line equals 1 point starting from the top (44 points) and working down to the Bottom (11 points). Norwich Leeds West Brom, Middlesboro, Forest. Sheff united, Derby Villa Birmingham ROVERS QPR Stoke Swansea, Bristol City Wigan Sheff Wed, Brentford, Preston Hull, Rotherham Reading, Millwall, Bolton Ipswich
  8. On the 4000 holes in blackburn website they are sold out. Great effort. If you get anymore in let me know. I'd order 2.
  9. Ordered the 5 issues 92 to 96 although it didn't ask for postage even thou I'm in dunfermline Scotland. If there's any problems reply and I will sort it out. I Would order 2 ninja badges when in stock again.
  10. Anyone wanting a lift thru to preston from Darren. Got two spare seats. Free of course not trying to profit just trying to be nice.
  11. Blue n whites

    Ep 102 - Revisionist Rovers - The Souness Years

    The first year in the when we was relegated was my first year as a st holder. Nothing but great memories. Remember being gutted we signed friedel as I thought it was the old pals act. Now if where talking about legends hes one of mine. Sounds was great for rovers. And he went at the correct time as I felt he would of been sacked if he stayed much longer.
  12. Blue n whites


    Good post. Life is to short. Get angry over things you can change. This is and always will be our club.
  13. Blue n whites

    Preston tickets

    Really good following especially with over a week to go. Wonder if we will ask for more. I know it's unlikely due to moving existing st holders.
  14. Blue n whites

    Preston tickets

    I don't understand there bitterness. I've never had any reason to dislike or like them. Literally a vanilla club. If they won the premier league I wouldn't be bothered. I would just be gutted it wasn't us. What is all the plastic jibe about. Really are an irrelevance.
  15. Blue n whites

    Preston tickets

    Got my 3 this afternoon. Bringing two mates who haven't ever been to a game south of the border. Looking 4ward to this one

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