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  1. Adam Henley was another one who burst onto the scene, playing very well away at Liverpool and United over Christmas the season we went down as a 17 year old. Salgado was just about still here at the time and he thought a lot of him, which speaks volumes. Never properly kicked on after that and, despite occasional good performances such as playing very well against Raheem Sterling in the FA Cup quarter final games, he's now in League Two at Bradford.
  2. frosty

    Peter Whittingham

    That's absolutely awful. RIP.
  3. Interesting - can’t remember the last time there was hot water in the JW upper toilets towards Blackburn End either....
  4. frosty

    Premier League Stuff

    Oh dear. How can Wolves now be allowed to play Olympiakos tomorrow night? Can Arsenal play their Premier League game this weekend? This one postponement could trigger loads.
  5. frosty

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    Parma! Will be a while before Palermo are back in Serie A. If it does get postponed surely the whole league will have to get postponed too...
  6. frosty


    Are their stadiums just over a third full?
  7. frosty

    Rovers Trivia Quiz

    Jeff Kenna? Saw a question on Twitter a few days ago asking which two players were at Rovers for both the 95 title win and 2002 League Cup win. I’d have never thought Kenna, thought he left well before 2002, but turns out he played one game in that cup run.
  8. Amoruso, forgot about him but the sight of him trailing behind a striker through on goal (their third in the first leg) was a very a familiar sight that season. Genclerbirligi. Larissa. We certainly had some odd European ties and defeats. Thankfully when I think back of our European adventures in the 2000s it’s usually Salzburg, Wisla Krakow, Feyenoord etc that come to mind.
  9. frosty

    Things you dislike about football.

    Going back many decades but John Charles at Juventus is supposed to be one of the most successful British players to go abroad and probably the best export to Italy. There was an influx late 80s/early 90s when Serie A was the strongest league around, and also British clubs had been banned from Europe late 80s. Gazza at Lazio but also Ince at Inter, and random ones such as David Platt popping up Bari.
  10. frosty

    Promotion next season?

    I doubt that’d be realistic. If they go down he’d be crucial for them next season. If they stay up he’d stay. And if he bags a few goals between now and the end of the season or has a good Euro’s, someone at a higher level than us might take a punt on him.
  11. frosty

    Swansea City home

    This season it is, but that one team haven’t won the league for thirty years. It was even more of a one team league when United were dominating year after year. Even when we were last in, the top 4 was pretty much a closed shop, you’ve got Leicester, Wolves, Sheff Utd fighting for that now. Don’t think what’s happening in the title race would concern us much anyway. I’m desperate for us to get there because history shows we belong there, both in terms of years spent in the top flight and trophies won. We should be so proud of that. Also, playing in the Premier League = signing better players, more chance of going deep into a cup competition, much bigger crowds at Ewood and that ‘big match feel’ which has been pretty much non-existent for a decade. Teams in mid-table in the PL might not have much to play for but I’d much rather be mid-table PL in front of over 20k at Ewood than mid-table Championship in front of 12k like we have been for a lot of the decade. Cannot wait until we’re back. It will happen one day....
  12. frosty

    Premier League Stuff

    3-0, that’s mad. I thought they might lose one before the end of the season but something like 2-1 away at City, not 3-0 at a team starting the day in the relegation zone. Arsenal will be delighted...
  13. frosty

    Swansea City home

    Glad Gallagher scored in his natural position - great ball from Nyambe - but the ball bounced off him to give Swansea possession for their goal. Would swap Rothwell and Armstrong and give that a go. Don’t think we’re getting enough from Armstrong in his current position.
  14. frosty

    Championship season 2019-20

    Reminds me of us in 12/13 a bit. After Appleton’s honeymoon period we were just behind Brighton in 6th, that was in February. Then we completely fell away and didn’t get going again until after we fell into the bottom three April time ish. Thoroughly miserable season.
  15. frosty

    Sam Gallagher Returns

    Some of the replies to Graham's Instagram post are scary too - I've seen Gallagher called, among other things, 'amazing', 'a legend' and 'unreal' 😨. Thankfully a decent number of other commenters, those that have actually read the article, have their head screwed on.

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