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  1. frosty

    Ben Brereton

    It does ring a bell from a while ago yep. Maybe the Chilean media were waiting for him to hit some good form before reporting on it!
  2. frosty

    Ben Brereton

    He’s got a load of Chileans on his Instagram now asking him to play for them 🤣 now that word has got out about him being eligible. He’s been excellent lately and delighted for him to have 3 goals already (plus a few assists). Can’t believe he’s the same player as the one we saw before the first lockdown. Keep it up Ben.
  3. frosty

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Come on Rovers, have to win this now. Well done Gallagher for not going down until he got in the box. Preston really have been dire.
  4. frosty

    Championship Season 2020 - 2021

    Big Sam linked with the Derby job. Not sure how much there is to it, but I hope he doesn’t go there - as they’d be ahead of us after a few weeks.
  5. frosty

    Luton Town v Rovers Sat 21st Nov. 3pm

    Camera is all over the place.
  6. frosty


    Would absolutely love for that to be the case. I’d be stunned if we go up but yep - would love it.
  7. frosty


    He’s more of a centre midfielder isn’t he? Think that’s where he plays for Napoli - it’s Insigne, Lozano, Mertens etc in the forward positions for them - although not sure where he played last night. In any case, I think it’ll be at least a couple more years yet until Elliott is knocking on the door at Liverpool. After us I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes out on loan again, maybe to a Premier League team if he has a good year with us, which it looks like he will.
  8. frosty

    BRFCS TV - Nostalgia Thread

    ^ Crikey, Berner, Rigters and Keith Treacy? No wonder we lost. Shame as that turned out to be our final cup match under Hughes. The squads we had from 05-08 were definitely good enough to win something - unfortunately we just couldn't get past teams from the 'big four', as they were then, when facing them in semi finals.
  9. frosty

    Rovers v QPR Sat 7th November

    Indeed, not many teams have conceded more than us, I don’t think. Must be rare that a team with such good attacking stats is down in 12th so we need to sort that out and make the most of having a lot of goals in us. Just hope we don’t end up looking back at this season in a few years, say with Armstrong as the league’s top scorer and Rovers with the most goals, and thinking we should have done more. A bit like the season where Rhodes and Gestede both hit 20+.
  10. frosty

    Rovers v QPR Sat 7th November

    Team with the most goals, best goal difference and top goalscorer in the league but down in 12th, crazy.
  11. frosty

    Rovers v QPR Sat 7th November

    I remember watching Fowler doing shooting practice before a match he started at Bolton for us under Ince. His finishes were all inch perfect, right in the corner etc, exactly where he wanted to put them. Very impressive. Unfortunately once the game started he looked like he was rooted to the ground.
  12. I watched him against Milan a couple of weeks ago and he looked like a fish out of water. I did think he'd do well up there, but certainly happy to see that the fans are on to him 🙂 Wonder if his dad will be on social media this time slagging Celtic off?
  13. frosty

    Championship Season 2020 - 2021

    Only four points above Wycombe....
  14. frosty

    Obscure Rovers Quiz

    De Pedro underneath Yelldell?

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