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  1. As the table currently stands we are just a point away from the play offs
  2. All Rovers so far. Dack and Evans up for it
  3. skous18

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    I meant Holtby.. dont know why i typed Buckley..
  4. skous18

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    Evans has been brilliant so far. Rothwell is having a bad game thou. I can see Buckley replacing him in the second half
  5. He does go way too central when defending imo and kinda leaves the wing open. Bell is doing very well so far too thou
  6. Think Rothwell is the only one who is so far having an alright game. The rest are average
  7. skous18

    Preston Away

    Very impressed with Armstrong, Gally, Evans and Bell today ( our most frustrating players usually lol)
  8. skous18


    Maybe monkey noises in the UK sound like booing and thats why you got confused, who knows 🤷‍♂️
  9. skous18


    Truth. I remember my father telling me stories about Asparuhov’s incredible goal against you lots at the old Wembley in 1968. As a small country we have been lucky enough to have some world class footballers over the years. - Obviously the 1994’s golden generation of Stoichkov, Balakov, Kostadinov, Letchkov etc. But also in more recent years with Berbatov and the two Petrov. Unfortunately those times are long gone. I want to believe that as a country, we are going in the right direction - the standard of living is getting higher, the education system is on a very good level and we are trying to establish ourselves as a Tourist destination. However, the football and sport in general are proper dead. The corruption in the country is too big and the sport is seen as an easy and guaranteed way of making some dirty money. 8 years ago, as a teenager, I signed a professional contract with a team from the second division of Bulgaria, before that I played and captained the U21 team of the same club. I spent 3 years at the club and participated in around 60 ish matches. Probably 50 of them were fixed and we were told and forced to follow commands and score goals when we were instructed to score goals, and to concede goals when we were told to concede them. The whole country knew about that, but nothing did anything about it for the simple reason that it is all a well connected corruption chain/net and everyone made/ makes money out of teams like that. Everyone, including the Bulgarian football federation itself. Its sad, but noone cares about developing players or improving stadiums and facilities anymore. All they care about is making money for themselves. Didn’t even watch the match tonight. Were there any real racist chants and shouts or was it just ordinary boo-ing, as this is something quite normal in Eastern Europe and all players get it, not just the dark skinned ones?
  10. skous18

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Its crazy obvious that Holtby and Rothwell should be starting every game. This team should have been built around them and yet they only play for a couple of minutes every week. Ridiculous
  11. skous18

    Luton Town home

    Is Rothwell’s mrs having a second baby? He was due to start today, wasnt he? 😂
  12. skous18

    Reading (A)

    Are they on sale at the game? R u sure and will the tickets be the same price? I might aswell give the office a call later on thou. Thanks a lot

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