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  1. frosty

    World Cup 2018

    If Martinez is clueless enough to leave Nainggolan at home but take wasters such as Benteke and Januzaj then, even though they've still undoubtedly got some top players, maybe England have more of a chance against them then I thought.....
  2. frosty

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Regardless of how many options we have upfront at the moment, Abraham is better than all of them so if an opportunity to sign someone like him came along we'd have to take it. For the record though I'd imagine he'd go to either a lower PL team or a Middlesbrough/Derby etc, rather than a newly promoted Championship team.
  3. frosty

    Premier League Stuff

    Delighted for Hughesy, will always root for him after the excellent job he did here.
  4. frosty

    Premier League Stuff

    Lambert had the kindest run of fixtures he could have asked for when he took the job, 1 win in 14 is dire.
  5. frosty

    Championship 2017/18

    Bolton have just scored twice in a minute. Burton need a winner all of a sudden....
  6. frosty

    Matchday Programme

    Just looking back through this thread - did they find enough 'landmarks' in the end to last a season? Must have been struggling once we got past about October...
  7. frosty

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Come on Rovers, let's get the job done!
  8. frosty

    Rovers v Peterborough

    I arrived at HT one game last season (when we were 0-3 down in Coyle's first game ) so you should be fine. Turnstiles were shut - not sure what time they close them - but I was able to go in via the gate between the Blackburn end and Jack Walker.
  9. frosty

    Championship 2017/18

    What a repulsive list that is. Seeing one of those names would be bad enough, never mind all of them together!
  10. frosty


    I didn't know a video recording could award a penalty! Ref should looked at the video earlier. You can't be bringing the players back out once you've blown for half time, what a mess.
  11. frosty

    Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    Only played Thursday night.
  12. frosty

    Player of the Season 17/18

    Dack. He's been our spark and main man going forward all season, some great goals and assists. Mulgrew's goals have been vital too and he's led by example, he'd be second. Bennett has played well this calendar year at both CM and RB (and has chipped in with a couple of goals too) and his attitude is exactly what you want, fully deserved MOM yesterday too, but first half of the season he didn't have much of an impact really.
  13. frosty

    Champions League 2017-2018

    Did you definitely post that before the first goal haha? Great shout if so! Excellent from Liverpool and Klopp certainly knows what it takes to beat Guardiola. One goal for Liverpool in the second leg and it's tie over.
  14. frosty


    If we beat Southend, things will be looking very good with 4 points more than Shrewsbury having played the same number of games. Edit - Or 7 points ahead having played one more, as highlighted above!

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