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  1. Blue n whites

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Cheers for the reply. All sorted now. Bus into bolton from the park pub then taxi with some other stragglers
  2. Blue n whites

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Just travelled down from scotland for the game. Phoned round the usual travel as Just found out about transport issues. The rovers travel sold out. Anyone got any plans or no of any spare travel going. Last resort is taxi. Anyone drinking in bolton
  3. Blue n whites


    Fantastic result and win. Great to hear Mowbray saying the players like each other and work for each other. Table is tight so every point is crucial. We are growing and improving every month. The bench was the strongest I've seen it in years. Good attacking options. On a side note. Bolton are disgrace charging them prices. No wonder ppl are buying fire sticks. Always been the greadiest club round here
  4. Blue n whites


    It said replaced due to injury on bbc updates. Hope your correct and he's just resting him
  5. Blue n whites

    Ben Brereton

    Delighted with this transfer window. All our key players signed up which highlights how positive and together they are. Throw into the mix our signings and we are finally heading in the right direction. Hopefully a few hundred more get themselves down ewood. The players and manager deserve it.
  6. Blue n whites

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Winning is a drug. If the players are half as happy as I am at the moment then roll on Saturday. Very tough game but total confidence in these players and manager to do us proud once again. Win lose or draw.
  7. Blue n whites

    Loan Window

    I want to know why everyone is so confident of getting brereton. keep reading all the forums. Looking for Confirmation and info I can get my hands on but it just seems all hearsay. I can't see us spending that kind of money. Am I just miles off the mark.
  8. Blue n whites

    New Kits

    I don't like the home kit. Just not the colour of blue i like in the rovers kit. Last season away design is our proper away shirt hands down. But my little girl wanted the new one as her favourite colour is yellow. So changing it makes commercial sense. I would prefer the home and away kit to stay the same with minor changes. Then go wild with the third kit. But I suppose it ain't a big deal
  9. Blue n whites

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    I couldn't care less if I tried. Get all of out major players rested for a very hard fixture at the weekend. Leuwiler Caddis downing rodwell hart Travis Tomlinson whittingham Conway rothwell Nuttall. Wouldn't be angry if any of the more senior pros was replaced with youths. Concentrate on the league
  10. Blue n whites

    ROVERS v Brentford

    So glad I come down for this. Wasn't gonna bother as working tonight but it's great to see effort. How good is it to see players wanting to be at the club. Thought Evans was really good. Not being negative but I'm still a little surprised we ain't getting around 14k at least at home.
  11. Igordon I've received the flat this morning. Cheers
  12. Didn't text Gordon as I work nights. And didn't want to wake you. Will be up around 12 and I'll text Cheers
  13. Blue n whites

    Dylan McGeouch

    What does that prove. Rangers played the most negative defensive stuff to reach that final but fair does it worked. Boro reached the final around the same time I think. It isnt definite proof of world class players. You seem to pick individual achievements then pass them off as proof your wild Generalisation are correct. only 5 englishmen have won 2 champions league medals. And one of them is Wesley Brown. Scott Carson and David may won one. Your theory suggests they are world class.
  14. Blue n whites

    Dylan McGeouch

    Ffs is this still going on lol. I reckon he's got you all on the wind up. I keep getting updates and keep thinking we have made a signing

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